Elimination Interview: Leo and Jamal
Posted on May 13, 2014 01:30pm

Leo and Jamal answer fan questions about their U-Turn decision, if they regret helping Jennifer and Caroline, and if they'd run the race again!

Heather R.: Do you regret not using the U-turn now on Rachel and Brendon?
Leo: Hey Heather, I don't regret it, it was a calculated decision between Jamal and I that took a lot of focus and discussion. We were going to U-turn either Brendon and Rachel or Jet and Cord, when it came down to it. The accidental alliance was only with Jen and Caroline and Dave and Connor, and after Jamal hurt his knee it had to be the cowboys because 1) they were a very strong team and 2) they were in last with Jen and Caroline and we had to make sure that they stayed in it. However, after watching that episode it didn't even matter because they were already in last place.
Jamal: No, not at all in fact if we didn't get lost we would of been final 3. The fact that Rachel and Brendon messed up at the detour sort of proved we did U-turn the right team.

Sahar S.: Leo and Jamal, man, you guys were my favorite team! You were so funny and motivated to win, what would you have done with the million dollars had you won it?
Leo: Thanks Sahar, I really appreciate it. If we had won, it would have been great and I would have opened up a business or two in the nightlife field. I own a bar in Pasadena and always wanted to open a nightclub in Hollywood so we'll see. I have a lot of new projects coming together soon so stay tuned. Might be running for Mayor too! #voteforleo2015 :)
Jamal: Thanks Sahar, I'm glad you really enjoyed our sense of humor. A million dollars would have changed my business plans to be on a more fast-paced schedule. I'm also in the process of making a non-profit organization for kids all around the world. Keep in mind, a million sounds a lot but after you split with teammate and then pay taxes you will be left with $350k. Not bad, but yet again I think we left a bigger impact on our fans and around the world.

Danielle Z.: Do you regret helping the girls at all? Would you do it again if given the choice?
Leo: Hey Danielle, I don't regret helping the girls at all, they were the sweetest and most humble girls I have ever met and I would help them again in a heartbeat. It doesn't show, but they helped us a lot as well. I love our country girls!
Jamal: No regrets at all by helping the girls. We took ourselves out the game by getting lost for an hour. Depending on where in life we are and our lifestyle its a possibility.

Payton J.: Who was your favorite team you raced against this season?
Leo: Hey Payton, that is such a hard question, it was All-Stars for a reason and it would be difficult to pick just one. I was honored and privileged to have raced with all of them. They were all my favorite and I mean that, I still keep in touch with almost everybody!
Jamal: I really liked the Globetrotters. Getting the chance to see the episodes this season, they were just as entertaining and funny as what our fans see us as. It is something special when you can connect with different people from different sorts of the world and bring a smile on their face :)

Carolyn S.: So sad to see you go! You guys always had fun and enjoyed the race. Out of all the places you visited, which was the most interesting and why?
Leo: Hey Carolyn, thank you! I would say the most interesting was Orvieto, Italy. The way of life was just so amazing there, everyone was really gracious and hospitable and it was gorgeous, I definitely want to go back and visit again!
Jamal: Hi Carolyn, I really enjoyed Italy. Its one of the few places I can see my wife and I settling down and having a family. From the magnificent views to the welcoming people it was truly special and the fact that we were driving ourselves the 8th leg, we had a chance to take everything in.

Connor B.: How does it feel to have been this close once again?
Leo: Hey Connor! It doesn't feel good I could tell you that. But it wasn't our fault, bad directions finally got to us when it mattered the most. Up until that point our navigational skills kept us in the game, and it is actually kind of ironic that it got us out as well. Final three would have been much better, but to have gotten to race around the world not once, but twice, not to mention back to back, it was amazing and worth a million in itself.
Jamal: Thanks Connor for the change of heart :) Its really hard to take in knowing that you areclose yet again to getting to final three, yet coming short again. It was really hard. I feel like it's much harder to get out being one of the last four teams then to get out early in the race.

Thomas A.: How awesome was it to play some soccer in Anfield Stadium? (from a fellow soccer fan)
Leo: Thomas my man! From soccer fan to soccer fan, Anfield Stadium was breathtaking! When we stepped foot on the field we got goose bumps. The energy there, although empty, was radiating. I think I might change professions and become a professional soccer player! PS hopefully liverpool gets the top spot, next season! Good Luck!
Jamal: Thomas, my soccer friend. It was truly a special moment that I will always cherish. Knowing all the history with the Liverpool FC and knowing you are stepping on sacred ground gave us goosebumps. Amazing feeling!! Probably would have enjoyed it even more if my knee was ok!!

Vee T.: Would you do The Amazing Race all over again, if gotten the chance?
Leo: Hey Vee, we would be honored to run the race for a third time! You know what they say third times a charm so bring it on!
Jamal: If the timing is right and both of us are willing and capable I don't see why not.