Season 20: Episode 7 - "I Didn't Make Her Cry"
Posted on Apr 9, 2012 10:30am

After an explosive fight between rivals Vanessa and Rachel at the airport, the six teams took in the beauty of Tanzania and learned the rituals of Masai warriors.

Departing the Pit Stop in first place at 9:15pm, army wife and combat pilot Rachel & Dave ripped open their clue sending them to the gateway of Africa's wildlife heritage, Kilimanjaro, Tanzania. At a nearby travel agency, Rachel & Dave booked seats on a flight leaving Baku the next morning at 8:30am traveling through Nairobi before reaching Kilimanjaro.

In second place, border patrol agents Art & JJ booked tickets on the same flight just before the arrival of PhD student and event hostess team Brendon & Rachel and best friends Bopper & Mark. As the leg began, JJ declared his growing annoyance with Brendon & Rachel, saying, "I'm so tired of them following us. We're kinda getting a little cranky about it." JJ got even more irritated at the idea that once Art & JJ left the travel agency, Brendon & Rachel would simply ask the agent what they booked and copy them. JJ fumed, "Do something on your own. Pull up those little boy britches and be a man."

Before leaving the travel agency, Art & JJ dropped a bombshell on Brendon & Rachel and Bopper & Mark when they announced they had reason to believe that Nary & Jamie were not teachers, but actually police officers. When questioned why they believed this, Art explained that in the last leg, he and JJ had a conversation with Jamie and she used language like "UC operations", meaning undercover operations, a term widely used among law enforcement prompting Art to think, "Teachers don't talk like that. That chick ain't no teacher. She's a cop." JJ added, "Kindergarten teachers are a lot more friendlier." Once the border patrol agents finished their ticket purchase and jumped into a taxi, JJ said, "Even if they are teachers that'll be something to stir up the pot."

Right on cue, Nary & Jamie entered the travel agency immediately after Art & JJ's departure and heard from Brendon what they border patrol agents said. Brendon lightened up the potentially tense situation by joking about Art & JJ, "Border patrol? Who are you chasing? I'm crossing that hole in the fence." Jamie took the news in stride though, saying, "It appears the gig may be up. Finally the gig will be out that our agency's better than theirs. Nary can kick their ass."

Just as Bopper & Mark, Brendon & Rachel, and Nary & Jamie all finished booking seats on the same flight departing at 8:30am, dating divorcees Vanessa & Ralph entered the travel agency. Trying to trick Vanessa & Ralph, Rachel said loudly as she walked out the door, "I wish there was a quicker flight than 10am." All this managed to do was send Vanessa into a fit of giggles, laughing, "I'm not going to buy that. I feel like she was in a bad acting class." With the other three teams gone, the dating divorcees also got tickets on the 8:30am flight with Vanessa adding, "I hear Nairobi's nice this time of year."

Landing in Nairobi, Vanessa & Ralph and Art & JJ slowly walked towards the transfer desk for the connecting flight to Kilimanjaro while Brendon & Rachel decided to pick up the pace and jog. In trying to get around Ralph, Brendon bumped into him causing Ralph to say, "Easy buddy." Ralph couldn't believe it when Brendon flipped him off as a response. With all six teams in line at the check-in counter, Ralph turned to Brendon and warned, "I'd mind where you put that finger, buddy." Brendon responded, "I'm here to play, baby."

The brewing fight quickly escalated once Rachel stepped in to defend Brendon, shouting to Ralph, "Why don't you all both get out of our faces?" She denied that Brendon flipped Ralph off and further claimed that Vanessa ran into her prompting Vanessa to reply, "You shoved me. I'm much smaller than you." Rachel again denied she bumped into Vanessa and told her, "You guys are crazy." When Vanessa then suggested that Rachel put on more sparkles, Rachel snapped, "How old are you? Aren't you like 38? Grow up." Vanessa shot back, "And somehow I still look younger than you." In a final blow, Vanessa added, "Get your nose done before you get your boobs done. Do everybody a favor."

When the smoke cleared from the epic battle, Rachel summed it all up by saying, "She called me fat and told me I need a nose job." She also had some words for Art & JJ, telling them to "learn some humility." Soon enough, Rachel worked herself up into a state of emotional distress and the tears began to fall. A crying Rachel said, "This whole game has been about Vanessa trash talking me. All she does is say mean things and name call." Seeing her nemesis fall to pieces, Vanessa noted, "I didn't make her cry. Her lack of self-esteem made her cry. If you can't take it, don't dish it out."

Just when the dust finally settled from one confrontation, border patrol agents Art & JJ decided it was the perfect time to start another one by asking Nary & Jamie what their real profession was. After the border patrol agents stated their case of why they suspected Nary & Jamie worked in law enforcement, Jamie continued to deny it, again insisting that she and Nary were kindergarten teachers. Nary later commented, "In our profession you have the arrogance, like Art & JJ. He probably thinks he can intimidate us. I think it's killing them." Even though he wasn't successful in getting them to admit the truth, JJ walked away with a smile, saying, "It makes you feel good, gets some juices flowing."

EXPERIENCING AFRICA Landing in Kilimanjaro, the six teams raced out of the airport and into taxis heading to the Arusha Airstrip where they had to sign up for one of three charter flights to the Ngorongoro Crater. Art & JJ and Brendon & Rachel got seats on the 9:30am charter flight together. Army wife Rachel didn't miss the humor in that, joking, "That's gonna be an interesting flight." She and combat pilot husband Dave along with best friends Bopper & Mark signed on for the 9:45am charter flight while dating divorcees Vanessa & Ralph and federal agents Nary & Jamie settled for the 10:00am charter flight.

The next morning after the sun rose over the majestic plains of Africa, Art & JJ and Brendon & Rachel took off on their charter flight, excited to get a bird's eye view of their surroundings even if they didn't like each other's company. Seeing the landscape below, Rachel said, "It's so beautiful here and I feel just so lucky to get to experience it." Both teams looked in awe out their window when the plane flew past a crater. Art marveled, "It's a lava flow man. Holy smokes."

The four teams on the remaining two charter flights enjoyed their journey to the Ngorongoro Crater just as much as Art & JJ and Brendon & Rachel. Nary & Jamie and Vanessa & Ralph could see small pink dots on the lake, a giant flock of flamingos. Bopper & Mark and Dave & Rachel all looked in amazement at the smoking crater as they flew past. With a big grin, Mark said, "That is amazing, man."

Touching down on a small dirt landing strip, Art & JJ and Brendon & Rachel ran from their charter plane and opened their next clue instructing them to choose a safari vehicle and navigate their driver to the western rim of the Ngorongoro Crater to find a Masai warrior with their next clue. When all three planes landed and the six teams got the directions they needed for their driver, they all took a moment to savor the stunning environment surrounding them. JJ noticed a group of women walking on the side of the road in brightly patterned dresses while event hostess Rachel squealed when she spotted zebras. For Mark, this experience was more personal when he said, "My great great grandpa was a slave and I think that he come from this area. My mother is gonna be amazed."

Reaching the western rim of the crater, Art & JJ and Brendon & Rachel hopped out of their safari vehicles, took a clue from the Masai warrior, and opened it up to find a Detour with the choice of Marksmanship or Courtship. Both Detours required teams to use a common Masai mode of transport, the bicycle, and pedal down to Seneto Village. In Marksmanship, teams had to learn to hunt just as the Masai do. Stepping onto a training range, they had to master the use of a Masai weapon known as a rungu. When each team member shattered a clay target, they would receive their next clue. In Courtship, teams had to join a group of Masai warriors in a traditional jumping ritual known as adumu. At nearly 8,000-feet above sea level, teams had to jump for an exhausting minute to complete the ritual and earn their next clue.

Jumping on the "vintage" bicycles and clutching the handlebars for dear life as they swiftly descended along the steep dirt road, Art & JJ reached Seneto Village in first place. After being dressed in traditional clothes by the Masai warriors who greeted them, the border patrol agents ran to the training range to test their marksmanship skills. Once a Masai warrior began pedaling a stationary bike that set in motion a series of rotating clay animals, Art & JJ each took turns throwing a rungu at the moving targets. The long slender weapon with a rounded bulb at one end proved somewhat difficult to master as their tosses either fell short or sailed long past the targets. Eventually, JJ drew from his experience as a quarterback on a law enforcement team back home to sling the rungu across the field, making a direct hit to smash a clay target.

As Art struggled to hit a clay target, Brendon & Rachel arrived at Seneto Village and decided to join the courtship ritual. After seeing the Masai warriors spring up to great height with incredible ease, the PhD student and event hostess began jumping with them. On the experience, Rachel said, "It's kind of like a blessing that the Masai let us share in this cultural experience. They jump really high and they don't have tennis shoes. They have sandals." Rachel even joined in the chanting and singing by the villagers as she and Brendon continued jumping throughout the entire one minute they needed to complete the ritual. Ripping open their clue in first place, Brendon & Rachel learned they had to direct their driver along the western rim and find Simba A Campsite.

After Art hit his clay target, Rachel & Dave and Bopper & Mark reached Seneto Village and split off to different tasks. Combat pilot Dave insisted on hitting targets with Rachel while Bopper & Mark chose the courtship ritual based on advice from Brendon & Rachel who they saw before starting their bicycle ride. Clad in bright red cloaks, the best friends from Kentucky began jumping up and down with the Masai warriors as Bopper joked, "White men can jump!" Bopper later added, "All the joy and expression on those people's faces, you could tell that we was welcome there." After one minute, the best friends received their clue and left the village in third place just ahead of Rachel & Dave who both hit their targets to hold onto fourth place.

CRASH LANDINGS While Nary & Jamie cruised into Seneto Village to begin marksmanship in fifth place, Vanessa & Ralph plummeted into last place when Vanessa couldn't find a way to ride her bicycle. Continuing to fall off into the dirt, Vanessa grew increasingly frustrated and didn't appreciate Ralph offering his advice. After one last attempt at sitting on the tall seat that ended with Vanessa veering into a ditch, she decided to walk the bicycle instead. By the time she and Ralph finally reached Seneto Village, Nary & Jamie had both hit their clay targets and began the return trip to their vehicle. Hitting the clay target was the easy part for Vanessa as she dreaded the return bike ride back up the hill to the safari vehicle. Failing in one more attempt to ride, Vanessa chose to walk it back up, saying, "I'm not going to kill myself over this." A disappointed Ralph said, "You realize we're out right. Enjoy this because we're out." When Vanessa apologized, Ralph told her, "I'm not upset at you. I just hate losing."

Because Art & JJ, Brendon & Rachel and Bopper & Mark all directed their drivers the wrong way, Rachel & Dave reached Simba A Campsite in first place wondering what happened to the other teams. Ripping open their clue, the army wife and combat pilot learned they had to set up camp for the night by first unloading the materials stacked on a truck and then construct an elaborate safari tent complete with a working bush shower. Once they built their tent, they could then race to the nearby Pit Stop.

Quickly unloading all the supplies off the back of the truck, including the heavy metal frame in many small pieces, beds, and a large, heavy canvas, Dave confidently stated, "This might be in the deep recesses of my army skill set." However, when he and Rachel actually got down to putting the framework of the tent together, he found it a little more challenging than he initially anticipated. The arrival of Brendon & Rachel, Bopper & Mark, Art & JJ, and Nary & Jamie only added to the growing tension between Rachel & Dave as they couldn't figure out what they were doing wrong. When Dave slammed down some metal pieces to produce a loud clanging sound, Rachel said, "Apparently throwing a fit is the way to go."

With the arrival of last place Vanessa & Ralph only adding to the pressure, the teamwork between Rachel & Dave continued to spiral downward. When Dave kept insisting that something in their construction was wrong, Rachel shot back, "I'm sick of you just pouting. Let's come up with action, not a whine." After Dave told her to shut her mouth, Rachel retorted, "You're the most negative person I know in this frickin' universe." Seeing the army wife and combat pilot implode, JJ joked, "That's why we're not here with our wives." Through the bickering, however, Dave finally noticed the issue with the structure of their framework: a misplaced bracket. After quickly tearing apart the frame and rebuilding it, Rachel & Dave were finally back on track. Dave later commented, "When communication is flowing and we're supporting of one another we're unstoppable."

Over the course of the afternoon, five teams put the finishing touches on their large, elaborate tents and showers while one team, Nary & Jamie, hadn't even figured out how to put th