Winner Interview: Dave & Rachel
Posted on May 8, 2012 01:45pm

We asked Dave & Rachel questions that YOU (the fans!) sent in via Facebook and Twitter! Read what they had to say about their time in the game here and see how they will spend their $1 million winnings!

Calvin H.: What was the first thing you bought with your million?
Rachel - First thing we plan to do it pay off our mortgage.
Dave - Rachel and I are both extremely frugal so there is nothing in particular that I want. Just to pay off our mortgage.

Leslie B.: When you reached the mat & were told you didn't complete the final leg for the win how much confidence did you have that you still had a chance to win? You both looked bewildered as if you had no idea what you missed.
Dave: Initially Rachel and I were completely baffled. We took a few moments to collect our thoughts and backtracked but we were still under the impression that we might have done something wrong with the first Road Block but quickly discovered that we were about a quarter mile to a half mile from where we should have been.
Rachel: We realized we still had a chance to win when we saw Art and JJ at the sledding task.

Kaine B.: Who do you think was the BIGGEST threat from the beginning of the show to the end?
Dave - In all honesty, I think Art and JJ were our greatest competition. I thought that from the start.

Valerie G.: What is next for you two? Thanks for serving our country.
Dave - I appreciate the remark. It is an honor and my pleasure to serve a grateful nation. We're back to sense of normalcy for the two of us.
Rachel - We're back to work tomorrow.

Stephanie A.: First & foremost congratulations!! I know when the race started you & Dave had been apart for a time due to Dave's deployment, do you think the race has brought you closer & do you feel your relationship will workout?
Rachel: The Race definitely brought us closer together. The fact that we got to spend an entire month together was a blessing for our relationship.