Elimination Interview: Danny and Tim
Posted on Nov 4, 2013 02:10pm

Read what Danny and Tim had to say about their time in the Race and what their favorite moments were!

Kira R: I was sad to see you leave and was hoping it was a non elimination race. However, of the countries you did get to visit, which did you enjoy the most and what game did you find the most fun/most challenging?
Tim: My favorite country was Portugal. It was beautiful! All the buildings looking down to the city was amazing. It looked like a painting. The toughest challenge for me was the signing challenge. I can't sing in English and I can't speak German so that was just not good. My favorite was jumping off the cliff in Chile. Paragliding over the city and just taking it all in was amazing. Something I have never done and will probably never do again.
Danny: The hardest thing for me was the dancing. I don't dance and I sure don't dance in a dress. That was not much fun. Portugal was also my favorite country. It was so beautiful and everyone was so nice. My favorite challenge was in Portugal... the knight challenge. When we shot the huge crossbows. That was pretty fun even though it was really hot outside.

Marian K: What in the race would you gladly do again and what would you not do? Sorry to see you go because of such a challenge.
Tim: If I could redo it I would want to do everything again. It was all so amazing. If I do have to say something I do not want to do again it is dance with Danny. He gets a little bit of a temper when he is wearing that dress.
Danny: I would like to do it all again as well. If we could have traded some of the challenges like Tim would have shined the guys shoes and I could have jumped off the cliff that would be great. I would have enjoyed bungee jumping into the water and paragliding as well.

Tanya M: What was the most amazing moment so far? Would you change anything?
Tim: The most amazing part is whenever you are lined up on the starting line for the first time. All the adrenaline pumping through your veins is amazing. Not very many people get to do that.

Jessica N: What was your first thought after you know that you have to sing a song in another language that you don't even understand a word?
Tim: I wish Marie would have given me the express pass.

Cedie D: What is the important lesson have you learned by joining Amazing Race?
Tim and Danny: Never give up and don't take anything for granted. We only made it halfway around the world but we wouldn't trade it for anything except for maybe a million dollars.

Marie B: Who are you rooting for to win this season?
Tim: Danny and I bonded with all the teams on the first airplane. So I'm rooting for Jay and Amy, but I also think it would be pretty cool to see the Afghanimals win because everyone is against them.
Danny: I agree with Tim on the Afghanimals. In Oklahoma we always root for the underdogs. I also really bonded with Travis and Nicole. They are just really down to earth people.