Season 21: Episode 3 - There's No Crying in Baseball
Posted on Oct 15, 2012 09:25am

After being U-Turned and inadvertently U-Turning a team in front of them, substitute teachers Gary & Will came from dead last in Bangil, Indonesia to beat out best friends Caitlin & Brittany in an instant classic Amazing Race finish.

Departing the Pit Stop in first place at 6:07am, twins Natalie & Nadiya ripped open their clue instructing them to make their way to Antika Jaya Padang Restaurant and warning of a Double U-Turn somewhere in the leg. Running off the mat into the crowded marketplace, the twins didn't know if the restaurant was within walking distance so they decided to wait for their friends and alliance mates, dating couple Trey & Lexi. Within a few more minutes, Chippendales Jaymes & James and dating divorcees Abbie & Ryan joined the twins and Trey & Lexi and all four teams searched on foot for the restaurant until a local told them that they all needed taxis to get there.

With Natalie & Nadiya's taxi driver getting the twins lost, dating couple Trey & Lexi, dating divorcees Abbie & Ryan, Chippendales Jaymes & James, and goat farmers Josh & Brent all arrived at Antika Jaya Padang Restaurant to find a Roadblock. In it, one team member had to serve up 20 plates of food all at once Padang style. Working as servers, teams had to balance 20 plates of Padang food in their arms and distribute them to hungry patrons. If anything dropped along the way they had to return to the kitchen and try again. Entering the crowded restaurant filled with starving customers, Lexi, Ryan, Jaymes, and Brent all walked to the kitchen and began stacking the order of 20 plates, some with sauces, on their arms. After putting only 10 on her hands and forearms, Lexi cried, "It's pinching my thumb!" After taking some plates off and adjusting the others, Lexi continued stacking until she had her full order of 20 plates on her arms. Walking to her table with extreme caution, Lexi slowly started placing the plates in front of the customers. When she took the fifth plate from the massive stack on her arms, the remaining pile slid out and crashed on the ground forcing her to start over. Meanwhile, Jaymes and Ryan both scooped up all 20 plates in their arms, walked to their tables, and began placing the meals in front of the customers. Jaymes credited his serving skills to his first job at a pancake house and from serving drinks when he first moved to Las Vegas. As Ryan placed the few remaining plates on the table, he said, "My hands and forearms are shaking." Jaymes and Ryan finished within seconds of each other and both ripped open their clues instructing them to travel to Surabaya Gubeng Train Station where they would take a train to Bangil. During their journey, they had to keep their eyes open for their next clue.

With Brent, Lexi, and Abba all successfully serving their hungry patrons, twins Natalie & Nadiya finally arrived at Antika Jaya Padang Restaurant in sixth place just ahead of best friends Caitlin & Brittany. Nadiya grabbed the 20 plates and walked to the table with them precariously balanced in her arms. As she leaned over to set plates down, Nadiya lost her grip and sent the entire stack spraying across the table and floor. On her next attempt, Nadiya listened to her twin, Natalie, who shouted their code word for relax, and she started using deep yoga breathing as she walked with the plates. After Nadiya successfully served all 20 plates, the twins jumped in their taxi hoping to catch the other teams at the train station. At Surabaya Train Station, Trey & Lexi, Josh & Brent, Abbie & Ryan, Jaymes & James, and James & Abba all bought tickets and boarded a train to Bangil leaving at 7:36am. Settling in and waiting for the train to leave, Ryan wondered, "What happened to the girls?" Pulling up to the station in their taxi at the same moment, Natalie & Nadiya ran to the ticket counter trying to make the train before it left. After buying tickets, the twins bolted to the platform but they were too late, missing the train by mere seconds. The teams on the train asked a local who informed them that the next train wouldn't leave Surabaya for another three hours. Now on the 10:50am train, the disappointed twins said, "Now we're just with all the stragglers." These "stragglers" included Caitlin & Brittany, married monster truckers Rob & Kelley, and substitute teachers Gary & Will. When seeing he and Will caught up to three teams in front of them, Gary said, "God is smiling upon us today."

On the first train to Bangil, teams began to worry about the Double U-Turn somewhere ahead. Chippendale Jaymes began a dialogue that ended with a "No U-Turn" pact between Jaymes & James, Josh & Brent, Trey & Lexi and Abbie & Ryan who all sat together on the train. Their only concern was "Long Hair, Don't Care", rock star and lawyer, James & Abba, who sat alone at the other end of the train and weren't part of the agreement. Jaymes later commented, "We never really know what's going on with them."

Watching vendors walk through the aisle selling assorted food and beverages, the five teams kept an eye out for their next clue until finally one appeared with the familiar yellow envelopes. Ripping open the clue, the teams discovered a Detour having the choice of Egg Head or Lion's Head. Egg Head required teams to have their heads lit on fire to cook some eggs, part of an Indonesian art form known as debus. First, teams had to pick up four eggs from a vendor and make their way by becak to a nearby park. Then, the local magician would place coconuts on their heads and light them on fire to fry up two eggs each. Once the eggs were cooked, teams had to eat them to receive their next clue. Lion's Head required teams to join a traditional Javanese procession known as reog. First, teams would make their way by becak to a park where they had to dress in costume and wear a giant mask that weighed over 40 pounds. Performing to the rhythm of a local band, they had to parade down the street and stop several times along the way to perform a sequence of steps. Once they made their way successfully back to the park they would receive their next clue. Arriving in Bangil, the five teams ran off the train and jumped into becaks, human-powered cycle rickshaws. As Josh & Brent headed for a market to pick up eggs, the other four teams reached the park and began dressing in costumes for the Javanese procession. With a band playing Indonesian music and a crowd gathered, teams put on the colorful clothing topped by a massive lion's head mask that required them to use their mouth and chin to keep it balanced. Chippendale Jaymes joked. "You're just tasting Indonesia. I'm tasting years of culture right there in my mouth. It was not pleasant." Barely able to see through the tiny holes in the eyes of the mark, teams, led by dating divorcees Abbie & Ryan, began walking through the park in a procession. Balancing the large, heavy mask, teams completed a series of moves including full turns, spins, bending down on one knee and standing up again. Lexi later commented, "This thing weighed like 50 pounds. I was just focused on not falling and just keeping the mask on my head." When Chippendale James began to tire from the strength needed to keep the mask upright, his teammate Jaymes encouraged, "Just relax. Take it in. We're in Indonesia. We've got a lion head on." After walking around the streets of Bangil and returning to the park, all four teams successfully reached the finish and took the masks off. Lead by Abbie & Ryan, the teams ripped open their clues instructing them to make their way to Perliman POS where Dorang, Cucut, Hiu, Sepat, and Musing meet. In his becak afterwards, Trey told Lexi, "That was some hard work right there."

As those four teams raced by becak to the intersection at Perliman POS, goat farmers Josh & Brent arrived at the park after picking up four eggs from a vendor. After a magician cut a coconut in half, each half got placed on Josh & Brent's head and lit on fire. With a steady flame emanating from the coconut shell, the magician put oil in a frying pan, cracked the eggs, and began frying them. Josh joked, "Should we put this in our next cookbook? The top of my head is getting hot." Once the magicians cooked the eggs, they covered them in hot sauce and served them to Josh & Brent. The goat farmers quickly ate the scrambled eggs later commenting on how fresh they tasted and received their clue.

Reaching Perliman POS in first place, dating divorcees Abbie & Ryan found the Double U-Turn where two teams had the opportunity to slow down two other teams forcing them to perform both sides of the Detour. In this case, any team who U-Turned another would remain anonymous. Sticking to the agreement on the train, Abbie & Ryan chose not to U-Turn anyone and ripped open their clue sending them to the Pit Stop at SMAN 1 Bangil School. Reaching the U-Turn mat close behind, Trey & Lexi, Jaymes & James, and James & Abba all also chose not to U-Turn anyone nor did fifth place Josh & Brent. After leading through the Detour and U-Turn, dating divorcees Abbie & Ryan narrowly edged out dating couple Trey & Lexi for first place at SMAN 1 Bangil School. Phil informed the excited couple that they won a trip for two from Travelocity to Fiji. On the leg's winners, runner-up Lexi said, "I think Abbie & Ryan are gonna be huge competition for us. We see them as a threat." The Chippendales Jaymes & James ended their day in third place followed by rock star and lawyer James & Abba in fourth place and Josh & Brent in fifth.

Arriving in Bangil on the second train, Natalie & Nadiya, Rob & Kelley, and Caitlin & Brittany all ran out of the station and quickly jumped into becaks while Gary & Will exited from the furthest train car in last place. Then, once they finally found a becak driver, Gary moaned, "We suck. Look how slow we're going. We're always behind." By the time the substitute teachers reached the park, the other three teams already began their procession through the streets of Bangil as Gary & Will struggled to put their lion masks on. With Gary & Will still in last place at the Detour, twins Natalie & Nadiya reached Perliman POS, decided not to U-Turn anyone, and ended the day in sixth place. However, when monster truckers Rob & Kelley arrived at Perliman POS, they wanted a "head start" to the Pit Stop so they U-Turned Gary & Will. Rob justified the decision, later saying, "What if we have a problem finding Phil? We needed to be in leg number four." Their decision paid off after stepping on the mat at SMAN 1 Bangil School in seventh place.

As Caitlin & Brittany's becak driver struggled to find Perliman POS, Gary & Will finished carrying the lion masks and reached the intersection in eighth place only to see that they had been U-Turned anonymously. Not sure if Rob & Kelley and Caitlin & Brittany had already passed the Double U-Turn board, the substitute teachers stood on the mat with a 50/50 decision of who to U-Turn. Will later said, "It's a guessing game." The substitute teachers ended up guessing wrong and chose to U-Turn Rob & Kelley who already checked in at the Pit Stop in seventh place. Jumping back in the becak and heading to the vendor for eggs, Gary said, "It's not looking good for the good guys." At the park, while Gary & Will sat as magicians fried eggs on their heads, Caitlin & Brittany reappeared believing they had missed the U-Turn mat there. The best friends frantically searched the park but came up empty handed. When the magician quenched the flames and served Gary & Will their eggs, Caitlin & Brittany decided to give up their search in the park and jumped in a becak still unsure of where to go. Just as the substitute teachers ate their plates of eggs to complete the Detour, Caitlin & Brittany found Perliman POS and the U-Turn mat in eighth place. A relieved Caitlin told her friend, "We might be okay."

However, Caitlin's assessment of their situation wasn't entirely accurate. Once the best friends jumped back in the becak, they realized their driver didn't know how to find SMAN 1 Bangil School. Brittany later commented, "It's so frustrating when a guy from this country cannot speak any English." Their driver took Caitlin & Brittany in a circle and ended up back at Perliman POS right after Gary & Will got their clue at the U-Turn mat. Now right behind the substitute teachers, Caitlin & Brittany whispered, "Don't let them know we're coming up on them." Just when Gary & Will realized that Caitlin & Brittany were right behind them, the best friends passed them and took the lead to the Pit Stop. In an intense race, both teams urged their becak drivers to pedal faster but Caitlin & Brittany maintained their lead on the substitute teachers. However, at a T intersection, Caitlin & Brittany's driver turned left and Gary & Will's driver turned right ending the neck and neck race. When the best friends realized their driver turned the wrong way, Brittany sniped, "You just cost us the race, bro." In a truly amazing comeback, substitute teachers Gary & Will stepped on the mat in eighth place, surviving another leg of the Race. Will later commented, "Fate was on our side today." Gary added, "We got lucky." After being eliminated from the Race, Brittany said, "We both feel stupid. I think we're a stronger team than Gary & Will and I think that's one of the hardest things, leaving knowing that we're a lot better than the other teams that are left."


Roadblock: A Roadblock is a task that only one person can perform. In this Roadblock, that person had to serve up 20 plates of food all at once Padang style. Working as servers, teams had to balance 20 plates of Padang food in their arms and distribute them to hungry patrons. If anything dropped along the way they had to return to the kitchen and try again.

Performed Roadblock: Lexi, Jaymes, Brent, Ryan, Abba, Brittany, Nadiya, Rob, Gary

Detour: In this Detour, teams had to choose between Egg Head or Lion's Head. Egg Head required teams to have their heads lit on fire to cook some eggs, part of an Indonesian art form known as debus. First, teams had to pick up four eggs from a vendor and make their way by becak to a nearby park. Then, the local magician would place coconuts on their heads and light them on fire to fry up two e