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Mike And Rochelle End Race Even Closer Than Before: #TruckStopLove leave in good spirits
Posted on May 20, 2015 06:25am

After traveling the world together as blind daters on The Amazing Race Season 26, Mike and Rochelle came in fourth. Then we asked them questions fans submitted on Facebook. Here's what they had to say:

1. Jordan L: This question is for Mike and Rochelle. Were there any countries you two really wanted to explore, which you didn't visit in The Amazing Race?

I personally wanted to race around the Australian outback, and since I'm Polish, Poland obviously would have been pretty cool. However, since I was a child I've always wanted to visit Tokyo, Japan...and low and behold that was our first stop...I was pumped!

Rochelle: I agree with Mike, the Australian Outback would have been awesome. New Zealand would have been pretty great too. However, I think we had one of the best routes on TAR. We went to a lot of places I have been dying to see and even a few I never thought of going to that surprised me on how incredible they were.

2. Ellen H: Mike and Rochelle, great teamwork! What was your favorite part of the race? Would you two ever consider running the race again?

Mike: I really cannot pinpoint one exact favorite part on the race, it was all so great. It seemed like it just topped itself leg after leg. Though, I must say I've never felt the excitement or adrenaline rush like I did at the end of Leg 11 in Peru when we were the last team to check into the mat, and Phil said "However..." and handed us our next clue to fly to Dallas and continue on to race in the final leg. You bet I'd run the race again!

Rochelle: It's so hard to pick a favorite! I absolutely loved everything about it. There is nothing like the rush of waking up every morning and ripping open a clue that tells you where in the world you are flying that day. Even the nights that we had to sleep on the cold floor of the airport, or at the internet cafe in Tokyo inside a cubicle, were some of my favorites just for experience of it all. I also think that the experience of getting out of our comfort zone and being pushed to our limits was one of my favorite parts of it all, because it's something I learned so much about myself, and us as a couple as well. And yes! I would run the race again in a heartbeat!

3. Amy W: Mike looked much thinner by the final leg! I'm curious how much weight he lost during the race?

Mike: When we got back home I weighed myself and I actually lost about 20lbs on the Race. I don't think there is a better weight loss program than running 12 legs on The Amazing Race.

4. Laura G: Did any of you conquer any fears while on the race?

Mike: I didn't have many fears heading into the race (other than snakes, or swimming in the open ocean...which we luckily didn't have to do), but it actually helped me in day to day life. I'm not afraid to approach a random stranger and ask them for anything, and I'm usually a quiet guy, but if I need to be vocal...I sure can now!

Rochelle: I had a lot of fears coming into the race. I am not an adrenaline seeker by any means, and I came into the race with a huge fear of heights, roller coasters, meat, and bugs. I was faced with my fear of heights during the beer crate stacking challenge in Germany, and I wouldn't say I have completely conquered it, but I definitely have learned that I can work though my fears, and accomplish anything I set my mind to.

5. Amber H: Mike and Rochelle, What was your most memorable and enriching part of the race?

Mike: I know Rochelle is going to hate this answer, but the dancing challenges, especially the one in Peru. Not because they were fun by any means, but because we REALLY had to work together to pull them off successfully. They were challenges that one person couldn't be stronger in and get through, you had to learn, practice, and perform the dance as a perfect functioning unit. As corny as it might sound, in my eyes it really made our relationship stronger that we could complete such daunting tasks as a team. That's something I'm really proud of, and proves that I have not only the beast teammate in the World, but the best girlfriend in the World.

Rochelle: I think in 30 years, what I will remember the most is our experience we had as a couple, and as a team. I absolutely know for certain it wouldn't have been the same, or as enjoyable with anybody else. The support he gave me when I was struggling, stressed out, or just needed a moment to breathe and compose myself was something that I will never forget, and is truly made me realize I am so lucky to have him.

6. Emily R: I want to ask Mike and Rochelle if they are still together and if he has met her son yet? I really liked them and wish they had won.

Mike: Thanks Emily! Yep, we are still together and grow happier and happier together every single day! I met her son, Nehemiah, when we returned from the race, and since then we've become best buddies. I introduced him to the world of professional wrestling, which he is in awe with, and we're even going to see WWE together in a few weeks. I'll pick him up from school sometimes and we'll have boys days where we hangout, go watch a movie, and eat pizza. He's such a great kid with a huge personality and imagination, I'm so lucky to have met him! Also, sometimes he and I can be quite the jokers, I'm sure Rochelle agrees that we can be quite the handful together from time to time!

Rochelle: Handful is an understatement! haha No, things have been great since we came home and Mike got to meet Nehemiah. They have become BFFs and my son really looks to Mike as a friend and role model. My house has never been filled with so many wrestling moves, movie nights, or laughs. Things are really good.

7. Heather P: To Mike and Rochelle, any plans of tying the knot after going around the world?

Mike: I'm 100% positive that it will happen sooner than later, just not right now. Our relationship has been pretty much Amazing Race related for nearly the past year, so we're going to take some time to enjoy doing normal couple things like dinner, movies, concerts, camping, and just relaxing and enjoying our time together. Although I will say, there is no other girl in this entire World for me. She's got my heart on lock!

Rochelle: When it happens, it will be time, but like Mike said so much of our relationship has been race related and we are both looking forward to normal couple things and enjoying our summer together. I honestly can say, with all my heart, that Mike is the one for me and definitely someday I hope I am lucky enough to call him my husband!

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