Aly and Steve, the sixth team eliminated on Season 26, answer your questions about running The Amazing Race. "/> Emotions Ran Wild In Africa And Sent Olympians Aly And Steve Packing: How the Race affected their relationship -
The Amazing Race
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Emotions Ran Wild In Africa And Sent Olympians Aly And Steve Packing: How the Race affected their relationship
Posted on Apr 20, 2015 09:55am

Aly and Steve, the sixth team eliminated on Season 26, answer your questions about running The Amazing Race.

1. Jasmine N: Hi Aly and Steve. My question for you is being the 6th team eliminated on the race, how does competing on The Amazing Race compare to competing for an Olympic medal?
Amazing Race and the Olympics are so different. The Amazing Race is so much fun!! It’s not that the Olympics are not fun, but it is something I have been training for since a very young age. They are very similar in the way that there is a lot on the line. For the Race, it is a lot of money and for the Olympics, it is your life’s dream on the line. It is a very hard question and very hard to compare.
Steve: Like Aly said there is really no way to compare the two other than the fact that there is a lot on the line for both… Amazing Race is about money and the Olympics are about the medal, your dream and your country. Other than the fact that it is a competition and there is a lot on the line, it is not very similar at all.

2. Laura G: Why not disguise the fact that you are Olympic athletes? Do you think that put a target on your back?
Telling people that we were Olympic athletes definitely put a target on are back and if we were to go back I don’t think I would have told them.
Steve: If we didn’t say it, I definitely think it would have come out at some point, though.

3. Judi S: Okay, my question actually goes back to the first episode. Were you totally shocked you had to climb on a flight to Japan wearing soaking wet clothes and covered in mud? I cannot imagine how those showers were capable of cleaning everyone.
That was hilarious. We were all going through security soaking wet, covered in mud and dirt. People were staring at us like we were nuts. We didn’t get to shower at the airport either. We used the hand dryers to try and dry off but all we did was change our clothes.
Steve: When we went through the metal detector, my whole body went numb since I was soaking wet.

4. Jody M: What was your biggest challenge in the race?
Aly: Trying to find the right flight is really hard. There are a lot of flights that are hidden that you do not see right away.
Steve: The hardest part for us was just getting around and traveling.

5. Erikson J: Hi Aly and Steve. What happened during this leg of the race that triggered the emotions from both of you that you guys didn't have first half of the game? Because I thought the first half of the game you guys are good team!
We were still a great team!
Steve: Even legs that we did really well we made mistakes in.
Aly: Unfortunately, the mistakes we made in Africa were detrimental. At that point in the Race, we were hungry, tired and stress levels are higher so the mistakes seem worse than in the beginning of the Race.

6. Tammy M: Who do you think will win the race? FYI, you both were awesome racers.
Thanks, Tammy!
Steve: All the teams left are really, really strong. At this point, we would like Matt and Ashley to win.

7. Janny C: Are ya’ll planning on staying together after the drama on the race?
This is the number one question my mom gets from people. Everyone asks. Yes, absolutely, our relationship has only gotten stronger since the Race.

8. Sarah-Ann L: Best and worst moments on the race?
I loved the beer challenge. The carrying of the stein. It was a simpler challenge but it was personally my favorite. My least favorite was eating the eggs. I still have a hard time eating hard boiled eggs.
Steve: That was my least favorite as well. I don’t have a favorite challenge but my favorite place was the bar rooftop in Thailand which was great.

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