After Their Elimination, Matt & Ashley Talk Endurance, Fanny Packs & Proposals: That’s the way the cookie crumbles
Posted on May 4, 2015 09:45am

Matt and Ashley, the seventh team eliminated on Season 26, answer your questions about running The Amazing Race.

1. Hilda H: What made you propose on the show and did you plan the proposal once you knew you were going to be on the show?
Matt: I was planning on asking Ashley to marry me before the race. When we found out we were going to be on The Amazing Race, I knew I would propose on the show. I didn't have any logistics planned out because we didn't know where we were going until we opened the clue. When we opened the clue and found out we were going to Thailand, I knew that was going to be there.

2. Hannah D: What was the hardest thing physically, mentally, and emotionally that you guys faced while on the race?
Matt & Ashley: We think the constant state of urgency and running on pure adrenaline took a toll on both of us physically, mentally, and emotionally.

3. Anita C: How did you prepare for The Amazing Race? Did you ramp up exercising, running long distances, etc.?
Matt & Ashley: We both are pretty athletic and always worked out before the show, so we didn't feel as if we had to physically prepare much for The Amazing Race. We focused more on tasks that required us to work together as a team because we are both very stubborn and like to be in control, so we had to adjust to working together as opposed to on our own. We did puzzles, and played memory games, etc.

4. Mary A: What was the most challenging leg?
Matt & Ashley: The most challenging leg had to be the first leg, just for the simple fact that we were just learning the game and had not picked up momentum or strategy yet. We were just kind of winging it. Once we got a little further in the race and played smarter and started working together, things became a lot easier for us.

5. Shannon A: First, I loved you guys. You were my faves from the start. Second, Matt what was the first thought through your head when you realized you left your fanny pack at the challenge right before proposing? Your expression btw...priceless!
Matt: LOL! Not only was I freaking out because the ring was in there, but all of our money, clues and our passports were in the fanny pack as well, so if we lost it, we wouldn't have been able to continue the race. Luckily, Ashley asked me where the fanny pack was and it was only a block away from the last challenge, because the pit stop was about a half-hour to 45 minutes away from the challenge.

6. Gena F: Do teams get any time to sightsee? I would hate to miss some of the beautiful places because I had to focus on clues and racing and getting some task done. Do you get any time at all to see the country you're in?
Matt & Ashley: We wish there was time to sight see, but unfortunately there wasn't. This season they introduced "date night," so whichever team was lucky enough to get a date night, they sort of got to see more of whatever country we were in, but not to the extent of what we would have wanted to see. I guess it was kind of a good thing, only because it kept our minds on the race.

7. Crystal K: Do you remain friends with any of the other teams?
Matt & Ashley: We actually stay in contact with most of the other teams still. Steve, Aly, Laura, and Tyler are our closest friends, but we have a special relationship with the other cast members as well, even Jenny!

8. Krista L: What's it like being on The Amazing Race show and what inspired you to sign up?
Matt: Being on The Amazing Race was the absolute best experience either of us could have ever had. Ashley randomly sent in an email to a casting director without even telling me, and when she got the call back, she was like... "Babe, sooooo, we are going casting for The Amazing Race, here's what we need to do..." It was funny actually. We were both fans of The Amazing Race before we were cast, but never watched religiously. Now, we haven't missed an episode from all the way back to Season 1. Besides, the million dollars, being able to see the world, different cultures, people and lifestyles was something that money can't buy.

9. Emily R: When's the wedding??!
Matt & Ashley: February 6, 2016!!!

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