Season 25: Episode 3 - Get Your Sheep Together
Posted on Oct 10, 2014 10:00pm


Teams faced off against stubborn animals and bodily injury in the remote Shetland Islands. Married dentists Misti & Jim once again vaulted into first place, while Scott suffered a twisted ankle, and the firefighters were ultimately eliminated.

Surfers Adam & Bethany departed the Pit Stop in first place at midnight. The clue told them to travel by land and sea to the Shetland Islands. First they’d have to travel by train to Aberdeen, Scotland. There, they’d drive Ford Focuses aboard a ferry, which would travel north to the Shetland Islands. When they arrived, they had to drive themselves to the Royal National Lifeboat Institute and find a “puffin” who’d give them their next clue. Excited to see a puffin, Adam & Bethany took off down the street, and were told the train station was just a short distance away. Married dentists Misti & Jim left the Pit Stop second, Jim making no secret of how he felt about it. “Leaving in second place frustrates me, but the most successful people in life fail forward.” The surfers ran into the dentists getting into a taxi, and the two teams continued together on foot.

Cyclists Kym & Alli and engaged couple Keith & Whitney left the Pit Stop in third and fourth place. The two front teams arrived at the train station, but discovered the first train didn’t depart until 6:36am. Firefighters Michael and Scott jogged through the streets to the station, but Scott suddenly tripped and fell. “I just took a dixie. I took a huge dixie.” He insisted he was okay, however, and limped off. Kym & Alli’s down time included chasing ducks through the street and dancing on the sidewalk outside of a pub. Kym complained, “The other teams are square. Hello, guys – we have six hours to kill. Really, you’re just going to camp outside the train station?” The sun rose, and everyone boarded the train to Scotland. In Aberdeen, teams sprinted for the parking structure – everyone but the firefighters, since Scott was still limping on his injured ankle. The rest of the teams found their Ford Focuses and were immediately freaked out by driving on the opposite side of the road. Daughter Nici informed mom Shelley that she just hit the curb. Shelley said, “Yeah, well I’m probably going to hit a lot of curbs.” The teams boarded the ferry, and it pushed off for the Shetland Islands.

Scott pulled up his pants leg, and everyone was horrified at his purple, swollen ankle. Shelley said, “His ankle is huge, and not the right color.” Scott propped it up on the seat, saying he was going to take care of it so it would be race-ready. Fortunately for him, the ferry ride was overnight. A rare beautiful morning greeted the teams as they sailed past the treeless green hills of the Shetlands. Scott said his ankle looked like a football, but he knew Michael would step up for the team. “I consider Mike like a brother to me. I trust him with my life, and several times in the past I’ve had to trust him with my life.” The ferry docked, and everyone took off in their Focuses for the Royal National Lifeboat Institute. On the way they commented on the stunning scenery, Tim calling it “majestic.” The firefighters arrived first, along with food scientists Amy & Maya. They were greeted by a man-sized “puffin” who handed over their clue. It told them to drive to the town of Scalloway and search for their next clue at the castle.

On the road, Michael & Scott got stuck behind a driver on “island time.” Keith & Whitney revealed that it was their three-year anniversary, and that they met on Survivor. The couple arrived first at the roofless, centuries-old ruin of Scalloway Castle, and stepped over a skeleton on the floor. (“Sorry, skeleton.”) After walking through a cavernous great hall, they found a room with the clues – and a threatening-looking Viking, complete with hound dog and battle-axe. They grabbed their clue, Keith saying, “Dude, I don’t want to mess with him. Let’s get out of here.” They ripped their clue outside, and discovered a Detour: Pony Up or Light My Fire. Phil revealed that since there are almost no trees on the Shetland Islands, people burn an organic fuel called peat. For Pony Up, teams had to cut fifty slabs of peat from a peat bank, and then load bags of dried peat onto a Shetland pony and make two trips up a hill to deliver them. For Light My Fire, teams had to build a Viking torch, and then carry it to a horde of Vikings on a nearby dock. Keith & Whitney headed to Light My Fire, followed by the firefighters. When Michael asked Scott about his ankle, he said, “I’m not running any foot race.” Teams then piled into the castle, with wrestler Brooke commenting, “That’s so scary,” upon seeing the Viking. She and Robbie chose Pony Up, as did dentists Misti & Jim. Meanwhile, miles away from the castle, college sweethearts Tim & Te Jay drove around in circles. When they stopped for directions, they discovered they were on the wrong side of Shetland. Tim complained, “We’re going to be last.”

Misti & Jim arrived first to the peat bank. Jim said, “This is where we’re going to make up ground.” He quickly started cutting the peat, but Misti had reservations about the second part of the task. “The one Shetland that I’ve met, he was sassy. Not a very nice pony.” Keith agreed as he and Whitney drove to the torch Detour. “Shetland ponies might be like donkeys, where they won’t do what you want them to do.” The former Survivors picked up their torch-building kit, and then ran to the Up Helly Aa Galley Shed. Just behind Keith & Whitney came Michael & Scott (“We’re good at putting fires out.” “Yeah, I don’t know about starting them,”) and cyclists Kym & Alli. Back at Scalloway Castle, Tim & Te Jay finally got their clue. Shelley & Nici, Adam & Bethany, and Amy & Maya all arrived at Pony Up and began cutting peat. Adam did the cutting for his team, while Bethany laid out the peat on the ground. Adam said, “Bethany has a gift of being able to see something that normally I’d think would be really hard with one arm, but she makes it happen.” Jim laid out his twenty-eighth slab of peat, saying “This one is just as easy as the first.” Food scientists Amy & Maya, on the other hand, couldn’t even get started. Pushing together, they only got their spade a few inches into the ground. Amy said, “This is the hardest thing we’ve done on the Race so far.” Eventually they figured out that it wasn’t about strength, but rather the angle they were cutting. “Simple physics.” They got the task underway.

Wrestlers Brooke & Robbie inadvertently showed up at Light My Fire and just decided to do it, Robbie saying, “Robbie and Brooke and fire don’t mix well.” They began building their torch along with Keith & Whitney, Kym & Alli, Michael & Scott, and Tim & Te Jay. There were three steps, each of which had to be approved before they could move onto the next one. The first step was tightly rolling a piece of burlap around a wooden pole and then nailing it in. The judge simply pulled Keith & Whitney’s nail out with his hand. Keith commented, “Very high standards for the Viking torch.” Back at Pony Up, Misti & Jim finished cutting their peat and then loaded bags onto a Shetland pony. The pony eagerly trotted along with them, but Jim said climbing the steep hill was more challenging than cutting the peat. They made their first delivery, then started down for the second. At Light My Fire, teams struggled to wrap and nail their burlap. Keith & Whitney got testy with each other, while Michael & Scott joked around. But despite different work styles, all teams got their first step approved – except the wresters. Robbie said, “I barely know how to use a lighter, let alone make a torch.” Mother and daughter Shelley & Nici finished cutting their peat and began trekking up the hill. Misti & Jim began their second trip up, but this time their pony balked and shied away. Jim said, “Don’t wrestle him, we’re going to get kicked!” Misti added, “I told you these things were sassy!” Finally they calmed down their “beast” and began moving up the hill. At the Galley Shed, teams moved onto the second step of their torches, which was to tightly fold another piece of burlap over the first one and nail it in. Teams folded and hammered, with cyclists Kym & Alli finishing first. Despite their bickering, Keith & Whitney were then approved, followed by Tim and Te Jay.

The Shetland ponies proved trouble for more than just the dentists, as Shelley & Nici and Adam & Bethany wrestled with theirs as well. Jim coaxed his pony, “Come on, Satan.” Despite their troublesome animal, he and Misti delivered their second load of peat and ripped the clue. It told them to travel to Berry Farm in Scalloway. They left in first place, but it was par for the course for Jim: “We arrived first at the task and we were the first to leave, and that’s just the way it should be in my mind.” Back at the top of the hill, Shelley & Nici finished and got their clue. Michael & Scott were approved for the second stage of their torch, while the wrestlers finally got approved for the first stage. Brooke said, “We’re finally past the first part. We’ve got ten more stages to go.” The other teams moved onto the third stage, which was to mix cement and spread it around the base of the burlap. The cyclists once again finished first, and they left for Hay’s Dock to get their clue. Surfers Adam & Bethany delivered their peat and got their clue, while food scientists Amy & Maya finally started up the hill. They had an easier time of it though, since their pony “Cupcake” gave them no trouble at all. They ripped their clue in fourth place.

Back at the Galley Shed, Brooke & Robbie were stumped by how to bend a nail that went into the top of the torch. Tim & Te Jay, Keith & Whitney, and Michael & Scott all got their third step approved and ran for the dock. That left Brooke & Robbie alone, still struggling with the second step. They finally figured it out and were approved to move onto the cement. Brooke said, “We’re used to this. We’ve been in the back of the pack for the whole Race.” The other teams looked for the dock, but Keith & Whitney and Kym & Alli got lost, allowing Tim & Te Jay to find it first. A crowd of armed and bearded Vikings stood cheering by the water. Tim & Te Jay ran up, and after throwing their lit torch onto the Vikings’ fire, got their clue. Misti & Jim arrived at Berry Farm. The clue told them to herd a flock of eight sheep down the middle of a series of gates, and then to corral them into a pen. The dentists released their sheep, which immediately began running and bouncing around the course. Misti said, “They’re skipping!” The sheep darted everywhere, causing Jim to complain, “This is damn near impossible.” The firefighters roared with the Vikings as they delivered their torch, followed by Kym & Alli and Keith & Whitney. Back at the shed, the wrestlers finally got their torch approved, and they sprinted for the dock.

By running alongside the gates, Misti & Jim managed to get their sheep down the middle of the course. Shelley & Nici and Adam & Bethany arrived as the dentists got five of their eight sheep into the pen. Misti begged Jim not to let them out. “Misti, I’ll tackle them before I let them out.” Shelley & Nici and the surfers began the task, running helter-skelter around the pens after their “rowdy” sheep. The dentists finally finished, and the shepherd handed them their next clue – a small piece of Viking treasure. He told them to go where it was found. Phil said the Pit Stop was St. Ninian’s Isle, made famous by the discovery of an eighth-century treasure. Misti & Jim took off in first place. “Team domination, baby!” Back at Hay’s Dock the wrestlers handed over their torch, Brooke flexing her muscles and roaring with the Vikings. Misti & Jim pulled into the Scalloway Museum, and were told to go to St. Ninian’s Isle. They took off, Jim saying, “We’re great. We knew we were the team to beat coming in. The only difference is, now everybody else knows it, too.” Amy & Maya arrived at Berry Farm, while Shelley & Nici and Adam & Bethany continued to chase their sheep. Shelley said, “We’re not as fast as sheep. We’re not dogs, honey.” Misti & Jim arrived at the Pit Stop – a bluff overlooking green hills, a sandbar, and the ocean. They were greeted by Phil and the “puffin” from earlier in the leg. Phil told them they were team number one, and awarded them with a trip to Dubai. Jim said, “We’re going to keep pushing and establish ourselves as the most dominant team ever on the Amazing Race.”

Cyclists Kym & Alli arrived at the sheep, while Shelley & Nici finally figured out that a more relaxed approach might work. Keith & Whitney rolled in, along with Tim & Te Jay. Amy & Maya corralled their sheep and left in second place. Kym & Alli nearly got their sheep down the middle, but one sheep ran off at the last second, causing Alli to flip out. The surfers had more luck when, after walking down the middle, their sheep continued straight into the pen. Bethany called it “a sheep miracle.” On the road, Amy & Maya were misdirected to Scalloway Castle. Meanwhile, Keith & Whitney rather effortlessly walked their sheep through the course and left in fourth place. Michael & Scott jogged in, Scott still limping. Michael said, “You’ve got a little gimp going on.” Meanwhile Shelley & Nici, with their new calm approach, finished the task in fifth. Adam & Bethany went into the Scalloway Museum for directions, while Tim & Te Jay found little success after “baa”-ing at their sheep. Brooke & Robbie showed up and began chasing their sheep around, while Kym & Alli got their flock into the pen and left in sixth place. Adam & Bethany arrived at the Pit Stop in second.

City boys Michael & Scott ran after their sheep hopelessly, Scott saying, “I don’t really like sheep. Sheep got strange features.” The wrestlers finally got the hang of it, corralled their flock, and left in seventh place. Keith & Whitney arrived at the Pit Stop third, and said they didn’t care what the other teams thought of their bickering. “It works for us, and that’s all that matters.” Tim & Te Jay finally “baa”-ed their sheep through the middle of the course. They then decided to block an escape route by meticulously tying together a bunch of spare clothing. The sheep, however, simply bolted underneath the clothesline, causing Tim to shout, “No! Why do they do that?” But things got even worse for the firefighters when Scott’s injured ankle gave out. “My legs are failing me.” He wanted to take the four-hour penalty, but Mike was adamant that that was too much time to waste. Scott said, “Mike’s a leader and he’s working hard, so I tried to get through it. We live as a team, we die as a team.” True to their word, they succeeded in walking the sheep down the middle. While Tim & Te Jay continued to struggle, the firefighters quietly corralled their flock. Then they collected their clue and limped off. Shelley & Nici arrived at the Pit Stop in fourth place, with Amy & Maya right behind in fifth.

Michael & Scott went into a bar for directions, but they thought their instructions of “go where this was found” meant they should find a foundry. So they asked where their clue had been made, and were directed to the town of Weisdale. Back at Berry Farm, Tim & Te Jay finally got their sheep into the pen and ran off, saying, “We can beat the firemen in a foot race.” Brooke & Robbie sprinted past Kym & Alli to the mat, the teams coming in sixth and seventh respectively. In Weisdale, Michael & Scott found Shetland Jewelry, and were told that their clue was taken from the St. Ninian’s Isle treasure designs. After looking on a map, the firefighters realized how far off course they were. Meanwhile, Tim & Te Jay pulled into the helpful Scalloway Museum, and came out with the correct location. It came down to two teams descending on the Pit Stop from two different locations. Te Jay said, “We’ve worked too hard to get here, and to end it with friggin’ sheep would be devastating.” Scott was optimistic, saying, “I think we’re going to beat them. I love it when our backs are against the wall.” But in the end, Tim & Te Jay arrived first, thrilled to still be in the Race. The firefighters limped in, and Phil told them they were eliminated. They maintained a positive attitude though, saying their time on the Race would hopefully give their fellow firefighters some laughs.

Detour: In this Detour, teams chose between Pony Up and Light My Fire. In Pony Up, teams had to cut fifty slabs of peat from a peat bank. Then they had to tie bags of dried peat onto a Shetland pony, and make two trips up a steep hill to deliver them. Light My Fire required teams to properly build a Viking torch by wrapping burlap around a pole, nailing it in, and covering the base with cement. When their torch was approved, teams had to run to Hay’s Dock and deliver it to the Viking for their next clue.
Pony Up: Misti/Jim, Shelley/Nici, Adam/Bethany, Amy/Maya
Light My Fire: Tim/Te Jay, Michael/Scott, Kym/Alli, Keith/Whitney, Brooke/Robbie

Order of Finish: 1. Misti & Jim 2. Adam & Bethany 3. Keith & Whitney 4. Shelley & Nici 5. Amy & Maya 6. Brooke & Robbie 7. Kym & Alli 8. Tim & Te Jay 9. Michael & Scott