Elimination Interview: Andy & Tommy
Posted on Dec 6, 2011 03:05pm

Rebecca L.: How did it feel to win six legs and then come so close to the final leg and find out you were eliminated? Any regrets?
Andy: Definitely no regrets. We felt blessed to win six legs. That was way more than we could have dreamed of. It felt great to make it 11 legs. We we're so grateful.
Tommy: Winning six legs was absolutely amazing. We got awesome prizes, trips and cash. Seeing places that we would not normally travel to was great. It was an awesome experience.

Laura A.: What was your favorite challenge? And where was your favorite place you went to?
Tommy: My favorite challenge was getting to drive the mustang. My favorite place was probably Thailand. Getting to navigate those islands and doing the coral challenge was cool.
Andy: Thailand was definitely sensory overload. Africa was awesome as well. The dancing, the music… it was rich in culture. It made the race really special for me. The coral was probably my favorite challenge because it wasn't easy and we had to concur it.

Robert H.: Did you guys think you were going to win it all after dominating so many previous legs if the race??
Tommy: Our main goal was to make it to the finals and do our best. Our goal was to learn from our mistakes and make every leg better… Which we were just shy of.
Andy: You never know in the Race. We've seen strong teams get eliminated so many times. Anything can happen.

Aaron Q: Out of the remaining teams who was your Favorite?
Andy: we really enjoyed all the teams. We didn't have anyone that we disliked, but we really hit it off with Marcus and Amani. They are amazing and such a great example of what a marriage should be like.
Tommy: They are great role models. They are so solid and such an inspiration.

Irene M.: How has this race made a difference with your faith and friendship?
Tommy: It has definitely grown our friendship. It is going to be a lifelong friendship. As far as our faith goes… this is reality. They put you in challenges and you have to get through ‘em. That is the same way with life and you just have to realize that Jesus is there for you, you just have to let him in.
Andy: Running this Race… God strengthened my Race. We would surrender each day to him and he would carry us through. In our weakest points we found strength in our faith. It was like someone tapped me on the shoulder when we were at the orphanage and told me to turn around.