Elimination Interview: Nicky and Kim
Posted on Nov 18, 2013 01:50pm

Read what Baseball Wives Nicky and Kim had to say about being eliminated from the Race, and if they have any hard feelings toward the team who U-Turned them!

Evan V: If you got to the u-turn first, would you have u-turned anyone?
Kim and Nicky: Not unless we were battling for last place.

Aaron H: Do you have any resentment towards Tim and Marie for U-Turning you?
Kim: I don't think it's good to hold resentment. We got over it that day and we understand it's part of the race.

Cassie G: What team would you like to win and why?
Nicky: Probably the Ice Queens because they are the only surviving all-girl team. Also, Jason and Amy so they could use their winnings for a ring!

David J: After completing the Speed Bump, do you feel the fears you said you exhibited are lessened now that you have conquered it?
Kim: I definitely feel like the race helped me overcome a lot of my fears.

Melissa W: So sorry that you girls got eliminated. I was rooting for you both from the beginning... If you could of change something you had done in the race to help yourselves what would of it been? Or how would you of done it differently?
Kim: Thanks for the support! We probably would have tried to kiss up to Marie a little to try and get that express pass. Who knows if it would have worked though!

Kevin K: What was your favorite and least favorite part of the race?
Nicky: My favorite part of the race was all the times we laughed so hard and all the beautiful places we got to visit and the different cultures we experienced. My least favorite part was probably being sleep deprived. Overall, it was a very positive experience!

Bayron M: Looking back at your experience is there anything that you think you could've prepared differently for?
Nicky: Yes, I think we could have done some more training with our backpacks because they were so heavy! We could have probably left our hair products at home!

Maria S: What did your husbands think of you being on the race?
Nicky and Kim: Chris and Dave were both really proud of us. Before we left, they thought we were going to be the first teams eliminated so the fact that we made it to sixth place is great. They are so proud of us!