Elimination Interview: Amy and Daniel
Posted on Oct 9, 2012 10:10am

We asked Amy and Daniel questions that YOU (the fans!) sent in via social media! Read below to see what they had to say about their time in the game, and the most important lesson they took away from the experience.

@tony4re: If you have the opportunity to return to the Amazing Race, will you? I hope you two do!
Daniel: Absolutely. We would love to pick up where we left off and win the Race!

Mary D: What is the most important lesson you'll take away from this experience?
Daniel: To never give up and set your goals high. You need to work hard to achieve them even when there is adversity and things don't look their best. Eleanor Roosevelt said "do something everyday that scares you." I like to live by that. The Race does that. Have dreams, keep pushing and hard work will get you there.
Amy: Race hard and learn from your challenges and learn from your mistakes to be stronger the next day. Keep persevering and take risks.

Anne M: What did you learn about one another that you didn't know before?
Amy: I think the Race confirmed what we already knew about one another. Because we run a nonprofit organization together, we knew we were a good team. We also knew we had a few communication issues to work on. We went in knowing that we wanted to work together as a team and the Race confirmed that we worked really strong together and we are very proud of that. ‏

@JenJoyCampbell: What are your plans for after your experience on #AmazingRace? Wished they would bring u back! You are an inspiration, Amy!
Amy: Thanks. As soon as Amazing Race ended I jumped into the Race to train for the 2014 Para Olympic games for snowboarding. We also hope they bring us back to the Amazing Race!

Michael A: I'm from Surabaya, Indonesia and as a local I understand the frustration of dealing with taxi drivers. So for the eliminated team, do you blame your elimination solely on your taxi driver?
Amy: Our taxi drivers were so nice and helpful. This location was like finding a needle in a haystack. It wasn't our cabdrivers fault that they were thrown into a high stress environment and they did the best they could.

Sheila E: How do you feel about being last just because of getting lost? I really liked their team.
Daniel: Thank you. We are definitely upset to not be competing any more but we are very thankful for the experience that we did have and the wonderful places that we went and the people we met. Amy: Although we didn't win, we didn't lose because we won an incredible once in a lifetime opportunity.