Elimination Interview: Travis and Nicole
Posted on Dec 9, 2013 06:15pm

Nicole and Travis came in third on The Amazing Race! Read what they had to say about their time on the Race and if they would change anything about their experience!

Cindy G: What country was the nicest? What country would you go back and visit again?

Travis: I thought that Lisbon, Portugal with the castle and the view was gorgeous. Nicole and I both agreed that we were most surprised with how beautiful it was in Poland with the beach. Truthfully, I would go back to all of them if I could.

Patricia S: Why was it such a big deal that the cousins lied when it didnt affect you at all? I know you don't like liars but it had nothing to do with you, just run your race.

Travis: I think you have a good point that it did not affect our Race at all. What bothered us is that we feel the Race is also about relationships. We were not there to make friends but a part of any good relationship is being honest and sincere.

Alejandro C: Travis, Why are you so hard on your wife, I think she is trying her best.

Travis: You know, you have to know our relationship. Nicole is like a power wife at home and actually very dominant in our relationship. Part of it was that this was the first time she was in a position where she had to listen to me. It was more a teaching moment for me and the rest of it was frustration because I don't like to lose. I was utterly surprised to see her struggle. As hard as I can be I am probably more supportive and that is the part that is usually in private.

Brock P: What was the hardest roadblock for each team?

Travis: Nicole was the most frustrated with the angklung. Some of the most challenging things were the ones we did together.

Paloma P: What did you learn about yourself, and about your partner?

Travis: First, I learned that she is actually human and has some flaws. In recognizing that I realize she is much more talented than most people. For me, I learned that an exercise in humility is not enough when it comes to patience, supporting and understanding.

Kathy S: If you could go back and change one part of the Race - what part would it be?

Travis: If I could change one thing I would probably do the angklung. If I could have done that I think it would have changed Nicole's confidence. I think that was a defining moment.