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Blind Daters, Jeff and Jackie, Kiss the Race Goodbye as Fifth to Go: Arrived as strangers, left as friends
Posted on Apr 13, 2015 07:50am

Jeff and Jackie, the fifth team eliminated on Season 26, answer your questions about running The Amazing Race.

1. Kathy W: Do you feel KARMA is what got you eliminated? Remember hiding the fanny pack with the Passports? In this show, KARMA usually bites back. But you guys had great chemistry. Hope you are still dating.
First off, I think we need to set the record straight. Jackie and I wanted to race with integrity and I believe we did given the situation. I think one thing that the viewers did not get to see was the reason we decided not to make it blatantly obvious to Tyler and Laura the fact we had their fanny pack in our possession. They wanted to play a deceptive and shady game from the get go by lying to us about a clue box that was at the shrine in Bangkok when we ran to where it was (ahead of many teams) and upon going up stairs Tyler told us the box was NOT upstairs which cost us precious time searching elsewhere knowing it would hurt us on that particular leg. Furthermore, the fanny pack was never hidden it was in the backseat of the car where they left it along. In my optional an error like that should've been their demise and costed them their position in the show. As far as answering your question, no I do not believe karma had anything to do with our elimination it was more of a logistics and navigation issue.
Jackie: I am so happy this was a question to be asked! Would like it to be known that the reason Jeff and I acted like we did not know if Tyler and Laura's fanny pack was in the car when they asked was because what you did not see in the leg before, when we were in Bangkok, was that Tyler actually first lied to Jeff when we were searching for a clue box at the shrine before going into our detour. We asked him if he knew where the clue box was and he told us he didn't when he actually did. After that we knew the game was on and to be honest that was karma back on them regarding the whole fanny pack situation. There is actually a behind-the-scenes video with this clip you can check out. As for hiding it, we did not touch the fanny pack because rules do state you are not allowed to touch another team's belongings. But no worries, we knew this was how the race was going to be and respect the competition and did not take it personal, and we are actually really great friends with them and are cheering them on as they continue on the race!

2. Shannon A: What was the most awkward moment for you as a blind date couple?
The whole show lol. It's really hard to display natural reactions and chemistry due to the fact everything you say and do is televised. I think it would be uncomfortable for most people.
Jackie: I have never been on a blind date before so was really uncertain at first about this whole concept and especially going into the race with a total stranger! I would have to say the most awkward moment was definitely when I first met Jeff at the start line. I was so nervous and excited that I didn't know what to do when finally meeting and ended up jumping on him! But, within the first 5 minutes I knew we clicked and felt comfortable with him right away. Our first night together in Tokyo was also a little awkward when sharing the cubicle to sleep, but I think that whole sleeping arrangement was awkward for everyone, for either blind date couple or existing couple!

3. Dave W: It seemed like navigation and traveling between tasks were the main factors in your elimination. How difficult was it finding your way around Monaco?
You bring up a valid point. Navigation between tasks is what makes the show a challenge for every team. I think the navigation from point A to point B is what determines the success and failure of most teams regardless of where they are geographically. Monaco was by far one of the more difficult places to navigate due to their confusing road signs and the entire setup of their local road system.
Jackie: Traveling in Monaco and finding locations was extremely difficult and which yes, unfortunately caused our elimination. We also got very unlucky with directions that we had gotten from different locals we came across. We weren't able to decipher which directions were correct and which weren't. It was extremely stressful and looked like every team was struggling. Unfortunately, Jeff and I got the most lost at the wrong time when heading to the pit stop. It was a close race at the end there!

4. Karyn J: Which place would you like to return to?
If there's one place I'd like to visit again it would hands down be Phuket Thailand. It was one of the most beautiful places with breathtaking views. Not to mention I love Thai food!
Jackie: I loved Phuket, Thailand! The beaches looked so beautiful. Definitely would like to go back there one day! All the countries we visited were actually all incredible! We were so lucky!

5. Jenny B: Loved watching you both on the race! Hope you are dating now. My question is: during the show you mentioned that you were very similar, both alphas, passionate etc. What were some of the differences between you and how do you feel you did in playing to one another's strengths and weaknesses?
I think Jackie and I had many similar traits. We were both competitive but not overly critical of our mistakes. We both have tempers and can get flustered quickly. I think the major difference between Jackie and myself is the way we communicate. I'm a little different when it comes to handling arguments. I like to apologize and move on and I think Jackie dwells on arguments a little more.
Jackie: Jeff and I are very similar in a lot of ways which was why we were so able to get along so easily. Sometimes it would cause us to bump heads, but we were able to work it out and move on. Jeff first told me he couldn't sing or dance. Luckily, I am a dancer so was able to help get him through the showgirl challenge and have studied music my whole life so got lucky being able to perform the yodel in Germany. As for me, I told Jeff I am a terrible driver so he will have to drive and when it came to disassembling the transmission in Bangkok, luckily Jeff was able to get it done because that would have been something I could not have done alone. I think we had a little bit of everything we needed to get through the race together but unfortunately just got lost at the wrong time. It would have been interesting to see how we would have done if we were still able to continue on the race. We still had so much in us to give!

6. Mary A: Who among the remaining teams do you think will win this race?
I think from day one the Olympians posed the greatest threat. They communicate excellently and run a relatively smooth race with little arguments and are both extremely athletic. They're Olympians. Enough said haha.
Jackie: All the remaining teams are so different and great in their own way! I love all 3 dating teams left, but I would definitely like to see one of the 3 blind date teams left to take the win! I know everyone had doubted the blind date teams from the beginning, so I feel it would be awesome to show that it can be done!

7. Tina M: Do you feel the chemistry you two have, could lead to much more in the future?
Jackie and I had good chemistry from day one. We get along well. We both had our eye on the prize. Not too sure if the chemistry will grow organically outside of the show due to the fact we live on opposite sides of the U.S. I'm not a huge proponent for long distance relationships.
Jackie: Jeff and I did have great chemistry and worked really well together. What you saw on the show was all real. As for the future, Jeff and I are still great friends and continue to keep in touch! I gave him my number and he is someone I know I will have in my life forever. We shared an incredible and life changing experience. Unfortunately, we both live on opposite sides of the country so are both not looking to try a long distance relationship at this time in our lives. If Jeff did live near me then I would have loved to try and see if anything could happen between us, but as of now we are not dating and I am currently single!

8. Mykle F: If you have one suggestion for applicants, what would that be? P.S. You were one of the best teams this season. No doubt. Congrats for racing honorably and with the right attitude.
Thank you so much for your kind words and I would agree we ARE the best team of this season and our elimination was far too soon. With that being said my best advice I can give to future applicants is understand that this is a television show so you need to understand that they're certain characters and personalities the show needs to make for great TV. i.e. come in with a gameplan as to what your particular role or theme is going to be. Are you the nerdy team, the athletic team, the attractive team, the underdogs, the snakes in the grass, the fun team and comical team, or it never hurts to be "that team" that is constantly arguing and bringing drama to the show (makes for great television). In addition to that I think networking and finding the right people in the industry and reaching out to them never hurts just like with any other job or gig in life you want to obtain.
Jackie: My suggestion for applicants would be to just be yourself! I know it may sound cliché, but be as real as you can be and that is what I believe works the best!

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