Elimination Intervew: Brendon and Rachel
Posted on May 8, 2012 01:18pm

We asked Brendon and Rachel questions that YOU (the fans!) sent in on Facebook and Twitter! Read what they had to say about their time in the game here!

Aurora C.: Rachel, do you regret not shaving your head?
Rachel: I don't regret shaving my head because I didn't think that I had to since Bopper & Mark were so far behind and we weren't that far behind the rest of the racers. BUT if I knew it was a 20k$ head shave I think I would have done it!

Raghunath K.: what's the most amazing experience you had in the 12 legs?
Rachel: I think the most amazing experience was in Africa when we went on Safari and also when we met the Masai warriors. The landscape in Africa was breathtaking and a priceless memory!
Brendon: The safari ride through the ngorongoro crater was one of the most amazing moments, alongside the night before when we witnessed about 70 elephants pouring out of the jungle at sunset in Tanzania.

Timothy H.: Is it harder maintaining a relationship in the Big Brother house or during The Amazing Race? You two did great :) congratulations on the finals!
Brendon: Both are very difficult to maintain a relationship during, since they both involve intensity, competition and that one pesky ingredient that always stirs the pot... lots of money. If you can maintain the sanctity of your relationship throughout the competition, then as a couple you are well-prepared for life.
Rachel: Thank you for the support, Timothy! I think it's harder in the BB house, it's difficult because you're really working with other people in BB and you have the potential to be voted out, but in The Race your biggest ally can sometimes be your biggest enemy!

Sharon G.: What was more challenging, harder to do BB or AR; and would you do either one again?
Brendon: BB is mentally tougher while TAR is physically more demanding. I think both offer challenges in similar ways, but also contrast. We aren't trapped in a house on TAR, but we are running on little sleep and food during the legs. Both are unique experiences that really allow a person to see how they would behave under unusual circumstances.
Rachel: I would probably do both BB and The Race again. I can't complain. In BB I met my fiancée and won 500k which helps us start our lives together! On the Race we had some of our dreams come true - going on safari in Africa, skydiving in Argentina, traveling the world and even going to Hawaii! I think we played great games in both and competed with our whole hearts!

Shannon B.: What leg of the race was the most difficult and why? If you could do it again what would you change about any of it?
Brendon: The salami challenge in Italy was our brick wall. We had fought earlier in the day while I was driving and neither of us ever let it go. I feel our bad showing in that leg was more karma for not working well together.
Rachel: I think Italy was the hardest for us, mentally and because of the dang salami! I think that Italy really tested our relationship! And If I did it over I would change the way I reacted in a lot of situations. I would have had more fun and enjoyed it. I was a little too serious and that caused me to get upset a lot!

Nathan D.: What was your favorite destination on the race? Least favorite? Where would you have liked to go?
Rachel: My favorite destination to race was Africa, but I think my favorite challenge was sky diving in Argentina, or scale & repelling down the building in Hawaii. I also loved the helicopter ride in Hawaii & the airplane ride in Africa... I kinda of feel spoiled! We got to experience so many amazing things that people dream of! We are so blessed to have had this experience. My least favorite challenge was missing the clue in the final leg! I went everywhere I would have liked to go! I think I would have stayed in Africa longer! We are definitely going back!
Brendon: Absolutely loved, loved Tanzania and would return in a heartbeat. All in all, Rachel and I learned something from every place we visited and every experience we shared.