Season 25: Episode 6 - I Feel Like I Just Kissed A Goat
Posted on Oct 31, 2014 11:00pm

In rural Morocco, dentists Misti & Jim returned to the head of the pack. Mother and daughter Shelley & Nici spent most of the leg driving aimlessly, and were eliminated.

At the Al Matjar Carpet Shop, cyclists Kym & Alli ripped the clue in first place at 8:15 a.m. It told them to go to work with the famous horse-drawn carriages of Marrakech. Teams had to deliver two marked bags of hay to a stable, and then return to town in a horse-drawn carriage. After feeding apples to their horses, they’d get their next clue and could pick up a Ford Fiesta. Kym & Alli had trouble finding a taxi, allowing second-place surfers Adam & Bethany to get out ahead of them. College sweethearts Tim & Te Jay left the Pit Stop third. They said they were up against the most physical teams possible: “Professional wrestlers, professional surfers, professional dentists who body-build on the side.” They hoped they could beat those teams using strategy – and then proceeded to get lost. Mother and daughter Shelley & Nici left in fourth place. After their huge blowup in Leg Four, they were trying to be more amicable. Shelley said, “I didn’t like the fighting because that’s not the relationship I want with her.” Wrestlers Brooke & Robbie left next, followed by dentists Misti & Jim. Both teams jumped into taxis. Jim said, “If somebody tries to walk there, they’re dead in the water.” Surfers Adam & Bethany arrived at the hay stand, and Adam picked up both bags of hay. The cyclists arrived next. Alli said, “Hay’s not that heavy.” Kym picked up her bag. “Liar!” Food scientists Amy & Maya left the Pit Stop last, saying they often pass up teams at the challenges but have trouble with directions. Maya said, “The direction thing is really going to bite us in the butt if we don’t get it together.” Adam & Bethany arrived at the stable with the hay and were told to store it atop one of the walls. Bethany climbed up a wooden ladder (“Whoa, rickety!”) and Adam handed up the bags to her. They collected two apples and got into a carriage just as Kym & Alli arrived with their hay.

Tim & Te Jay belatedly jumped into a taxi, Tim saying, “I wish we knew the distance so we could’ve took a cab in the beginning.” Meanwhile, mother and daughter Shelley & Nici and food scientists Amy & Maya continued looking for the hay on foot. The cyclists got into their carriage, calling their eager horse “Alli” and their stubborn horse “Kym.” Kym told her horse, “You might want to go to a dentist – your teeth are kind of yellow. You should talk to this team I know.” That same team passed by going the other direction. They arrived at the hay and Jim hoisted both bags onto his shoulders. Wrestlers Brooke & Robbie also arrived, and they each picked up a bag as Misti & Jim delivered their hay. Robbie said, “I’m about to body slam this bag of hay.” Brooke took a moment to do just that and to give her signature muscle flex. After delivering their bags, the wrestlers ran into Tim & Te Jay, who were still looking for the pickup station. Brooke said, “Way over that way.” As surfers Adam & Bethany pulled up in the square and fed apples to their horses, food scientists Amy & Maya ran over to ask where the hay was. Bethany told them to get a taxi. Adam then said the same thing as mother and daughter Shelley & Nici ran up. The surfers ripped their clue in first place. It said to drive themselves to Abdessadek Boufoulouss Pottery Stand and search for their next clue. They ran to a mosque up the street, behind which their Ford Fiestas were parked. Cyclists Kym & Alli ripped their clue next, and the two teams took off driving as Misti & Jim and Brooke & Robbie arrived and fed apples to their horses. When they ripped the clue and discovered they had to drive themselves, Robbie said, “Well, that makes sense. Here we go.”

Back near the stable, Tim & Te Jay were still looking for the hay. Food scientists Amy & Maya arrived in their taxi and found two bags of hay, although they weren’t marked. They took them to the stable anyway, arriving just as Tim & Te Jay walked up asking where the hay was. Amy said they just grabbed hay from the stable next door. Tim was dubious, saying you couldn’t do that. Sure enough, after storing the hay atop the wall, the scientists were rejected. They went off looking for the marked station. Meanwhile, mother and daughter Shelley & Nici arrived in their taxi at the right place. They grabbed two bags of hay but didn’t know where the stable was. Tim & Te Jay ran into them, saying they knew where the stable was, but couldn’t find the hay. The two teams agreed to combine their knowledge and work together. Meanwhile, Amy & Maya were still looking for the marked hay. They went to where they thought the other teams had come from, but found only bags of gravel. While the scientists wandered aimlessly, Shelly & Nici and Tim & Te Jay arrived at the stable. Finally, Amy & Maya found the hay.

The cyclists arrived first at the Abdessadek Boufoulouss Pottery Stand. They found and ripped the clue, which was a Detour: Camp or Cream. Phil stated that the Berber tribes of Morocco have a history dating back more than four thousand years. Camp required teams to properly set up a traditional Berber tent. For Cream, teams had to milk a goat, filling their bowl to a pre-marked line. They then had to turn aged milk into butter using a traditional Berber butter churn. Once they’d made three ounces of butter, they’d receive their next clue. Kym & Alli chose Cream, and left for the Detour. Dentists Misti & Jim and surfers Adam & Bethany then arrived at the pottery stand, Bethany commenting, “Whoa, teams caught up fast.” The dentists chose Camp, while the surfers chose Cream. Back in the city, Tim & Te Jay, Shelley & Nici, and Amy & Maya fed apples to their horses and ripped their clues. At the pottery stand, wrestlers Brooke & Robbie chose Cream. Kym & Alli arrived at the Detour. They chased down a goat with full udders and quickly got the hang of milking. Misti & Jim arrived second, with Adam & Bethany just behind them. Bethany greeted some nearby camels: “Hi, little guys. I mean big guys.” Misti & Jim found the Berber campsite and started laying out rugs on the ground. In the goat pen, Adam caught a goat but it didn’t seem to have much milk.

On the road, Shelley & Nici and Amy & Maya were lost and couldn’t read the Arabic signs. The scientists finally got proper directions, but Shelley & Nici just kept driving. They didn’t want to fight, so, although Nici felt they were going the wrong way, she conceded in order to keep the peace. Tim & Te Jay arrived at the pottery stand. They chose Camp, Tim saying, “If I see another goat I might puke.” At the goat pen, surfers Adam & Bethany struggled to get enough milk, but cyclists Kym & Alli collected enough and were approved. They then moved on to churning. They had to pour aged milk into a sack made of animal hide and then inflate it and tie it up like a balloon. Then they had to shake it back and forth to churn butter. Kym passed off the inflating step to Alli, but was still exasperated when Alli covered the hide with her shirt before blowing on it. At Camp, Misti & Jim worked on putting up the poles of their tent. Kym & Alli churned butter, Alli complaining, “This is going to take forever.” Kym asked the locals how long it would be and they said forty-five minutes. The cyclists decided to switch Detours, Kym saying, “I feel like we can set up a campground in forty-five minutes.” The surfers also considered switching, but decided against it. “Who knows how long that one’s going to take?” Kym & Alli got to Camp just as Misti & Jim started sewing up the sides of their tent. Kym was indecisive, wondering if they shouldn’t just finish what they started with the goats. But Alli was certain they could put up the tent quickly.

Wrestlers Brooke & Robbie arrived, and Robbie made a point of waiting with the bowl while Brooke caught a goat. Brooke, however, didn’t have an easy time of it as she chased the animals around the pen. “Hey you, I’ve got my eye on you – your boobs are huge!” She finally caught one, and Robbie gingerly took hold of the horns to keep it in place. He said, “I don’t trust any animals. You can’t communicate with them, they don’t speak English. They could snap at any time.” Brooke started milking, but the goat tried to drink the milk out of the bowl. “Don’t drink it, I need that!” At Camp, Misti & Jim finished their tent. They didn’t seem to have enough pieces for the sides, however, and had unknowingly spread some of the tent walls on the ground. Kym & Alli found the pile of ground pieces, but Kym still wanted to return to Cream. “I hate quitting.” The dentists finally found the ground pieces, while the cyclists struggled to get the top of the tent over the poles. Kym said, “Indecision is death.” They finally decided to return to the goats. Back at Cream, Brooke & Robbie looked for another “big-boob goat.” Surfers Adam & Bethany turned in their milk and got approved. Kym & Alli arrived, causing Adam to say, “I’m so glad we didn’t switch.” At the pottery stand, food scientists Amy & Maya chose Cream. Meanwhile, mother and daughter Shelley & Nici continued to drive in the wrong direction. Shelley said, “Please let everybody else be lost.” At Cream, teams had fun singing along with a local as they churned their butter. Kym sang, “Brook’s chasing goats and we’re shaking milk. It’s really hot and I forgot my sunscreen.”

Dentists Misti & Jim completed their tent and ripped their clue in first place. It told them to drive to Terres D’Amanar and search for their next clue. They ran off, Jim commenting, “I think we smoked that challenge.” Then college sweethearts Tim & Te Jay arrived at Camp. They decided to lay the tent out and anchor it before raising the top. They got to work, Tim complaining, “This smells like camel fart.” On the road, Shelley & Nici drove in circles. “I really just don’t understand how we’re so lost.” They finally managed to get directions in English, causing Shelley to say, “This is giving me hope.” Wrestlers Brooke & Robbie got their milk approved and moved on to churning. Robbie inflated the butter churn, saying, “That’s so gross. I feel like I just kissed a goat.” Amy & Maya arrived and headed to the goat pen. “Come on, goats with big udders!” At Camp, Tim & Te Jay, with a lot of grunting followed by elation, erected the top of their tent. At Cream, surfers Adam & Bethany pulled their butter out of the churn and had it weighed. They had more than enough, and they received their clue in second place.

Dentists Misti & Jim arrived at Terres D’Amanar and ripped their clue – a Roadblock. It required teams to navigate a series of swinging bridges and zip lines across a canyon. Halfway through the course, they had to put together a puzzle. Misti chose the Roadblock. She got harnessed up and started walking across the bridge. At first there were foot planks, but soon those disappeared and she walked only on a wire. Jim was confident. “She’s strong, she’s brave, she’s smart. There’s nothing she can’t do.” After reaching solid ground, Misti ziplined across the next part of the course. There she found the puzzle. It consisted of a number of wooden slats, which had to be slid together and then placed inside a wooden frame. She started working. Meanwhile, Shelley & Nici finally found the pottery stand. They ripped the clue and chose Cream. At the Detour, Tim & Te Jay put the finishing touches on their tent. Scientists Amy & Maya got their milk approved while wrestlers Brooke & Robbie continued to churn butter. Cyclists Kym & Alli got their butter weighed, but didn’t have enough. Amy & Maya started churning, and said in interview that Maya is getting her PhD in milk fat. They knew churning wasn’t about speed, but about the amount of force used.

At Camp, Tim & Te Jay finished their tent. “Oh man, this looks good!” “We did this?” They were approved and ripped the clue in third place. At the Roadblock, Misti finished the puzzle and ziplined back to the starting point. The dentists got the clue, which was a photo of the next Pit Stop – Casbah D’if. Driving back to the main road they passed Adam & Bethany coming in. The surfers ripped the clue and Bethany chose the Roadblock. She stepped up to the swinging bridge, saying, “No way, are you kidding me?” But she started across. “I’m not planning on falling.” Then she got to a point where she had to unattach and reattach her carabiners, so for several seconds she wasn’t holding onto anything. Adam said, “She’s not afraid of heights because she rides forty-foot waves.” Bethany ziplined to middle of the course, but found the puzzle considerably more difficult. “This is crazy. How do you even know if it’s in the right order?” Back at Cream, cyclists Kym & Alli got their butter weighed. They were approved, and left in fourth place. Scientists Amy & Maya then put their butter on the scale. Brooke grumbled, “Please say they don’t have it. We’ve been here way longer.” But they did have it, and they left fifth. Then the wrestlers got approved. They rushed out after the scientists, Brooke saying, “We’ve got to beat them – we’re in last place.” But on the way out, both teams passed Shelley & Nici coming in. Robbie cheered, “Oh, yes! YES!” Nevertheless, Shelley was optimistic. “We can catch them still. We just need to get this done.”

Tim & Te Jay arrived at the Roadblock, and Te Jay took it. Tim said, “You’re good at puzzles,” but Te Jay added, “I’m not very good with heights.” He crossed the swinging bridge repeating, “I’m on the Amazing Race, I’m on the Amazing Race.” At the puzzle, Bethany was having trouble keeping everything in place with one hand. She took off her shoes and worked with her hand and her feet. That helped her finish, and she got approved. Kym & Alli arrived, and Alli took the Roadblock. Te Jay reached the puzzle, but had trouble getting started. Meanwhile, Alli walked quickly across the swinging bridge. “Heights don’t freak me out, so I booked it across there.” Bethany ziplined back to the start, and she and Adam left in second place. On the roof of Casbah D’if, a Berber man with both a rooster and a dove on his head stood with Phil on the mat. Misti & Jim ran up, and Phil told them they were team number one. He also awarded them with a trip to Brazil. They were thrilled to be “back on top where we belong.” At the Roadblock, Alli arrived at the puzzles. Te Jay was still there, and they agreed to work together. Back at the Detour, Shelley & Nici churned butter. Meanwhile, scientists Amy & Maya drove straight past the sign for the Roadblock. Behind them, wrestlers Brooke & Robbie saw it and turned in. They ripped the clue and Brooke chose the task. Finally Amy & Maya realized the wrestlers weren’t behind them anymore and turned around.

At the Roadblock, Brooke wasn’t a fan of walking across the swinging bridge. “I want to cry! It never ends!” Amy & Maya finally arrived, and Maya chose the Roadblock. At the puzzles, Alli figured hers out quickly, but stayed behind to help Te Jay. Then they both ziplined back to the start. Meanwhile, Maya crossed the swinging bridge, commenting on the beautiful view. Brooke arrived at the puzzles, but merely stared at them. “What am I supposed to do? I don’t get it.” Back at the Detour, Shelley & Nici got their butter approved and ripped their clue. They left hoping the other teams were struggling so they could catch up. Sure enough, Brooke was having trouble with the puzzle. She said she was worried about Maya arriving and everyone passing her. Then Maya did arrive. Brooke said repeatedly that she didn’t get it, but Maya tried to be encouraging, telling her not to quit. Meanwhile, Adam & Bethany arrived at the Pit Stop in second place. Brooke finally got the puzzle together and was approved. She screamed, “I hate this thing! Oh my God, can I smash it now?” She ziplined back, and she and Robbie left in fifth place. Cyclists Kym & Alli arrived at the Pit Stop in third, followed closely by Tim & Te Jay. Maya finished the puzzle and she and Amy left in sixth, saying the last thing they wanted was to get lost.

Finally, Shelley & Nici arrived, and Shelley took the Roadblock. “Getting my Indiana Jones on.” Robbie gave Brooke a piggyback ride to the top of Casbah D’if, and they were team number five. Phil congratulated them on making it halfway through the Race, and promised that the second half would be even crazier. Amy & Maya came in sixth, Maya sporting the greeter’s dove on her head. At the Roadblock, Nici was certain they were last. “But if we are last, I can honestly say we tried our hardest, and went down swinging like Porter women do.” They arrived at the Pit Stop, and Phil told them they were eliminated. But he was also happy to see mother and daughter connected again. Shelley said they proved they could coexist in each other’s space and get along. “We didn’t win, but yes, I have a better relationship with my daughter.”

This Detour was a choice between Camp and Cream. In Camp, teams had to set up a traditional Berber tent to exact specifications. In Cream, they had to collect a required amount of milk by milking a goat and then churn three ounces of butter using a traditional Berber butter churn.

Camp: Misti/Jim, Tim/Te Jay Cream: Adam/Bethany, Kym/Alli, Amy/Maya, Brooke/Robbie, Shelley/Nici

ROADBLOCK In this Roadblock in the Atlas Mountains, teams had to traverse a series of swinging bridges and ziplines. Halfway through the course, they had to put together a puzzle. Once it was approved, they could complete the course to receive their next clue.
Performed Roadblock: Misti, Bethany, Te Jay, Alli, Brooke, Maya, Shelley

Order of finish: 1. Jim & Misti 2. Adam & Bethany 3. Kym & Alli 4. Tim & Te Jay 5. Brooke & Robbie 6. Amy & Maya 7. Shelley & Nici