Season 20: Episode 8 - "Let Them Drink Their Haterade"
Posted on Apr 16, 2012 10:40am


Four legs after nearly being eliminated, best friends Bopper & Mark completed their incredible comeback by winning the leg while federal agents Nary & Jamie were eliminated.

Departing the Pit Stop in first place at 6:03am, army wife and combat pilot Rachel & Dave ripped open their clue sending them on a safari ride through Africa's "Garden of Eden." On the drive, they would descend 1,600 feet into the Ngorongoro Crater. When they emerged from the crater, they had to travel to Safari Junction in the small town of Karatu and find Hillary Clington. A warning in the clue about an impending Double U-Turn somewhere in the leg had teams talking as they began their drive into the Ngorongoro Crater. Combat pilot Dave said, "A lot of it's contingent upon the first arriving teams. If we arrive first before Art & JJ, I think we may consider the green team [Brendon & Rachel]." In third place, border patrol agents Art & JJ revealed that they and army wife and combat pilot Rachel & Dave strategized for the past several legs together and made an agreement in Bavaria to U-Turn Brendon & Rachel. JJ added, "They're [Brendon & Rachel] malcontents. Get ‘em out." Leaving in fourth place, Brendon & Rachel worried at the thought of being U-Turned, but Rachel remained defiant, saying, "The more the haters hate, the more stronger Brendon & I get. So let them drink their haterade."

When teams began their descent into the Ngorongoro Crater, they stopped talking about the Double U-turn ahead and turned their attention to the stunning sights around them. Stopping to see baboons and zebras, combat pilot Dave commented, "Other than being on the Race itself, [it was] one of the most surreal experiences of my life. It exceeded all expectations." When a herd of wildebeests crossed in front of their safari truck, best friends Bopper & Mark marveled, later adding, "We was amazing. We've definitely seen stuff that we ain't never gonna see in Kentucky. Zebras, gazelles, you name it." While JJ enjoyed the animal watching with Art, he later admitted to thinking, "Man, if we could just get rolling and get close to that million bucks, then we can always fly back here." Seeing an ostrich, a hyena, and an elephant up close, event hostess Rachel chirped, "This is so much cooler than a zoo." She later added, "One of the best parts was that Vanessa and other people we don't like were nowhere to be found." In her safari truck with Ralph, the normally talkative Vanessa was speechless when she spotted an elephant. Then, after spotting baboons, she told Ralph, "I'm very happy."

Entering the small town of Karatu virtually tied, best friends Bopper & Mark and army wife and combat pilot Rachel & Dave ran on foot through the red dirt streets looking for Hillary Clington. After passing a small cart labeled Barack Obama, both teams found the small, portable Hillary Clington Shop kiosk where the owner handed them their next clue, a Detour with the choice of Water Supply or Air Supply. In Water Supply, teams helped the locals acquire one of the most precious commodities in Africa. Many of the homes in Karatu lack plumbing and locals can wait up to hours at a communal well to get their water for the day. Teams had to pick up a cart of empty containers at a specific address and make their way to the well. Then, they had to wait for their turn and fill all the containers before transporting them back to the owner who would hand over the next clue. Air Supply required teams to repair the most popular form of transportation in Africa, the bicycle. Bike repair shops are very common in Karatu, and teams had to work with a local mechanic to fix a tire puncture. First, they had to figure out how to remove the inner tube without removing the wheel from the bike. Then, using the tools provided, they had to find the leak, patch it up, reassemble the tire, and pump it up for a test ride to receive their next clue.

Reaching Bundi Baiskeli's Bicycle Repair Shop together, Rachel & Dave and Bopper & Mark wanted to keep their lead and made a quick agreement not to U-Turn one another before starting their tire repair. Watching a demonstration, the two teams noticed how the workers removed the inner tube from the rim without removing the entire wheel. Then, he placed the tube into a bucket of water to identify the leaks where the water bubbled. After finding a leak, the worker sanded the area on the tube, applied glue, and placed a small rubber patch to seal the hole shut. Taking the lesson in, Dave told the worker, "You're a good teacher."

As Rachel & Dave and Bopper & Mark began the process of finding and repairing the leaks, Art & JJ opted to deliver water to a local household. After picking up a cart and nine large yellow containers from the house, the border patrol agents walked through the town until they reached the community well where a massive line of locals formed waiting to get their water for the day. A stunned Art asked, "Are all these people in line?" After the initial shock wore off, Art logically calculated how long a bucket took to fill at the well (30-35 seconds), counted how many buckets needed to be filled ahead of theirs (roughly 60), and figured they would be waiting 30-40 minutes for their turn. Art later commented, "It kind of gave us an appreciation of what these people do just for water."

While Art & JJ waited in line for water, Bopper & Mark and Rachel & Dave continued to patch up their punctured tires. The best friends from Kentucky showed off their skills, quickly identifying and repairing the leaks. Bopper later said, "See these hands? These are mechanic hands." As he and Mark got into a good rhythm of repair, Bopper joked, "Just like a NASCAR pit stop." Meanwhile, Rachel & Dave had a few more difficulties with their bike tires. When one of the patches didn't take, the combat pilot suggested that Rachel's screwdriver created a new puncture. The army wife shot back, "We don't know that for sure. Will you stop being a jackass?" As usual for Rachel & Dave though, even with their bickering, the couple patched all the holes and put the inner tube back on the rim to complete the task just moments after Bopper & Mark.

As last place federal agents Nary & Jamie departed the Pit Stop several hours behind, Bopper & Mark and Rachel & Dave ran to the nearby Jack Stelzer Pub in Karatu where the Double U-Turn waited. Reaching the pub first, Bopper & Mark held to their word and didn't U-Turn Rachel & Dave, or anyone else for that matter. Arriving at the pub just as the Kentucky friends were leaving, Rachel & Dave acknowledged that they and Art & JJ had discussed U-Turning Brendon & Rachel in the past, but the army wife and combat pilot now saw no reason to do so. Dave commented, "Success is achieved either way without having to create an unnecessary enemy." Rachel added, "I don't want to U-Turn anyone. The teachers are so far behind." After leaving the U-Turn board untouched, Rachel & Dave jumped into a taxi heading for Gem Gallery & Arts behind Bopper & Mark. After filling up their containers of water and delivering them to the happy homeowner, Art & JJ reached Jack Stelzer Pub in third place to see the empty U-Turn board. Knowing their agreement with Rachel & Dave, Art & JJ incorrectly assumed that they were in first place and quickly put Brendon & Rachel's faces on the board, saying, "Rachel & Dave, they would've done it." In their taxi heading to Gem Gallery & Arts, JJ added, "We are done with Big Brother. We are honoring our word. Hopefully Rachel & Dave…will U-Turn the teachers or the cops, whatever the heck they are."

As fourth place Brendon & Rachel repaired bike tires, fifth place Vanessa & Ralph arrived in Karatu, but the dating divorcees couldn't find Hillary Clington. Wandering around the town, Vanessa & Ralph stumbled upon Bundi Baiskeli's Bicycle Repair Shop, but Ralph wisely said, "We need to go find the clue. There was something that needed to direct us over here." Returning to the main street, the dating divorcees continued their search for Hillary Clington as Ralph grew increasingly frustrated with their poor performance.

After finally getting a local boy to point out the Hillary Clington kiosk, the dating divorcees chose to fix tires since they already walked past it. On their way to the repair shop, Vanessa & Ralph crossed paths with Brendon & Rachel who had just finished the task. Reaching Jack Stelzer Pub in fourth place, Brendon & Rachel weren't very surprised to see that Art & JJ had U-Turned them. Rachel even sarcastically shouted, "Shocker!" Since this was a Double U-Turn, Brendon & Rachel had a chance to U-Turn another team and chose their "favorite people in the world" Vanessa & Ralph. Brendon joked, "It was really a struggle to figure out who to use it on." Just as last place Nary & Jamie found Hillary Clington, Vanessa & Ralph ran to Jack Stelzer Pub to see that Brendon & Rachel had U-Turned them. Vanessa sniped, "The Green Team suck." With the federal agents in hot pursuit, Ralph said, "This is unbelievable. We're so getting eliminated. I'm horribly frustrated because we're getting our asses handed to us right now."

After picking up a clue at Gem Gallery & Arts, Bopper & Mark and Rachel & Dave raced in their taxis to the town of Mto Wa Mbu and found Margaret's Farm along with a Roadblock. More than 50% of Tanzania's economy is centered on agriculture, and honey plays a major role in the country's food supply. This Roadblock required teams to put on a protective bee suit and harvest honey from a hive surrounded by thousands of swarming bees. Once they collected 500 grams of honey, the chief beekeeper would hand them their next clue.

Because Bopper hurt his knee in the last leg getting out of a safari vehicle, Mark chose to collect the honey while his hobbled friend rested his injured leg. After putting on a white jumpsuit and protective mask, Mark got instructions from the beekeeper who told him, "These are African bees. They will sting you. The calmer you are, the faster this will happen for you." Taking a pail and a smoker, Mark walked to the hives and lifted the top to reveal the honeycomb and hundreds of swarming bees. Using the smoker to clear the bees, Mark grabbed pieces of the honeycomb and dropped them into the pail, later saying, "Wildest thing you ever seen in your life." Once Mark felt like he collected enough, he walked over to a scale and kept setting more of the honeycomb on it until he reached 500 grams. Ripping open the clue, the Kentucky friends discovered they had to make their way on foot to the Pit Stop at Lake Manyara.

Just as Dave finished collecting 500 grams of honey right behind Bopper, Art & JJ arrived at Margaret's Farm, not too pleased to see their friends and alliance partners finishing the Roadblock. A stunned JJ asked Art, "Did Dave not do what he was supposed to do?" As Art put on the bee suit, JJ asked Rachel & Dave why they didn't U-Turn Brendon & Rachel. When they explained that Nary & Jamie were so far behind that U-Turning wasn't necessary, JJ responded, "We made a decision. We thought you guys might be behind us." After the army wife and combat pilot ran off, JJ told Art, "No more. Just you and I race. That's it. I'm not sharing a damn thing with them anymore."

Running with a hurt knee, Bopper, along with buddy Mark, fended off a surging Rachel & Dave running close behind them to reach Phil at the lakebed of Lake Manyara in first place. Out of breath, Mark said, "That's what I'm talking about." For their victory, the best friends from Kentucky won a trip for two from Travelocity to Hawaii. Afterwards, the excited pair commented, "We're letting them know that Team Kentucky is definitely in the house, baby. And we're coming on strong." After Art finished collecting honeycomb, he and JJ ran to Lake Manyara as JJ continued to rail on Rachel & Dave, saying, "They screwed us." Once the border patrol agents stepped on the mat in third place, JJ told Phil, "What a slap in the face. If I could do it all over again and jump in front of them, I would tag them for the U-Turn. Makes me sick to my stomach."

Even with some crashing containers spilling water and a few emotional outbursts, Brendon & Rachel delivered their cart of water to the homeowner to remain in fourth place. In their taxi, Rachel cried to Brendon, "I'm just exhausted, physically exhausted, mentally exhausted." Once Rachel collected 500 grams of honeycomb, the event hostess and PhD student ended their long day at Lake Manyara where Rachel told Phil, "Double U-Turn that!"

Dating divorcees Vanessa & Ralph delivered their containers of water to locals just ahead of Nary & Jamie who repaired tires. While not overly confident in their standing, the dating divorcees felt fairly comfortable until their taxi got a flat tire on the way to Gem Gallery & Arts. Stranded on the roadside, a disappointed Ralph told Vanessa, "Oh well, it was a good run, kid." After their driver fixed the tire, the dating divorcees jumped back in the taxi where Ralph said, "Just pray."

When Vanessa & Ralph reached the Gem Gallery & Arts, they exited their taxi to see federal agents Nary & Jamie pull up right behind them. A surprised Nary said, "Holy crap. They're right there with us." However, the excitement of the federal agents waned somewhat when they watched Vanessa & Ralph take off for Margaret's Farm while they had to stay at the gallery to complete a Speed Bump, a task they had to perform for coming in last place on the prior leg. In this Speed Bump, Nary & Jamie had to properly set up an art stand using a painting as a guide.

Worried that the federal agents would finish their Speed Bump quickly, Vanessa made Ralph collect honeycomb when they arrived at Margaret's Farm, telling him, "You're better under pressure." Vanessa's character assessment of her boyfriend proved correct as Ralph calmly collected the honeycomb before Nary & Jamie arrived at the farm. After ending the day in fifth place, Vanessa said, "How we're still here is just amazing."

After finishing their Speed Bump and the Roadblock, federal agents Nary & Jamie stepped onto the mat in last place and this time Phil told them they had been el