Elimination Interview: Jet and Cord
Posted on May 5, 2014 03:50pm

Marci T: My heart is broken that you are gone. Would you come back again for a fourth time if asked?
Jet: It would be difficult because of the sacrifice we’d have to make to go back on the race... but it would be really difficult to say "no" to another chance at a million dollars.
Paulina B: If you had gotten to the U-turn post before the country singers, what would you have done?
Cord: Jet and I have never U-turned anybody since we try to not think about who’s behind us. We would have just carried on.
Paula M: Do you regret giving the blondes the Express Pass, and do you wish you would have saved it?
Jet: Actually, no. It could have been any other team, but the fact that we were able to give it away and have it used at the same time was great for us. We would have given it to any other team in the same situation.
Cord: We joked around the night before and said we would give it to the first team to ask for it, and the next day it happened to be the country singers.
Karen G: How has being on the Amazing Race changed your lives?
Cord: It has been amazing. A lot of it has been appreciating our home because we’ve been to some tough places and seeing how other people live and we’ve been to some of the most beautiful places God has created on earth and it has really just been a blessing. They named the race right when they called it "Amazing."
Jet: The experiences we’ve had and the places we’ve seen has been amazing. We also get recognized from being on the race.
Larry M: The Cowboys were my family's favorite team. Where do your persistence and great attitudes come from?
Jet: Faith and family.
Cord: Having the advantage of a supportive family who is always challenging me and my faith – to hold myself to higher standards.
Luis M: In which country did you guys feel most at home?
Cord: Other than the United States, even looking back some of the strangest places we’ve been are all places I will never forget. Getting off the plane in India at 1am and seeing a million people shoulder to shoulder or the beauty of riding a train across Switzerland. There was an experience for every envelope we opened up.
Brian T: Who would you like to win the race?
Jet: Besides the cowboys, I’d like to see Dave and Connor. They’ve run the most honest and consistent race so far.
Juan P: Are those the same hats you wore in all 3 races?
Cord: No, I wore different hats every time. In the second race I wore the hat I got married in the day before I left for the race. I pretty much spent my honeymoon with my brother.
Jet: I wore the same hat in the first two and a different one in this last race.
Victor B: How do you feel that there are millions of people saying that you are their favorite team ever?
Jet: I cannot be more humbled or honored by that statement. A million dollars is a lot of money, but getting to hear people say that is worth more than the million bucks.
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