The Amazing Race
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Elimination Interview: Bethany and Adam
Posted on Dec 23, 2014 10:35am

Soul Surfers Bethany and Adam answered YOUR questions about running The Amazing Race. Read their answers below!

Kim S: Soul Surfers.....would you ever do an all star race around the world?
Maybe! If we did do the race again we know we would put up a good fight on another season!

Candace F: For Bethany. What was the hardest challenge for you in the race?
The last road block on the final leg! After racing all around the world we were extra tired and burnt out. It was sooo hard finding the names of the cities and remembering the numbers in order. I never want to see shipping containers again!

Juliet A: For the surfers, out of all the contestants you were my favorites! You two ran a wonderful race, you were a joy to watch! Would you every consider doing Survivor?
Thank you Juliet! I'm not sure we would do Survivor, although Adam would be good at roughing it in the wild, making fires and spearing animals haha.

Thanh T: What was the most terrifying and the most fun challenge you did?
We had the most fun flipping pancakes yum! We were most terrified of the sheep challenge in Scotland...those sheep were so rebellious!

Doan N: How long were you there for the final roadblock?
We're not quite sure but it felt like a couple years or hours (:

Matthew M: Would you do anything different if you were to do the same stages again, and what things would you do that would have changed your position in the race?
Hindsight is 20/20 but we feel we did really well throughout the race choosing detours and roadblocks...however on the final leg we kinda wish that we had switched roadblocks so Bethany did "stuntman" and Adam did the final roadblock.

Susan G: Did you do any special preparation for the race, i.e. getting used to carrying heavy backpacks around?
Yeah! We actually started going on runs with our backpacks to get used to them. Ran a lot of stairs. Our regular workouts are pretty intense so we kept that up. Ultimately we watched a lot of seasons of the race to learn strategy and develop a game-plan for us. Making the right decisions on the race is essential!

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