Elimination Interview: Tim and Marie
Posted on Dec 9, 2013 07:20pm

Tim and Marie finished second in The Amazing Race! Will they be roommates in the future? Read on to see what they had to say about the Race and each other!

Erica O: Was it hard adjusting to the long flights and different timezones? Was it hard to sleep at random times?

Tim: Under normal circumstances it would be more grueling - amazing race had so much adrenaline that it didn't matter how much sleep you got, whether it be 3 or 13 hours.
Marie: The only problem was the slowing down part when you were waiting for like a train or plane. That I think was the hardest, your adrenaline was going so you just want to go, go, go.

Marc M: Marie: You've consistently shown us all race long that you are tough as nails. Despite a headstrong attitude and determination, was there any challenge where you thought you would crack under pressure? And has being on the race inspired you to learn how to boil eggs??

Marie: No, there wasn't a point where I thought I was going to crack, that's part of my personality, I don't give up. There was times where I was a little nervous, but I always just figure it out. And no, now I don't want to learn boil an egg.

Alejandro A: Do you think a new rule is needed that would prohibit a team from assisting other teams on roadblocks and detours?

Marie: Yes! 100 percent this should be a rule! It's just unfair, the race is about who is the strongest on their own, Nicole would have been knocked down if it wasn't for getting help from Amy. Nicole and Travis were not strong enough on their own. Amazing Race is not about how well you work with other teams.

Kevin P: Are Tim and Marie planning to be back together again after they have run this amazing race?

Tim: I might move in, but in separate rooms. We are thinking about being roommates - I don't think we can rekindle that flame.
Marie: No plans to get back together. We tried twice and it didn't work out, but he might be moving with me as roommates!

Marc M: Tim and Marie: I have been a supporter of you guys from the start, I fell in love with you guys from the beginning. However, it's no secret that you guys have been 'the team everyone loves to hate'. Did this ever cross your mind while on the race? And has it been difficult reading the amount of criticism you guys have been getting?

Marie: We knew from the start that we would be the team everyone loves to hate, but that doesn't bother us. The hateful comments, we don't care what anybody says- we are the way that we are and we know that not everyone one is going to like us - you can say what you want about us, just keep talking about us!
Tim: We are the team everyone loves to hate at home too! We are who we are.

Carolyn C: Tim and Marie won two trips. Are they definitely going separately or will they be going together?

Tim: We haven't decided.
Marie: Maybe we will go to Hawaii with Jason and Amy, I think that would be really fun. Aruba seems like a more romantic trip so we might have to play rock, paper, scissor for that one.

Laurie D: Was the 60/40 for real? If so, would you really have held Tim to it, Marie?

Marie: It was real, it was not created for if we won the million dollar prize though. The 60/40 was based on the fact that it took 8 months to get casted for which I did all of the work. So if we ended up coming in last all that work was not for nothing, but if we won the million we would have split it in half. The 60/40 was not based on race performance.

Dwayne Y: Of all the challenges, which one stood out as being the most difficult? Why?

Tim: The dates in Abu Dhabi - nothing was physical about that challenge which was hard for us, but in this situation I felt like I knew how to go about this challenge and we were battling on who was going to take the lead. We both thought we knew how to win this challenge. Sometimes it's hard to get a word in with Marie and at the end of this I was exhausted, I had to take a break and just collect myself. It was an emotionally taxing challenge.
Marie: The hardest was the robot challenge, because I got there and I was behind and the girls were working together, I had never built something before so panic settled in.