The Amazing Race
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Elimination Interview: Kym and Alli
Posted on Dec 3, 2014 11:50am

Cyclists Kym and Alli answer your burning questions about their time racing around the world.

Holly B: How long did it take for your backs to heal up from the massage?
Alli: About 4-5 days. I never thought those circles would go away. It was awful.
Kym: The soreness lasted a couple days, but the bruises didn't last. Mostly my skin itched where they scraped it raw.

Kathleen M: Would you consider coming back to the Race for an all-star edition?
Alli: Without a doubt. Kym and I talk about racing again all the time.
Kym: YES!

Jared K: Do you think you would of been in the final 4 if you hadn't done the fast forward, and how long were you there for before the surfers came?
Alli: Yes, we would have been. We had been at the surfing challenge for about 20 minutes. Kym and I were both able to stay up for 2 minutes. It was the simultaneous part that we couldn't get and ultimately led to our defeat.
Kym: It's possible that we would've been U-Turned and still been eliminated. I try not to dwell too much on the what-if's and what-could've-beens. ​

Mark M: Who would you have U-turned if you were ahead?
Alli: The surfers.

Sandra B: What was the biggest difference between watching and anticipating the race - and then actually being part of it? What was the most unexpected?
Alli: Well, hindsight is 20/20. It wasn't until watching this latest leg on TV that we realized by the wrestlers lying to the candy girls that we had a fighting chance. Also, we knew that we were a target for the U-turn, but we had no idea that the entire group had conspired a master plan. The Dentists and The Surfers were so concerned with us that they failed to pay attention to their own game and totally missed out on the earlier flight. That was funny to watch. Jim is an extremely sore loser. However, when you're running the race, you have no idea what is going on usually. You just have to race as hard as you can until you get to the pit stop because you never know what is happening with the other teams.
Kym: We studied the race before going on it. But while along for the wild ride, it became clear to me that editing makes a lot of tasks look faster and easier than they are. There's a lot of time spent figuring out just where to go and what to do that the viewers never see. As a competitive racer, I didn't realize that patience would be so necessary for getting through it. I'm so used to testing my physical limits that listening and planning was my biggest and most unexpected challenge.

Jenni L: What was your guys favorite part of being on The Amazing Race?
Alli: Well besides getting to run the race of a lifetime and see places I would have probably never seen, I really enjoyed becoming friends with the other teams and becoming a part of the race family. Everyone on the creative team is awesome and I feel very special to have been apart of something so profound. And...I must say, one month without cell phones, email or social media was pretty freaking great.
Kym: Meeting such different, incredibly talented people from all over (both in the cast and the crew.) And racing around the world. Literally, around the world. Alli and I ended our race by returning back to NYC, thus circumnavigating the entire globe! I mean, how many people can say they've done that?

Edith C: What upcoming projects do you ladies have in the works?
Alli: Kym and I are currently working together on a pilot that we are filming later this month. It will be a lot of Kym and Alli adventures/misadventures and in the new year, I'm launching my own online entertainment/comedy/lifestyle channel. Also, I am teaching a full schedule with SoulCycle in Los Angeles and we just kicked off our new campaign, "December is the new January."
Kym: Continuing with my YouTube channel and my racing. Plus more travel! Stay tuned...

Arlene J: Which country on the Race would you revisit on your own and why?
Alli: Copenhagen. It was such an interesting city and had extremely unique architecture. I also like that fact that it is so environmentally friendly, and the people (aside from the cyclists that ignored us) were very friendly.
Kym: I'd been to Copenhagen before. I rode my bike over most of Europe, so probably Scotland. I'd like a chance to ride those incredible rolling hills! And Malta, to party at the clubs.

Katrina K: What was the biggest life lesson you learned through your experience on The Amazing Race?
Alli: Go with your gut. It's usually right.
Kym: That confidence is just as important as preparation.