Elimination Interview: Liz & Marie
Posted on Oct 24, 2011 12:00pm

Ryan R: How far did you end up walking and why didn't you try your charm on a cab driver sooner?

Liz and Marie: We ended up walking for about 4 hours. It wasn't for lack of trying. We tried to find people to give us a free cab ride but no one would.

Ewa K: Good job Twins ! Do you think you overpaid a taxi driver & it cost you the race ...?

Liz and Marie: We didn't have a choice about how much to pay him. The locals got involved and they threatened to call the police. We didn't want to give them that much but we felt we had to. Yes, we think paying that much for the cab cost us the Race.

Michael S: What event/task/moment on the race do you think your dad would be the most proud of?

Liz: I think he would be proud of the fact that we didn't give up. We stayed positive and kept moving forward no matter what.

Tommy K: What was you favorite and least favorite thing that happened 2 u on the race?

Liz and Marie: Our favorite moment – We don't any one favorite moment because all of it was so incredible. Our least favorite moment was the outcome of what happened when we had to give our cab driver all of our money. So being eliminated.

Lindsey H: What did you think of the other teams? Who were your favorite racers?

Liz and Marie: We really connected with Justin and Jennifer. We got to know Jeremy and Sandy and Amani and Marcus because we spent the most time with them. All the teams were really nice. We got along with everyone. There wasn't anyone that we didn't like.

Michael A: I thought the two of you worked great together as a team. As sisters, do you always get along with each other so well?

Liz and Marie: No – we have our fights, of course we do. We are twins so we have our disagreements but they are never more than 5 minutes. We are sisters so we always work through it. It was great to run with the Race with each other.

Daniel Z: If you had won, what would you have spent the one million dollars on?

Liz and Marie: That is a good question. We would have saved it for a while till we thought of something that we really wanted – maybe an apartment. Of course we would have given some to our family.