Season 25: Episode 4 - Thinly Sliced Anchovies
Posted on Oct 17, 2014 11:00pm


In Copenhagen, Denmark, a cycling task helped propel Kym & Alli into first place. Dentists Misti & Jim had a shockingly difficult leg, but were spared by non-elimination and got to keep the Save.

On the remote Shetland Islands, teams woke to a gray and dreary morning after camping on the beach. Dentists Misti & Jim ripped the clue first at 10:36 a.m. It told them to take a thirteen-hour ferry ride back to Aberdeen, Scotland, and then to fly to Copenhagen, Denmark. When they arrived they’d find a Ford C-Max and their next clue. Jim said they didn’t plan on using the Save. “We’re going to stay at the head of the pack and keep everybody in our dust.” Unfortunately for them, the next ferry wasn’t until 5:30 in the evening. Since the Shetland Islands didn’t have a travel agency, the dentists went to the library to research flights online. Surfers Adam & Bethany left the Pit Stop in second place, followed by former Survivors Keith & Whitney. Misti & Jim found a flight that landed at 4:00 p.m. the following day and booked it over the phone, confident that no one would find anything better. Keith & Whitney and Adam & Bethany arrived at the ferry terminal, but believed there was no way they could buy plane tickets before arriving in Aberdeen. The rest of the teams showed up, and everyone boarded the ferry with only the dentists having booked a flight. Some teams planned on racing for the travel agency once they arrived in Aberdeen, but wrestlers Brooke & Robbie said that since they arrived at 7:00 a.m., and the travel agency didn’t open until 9:00 a.m., they were going straight to the airport.

The ferry docked the next morning and the teams drove off. Cyclists Kym & Alli also headed for the airport, along with college sweethearts Tim & Te Jay. Kym & Alli ended up on a flight landing at 2:00 p.m., while the wrestlers were set to land at 5:10 p.m., and Tim & Te Jay at 5:15 p.m. Adam & Bethany, Keith & Whitney, mother and daughter Shelley & Nici, and food scientists Amy & Maya entered the travel agency to buy tickets while Kym & Alli took off for Copenhagen. Although Shelley & Nici got their tickets first, they were only scheduled to arrive at 5:20 p.m., while Amy & Maya, Keith & Whitney, and Adam & Bethany got onto a flight arriving at 5:10 p.m. At the airport, dentists Misti & Jim discovered that Kym & Alli were going to arrive two hours ahead of them. “Until Phil tells us we’re second, we’re racing for the win.” The dentists took off for Copenhagen. Wrestlers Brooke & Robbie met up with the teams from the travel agency on their 5:10 p.m flight, and they all took off. At 5:35 p.m., Tim & Te Jay boarded their slightly delayed flight. Finally, mother and daughter Shelley & Nici boarded. Their flight was delayed by an hour, so they weren’t scheduled to arrive until 6:20 p.m. Nici said, “We’re still calm, though.”

In clean, beautiful Copenhagen, cyclists Kym & Alli landed and found their Ford C-Max hybrid. Phil was on site to announce that they had a substantial lead over the other teams. The clue told them to drive to Malmo, Sweden using less than one tenth (.10) of a gallon of gas. If they used more than that, they’d have to answer the question of a local geography student. Kym & Alli took off, happy to be driving a fuel-efficient vehicle. Kym said, “As cyclists, Alli and I both try to be environmentally conscious.” After driving across an eight-kilometer bridge, they arrived in Malmo. A technician checked their fuel gage, and said they’d driven over twenty miles on less than one one-hundredth of a gallon of gas! They ripped their clue, which was a Detour: Parking Space or Wedding Cake. Parking Space required teams to set up a parklet – a parking space that’s been re-purposed into a place to relax. Teams had to choose a set of parklet furniture, and arrange it to exactly match their given picture. If they failed to do so in thirty minutes, they’d have to switch parking spaces and begin again. In Wedding Cake, teams had to decorate a traditional, multi-tiered Danish wedding cake, complete with icing and miniature flags. They then had deliver it to a restaurant on a Bullitt bike – a cargo bike in which one person pedaled while the other sat on a platform in front holding the cake. If they delivered the cake intact, the maître d’ would sign a receipt, which they’d return to the baker for their next clue. Kym & Alli naturally chose the cycling challenge, and started back to Denmark. Back at Copenhagen Airport, dentists Jim & Misti landed and started driving across the bridge to Malmo. Jim commented that the faster you go, the more energy you burn per mile.

Kym & Alli arrived at the bakery and started decorating their wedding cake, gluing the tiers together with icing and sticking in miniature Danish flags. Kym said, “This feels a little bit like Jenga with sweets.” Misti & Jim arrived in Malmo, but had used .15 gallons of gas. They found the geography student, who told them to name the capitals of the Scandinavian countries – Norway, Sweden and Denmark. They looked for someone with a smart phone. The 5:10 p.m. flight landed, and Survivors Keith & Whitney, food scientists Amy & Maya, surfers Adam & Bethany, and wrestlers Brooke & Robbie ran for their Fords. The surfers immediately had a lead foot, and their car warned them, “engine on due to acceleration.” Adam said, “Accelerating is always a fuel burner.” Keith watched other teams pass them, and commented that they were all going too fast. In Copenhagen, Tim & Te Jay landed and jumped in their car, while in Malmo the dentists learned the answer to the geography question. They ripped their Detour clue and chose Parking Space.

At the bakery, cyclists Kym & Alli finished their cake, which ultimately had twenty-one tiers. The baker handed them a receipt to get signed, and as they carried the wobbly dessert out the door they grabbed an extra piping bag full of icing. “You can’t be too safe.” Kym said she’d ridden a cargo bike last year at the Cycle Messenger World Championships, and it was very difficult. “I was swerving everywhere.” But Alli didn’t even get a chance to sit down with the cake before the top fell off. They decided to just place the top and bottom halves side by side, and fix the cake when they arrived. They started off, but even professional cyclist Kym had trouble steering the “squirrely” bike. In Malmo, wrestlers Brooke & Robbie failed to drive efficiently enough, while engaged couple Keith & Whitney succeeded and got their clue. (“Wedding Cake, duh! We’ve got to choose that!”) Surfers Adam & Bethany and food scientists Amy & Maya arrived, but neither team had driven efficiently either. Along with the wrestlers, they got the answers to the geography question from locals. The surfers and the wrestlers chose Wedding Cake for the Detour, while the scientists chose Parking Space. Back at the airport, mother and daughter Shelley & Nici finally landed. Cyclists Kym & Alli arrived at the restaurant with their broken wedding cake, and pulled out their piping bag on the sidewalk to glue it back together. They then carried it inside, but Alli couldn’t find the receipt they needed to get signed. Fortunately for them, it was just out on the sidewalk. They got it signed and were on their way. Alli pedaled back to the bakery while Kym stood up and cheered on the bike’s cargo platform. They then got their clue, which told them to drive themselves to the Ida Davidsen Restaurant.

After hoping the cyclists had gotten bogged down at Wedding Cake, dentists Misti & Jim arrived at Parking Space. While hipsters played the guitar and bongo drums nearby, the dentists chose a garden setting and began setting up a bench and flower boxes. They were confident, Misti saying, “This is what we do for a living – attention to detail.” Wrestlers Brooke & Robbie, surfers Adam & Bethany, and former Survivors Keith & Whitney arrived at the bakery and began assembling their cakes. Robbie said, “I don’t remember if I still know how to ride a bike.” Misti & Jim continued working on their parklet, while food scientists Amy & Maya arrived and began arranging a living room setting. In Malmo, college sweethearts Tim & Te Jay arrived, but had used more than a tenth of a gallon of gas. Te Jay’s geographic knowledge allowed them to breeze through the Scandinavian capitals question, and they received their clue. They chose Parking Space and headed back to Denmark. Shelly & Nici then showed up, having driven efficiently enough to get their clue. They chose Parking Space as well.

Cyclists Kym & Alli arrived at the Ida Davidsen Restaurant and ripped their clue. It was a Roadblock: “Who has a good memory for faces?” Phil explained that the restaurant is a cultural institution in Denmark, with a menu of over 280 open-faced sandwiches. Teams had to memorize the numbers and ingredients of four different sandwiches, and relay the order to the chef to get their next clue. Kym took the Roadblock, although she admitted she was fired from her waitressing job before becoming a bike messenger. She took the four sandwich numbers from her customers, but had trouble keeping even those straight. “This is the hard part, and this isn’t even the hard part yet.” She was then shocked to see the floor-to-ceiling menu. At Wedding Cake, Keith & Whitney got onto the bike with their “super shaky” cake. Keith rolled into the street and earned honks from angry motorists before wobbling into the bicycle lane. Then the top of their cake fell off. Robbie struggled just to ride the bike, while the surfers’ cake fell apart after only a short distance. Bethany suggested switching Detours, because she didn’t think she could steer Adam’s weight. Brooke sat down with the cake, and despite getting in the way of the locals, the wrestlers finally got off smoothly.

Kym struggled in her first attempt at memorizing the sandwich ingredients and said she needed to try again. The chef still told her sternly, “It’s not right.” Keith & Whitney made another attempt at Wedding Cake, but their cake toppled almost immediately. They decided to switch Detours. At Parking Space, dentists Misti & Jim got judged on their parklet. But despite Jim’s confidence (“There’s no way that another team should pass us,”) they weren’t approved. They hurried to find out what they’d done wrong before their thirty minutes ran out. Ultimately, however, they failed to notice that the flower graphic on their flowerpot had seven petals rather than eight. Their time expired, and they were forced to start over. On the bridge back to Denmark, college sweethearts Tim & Te Jay and mother and daughter Shelley & Nici headed for the Detour. At the Roadblock, Kym successfully gave her sandwich order and got the clue. It said to travel to the Pit Stop, which was at sustainable residential apartment buildings called the VM Houses. The cyclists took off for the Pit Stop.

Brooke struggled to hold the wedding cake on the bike. “My arms! My back!” But despite her discomfort, she kept the cake intact. At Parking Space, surfers Adam & Bethany and former Survivors Keith & Whitney joined the dentists and the scientists. Whitney said, “Back from the impossible challenge!” and the couple was thrilled to see Misti & Jim still working. Brooke & Robbie finally arrived at the restaurant and delivered their cake. The maître d’ signed their receipt and they headed back to the bakery. Misti & Jim still couldn’t figure out what was wrong with their parklet, even as they adjusted the flowerpot. Jim called it, “The most frustrating thing in the world.” Scientists Amy & Maya, on the other hand, were approved on their living room set and got the clue. Maya cheered, “Yea, attention to friggin’ detail! Yea, food scientists!” Adam & Bethany got judged, but their flowerpot also only had seven petals, and they were rejected. “Wow, gnarly.” Meanwhile, Keith & Whitney’s living room set was approved. The dentists asked to be judged again. There was a flashback to the beginning of the leg where Jim said, “I’d love to prove ourselves to be the most dominant team ever in Amazing Race history.” And they were again rejected. Jim said, “I can feel the Save going right down the tubes.” They decided to switch Detours, knowing that at least with the Save they weren’t going home. At the VM Houses, two Great Danes stood with Phil and the greeter on the mat. Kym & Alli ran up as team number one, and Phil told them they each won a 2014 Ford C-Max Hybrid. At the Ida Davidsen Restaurant, scientists Amy & Maya and wrestlers Brooke & Robbie arrived. Maya and Robbie began the Roadblock. Robbie introduced himself to the chef: “I’m Robbie. I’m a wrestler. This is going to be hard.” He and Brooke joked that as wrestlers they get hit in the head a lot. College sweethearts Tim & Te Jay finally arrived at Parking Space and commented that the surfers seemed a little frustrated. Bethany said, “Oh my gosh, why is it so hard? I need to mellow out.” Mother and daughter Shelley & Nici showed up soon after, thrilled to see teams still there. Misti & Jim got to the bakery and began decorating their wedding cake, while former Survivors Keith & Whitney arrived at the Ida Davidsen Restaurant. Whitney chose the Roadblock, while Robbie and Maya failed to complete their orders correctly.

Misti & Jim finished building the wedding cake and left to find a bicycle, Jim saying, “This was way friggin’ easier.” Then they got on the bike. Jim pedaled and began wobbling almost immediately, causing Misti to complain that flags were falling off the cake. The dentists finally got moving, but unknowingly left a flag on the ground behind them. At the Roadblock, Maya got all her sandwiches correct and was so happy that she fell on the floor when presented with the clue. Back at Wedding Cake, Misti sat with her arms and legs wrapped around the cake and Danish flags sticking out of her mouth. Locals pointed and laughed as they rode by, causing Jim to grumble, “This is embarrassing.” Robbie finally got all of his sandwich orders correct at the Roadblock, while Brooke cheered outside. “After this, she’s a phenomenal baker,” Robbie boasted, “and I’m a phenomenal waitress…. Waiter.” Whitney then got her order correct, and received the clue in fourth place. At Parking Space, both the surfers and Tim & Te Jay figured out the flower petal discrepancy and were approved. The college sweethearts sprinted past Shelley & Nici who were still working, commenting, “We can catch up to the surfers.” The mother and daughter remained calm, knowing they were almost done. Misti & Jim finally delivered their cake, but the maître d’ refused to accept it. “It’s not what I ordered.” The dentists took the cake away, Jim saying, “I’d like to shoot myself in the face right now.” They figured they’d dropped a flag along the way, and headed back to find it. Meanwhile, wrestlers Brooke & Robbie arrived at the Pit Stop in second place. At Parking Space, Shelley & Nici began bickering, with Nici having trouble listening to her mother. Keith & Whitney arrived at the Pit Stop in third place, while Misti & Jim found their missing flag on the sidewalk. They said they knew they’d have to use the Save, but didn’t feel any better because they were struggling with having to give it up. They returned to the restaurant with their completed cake and got their receipt signed.

Tim & Te Jay arrived at the Ida Davidsen Restaurant, and since Te Jay worked as a server, he took the Roadblock. “I better not mess this up.” The surfers showed up, and Adam took the Roadblock. Back at Parking Space, Shelley & Nici were finally approved. Scientists Amy & Maya arrived at the Pit Stop in fourth place, Amy imitating Phil’s cocked eyebrow. Misti & Jim arrived at the Ida Davidsen Restaurant just as Te Jay got approved. Jim said Misti was smart and would do well. He also felt good that Shelley & Nici were behind them. Adam gave his sandwich order, but wasn’t approved. Misti tried, but wasn’t approved either. Then Shelley & Nici pulled up. “Oh, look at all the people there! Life just got better.” Nici took the Roadblock. “This is so my thing.” Adam finally got his order approved and the surfers ripped their clue in sixth place. Misti tried again, but again failed. Tim & Te Jay arrived at the Pit Stop in fifth. The Great Dane jumped up on Phil, who commented, “I think it’s mating season.” At the Roadblock, Nici got her sandwich order approved on her first try. But even on her fourth attempt, Misti couldn’t get it. Jim said, “It looks like the Save is going to burn tonight.” But two other teams were having trouble en route to the Pit Stop. Adam & Bethany got lost, while Shelley & Nici started bickering again and switched drivers. Shelley got in the back seat saying, “I’m tired of being barked at today.” At the restaurant, Misti finally pulled out her clue and realized that she never stated the sandwich numbers before the ingredients. “Oh, dear Lord…. It was a fatal mistake.” She gave the order again with the numbers and was quickly approved.

As they passed the Pit Stop, Nici spotted the mat. Shelley then said that there’d been a man standing at the last corner they passed. When Nici asked why she didn’t say anything, Shelley said, “Because I’m not driving, you are.” “Mom, you’re friggin’ screwing us if you’re not saying anything! Don’t do s--- like that!” Shelley said Nici shouldn’t always be melting down, and that when she did, she, Shelley, would stop until Nici got control of herself. Nici tripped and fell on her face on the way to the mat, but was so angry with her mother that she didn’t seem to care. Phil asked Shelley if proving a point was that important, and she said yes. Nici then marched off the mat. When Phil told her to act like a grown-up and come back, she said, “I want to run the race, but I can’t win it with someone who doesn’t want to win with me. Because she did that, I don’t even feel like she wants to be here.” A teary Adam & Bethany arrived at the mat in seventh place. Finally the dentists showed up, Misti commenting that the dogs fell asleep waiting on them. Jim immediately handed over the Save, but Phil handed it back, saying it was a non-elimination leg. Jim said, “Every drop of confidence that I’ve had for the first three legs – it’s all gone.” Misti added, “We got our teeth kicked in today.”

This Detour was a choice between Parking Space and Wedding Cake. In Parking Space, teams had to create a parklet – a parking space that’s been repurposed into an area to sit and relax. They had to choose either a garden setting or a living room setting, and arrange it to exactly match their given photo. If they didn’t finish in thirty minutes, they had to choose another parking space and start over. In Wedding Cake, teams had to ice and decorate a traditional Danish wedding cake, then deliver it on a Bullitt cargo bike to a restaurant. If the cake arrived intact, the maître d’ would sign their receipt, which they’d return to the baker for their next clue.

Parking Space: Amy/Maya, Keith/Whitney, Adam/Bethany, Tim/Te Jay, Shelley/Nici
Wedding Cake: Kym/Alli, Brooke/Robbie, Misti/Jim

In this roadblock, teams had to memorize the menu numbers and ingredients of four different sandwiches at the iconic Ida Davidsen Restaurant. When they correctly recited the order, the chef would hand them their next clue. Performed Roadblock: Kym, Maya, Robbie, Whitney, Te Jay, Adam, Nici, Misti

Order of finish: 1. Kym & Alli 2. Brooke & Robbie 3. Keith & Whitney 4. Amy & Maya 5. Tim & Te Jay 6. Shelley & Nici 7. Adam & Bethany 8. Jim & Misti