Season 25: Episode 5 - Morocc’ and Roll
Posted on Oct 24, 2014 11:00pm

Teams struggled to navigate through chaotic Marrakech. An altercation between mother and daughter Shelley & Nici and former Survivors Keith & Whitney led to the former U-Turning the latter… and the engaged couple’s elimination.

The uniquely spiky VM Houses in Copenhagen were where cyclists Kym & Alli ripped their clue at 9:48 p.m. It told them to fly to Marrakech, Morocco and make their way to the Jemaa El-Fnna Marketplace. Once there, they’d find their next clue at the food cart garage. Kym & Alli headed for a travel agency, saying their substantial lead in the last leg allowed them race with patience and confidence. They now wanted to maintain that mindset while racing with other teams. Wrestlers Brooke & Robbie ripped the clue second, Robbie saying, “Play the moroccos! A morocco is the circular thing with all the bells around it.” Engaged former Survivors Keith & Whitney started the leg with an eye on winning a honeymoon, and they were followed by food scientists Amy & Maya. Meanwhile, Kym & Alli sat at the travel agency, but discovered that the earliest flight to Marrakech wasn’t until 8:25 the next morning. Kym said, “Our lead… is gone.” College sweethearts Tim & Te Jay left the Pit Stop fifth, ready to “Moroccan roll.” Then came mother and daughter Shelley & Nici, who’d had an explosive fight at the end of the last leg. Shelley said they’d had a long talk, and were working on their communication. “[Nici] left home at seventeen, and this is the first time we’ve been in each other’s space nonstop, constantly.” Surfers Adam & Bethany ripped the clue seventh, and were followed in last place by married dentists Misti & Jim.

At Copenhagen Airport the next morning, Misti & Jim revealed to the other teams that it had been a non-elimination leg, so they still had the Save. Teams obviously weren’t pleased, and Jim said he liked people knowing that the Save was still in play if a U-turn came up. “I wouldn’t want to form an enemy who I knew wasn’t going home.” All teams took off together for Morocco. In Marrakech, Misti and Jim grabbed a taxi to Jemaa El-Fnna Marketplace. Despite having a Speed Bump, they were confident. “Team Domination, back in the house.” In their taxi, Nici used her Spanish to get their driver to hold their bags. Mother and daughter clearly seemed to be on better terms. Shelley grinned, saying, “This is the face of a really proud mama.” The bustling and chaotic Jemaa El-Fnna Marketplace, complete with street musicians and snake charmers, is where the teams arrived. Cyclist Alli said, “I feel like I’m in a scene out of a movie right now.” Crossing the vast, crowded space, teams searched for the food cart garage. Tim ran by the shops saying, “I want to buy everything!” while others were excited to see live cobras on the ground.

Everyone grabbed the clue. It was an Active Route Marker, which told them to set up food carts in the square. It also warned of a U-Turn ahead. Adjacent to the clue box, dentists Misti & Jim discovered their Speed Bump. They had to collect eight rugs at a carpet shop and carry them to a nearby hotel. Then, using a hooked pole, they had to string them up on a wire to display for sale. When their work was approved, they could continue racing. The dentists hurried to the carpet shop. Jim picked up most of the rugs, leaving the remaining few for Misti. Jim asked, “Can you get those? Are you strong enough?” Misti insisted, “I’m good, I’m good.” Everyone else arrived at the food carts and began pulling them into the square. The carts, however, were cumbersome and heavy. Cyclist Alli jogged to keep ahead of hers as it rolled. “I thought that vendor cart was going to take me out.” Wrestlers Brooke & Robbie could barely control theirs, and Shelley & Nici nearly hit another cart. Meanwhile, Misti & Jim found the hotel and began stringing up their carpets. Jim said the hard part was getting the hook off once the carpet was hung. Back in the square, teams struggled to assemble their carts’ metal framework, trays and tables. Fortunately some locals jumped in to help.

At the Speed Bump, Misti’s carpet kept falling off the hook before she could hang it. Jim told her to keep trying. “If you get it, you get it. If you don’t, I will.” While assembling their carts, teams stood atop the rickety tables to put together the overhead framework. Then the food pots came out. College sweethearts Tim & Te Jay nearly vomited when they found what appeared to be goat heads in theirs. “It smells so bad.” Cyclists Kym & Alli, on the other hand, got cilantro and olives. “It smells so good. Do we get to eat it when it’s done?” Wrestlers Brooke & Robbie got eggs. When Robbie asked for an omelet, Brooke said, “You don’t want an omelet from these eggs. They’re so warm, they have to be like, bad.” Former Survivors Keith & Whitney finished first, which they attributed to good teamwork – and to their local helper’s crush on Whitney. The next clue told them to make their way on foot through the Old City and find the Bab Debbagh Tannery. They took off running. At the Speed Bump, Misti’s hook became tangled in the carpet fringe. As Jim struggled to free it, they worried about falling behind. Jim said, “Just pray we don’t get U-Turned.” Finally they untangled the hook, finished the task, and ran for the food carts. As teams finished assembling their carts, Jim pulled his into the square like an ox. Misti walked alongside, causing Jim to shout, “Misti, get behind and push!” Cyclists Kym & Alli, wrestlers Brooke & Robbie, and mother and daughter Shelley & Nici finished their carts and ripped their clues. Meanwhile, former Survivors Keith & Whitney were still looking for the tannery. Whitney asked, “Who are we U-Turning?” Keith snapped back, “I don’t care, honey. I don’t care right now.” Food scientists Amy & Maya finished their soup cart and ripped the clue in fifth place, followed by surfers Adam & Bethany and college sweethearts Tim & Te Jay. While the rest of the teams got hopelessly lost in the “rat maze” of city streets, the dentists finished their cart, happy to be making up ground.

Keith & Whitney reached the tannery first and ripped their clue. It was a Roadblock, which required teams to scrape the hair off of three hides. They then had to strap three bundles of prepared hides onto a bicycle and deliver them to a nearby cobbler. He’d give them a receipt, which they’d return to the tannery for their next clue. Keith chose to do the Roadblock just as the other teams showed up. Amy and Brooke chose to do it, as did Bethany who wanted to do a Roadblock to “basically get the butterflies out of my stomach.” Tim and Kym took it for their teams. Amy immediately slipped and fell into a chemical vat. “That was a fun way to start the Roadblock.” Teams started stripping the skin from the hides, and the smell was clearly awful. Keith said, “It smells like poo!” Brooke gagged, saying, “This is rotten, man… This is the grossest thing I’ve ever done in my life.” Kym added, “This is why I wear fake leather.” Adam gave Bethany some questionable encouragement: “It’s just like shaving my back!” Mother and daughter Shelley & Nici arrived, and Nici took the Roadblock. Adam commented that Bethany was doing great as she used her feet to hold down the hides. The dentists showed up and Misti took the task, wanting to get past her failure on the sandwich Roadblock in Copenhagen. Cyclist Kym finished, gathered up three prepared hides, and strapped them to a bike. Meanwhile, food scientist Maya wasn’t perturbed by the smell of the tannery. “We’re embracing the culture here, so it’s not that bad.” Jim mimicked her in an interview, adding, “No, it smells like ----!” Kym traveled through the city with her hides. She said she was in her element on the bike, but it didn’t matter how fast she went since she didn’t know where she was going. Keith and Tim followed, equally lost, while Bethany got some assistance from locals in tying her hides to the bike. Back at the tannery, only Nici and Misti remained. Shelley prodded her daughter, “Misti’s catching you! Misti’s got two done already!” Jim jumped on it. “You hear that? They’re getting scared. Blood in the water!” The rest of the teams continued to bike in circles through the narrow, winding streets. Misti finished stripping her hides ahead of Nici, but had trouble securing the prepared hides to the bike. Other teams crossed paths at an intersection, all equally clueless. Brooke was impressed seeing Bethany ride up. “I cannot believe how awesome Bethany is at all of these challenges. I’m having difficulty with two arms, and she has one.” Kym added, “Bethany is a beast.” Nici and Misti both struggled to get their hides tied to the bikes. Misti accidentally knocked over Nici’s bike (“I’m sorry, I’m so sorry,”) and then bumped into a motorbike and fell over herself.

All eight teams ended up convening in the same intersection. It was an eight-way race, but Tim found the cobbler first. Teams descended on the shop as he handed over his hides. A chaotic mess followed, with eight racers, eight bikes, twenty-four bundles of hides, and a slew of locals all crammed into one tiny alley. Teams turned in their hides, got their receipts, and started riding back to the tannery. But Tim and Amy headed in the opposite direction from everyone else. The rest of the teams arrived back at the tannery and rushed to meet up with their partners to get the clue. Mother and daughter Shelley & Nici and former Survivor Keith were at the front of the group, but Shelley said, “You have to be with your partner, Keith!” Whitney ran up, but by then Shelley was trying to move Keith aside. He shouted, “Don’t push me! Back up! You push me one more time….” Shelley shot back, “And what? Don’t threaten me.” Despite the altercation, the former Survivors got the clue first. It told them to go to Ben Youssef Medersa (a former Islamic college and current historical site) and search for their next clue. In an interview Shelley said, “I thought he was… a butthole. His partner was not there. It was dirty play.” She ended with, “Karma takes care of everything.” Keith & Whitney hurried down the street worried about getting U-Turned. Back at the tannery, Amy and Tim finally showed up and got their clues.

At Ben Youssef Medersa, teams ripped their clue and found a Detour: Twirl Time or Tea Time. For Twirl Time, teams had to play Moroccan instruments while one member spun their head to twirl a tassel on their hat. If they could play and twirl for one consecutive minute, they’d receive their next clue. In Tea Time, teams had to pick up a Moroccan tea set and take it on foot to a restaurant. Once there, one team member had to hold the tea tray with one arm while the other lifted the teakettles high up while pouring. Surfers Adam & Bethany, wrestlers Brooke & Robbie, dentists Misti & Jim, and college sweethearts Tim & Te Jay chose Tea Time, while Keith & Whitney, Shelley & Nici, cyclists Kym & Alli, and food scientists Amy & Maya chose Twirl Time. The Tea Time teams picked up their tea sets and began walking to the restaurant, while the Twirl Time teams arrived at the music shop and chose their street performer costumes. Even the fittest teams had trouble carrying the heavy metal tea sets, while the twirling teams struggled through rehearsal. At the restaurant, Misti & Jim attempted the pouring, but Misti held the tea tray with two hands rather than one, and they weren’t approved. Surfers Adam & Bethany stepped aside for a practice round, saying, “We’ve been continually learning to take our time.” Wrestlers Brooke & Robbie tried it, but Brooke didn’t lift the teakettles high enough while pouring. At Twirl Time, nobody had an easy time of it. Cyclist Kym got dizzy, and likened herself to a cartoon character with birds circling her head. Maya’s tasseled hat wouldn’t stay on, and she compared the hat and her hair to oil and water. Mom Shelley said, “That tassel was smacking me all in the face…. I have a knot on my forehead.”

College sweethearts Tim & Te Jay arrived at the restaurant as Misti & Jim started their second attempt. But Misti still held the tray with two hands and they were rejected. Likewise, Brooke still didn’t pour from the proper height, and the wrestlers were rejected as well. Surfers Adam & Bethany made their first attempt and found that their practice paid off. They ripped their clue in first place, and it told them to make their way to Le Grande Balcon Café Glacier. In the square, Kym was too dizzy to keep twirling, so she and Alli switched places. Despite the hat nearly falling off her head, Alli contorted her body and kept the tassel moving. They finished the task in second place. Keith & Whitney, on the other hand, had more trouble. Keith shouted, “It’s your head that’s making us not succeed!” They switched places, but Keith had no more luck twirling. Amy & Maya and Shelley & Nici continued to struggle as well. At Tea Time, college sweethearts Tim & Te Jay didn’t lift the teakettles high enough, and were rejected. Misti & Jim and Brooke & Robbie also continued to be rejected for their same mistakes. Brooke lamented, “I don’t get it, I don’t get it.” At Le Grande Balcon Café Glacier, Kym & Alli arrived first and found the U-Turn. They chose not to U-Turn anyone and ripped their clue. It told them to make their way to the next Pit Stop, Al Matjar Carpet Shop. They ran off just before Adam & Bethany arrived. The surfers chose not to U-Turn as well. The two teams raced for the mat, with Kym & Alli winning by a narrow margin. Phil told them they were team number one and that they’d each won five thousand dollars. They were thrilled to be first again, but hoped they hadn’t put a target on their backs.

Back at Twirl Time, Nici told mom Shelley to not change the pace or direction of her head while spinning. Shelley took the advice, and while Amy & Maya and Keith & Whitney continued to struggle, Shelley & Nici completed the task. They rushed to the U-Turn, but were torn about whether to U-Turn Keith & Whitney, with whom they’d had their altercation, or Misti & Jim, who still had the Save. Looking over the balcony, they saw Keith & Whitney still at the Detour and decided on them. Shelley said, “He played dirty and dirty came back and bit him.” Tim & Te Jay poured the tea successfully and got the clue, while Misti & Jim failed on their ninth attempt. Only then did Misti notice the demonstrator was holding the tray with one hand. At Twirl Time, Maya’s hat fell off yet again, and she and Amy decided to switch places. Shelley & Nici collected their bags from their taxi driver and headed to the Pit Stop. Tim & Te Jay chose not to U-Turn, and ripped the clue in fourth place. Back at Tea Time, Misti & Jim started their tenth attempt, with Misti finally holding the tray correctly. They were approved, and ripped the clue in fifth place. Wrestlers Brooke & Robbie also finally figured out that they weren’t pouring high enough. They corrected their method, and were approved on their eighth attempt. At Twirl Time, Amy said she’d been in band for years, and could quickly pick up rhythm. She twirled successfully, and they got the clue.

Tim & Te Jay arrived at the Pit Stop in third place, followed by Shelley & Nici, who were in a much better mood than at the last Pit Stop. “Blood is thicker than water. Do not worry about us.” Shelley said they’re a strong team when they’re focused and communicating well. Brooke & Robbie, Misti & Jim, and Amy & Maya all chose not to U-Turn anyone. At Twirl Time, Whitney wanted to give up and switch Detours. Brooke & Robbie, Misti & Jim, and Amy & Maya checked into the Pit Stop in fifth, sixth and seventh place. The dentists were excited to have their Speed Bump over with, and were ready to get back on top. Keith & Whitney then switched to Tea Time, already in last place. Whitney said they had a horrible day. “Everything pretty much just fell apart.” But she said it was worth postponing their wedding in order to be on the Race. They arrived at Le Grande Balcon Café Glacier and discovered they’d been U-Turned by Shelley & Nici. Keith said, “Well, we shouldn’t have got in a fight with them.” They finally completed Twirl Time, and when they arrived at the mat Phil told them they were eliminated. Keith said, “It hurts. It’s hard when you’re competitive and you lose.” Whitney said if they’d chosen the other Detour, they probably would’ve gotten first and won their honeymoon. Keith added, “We’ll just have to pay for it now.”

In this Roadblock, one team member had to remove the hair from three hides at a tannery. They then had to secure three bundles of prepared hides to a bicycle and ride through the streets to a cobbler’s shop. After delivering their hides, they’d get a receipt, which they had to return to the tannery for their next clue.

Performed Roadblock: Keith, Nici, Bethany, Misti, Brooke, Kym, Amy, Tim

SPEED BUMP In this Speed Bump, Misti & Jim had to collect eight rugs from a carpet shop and take them to a nearby hotel. They then had to use hooked poles to hang the rugs on a wire to display for sale. Once their display was approved, they could continue racing.

DETOUR This Detour was a choice between Twirl Time and Tea Time. In Twirl Time, teams had to dress as street performers and play instruments. One team member also had to twirl a tassel on his or her hat. If they could twirl the tassel and keep the beat for one consecutive minute, they’d receive their next clue. In Tea Time, teams had to carry a heavy Moroccan tea set to a restaurant. They then had to serve the tea with one team member holding the tray with one arm while the other lifted the teakettles high up while pouring. When they served correctly, they’d receive their next clue.

Twirl Time: Kym/Alli, Shelley/Nici, Amy/Maya, Keith/Whitney
Tea Time: Adam/Bethany, Tim/Te Jay, Misti/Jim, Brooke/Robbie, Keith/Whitney
U-TURN Shelley/Nici U-Turned Keith/Whitney

Order of finish: 1. Kym & Alli 2. Adam & Bethany 3. Tim & Te Jay 4. Shelley & Nici 5. Brooke & Robbie 6. Misti & Jim 7. Amy & Maya 8. Keith & Whitney