Season 25: Episode 2 - When You Gotta Go, You Gotta Go
Posted on Oct 3, 2014 11:00pm


Racing through London and Oxford, surfers Adam & Bethany won the Express Pass, while dating couple Dennis & Isabelle met their match in a strong river current, and were eliminated.


Married dentists Misti & Jim departed the Pit Stop in first place at 4:21am. The clue told them to fly to London, England, and travel to Tower Bridge for their next clue. They headed to the airport with the knowledge that there were two flights, with room for six teams on the first, and four on the second. They were happy to have the Save, which would carry them into the next leg if they faced elimination. While waiting for the ticket counter to open at the airport, the dentists were joined by college sweethearts Tim & Te Jay, cyclists Kym & Alli, wrestlers Brooke & Robbie, surfers Adam & Bethany, and food scientists Amy & Maya. Jim said their flight would give them an hour and twenty minute lead on the other four teams. Bethany revealed that she lost a shoe on the last leg, but fortunately Amy happened to have an extra pair in the right size, and was nice enough to hand them over. Bethany slipped on the shoe (“It’s like Cinderella!”), the ticket counter opened, and the teams took off for London. Despite being behind, the remaining teams were optimistic as they met up at the airport. Mom Shelley said, “You don’t have to outrun the bear, you just can’t be the last one.” She and Nici, dating couple Dennis & Isabelle, firefighters Michael & Scott, and former Survivors Keith & Whitney boarded their flight for London.


The first flight touched down in England’s capital, and the teams raced for taxis to Tower Bridge. Alli said they were driving on the “wrong” side of the road, while Tim was charmed by his “cute” taxi. At Tower Bridge, teams found the Pearly King and Queen – a man and women in ornately-stitched black and white clothing who represent charitable organizations – who handed over their next clue. It was a Detour, a choice between About Face or Pancake Race. In About Face, teams had to dress as British soldiers and learn a series of intricate steps while working with a drill instructor. For Pancake Race, they had to cook their own pancakes, and then pay homage to the Annual Parliamentary Pancake Race by running a lap around Victoria Tower Gardens in under a minute and fifteen seconds, while constantly flipping their pancakes. Misti & Jim, Tim & Te Jay, and Kym & Alli all chose About Face, while Adam & Bethany chose Pancake Race. The second flight landed, and the back four teams ran for taxis. Lagging behind the rest of the first flight, Brooke & Robbie and Maya & Amy got to the bridge and chose About Face. Jim & Misti arrived at Somerset House and began dressing in their solider outfits. Misti said, “I’ve dressed up in some pretty crazy things for pageants before. Nothing quite like this, but I do love the color red.” They began practicing the steps, which required accuracy and precision. Tim & Te Jay arrived next, followed by Kym & Alli.


At Pancake Race, Adam & Bethany changed into chef outfits, and then watched a pancake-making demonstration. At About Face, teams struggled to learn the correct steps. Amy & Maya and Brooke & Robbie arrived and changed clothes, Amy commenting, “I feel like I’m wearing my high school marching band outfit.” At the pancakes, the surfers successfully made their pancakes, did a few practice flips, and then got on the starting line. The race began, and they took off, running and flipping. Bethany revealed in interview that after losing her arm, everyday tasks such as cutting food and putting up her hair became challenging. “On the Race I’ll have to be adaptable, but I often think of myself as more capable than the average person.” Sure enough, she and Adam crossed the finish line with twenty-two seconds to spare, and received their next clue. It told them to travel by train to the city of Oxford and search for Magdalen Bridge. They ran off, Adam calling out, “Have a jolly good day!” At Somerset House, Misti & Jim made their first attempt at the guard routine, but were completely out of sync. Their instructor called their performance “abysmal” and “disgusting,” ending with, “Get them out of my sight, now!” Kym likewise struggled with her routine, and the cyclists’ instructor barked at Alli, “Don’t grin at me!” as he critiqued them. Back at Tower Bridge, Shelley & Nici chose About Face, (“This is perfect for us!”) because they’d both served in the military. Behind them, Keith & Whitney, Dennis and Isabelle, and Michael & Scott all chose Pancake Race.


At About Face, Robbie looked rather robotic as he practiced his steps, leading Brooke to comment, “You look like your leg is broke!” and their instructor to add, “We’ve got knees, you know. God gave us knees.” Misti & Jim attempted their routine again, and this time they were successful. Jim cheered, adding, “That’s my call to battle that lets everybody know they’re getting left behind.” The dentists took off for the train station. Kym & Alli made their second attempt at the routine, which was also successful. Alli’s cheering led her instructor say, “Don’t whoop in my face! Be gone!” After Kym planted a big kiss on his cheek, the girls took off. Shelley & Nici then arrived, leading Brooke and Tim to complain that the second flight was catching up. Nici said, “Look at this – we can pass all of them.” They told their guard that they were military, and were happy that some nuances of the routine were the same as those in America. Meanwhile, the wrestlers continued to struggle, Brooke commenting, “We should’ve picked the pancakes.”


Keith & Whitney, Michael & Scott, and Dennis & Isabelle arrived at Pancake Race, while at Paddington Station Adam & Bethany boarded a train for Oxford. Scott compared himself to the “Swedish meatball guy,” as he cooked his pancake, while Keith and Whitney began the race. But despite a crowd of supportive onlookers, Whitney couldn’t manage to run quickly enough while flipping. They didn’t make the time, and the judge said they had to start the task all over again. Keith was irritated: “You’ve got to run way faster. That was ridiculous.” Jim & Misti and Kym & Alli caught the train at Paddington Station. Meanwhile, Michael & Scott had trouble cooking, and the judge dumped their pancakes in the trash. Dennis & Isabelle’s pancakes were approved, and they ran to the starting line while Keith & Whitney began recooking. Back at Somerset House, Tim & Te Jay and Brooke & Robbie performed less-than-stellar routines, the wrestlers’ judge telling them, “You swing your arm shoulder-high. If you do not, I will tear it off next time and beat you around the head with the soggy end.” Meanwhile, Shelley & Nici’s military experience actually worked against them, as Nici about-turned in the American style rather than the British one. They weren’t discouraged though, saying they didn’t just recently start watching the Race, and were well-prepared super-fans. “Unless there’s some other super-fans here, but I don’t think they’re quite as super-fanny as we are.”


At Pancake Race, Dennis & Isabelle started their first run and also talked about being super-fans. “We’ve basically been studying for the Amazing Race as if this is like, the final exam for life.” Despite their preparation they didn’t run and flip quickly enough, and as they lay exhausted on the grass they were told to start over. When Keith celebrated their failure, Whitney chided him on being mean. He countered with, “I don’t have to be nice – you be nice. You’re the nice one.” Back at About Face, Tim & Te Jay successfully completed their routine, followed by Amy & Maya. Brooke complained that everyone was passing them. Shelley & Nici finished their second attempt, and despite Brooke’s wishes that they not get their clue, they did. Brooke said, “We’re officially last.” Keith & Whitney made their second round with the pancakes in just under the required time, and got the clue. Then came the firefighters, but only four seconds into the run Scott dropped his pancake on the ground.


In Oxford, among lush trees and swimming ducks, Phil announced that leaders Adam & Bethany were about to take on their next challenge. They ripped their clue at Magdalen Bridge, and were instructed to punt – that is, push themselves through the water on long, flat boats. One team member had to stand on the Cambridge end and guide the boat with a rod, while the other person stood on the Oxford end. Then they had to complete a lap around a small island. Adam & Bethany got on their boat, Adam doing the punting from the Cambridge end. Bethany commented, “This is like a cakewalk compared to surfing.” They were joined a short time later by Misti & Jim and Kym & Alli.


Back at Pancake Race, the firefighters and Dennis & Isabelle began their second runs together. Scott did more holding of his pancake than flipping, and while both teams finished in time, it was determined that the firefighters didn’t flip their pancakes sufficiently. Dennis & Isabelle, however, got their next clue. At Paddington Station, they piled up with Shelley & Nici, Amy & Maya, and Keith & Whitney on the same train to Oxford. At About Face, the wrestlers once again failed in their routine, their instructor accusing them of ignoring his “worldly, Yoda-like advice.” Brooke said, “I’m so over this. I’m getting worse now.” At their third attempt at the pancake race, Scott once again dropped his pancake after less than ten seconds. Finally, in their fourth and sixth attempts respectively, the firefighters and the wrestlers finally completed their Detours and got their clues. In Oxford, Adam & Bethany completed the punting challenge and got their next clue, which told them to go to Christ Church College and tip their bowlers. Meanwhile, the other teams complained about punting. Kym said, “Wouldn’t it be more efficient to paddle with an actual oar and not a stick?” while Tim said, “Why can’t I have a normal paddle?” The dentists finished their lap, but were told that Jim had been paddling from the Oxford end rather than the Cambridge end, and they had to go again. They passed Kym & Alli on the way back, and the cyclists realized that they’d made the same mistake. Kym called punting “a nightmare.”

SEVERE PUNISHMENT The wrestlers and the firefighters boarded the same train to Oxford, glad to be with at least one other team. Kym & Alli began their second punting run, while Dennis & Isabelle, Shelley & Nici, Amy & Maya, and Keith & Whitney ripped their clues and began. A boat traffic jam ensued. The dentists bumped Keith & Whitney, causing Whitney to topple into the water, while Shelley commented, “Punting is something that was designed by the devil to punish the English.” At Christ Church College, a dapper gentleman gave Adam & Bethany umbrellas and bowler hats. Inside their umbrellas were instructions for getting the Express Pass. They had to decide if they wanted to risk their place in the Race by retrieving the pass at a pub called The Bear Inn. The surfers decided to go for it, knowing that with an Express Pass they could bypass a challenge that Bethany might not be able to complete.


Back at the punting, teams wobbled and bumped their way around the island. Misti & Jim and Kym & Alli finally finished and got their clues, the cyclists running off down the street just as the firefighters arrived. “Last ones here. We’re used to coming back from last.” True to their word, as weaker teams struggled in the river’s current, the firefighters pushed past them. Adam & Bethany collected the Express Pass at The Bear, and then looked inside their bowler hats for the location of the Pit Stop – Blenheim Palace, the birthplace of Winston Churchill. They jumped in a taxi and took off. Meanwhile, the dentists got their bowler hats and umbrellas, but figured the surfers had already claimed the Express Pass. They tipped their hats and headed for Blenheim Palace. After several tipping attempts without noticing the clue, the cyclists finally left for Blenheim Palace as well.


Keith & Whitney finished the punting challenge with Whitney wondering, “Am I the only one that fell in?” Isabelle, Shelley & Nici, and Maya then proved that no, she wasn’t. But Nici had more trouble than anyone when she had to go to the bathroom. “Can I just stick my butt in the water, please? I’m telling you if I don’t, it’s just going to come out.” To the amusement of the locals, Nici relieved herself over the side of the boat. “When you’ve got to go, you’ve got to go.” In the courtyard of the grandiose Blenheim Palace, Adam & Bethany arrived at the mat and were greeted by “Winston Churchill.” Phil told them they were team number one and awarded them with a trip to Sweden. Tim & Te Jay and Michael & Scott completed the punting, followed by Amy & Maya who passed up Dennis & Isabelle. Misti & Jim arrived at the Pit Stop in second place, and Jim was visibly disappointed. “We’re not going to be first all the time.” Misti added, “We’re not perfect.” Kym & Alli arrived in third with drawn-on mustaches accompanying their bowler hats and umbrellas. Kym topped off the look by doing a duck-footed Charlie Chaplin impersonation.


Brooke & Robbie also passed up Dennis & Isabelle, who couldn’t get out of the current. The wrestlers got their clue and took off. Shelley & Nici also struggled, going the wrong direction at a fork in the river. Nici became emotional in her frustration, and Shelley told her to stop crying. The mother and daughter team finally got the clue, although when Shelley tried to hug her, Nici wrenched away, saying, “Stop, stop! Focus, focus!” They took off running just as Dennis & Isabelle sailed up to the dock. Meanwhile, Keith & Whitney checked into the Pit Stop in fourth place, while Tim & Te Jay were fifth. A weeping Nici begged her mother to run through the streets, while Shelley complained about a leg cramp. On another street, Dennis pulled along an exhausted Isabelle, who said, “Whatever happens, I love you.” The firefighters jogged into the Pit Stop in sixth place, followed by Brooke & Robbie who sprinted past Amy & Maya to take seventh. “Winston Churchill” imparted some advice to the three teams: “It’s not necessarily about how strong, how intelligent you are, but your determination and not giving in.”


Out on the road, Nici was still frantic. “They were right behind us! They were docking as we were leaving!” Isabelle was also in tears. “I don’t want to cry, but I don’t want to be last, either!” Shelley & Nici got their bowler hats at Christ Church College, and jumped in a taxi to Blenheim Palace with Dennis & Isabelle just behind them. It was a tearful taxi race between the super-fans. Dennis said he felt bad for not getting past the current and letting Isabelle down, while Nici cried on her mother’s shoulder, saying, “That was so scary.” Ultimately Shelley & Nici arrived at the Pit Stop in ninth place, screaming and hugging when they discovered they were still in it. When the dating couple came in, Isabelle knew the news wasn’t good. “It’s hard to hear, I don’t want to hear it.” Nevertheless, Phil informed them that they were last, and eliminated. Isabelle said, “It doesn’t feel real…. I almost feel like there’s another universe where we did win the million.”


Detour: A Detour is a choice between two tasks. In this Detour teams chose between About Face or Pancake Race. In About Face, teams had to dress as British soldiers, and then work with a drill instructor to learn an intricate series of steps. Pancake Race required teams to dress as chefs and cook pancakes. They then had to run around a course in under a minute and fifteen seconds, while constantly flipping the pancakes.

About Face: Misti/Jim, Kym/Alli, Tim/Te Jay, Brooke/Robbie, Amy/Maya, Shelley/Nici

Pancake Race: Adam/Bethany, Keith/Whitney, Michael/Scott, Dennis/Isabelle

Order of Finish: 1. Adam & Bethany 2. Misti & Jim 3. Kym & Alli 4. Keith & Whitney 5. Time & Te Jay 6. Michael & Scott 7. Brooke & Robbie 8. Amy & Maya 9. Shelley & Nici 10. Dennis & Isabelle