The Amazing Race
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Elimination Interview: Misa and Maiya
Posted on Feb 22, 2012 01:15pm

We asked Misa and Maiya some of the questions that you (the fans!) sent in via Twitter and Facebook! See what they had to say about their experience on The Amazing Race!

Sean F.: What were you looking at that made it impossible for you to see Phil just a few yards away?
Maiya: We weren't looking at anything I guess. We were so drained and let down that we were hopping Phil was going to jump out in front of us. We were running around and had to make a few u-turns and that was one of the ones we shouldn't have made.

Julie M.: Were you embarrassed at all?
Maiya: Honestly, this has got to be one of the biggest mistakes in Amazing Race history so, yes. It is embarrassing. However, we gave it our all and we only were seconds away. We just needed to look both ways.
Misa: More than embarrassing it was disappointing. We fought really, really hard and caught a lot of unlucky breaks, but I was more disappointed than embarrassed. It is a huge mistake that we regret but we were more disappointed.

Anita L.: What is the hardest part of playing The Amazing Race?
Misa: The hardest part is not realizing how much of a mental game it really is - there are contributing factors like not eating, sleeping, dehydration, etc. The unknown is really hard. We are such rule followers so not knowing the directions and where we were going was really hard well as well.
Maiya: For me, not winning was the hardest part to ACCEPT because we are so competitive. Any loss is really difficult and tough to swallow.

Erin W.: What was your proudest moment while racing in the Amazing Race?
Maiya: I was the most proud of how we acted and how we never gave up. I think the fact that we kept getting unlucky but we continued to persist through everything and kept our head up in the end, that is what I am most proud of.
Misa: I'm really proud of our perseverance and that we were able to fight through all the challenges that came our way. We never got so disheartened that we even thought to quit. We kept fighting till the end.

Leigh G.: How much of a role does nerves play in the game - i.e., it's going to be televised, there are cameras around, etc. Were you able to tune any of that out as you played? You did great, by the way, to even get on the show! :)
Misa: Thanks. It was really stressful to have to make decision quickly during the game, but it was not nerves of being on television.
Maiya: You almost forget that the cameras are there. The nerves come from wanting to win so badly and wanting to do well.