Season 22: Episode 4 - I Love Monkeys!
Posted on Mar 11, 2013 11:45am

In beautiful Bali, Dave & Connor continued their unlikely winning streak while Jessica & John become the first team ever eliminated holding an Express Pass.

Standing on the mat at Terrace Downs, Dave barely hesitated as he opened the next clue with his son Connor that instructed them to fly over 4,000 miles to Bali, Indonesia. When they landed, they had to make their way to the Monkey Forest, where a monkey would reveal their next clue. On the state of his Achilles, Dave commented, "My leg has gotten progressively more painful, and it's not how I envisioned competing on The Amazing Race. But you get a first place and you think"¦we can go another leg." Arriving on the mat in second to last place, newlyweds Max & Katie played it smart when they ran off with their clue. They were the only team who thought to call ahead to a travel agency to secure seats on the earliest flight that landed in Bali at 8:30am before heading off on the long drive back to Christchurch. With a reservation in hand, all they had to do was stop at the travel agency, pick up their tickets, and head to the airport.

The three teams of a newly formed alliance, dating Jessica & John, Youtube hosts Joey & Meghan, and roller derby moms Mona & Beth drove to the Christchurch airport along with hockey brothers Bates & Anthony, where they realized that all of the counters were closed or unable to sell tickets. In the time these teams wasted at counters, father and son Dave & Connor, best friends Pam & Winnie, and country singers Caroline & Jennifer purchased the last remaining seats on the flight arriving at 8:30am. With the fastest option now taken, the remaining teams booked seats at a travel agency on two different flights to Bali. Jessica & John and Joey & Meghan got on a flight landing at 12:05pm connecting through Singapore while Bates & Anthony, Mona & Beth, and Chuck & Wynona settled for one landing at the same time connecting through Kuala Lumpur. However, in their connecting city of Singapore, the alliance paid off for Jessica & John and Joey & Meghan who worked together and found a faster connection that would get them into Bali at 10:35am instead of 12:05pm.

Landing in Bali at 8:30am, Connor wheeled his dad into a taxi right behind best friends Pam & Winnie and in front of newlyweds Max & Katie and country singers Caroline & Jennifer, who serenaded their taxi driver on the ride to the Monkey Forest. The four teams arrived at the sanctuary within moments of each other and ran into the lush park excited and nervous to meet the monkeys. Each team grabbed a coconut, placed it on the ground, and tried to lure a wary monkey to crack it open. To help minimize distractions that would scare the monkeys away, Pam & Winnie asked the tourists around them to lower their voices and avoid the area near their coconut. Eventually, four curious, hungry monkeys took the teams' coconuts and began using their sharp teeth to dig into the hard shell. Dave & Connor watched as their monkey took the lead over the others soon revealing the hollow center of the coconut that held a metal cylinder. Their monkey ran off with the coconut but left the metal tube behind, and Dave & Connor opened it up to find a Detour having the choice between Sandy Bottom and Fruity Top. Sandy Bottom required teams to collect sand from the bottom of the Ayung River and transport it uphill 200 yards to a brick maker. Once they filled the container to the designated line, the brick maker would hand them their next clue. Fruity Top required teams to prepare an elaborate religious offering known as a gebogan. Once complete, it had to be carried in a traditional manner to the Desa Puseh temple, where it would be blessed by a priest who would hand teams their next clue. As all four teams on the first flight chose to build a religious offering, the plane carrying Jessica & John and Joey & Meghan landed in Bali. Having found a better flight during the layover in Singapore, John felt comfortable about his position, saying, "We're kind of middle of the pack right now. So then we can just focus on Bali around us right now. We're feeling good. I love Bali." Getting through the monkey forest with little difficulty, Jessica & John and Joey & Meghan both decided to tackle Fruity Top like the teams before them.

Arriving at the temple within moments of each other, the four teams completing Fruity Top donned sarongs and studied the elaborate example offering that was constructed of oranges, bananas, pineapples, and exotic fruits. As a set designer, Pam's eye for detail and construction paid off as she quickly assembled the base of her offering, maneuvering a row of oranges into the proper formation. The best friends extended their lead as they worked their way up the center stalk using small sticks to fasten the fruit. At the top, the pair took some extra time to make sure they did the trickiest and most intricate part of the offering correctly. Looking around and noting the sloppy work from some of the other teams, Pam & Winnie felt confident with their creation and received approval from the judge. With Dave & Connor close behind, Pam & Winnie lifted the heavy offering, carrying it through a set of doors and down steps where a woman at the front of a large procession knelt down to balance it on her head. Walking alongside the woman as a band played behind them, the best friends made their way to the Desa Puseh temple, where vibrant musicians and dancers greeted them. Calling it "the best cultural experience" they've ever had, the duo delivered the offering and received their blessing. Next, Pam & Winnie ripped open their next clue sending them to Uluwatu Surf Beach.

Arriving last in Bali, hockey brothers Bates & Anthony took an early lead out of the airport ahead of roller derby moms Mona & Beth and married couple Chuck & Wynona. However, their lead was short lived when they soon realized their driver was lost. As the married couple and roller derby moms watched monkeys rip open their coconuts, the hockey brothers stood on the side of a road while their driver asked a local for directions. Bates said, "If we weren't in last before, we are now"” Awesome." By the time Bates & Anthony reached the forest, Mona & Beth had taken off for Sandy Bottom and Chuck & Wynona headed to Fruity Top. With the front four teams done with the Detour, Jessica & John arrived at a house where they believed they had to build their offering. Although they didn't see anything familiar, the dating couple walked through narrow passages until they reached an opening where a man who didn't speak English stood next to a cloth covered in flower petals. Picking up a small folded leaf holding colorful petals, the dating couple believed it to be their example to follow as the man looked on in complete confusion. Getting their own leaf, Jessica & John plowed forward in their misguided adventure, filling the leaf with flower petals and an unwrapped piece of candy. Using their taxi driver as a translator, the dating couple finally realized that they were not at the correct location. Jessica laughed, "We just made something at someone else's house!"

Running down the street to the temple, Jessica & John began constructing their offering along with Joey & Meghan. From the start, John felt the detail-oriented task played to his strengths, but soon he and Jessica realized this might not be that straightforward. When Chuck & Wynona arrived, Jessica & John appeared a little nervous but they continued attaching fruit to the base of their offering. Slowly the dating couple reached the top, but the judge quickly vetoed their creation. Noticing how Joey & Meghan's offering had width and volume, Jessica believed she and John had to start over and stick the fruit further out from the center stalk. Jessica & John grew frustrated as they watched Joey & Meghan finish and last place Bates & Anthony arrive. When Jessica floated the idea of using their Express Pass, John quickly shot it down and the dating couple instead chose to switch sides of the Detour. Before leaving, John told Jessica, "I want you to just stop and slow down a second because hasty hasn't worked for us so far." In the taxi, John again made it clear he had no intentions of using the couple's Express Pass.

At the Ayung River, roller derby moms Mona & Beth waded into the water with baskets on their heads and began scooping the volcanic sand from the bottom of the river. The heavy sand began to add up as the moms estimated their baskets weighed 30-40 pounds each time they walked out of the river and up the steep bank to the brick maker. With each trip, the amount of black sand Mona & Beth delivered slowly grew until it finally touched the line as they ripped open their clue in sixth place. SURF'S UP Arriving at Uluwatu Surf Beach in first place, best friends Pam & Winnie ripped open their clue to find a Roadblock. In it, one person had to find an Uluwatu surf shop and search for a specific surfboard that had an image they had seen before "” the Tahitian priest who blessed them in Bora Bora. Once they found what they were looking for, they had to search for the Pit Stop and pick up their partner along the way. They had to have the right board to be checked in. If not, they would have to run all the way back to the surf shop and try again. Running down the steps of the enormous bluff overlooking the ocean, Winnie reached the surf shop just ahead of Connor, who performed the Roadblock due to his dad's injury. Winnie quickly spotted the Tahitian priest on a surfboard. While Connor kept rifling through boards not finding anything familiar, Winnie wandered around the beach unable to find Phil or her partner. After walking back to the surf shop, Winnie asked Connor if he knew where Phil was. Connor didn't know, but he asked Winnie for help with the surf board. Winnie offered to tell him if he allowed her to step on the mat first place. Connor rejected the offer and instead took a peek at her board when she wasn't looking and found the priest right after. As Winnie kept searching for Phil, Connor ran back up the stairs, collected Dave, and reached Phil to win a second consecutive leg and $5,000 each. Dave credited his son's performance for their victories, saying, "I couldn't have a better companion." Connor added, "We'll do what it takes to win. One leg at a time on one leg."

With Pam & Winnie and Max & Katie finishing in second and third place respectively, Caroline stood at the rows of surfboards not able to recall anything familiar. She found a board with the word "Bali" written on it and wanted to give that one a try since everyone encountered Bali thus far. She took the board up the winding labyrinth of stairs to Phil who rejected her guess. Next, she brought Phil a board with a set of surfers, but that too was incorrect. Caroline began to feel the exhaustion and frustration of the long back-to-back legs and started to break down in tears. With Joey & Meghan, Mona & Beth, and Chuck & Wynona all closing in on Uluwatu Beach, she took a moment to pull herself together and walked back down to the surf shop. This time she noticed a board with the Tahitian priest on it, unsure of whether she had seen him before. She brought it to Phil, who checked them in. Relieved, the exhausted country singers landed in fourth place, and Phil had to tell Caroline who the priest was because she had simply guessed correctly.

As Bates & Anthony put the finishing touches on their offering, dating couple Jessica & John neared the shores of the Ayung River. John proposed that if they saw Mona & Beth at the river, he and Jessica should then discuss whether it would be best to use their Express Pass. With the roller derby moms gone already, John instantly dismissed the Express Pass idea when he and Jessica ran down to river believing they could knock out the task quickly. Indeed, the dating couple used all their strength and hauled the heavy sand from the river to the brick maker as fast as they could. However, they had fallen into last place. John guessed he and Jessica were second to last place, but he admitted they could be in last. He added that he wasn't worried because they could simply use their Express Pass at the Roadblock and jump ahead of other teams. With Jessica & John in their taxi, Youtube hosts Joey & Meghan, roller derby moms Mona & Beth, married couple Chuck & Wynona, and hockey brothers Bates & Anthony all descended onto Uluwatu Beach within minutes of one another. Joey found the Tahitian priest first to give him and Meghan a fifth place finish for the leg. Because of the alliance formed in the previous leg, Joey showed Mona his board so she and Beth could finish sixth. However, standing on the mat, Mona didn't pay it forward to help out Chuck, who struggled to find the right board. As Chuck continued his search, Bates sealed a great comeback for his team as he and Anthony ended in seventh place for the leg after being in last for most of it.

Last place Jessica & John arrived at Uluwatu Beach, where John elected to perform the Roadblock after reading that it involved surfing. As they stood waiting for their partners, Wynona confirmed to Jessica that they were the last two teams. Jessica told her, "I'm so scared. We don't want to be last. We have an Express Pass still." At the surf shop, Chuck and John both rifled through the rows of surfboards, each unclear what they needed to find. Soon, Chuck grabbed another board and walked with Wynona back to Phil. This time Chuck picked the right board to finish in eighth place ensuring that Jessica & John would finish last. Looking with a shocked expression on her face, Jessica said, "We can't get kicked out so early."

As the sun set over Bali, John continued looking for a surfboard that he recognized but couldn't find it. After a quick discussion with Jessica where she corrected his misinformed idea that there was another team behind them, John went back to searching. While Jessica waited, John searched the shop for over an hour refusing to consider the Express Pass he still held, claiming it wouldn't benefit him to use it now. Finally finding the Tahitian priest surfboard, John stepped on the mat with Jessica, where Phil told them they had been eliminated. Phil added that no team had ever been eliminated while holding an Express Pa