Amazing Race's CJ and Lebya Share What They Learned About Each Other: Communication is key for every couple
Posted on Mar 2, 2015 04:45pm

CJ and Lebya, the second couple eliminated on Season 26, answered your questions about running The Amazing Race.

1. Elena S: Why did you risk missing your train to stop and take a selfie?
We didn't realize it was a risk at the time. Only about three doors that are used for entry were open and the door we were standing by was not one of them. In the end, missing the train wasn't nearly as costly as the emergency stop we had to make.

2. Holly Barber S: My question: After knowing each other so long & dating for 10yrs, has the race taught you something new about each other?
The race has definitely taught us how to communicate with each other more effectively. We’re afraid to push each other’s buttons, but we now understand that the brutal truth is better than letting something lie beneath the surface.

3. Stephanie V: What part of it all (the experience) was your favorite? What did you learn? AND what do you recommend for future racers (like myself)?
C.J.'s favorite part of participating in the show was the race itself, he enjoyed traveling, experiencing different cultures and everything the race entails. My favorite part of participating was the anticipation of the unknown. The mystery of the challenges and where we were headed next was soooo exhilarating. C.J. learned that I am not as sensitive as he thought and I learned that I can’t always take control of everything, some things are just out of your hands. We recommend to future racers - pack LIGHT, always keep cool and leveled head, and to expect the unexpected.

4. Ellen H: How did you prepare for the race? What would you do different if anything to prepare for the race, if you were able to race again?
We got in shape and exercised every day. We also learned how to drive a stick shift car. If we had to prepare again, we would probably have a better strategy on how we would navigate from place to place but hindsight is 20/20.

5. Megan N: Was the noodle challenge as hard as it looked?
No, the noodles challenge was definitely the easiest challenge (side note, the noodles were FANTASTIC or maybe we were just hungry lol). The only problem we had was when C.J. thought he was going to have to eat a noodle off the floor.

6. Jeetendra K: How tough was it getting through in Japan? And how do you think it hurt you in the race? #LibbyandCJ
Getting through Japan was one of the hardest obstacles we have ever had to face in life. The unwillingness of the people to help was so unexpected and very disappointing. We had no real problems with the challenges so not getting help was ultimately our demise. Despite these circumstances, we were able to be a part of something AMAZING that few can say they have experienced and met some of the most wonderful people along the way. We truly feel BLESSED and that is the ultimate prize. #TeamTuskegee

The Amazing Race airs Fridays at 8/7c.