Hayley And Blair Miss The Mat On Amazing Race's Finale, Coming In Third: No @RxForLove for these two
Posted on May 19, 2015 08:15am

After traveling the world together as blind daters on The Amazing Race Season 26, Blair and Hayley raced their way into third place. Then we asked them questions fans submitted on Facebook. Here's what they said, in their own words:

1. Yelena R: To Blair: What was the story behind the piggyback ride at the final pit stop? Was it impromptu or did Hayley make you do it?

It was impromptu. We got out of the cab knowing that Phil and all of our fellow contestants would be cheering us to the mat as we galloped in. I wanted to do something special and memorable to celebrate our crazy journey around the world. Even though we didn't pull off the win we wanted to end on a positive, upbeat note. We dropped our bags over 100 yards from the mat and I had Hayley jump on my back. If I had to do it over again I would have done it at about 25 yards–she was accidentally (I hope, accidentally) choking me out. The spin at the end was just me being playful. Luckily, there were no injuries.

2. Zoe J: Hayley, when you watched the season back, were you embarrassed of your behavior toward Blair?

I would never be embarrassed of something I did in my life or a way I reacted. I reacted how I felt at the time and in this situation, I didn't feel I needed to sugarcoat how I was feeling. There were multiple times I felt frustrated or written off by Blair. Going into this, obviously I knew I was going to be paired with someone and regardless of if we were romantically compatible or not, I wanted someone who worked as a team. Many times in the beginning, I felt Blair completely disregarded me and I wanted to have an equal role on our team. I knew almost immediately that Blair wasn't for me. He's very attractive and a great person, but just not my particular type. Being that I did not know him before this, I misconstrued him disregarding me as disrespecting me. Respect is huge to me, once I felt disrespected after trying to play an equal role on the team, my guard was up and I was over it. Once Blair and I got to know each other, I was able to realize that he wasn't disregarding me, he is just a leader and wants to take charge by nature, which he has to be, given his military and medical careers.

3. Charlene G: Blair and Haley, are you two going to keep in touch and try to get to know each other after the race? I know you both said you'd do this again with each other and I hope you get that chance, I think you both could win.

Hayley: We have definitely kept in touch and have gotten to know each other much better. I would definitely do the Race again with Blair and I have absolutely no doubt that a second season for us would result in a win. We have been fans of the show for so long that this was a dream come true for both of us. We were two of the very few who went through the traditional application process without being recruited because we had been wanting to do the Race for quite some time. We hope a second chance is in our future to take care of unfinished business!

Blair: Hayley is the only person in this world that knows first-hand what we went through to make it to the final leg of the "Race." We will share this forever. We have done a really good job keeping in touch after the race. It has been fun to get to know her in a less stressful environment--far less yelling, hah! We had so much momentum heading into the final leg and I think we were the team to beat. We would be contenders in any future "Race."

4. Jordan K: A question for Blair. What moment did you really have a gut feeling that you and Hayley weren't a match?

Blair: I was overcome by the amount of positive energy Hayley brought to the starting line and it was awesome to know that she worked as a nurse. I think on paper, we seemed like a great match. Hayley is an attractive woman with great qualities. I just knew pretty early on that she is not the right fit for me. I probably came to that realization on the way to LAX on the first leg.

5. Cindy S: What is your relationship like now with your teammate?

Blair and I have a great relationship now. He is one of my best friends and I talk to him at least a few times per week. He's such a huge and important part of my life. I find myself consulting him about any minor or major life decision. We see each other as much as possible, which tends to be difficult as we both have busy schedules. We are definitely meant to be in each other's lives, just not romantically.

Blair: Our real life relationship is stronger than you would guess by watching us on the "Race." Zero arguments and I listen all the time! We talk a lot about all of the incredible support we receive from our fans and usually have a weekly FaceTime session Friday night before the episode airs.

6. Ann L: Would either of you ever sign up for a long-term blind date again?

Hayley: I am asked this often. If it was for an experience such as The Amazing Race, I absolutely would. You never know what can come from your experiences. I know I am fortunate enough to have a lifelong friend from mine.

Blair: When Phil promoted Season 26 of the "Race" as "The Most Extreme Blind Date Ever" he was not overstating it. The better we did, the longer the date lasted (even if we wanted the date to end at some steps along the way). Within 12 hours of meeting we had already seen each other sleep mouth agape on a plane and tried to cover up the perils of morning breath. I'm still digesting my experience on Season 26 and would like to have a date in a less hectic environment before considering another long-term blind date.

7. Chris S: What was the toughest leg for you two? And which one was the most fun?

Hayley: In all honesty, we had fun on every single leg; however, I would say our toughest leg was Nagano, Japan. We were at the back of the pack, we had some navigational issues, and the ice skating challenge was so tough. Also, it was our worst finish. As I said, we had fun every single leg. For me, the most fun was the first leg in Namibia. It was such a humbling experience to be in a native village with the native people and be immersed in their culture. We also had the chance to track the elephant and experience the safari and then camp at the base of materhorns after having drove 215km through the countryside. It was such a surreal experience and not many people can say their first real camping trip was in Africa.

Blair: The toughest leg for us, in my opinion, was Bavaria. It was one of our longest travel days and I was a little under-the-weather. It just so happened that Hayley was particularly feisty that leg and our teamwork was less than awesome. Both the beer stein and crate stacking challenge were some of the most physically demanding of the season. And to cap it all off I had to sing which was terrifying for me and anyone that listened. The final leg in Dallas was the most fun. As much as Hayley and I wanted to win we knew that we could be very proud of our performance by making it to the finale. Getting shot up to the top of AT&T stadium to get my playbook takes the cake, hands down.

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