Bergen and Kurt Couldn't Get Out of First, So They Ended in Last: What drove the fourth eliminated toward their dead end
Posted on Apr 6, 2015 08:55am

Bergen and Kurt, the fourth team eliminated on Season 26, answer your questions about running The Amazing Race.

1. Karttie W: Did you guy realize why they gave cars for that leg? And why did you give up when you were doing well for beginners?
There was nothing about being in that car that felt safe. People flying by us and beeping their horns at us, my heart was pounding. I don't look at it as giving up. We both agreed to take another route. I never made Bergen stop driving. It came down to a safety issue and that's what we chose. Bergen told me on the start line that he used to drive a stick on his dad's farm when he was a little boy. A stick shift was gonna come at some point and we were gonna be the comedy of it.
Bergen: Absolutely, I've been a fan of the show ever since Season 1 when I was 10 years old. I knew that a self-driving leg would be coming up soon, especially if we were headed to Europe. I also knew that as soon as we gave up the car, we were going to be eliminated. When you are given a car as part of the leg, 9 times out of 10, you need it for the remainder of the leg, which proved to be the case. As for "giving up", I wanted to respect my partner who didn't feel safe with my driving. This is the one decision I wish I would have pushed him harder on, but when you are in the moment, things are happening so fast and my emotions were a mess!

2. VJ Cole S: You knew you were going to be on the Race, why didn't you learn to drive a stick shift?
I did try to learn, I actually damaged the car I tried practicing with. It was just something I wasn't picking up. One of my biggest fears is a car wreck. After watching one of my best friends almost die from an unfortunate car accident, I'm pretty sure I'm scarred for life. I never feel safe when I'm in a car with somebody else driving.
Bergen: The infamous question... from the time I got the call to starting the race, it was a very short time frame for me! Whereas some teams found out months before the race that they were going to be on, I found out right before the race! I had driven stick shift before so I was confident that I could pick it back up, but knew that I was going to be rough at it. I agree with you all, I should have practiced a lot more, but as you could see, I was making great progress (I drove ~2 miles before we stopped). What was the most difficult for me was trying to navigate us as well as drive us to the Winter Wonderland. I couldn't do both at the same time. I needed help!

3. Tracy R: Were you disappointed or secretly relieved that Phil walked into the train station to put you out of your misery?
Misery? There was no misery in my opinion. I have seen a lot of unfortunate bad things that have happened to people in life. I am healthy, I have a great family, and a lot to be thankful for. So I am not gonna cry over spilled milk. I wasn't exactly jumping for joy when Phil walked in to the train station, but I wasn't surprised either.
Bergen: I think my face told the story – I was EXTREMELY disappointed and very embarrassed that Phil had to come to us, rather than allow us to finish the leg and get eliminated on the mat.

4. Carolyn C: If invited to an All Stars edition, would you race again?
I would compete on an All Star Season if invited back. Why wouldn't you? The most important things I walked away with from the whole experience was seeing new cultures and the new friends I made.
Bergen: Absolutely! I would love nothing more than to race again, whether it be on another blind date (with someone that I'm actually compatible with) or with someone I know! I feel I have something to prove and a redemption race would allow me to show Amazing Race fans that I am a competitor and promise I will prove that I have what it takes to win!

5. Marie C. A: What’s the thing you’ve learned that you value most from this trip?
I wouldn't say I only learned one thing that I value the most. If you're not learning, you are not living. I learned to not let anybody put me down. I learned that you can still be friends with the other racers & still have healthy competition. I learned that I can do anything, because I did TAR.
Bergen: I could write a book with responses to this question, but to sum it up: patience, determination, respect, and appreciation. Patience – you have to have it on the race or you will drive yourself crazy! Things will not always go your way! Determination – you have to have the competitiveness to go far in this race! Respect – every culture is unique and you have to respect their ways of life. Appreciation – sometimes we take life and what we have for granted. This experience opened up my eyes to what is going on around the world in different cultures. I am truly blessed to have experienced what I did!

6. Teonia N: Besides the leg you were eliminated, what was the most difficult leg of the race? And why?
The most difficult leg in my opinion was leg one. The Mud Run was brutal. Following that, a 14 hour flight to Tokyo (which you were still practically dirty from the mud), and then immediately continuing the race after the flight. Then once you got off the mat that night, you slept in a cubby on a couch that I didn't even fit on because I was too tall. And you did all of this with somebody you have never even met before.
Bergen: I would say the 1st leg was the most difficult (besides leg 5), because you are trying to adjust to the start of the race. We went through a gnarly mud obstacle course, then flew to Tokyo, had to navigate in Tokyo, which was extremely difficult, and complete the dance.

7. Suzanne G: Which team was your favorite?
I couldn't pick a favorite team even if I tried. There was a lot of good people from Season 26, and I had the pleasure to meet them all.
Bergen: I honestly can't answer this question. Each and every team is unique in their own ways and I truly enjoy each one of them! I am beyond lucky to call the 20 other racers some of my best friends, and know that when I travel to New York, Michigan, Alabama, Florida, SoCal, Arizona, Las Vegas, Kentucky, etc, I will be able to see these amazing people!!

8. Morgan F: Do you think if the two of you would have met in an environment different from the race, that you would have felt differently towards each other?
Kurt: After going through the interview process for the show, and being asked several times what I looked for in a partner and what I didn't want... it made no sense to why they put us together. We both kind of asked for the same guy and they gave us the complete opposite. However, after we got eliminated, we were informed that the idea was to put us together as since we were so much alike, we would fight. Bergen Olson is a wonderful man who deserves somebody who is gonna treat him right. Apart from the race, we still wouldn't be each other's cup of tea. But, it was the hand they dealt us, so we played.
Bergen: Unfortunately, I don't. You know that feeling you get when you meet someone you like for the first time, it just didn't happen. We are not meant for each other, so I don't think meeting outside of the race would have been any different. Kurt is a great person and he will find his special someone someday, I know it! As for me, I will too! I'm currently single - so holler at your boy! :) Instagram - bolson2224 Twitter - @bergenolson Facebook - Bergen Olson

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