Jeff and Lyda Shake Off Their Elimination: And tell us what really went down
Posted on Feb 27, 2015 01:25pm

Jeff and Lyda, the first couple eliminated on Season 26, answered your questions about running The Amazing Race. Read their answers below.

1. Leanne K: Why did you not change to the sake option sooner when there was such a bottle neck at the dance option?
Jeff: We should have changed to sake but due to my terrible dancing, not due to the "bottleneck" – that just gave us time to practice ...One big factor would have been transiting Tokyo again – it took 1/2 hours the first time. But it turns out switching would have been the right answer.

2. Sara A: What was your first thought when you found out you got "[U-turned]"?
Jeff and Lyda: "Oh crap!" But we would have done the same thing if we were Mike and Rochelle.

3. Carol H: Do you think your age had anything to do with being the first team eliminated?
Jeff: Not at all – I have always been a bad dancer!

4. Miles Smile M: Do you think you would have won that leg without the U-turn?
Jeff and Lyda: No, we would not have won that leg – but we probably would not have been eliminated that leg.

5. Prince V: Which of the Blind Date teams seemed to you, to be the most compatible already?
Jeff and Lyda: Jenny and Jelani.

6. JoDee M: Do you guys still remember the dance choreography?
Jeff: Lyda does, but I never really had it down.
Lyda: And, he would need 4 more hours of practice now to suffer throughout it again!

7. Megan N: What was the craziest thing you saw while on The Amazing Race?
Jeff and Lyda: Oh, we were on The Amazing Race? It's all a blur! Tokyo traffic? Our last taxi driver was really haulin' ass! But, by then, it was late and the traffic had died down!

The Amazing Race airs Fridays at 8/7c.