Season 22: Episode 2 - Loose Lips Sink Ships
Posted on Feb 25, 2013 10:50am


As the Race continued in Bora Bora, hockey brothers Bates & Anthony won a footrace to the Pit Stop, wining the leg that ended in injury for Dave. Meanwhile, twin doctors Idries & Jamil's fear of water ultimately sunk them as they were eliminated.

Departing the Pit Stop in first place at 2:56am, dating couple Jessica & John, winners of two Express Passes in the last leg, discovered they had to travel by water taxi to Motu Toopua Nui, home to the spectacular Hilton Bora Bora Nui. Once there, they had to search the grounds to find a wedding chapel where they would receive a blessing from a priest. The dating couple simply laughed when they read that water taxi service wouldn't begin until 7:30am, adding, "All the teams will be here for sure." The following morning, just after 7:00am, all teams gathered on the dock waiting for water taxis "“ except newlyweds Max & Katie and country singers Caroline & Jennifer. They were detained at the start of this leg having both chosen to take 4-hour penalties in the previous leg. Father and son Dave & Connor took the time on the dock to congratulate Jessica & John on their win. They also confirmed the agreement they made with the couple in the Tahiti airport where the winner of the two Express Passes would give the second one to the team who came in next from their flight. While John quickly assured Dave & Connor he would honor the agreement, he raised concerns about keeping the alliance quiet, saying, "If everybody starts talking about it, the entire contract becomes null and void." John later added his reason for secrecy, saying, "We want to get the joy of having other teams basically suck up to us." A little worried about this new stipulation, Dave responded, "We can't control that, but we all went into it with good faith." Connor later called John's condition "ridiculous." John summed up his thoughts, remarking, "Technically we don't have to give it to Dave & Connor. This is a race. It's not an honesty competition."

After Jessica & John enjoyed some of the sucking up from other teams, the water taxis arrived at the docks promptly at 7:30am, instilling a sense of dread into twin doctors Idries & Jamil. Idires commented, "We wanted to get the heck out of Bora Bora with all the water. I don't think either one of us has a great relationship with water." Jumping into one of the eights water taxis, the twin doctors tried to remain optimistic as they sped across the clear blue ocean towards Motu Toopua Nui. Jamil noted, "Personally I think we're capable. Mentally, physically, spiritually. So we can do this."

Reaching the docks at the edge of Motu Toopua Nui, dating couple Jessica & John led teams in the run up a steep hill towards the chapel on the grounds of the Hilton Bora Bora Nui. However, when the dating couple set off in the wrong direction, father and son Dave & Connor took the lead, spotting the priest, clad in a bright red ceremonial robe and headdress. Once in front of the priest, the father and son received a blessing and opened their next clue to find a Detour. In Pick A Pearl, teams had to harvest pearls, a top money earner for locals. Diving into open water a half mile off shore, teams had to untie lines of shells and shuck them open to find two red pearls. Take A Trunk required teams to dive deep to the ocean floor wearing a diving helmet to find a treasure trunk. Then, teams had to take the trunk to an umbrella, remove all of its contents, and work together to construct an underwater picnic dining experience.

Sprinting back to their water taxi and jumping aboard, Dave & Connor held a slim lead over the other teams, but it was short lived. When the father and son arrived at the open water to dive for pearls, they looked around their boat for snorkeling gear but couldn't find it anywhere. Jessica & John told the Dave & Connor the gear bags were sitting next to the priest on the island, and the frustrated father and son ordered their boat to head back to Motu Toopua Nui. Dave told his son, "We screwed up big time." As the pair reached the dock and ran up the hill a second time, Connor said, "We can't do stupid stuff like that again."

As Dave & Connor tried to recover from their mistake, hockey brothers Bates & Anthony, dating couple Jessica & John, best friends Pam & Winnie, Youtube hosts Joey & Meghan, and married couple Chuck & Wynona all dove into the water in search of two red pearls hidden within strings of oysters tied to a line. Joey commented that, "Diving for pearls was amazing." His partner Meghan added, "The water is so gorgeous. It was just so beautiful." While Bates called the diving challenge "tough", Anthony said, "It was cool being in the water. The water was so clear." While those five teams began collecting oysters, roller derby moms Mona & Beth put on diving helmets and descended to the ocean floor in search of a treasure chest. Admitting she wasn't particularly comfortable in open water, Mona initially described her first moments below sea level as "unnerving." Then, she said she looked at her surroundings through the helmet and felt instantly calmed by colorful fish and exotic ocean life swimming past her. Beth added, "It was the coolest thing ever, like 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea." Finding the trunk, Mona & Beth each took a handle and began lugging it across the ocean floor. Although unable to verbally communicate, the pair had no problems working together, later crediting their roller derby experience where they must rely on glances at one other on the track. TERROR AT SEA With six teams steadily making progress on the Detour, one team couldn't even get out of the gate. Although they chose diving for pearls, twin doctors Idries & Jamil remained firmly rooted in their boat, too afraid to enter the water. Idries later commented, "It was petrifying. It was so deep and it's just everywhere." Clutching to the side of the boat, Jamil suggested he and his brother take the 6-hour penalty instead of trying to complete either side of the Detour. Idries dissuaded his brother from that idea and instead suggested they try diving for a few minutes. Jamil continued his pessimism saying, "We can't do this. Know your limitations and let's go." Certain that taking the penalty would assure their elimination, Idries again tried to convince his brother to at least try getting in the water. Finally, Jamil relented and the two brothers put on their snorkels and gingerly stepped into the ocean.

While Idries & Jamil struggled to begin pearl diving, the other five teams hauled line after line of oysters onto their boats and used tools to pry each one open. With the return of father and son Dave & Connor, both expert divers, the race for first place began to heat up. Youtube hosts Joey & Meghan led the pack by efficiently dividing the workload. Joey stayed in the water, diving to retrieve the oyster lines, and swimming them over to Meghan who remained in the boat shucking each oyster open. After searching through more than 50 oysters, Meghan finally found a red pearl just ahead of dating couple Jessica & John. Using a different technique, hockey brothers Bates & Anthony and Dave & Connor all treaded water while opening oysters to save a trip to the boat. Within minutes of each other, all four lead teams found their second pearl and received their next clue that instructed teams to travel by personal watercraft to the island of Motu Tapu with the help of a map to guide them. Still on the ocean floor wearing diving helmets, roller derby moms Mona & Beth placed the treasure chest next to a large, yellow beach umbrella, opened it up, and began taking out the contents. Removing two chairs and a table from the chest, the roller derby moms set the table with a yellow tablecloth, two plates, silverware, and two wine glasses. After sitting down in the chairs, Mona & Beth toasted to their success as a waiter swam over to them and revealed their clue on a silver platter.

FALLING BEHIND Meanwhile, twin doctors Idries & Jamil continued to struggle. While they eventually grew comfortable enough in the water to swim and dive for oysters, they failed to bring up multiple oysters at once. Instead, in each dive, they only retrieved one oyster at a time, slowing their chances of finding a red pearl. Soon, the constant diving and breath holding took a toll on Jamil who called for a rescuer to help him to safety. WAY BEHIND Departing the Pit Stop in last place at 9:14am and 9:15am, newlyweds Max & Katie and country singers Caroline & Jennifer showed their optimism upon noticing that the water taxis didn't begin service until 7:30am. That meant their four-hour penalty from the previous leg now put them less than two hours behind the other teams. However, Max still believed that in the end it would come down to either him and Katie or the country singers being eliminated. Receiving their blessing from the priest within seconds of one another, Katie suggested to the country singers that they all do the Take A Trunk Detour together, later saying, "In case we were the last two teams, I wanted to know where they were." On their boat as the sped towards the Detour, Max warned Katie, "We cannot let them outrun us." BALANCING ACT After a thrilling high-speed ride on a personal watercraft across the clear blue ocean, Youtube hosts Joey & Meghan reached the island of Motu Tapu moments ahead of Jessica & John, Bates & Anthony, and Dave & Connor where all four teams found a Roadblock. In it, one team member had to balance on stilts, part of a Polynesian game traditionally used to test a man's strength. Teams had to use stilts to kick a coconut 35 years across the beach. If they stumbled along the way, the coconut could remain in place, but they would have to go back to the start and begin again. Once their nut rolled over the line, they could make their way to the Pit Stop. While Joey and Jessica both struggled to gain their footing on the stilts, professional athletes Connor (cyclist) and Anthony (hockey) quickly mastered the technique of balancing, walking, and kicking. The two battled each other as every kick sent their coconuts further down the sand towards the finish line. Anthony held a slight lead, but as both neared the end, Connor closed the gap.

With Phil in their sights, the two teams sprinted through a wooded area and emerged into a clearing on the other side of the beach in a footrace too close to call. Connor and Bates were in front, and Dave held a small lead on Anthony until he heard a pop in his leg. Slowing down to barely a walk, Dave said, "I just ruptured my Achilles. It's gone." Hockey brothers Bates & Anthony stepped on the mat together first and won a trip for two from Travelocity to London. In second place, a worried Connor said of Dave's injury, "I hope it's not ruptured and we can ice and do whatever we need to do to keep going." Walking off the mat with the help of his son, Dave said he needed to see a physician to determine whether or not he could continue racing. In third place, dating couple Jessica & John wondered what they would do with their second Express Pass if Dave & Connor had to leave the Race, admitting that it would give them more options. LOST AT SEA Joey & Meghan and Chuck & Wynona took fourth and fifth places respectively, but best friends Pam & Winnie were lost at sea. After a difficult time diving for oysters, the duo jumped on their personal watercrafts but didn't pay close attention to their map as they sped off. Soon after however, the pair realized they had no idea where they were. Stopping to look at the map again, Pam realized that they went off in the entirely wrong direction, later adding, "We wasted so much time. We really let the ocean get the best of us."

As roller derby moms Mona & Beth took sixth place, Caroline & Jennifer put on diving helmets and dropped to the ocean floor just ahead of Max & Katie. The country singers maintained their lead over the newlyweds as they carried the trunk to the yellow umbrella. However, in the process of setting up the underwater dining experience, Max & Katie overtook Caroline & Jennifer and exited the water back onto their boat ahead. Emerging from the water just behind in ninth place, Caroline & Jennifer followed Max & Katie on the personal watercraft to Motu Tapu. Now in last place having found no red pearls, twin doctors Idries & Jamil decided to switch sides of the Detour. Citing their single mother who struggled to raise them, the twin doctors wanted to set an example for their kids by not throwing in the towel. As soon as they put on the diving helmets to breathe underwater, they both realized how much better suited they were for this task. In no time, the twin doctors opened the trunk, set their table, and earned the next clue.

Finally arriving on the shores of Motu Tapu, Pam, who prided herself on having good balance, jumped on the stilts for her team thinking it would be "just like wearing heels." But after hopping onto her stilts, she fell immediately. The pressure mounted for Pam, when Max and Caroline, who now completely erased their four-hour penalty from the last leg, started the task right behind her. Caroline's gymnastic and cheerleading past paid off as she blasted past both Max and Pam to secure a seventh place finish for her and Jennifer. Watching Max stumble and fall, an unimpressed Katie deadpanned, "Caroline just kicked his ass so that's pretty embarrassing for him." Eventually, Max used his new bride as motivation focusing on her standing past the finish line and used every ounce of concentration to make it to her on the stilts for an eighth place finish. Now in ninth place, Pam got an open blister from standing on the wood stilts, forcing her to take a break. However, she got right back on, and with raw hands and hurt feet she finally kicked the coconut past the finish line to claim ninth place.

After Jamil kicked the coconut for his team, he and Idries stepped onto the mat in last place, where Phil informed them they had been eliminated from the Race. On the difficult leg, Jamil commented, "We didn't achieve our goal but we gave it our best effort. I think once the sting wears off, we'll be able to rest easy with that." He also added, "The Amazing Race was, even though it was short for us, an adventure of a lifetime. It was awesome."