Elimination Interview: Rachel & Brendon
Posted on May 21, 2014 11:25am

The Amazing Race: All-Star, Rachel Reilly, answers fan questions about her time on the Race with husband and partner, Brendon Villegas.

Lester B.: How does it feel being the only team to step on the Finish Line twice?
Rachel: Hi Lester! It's really cool to be the only team twice to cross the finish line! It feels really crazy to say we've never been eliminated! Hehe but we always come to bring it and we never give up!

Charlotte B.: Do you think your tendency to rush through reading the clues and into/out of the venues cost you the race again?
Rachel: Hi Charlotte! We didn't really have any issues with the clues in the final leg- our biggest issue was at the Mirage but that was because we had a horrible cab driver.

Jared B.: What do you plan to do now?
Rachel: Jared- heeeey :) I am hosting a talk show on bitesizeTV and I am working on my TV stuff - Brendon is working in his pHD and were going to start trying for a baby! Yay!