Elimination Interview: Flight Time and Big Easy
Posted on Apr 22, 2014 04:45pm

Flight Time and Big Easy answered your questions about their favorite Race location, their hardest leg and if they'd return to race again!

Kristie K: Do you think the other teams whine to much about having the U-turn used on them? It is part of the game, but some teams act like those using it cheated or did something wrong.
Big Easy: I think the U-turn is apart of the game....Everyone has a different opinion on how it should be used, we would not have used unless we thought it was us and one more team left.

Carolyn M: Thank you Flight Time and Big Easy for being such a class act...If you have the chance, would you like to return to a specific race location for an extended visit?
Big Easy: I would love to go back to Rome. It was breathtaking.

Marci E: Would you run the race a fourth time if asked? (Love you guys! Hated to see you leave)
Big Easy: We would run if you guys are not tired of seeing us run it and want us back. We would go for it.

Mel L: Globetrotters: What were your favorite and least favorite legs from this race and from all of your races? I'll miss seeing you guys in my living room each week! You guys were class all the way!!
Big Easy: Favorite from this Leg was the leg involving filling the taxis up with gas. Least favorite was the elimination leg.

Chris S: What do you miss most about your daily lives while on the Race?
Big Easy: I miss my family!

Kelli B: What's it like being SO tall in a different country where the people may be shorter than you?
Big Easy: I have been to over 75 countries now! It's fun being tall. People walk up and want to take pictures and are usually nice.

Jared D: Since you got a third chance of coming on the Race, who was your favorite team besides you that was in your seasons?
Big Easy: I don't have a favorite team. I really enjoyed running the race with every team.

Kathleen S: When did you find out what you did wrong in the building a donkey challenge? If you had figured it out, would the outcome have changed? PS you guys still ROCK!
Big Easy: We figured it out after we were eliminated. I don't know what would have happened different but we had fun regardless.