Season 25: Episode 10 - Smells Like Dirty Tube Socks
Posted on Dec 5, 2014 11:00pm

Teams ran neck-in-neck through Manila. After getting a lead at the Detour, Brooke & Robbie took too long unearthing their clue in a rice field. They came in last, but were spared elimination.

At the Fullerton Pavilion in bustling Singapore, surfers Adam & Bethany ripped the clue first at 2:01 p.m. It told them to fly to Manila, Philippines, and get their next clue from a flower vendor. They headed to a travel agency to book tickets. Bethany said, “Our last leg we did a bad job of booking flights, so our confidence is a little low…. You can’t make those kinds of mistakes.” They were told about a 7:25 p.m. Singapore Airlines flight that landed in Manila at 11:00 p.m. They booked it. Wrestlers Brooke & Robbie ripped the clue second. Brooke said she was surprised they’d gotten so far, given that they weren’t the brightest team. “We’re directionally challenged, we’re kind of confused at what continent we’re in most of the time.” At a different travel agency, they were told about the same 7:25 p.m. Singapore Airlines flight the surfers had. They booked it as well. Dentists Misti & Jim left in third place, Jim saying, “Legs ten and eleven, we break everybody else’s spirit.” They jumped in a taxi to head directly to the airport. Food scientists Amy & Maya left in last place. Despite not being a physical threat (“We look like pee wees compared to everyone else,”) they believed they put up a good match academically. They decided to call a travel agent on the way to the airport, and ended up with tickets on the same flight as the surfers and the wrestlers. DEJA VU At the airport, Misti & Jim went to a travel agent. As Amy & Maya and Brooke & Robbie arrived, the dentists discovered that the only available flight was Philippine Airlines at 8:10 p.m., arriving at 11:55 p.m. When they asked about the Singapore Airlines flight, they were told it was sold out. Meanwhile, in the ticket line, Brooke asked Amy & Maya why they’d arrived so late on the last leg. Referring to the Merlion clue, Maya said, “You guys told us it wasn’t there, so we went to a different park.” Brooke played dumb. “I don’t think I knew what you all were asking.” Robbie went along with it, saying, “We thought you had it. You were in front of us.” He added in interview, “It’s every team for yourself, and the last two people we’re going to be scared of are a couple of candy girls.” Maya, however, seemed convinced that the wrestlers hadn’t intentionally misled them. Watching Brooke & Robbie get tickets on the Singapore Airlines flight, Jim said, “I’m so mad. We should’ve went to a travel agency.” The other three teams boarded the first flight, shocked that the dentists had made yet another booking error. Sitting alone at their gate, Misti & Jim figured they were in last place. All teams then flew to Manila.

The first flight landed, and the surfers, wrestlers and scientists ran for taxis. Driving through the crowded streets, Maya marveled at how many people were still out at eleven o’clock at night. Brooke & Robbie reached the flower stand first, but found a sign telling them to pick up their clue at 6:30 a.m. They groaned, as did the other teams when they arrived – except for Misti & Jim, who were understandably relieved. The sun came up, and teams ripped the clue. It told them to make their way by jeepney to Rosario Municipal Plaza. Once there, they had to find the food shop Salinas Specials, where they’d receive their next clue. Teams jumped into jeepneys. The vehicles looked like elongated Jeeps, and passengers sat against the walls facing one another. Maya loved being immersed in the “everyday hustle and bustle” of the Philippines as she and Amy passed other passengers’ money up to their driver. She said, “It really felt like we were from the Philippines at that moment in time.” In a second jeepney, however, the sentiment was quite different. After Adam joked that their vehicle was like a stretch limo, Robbie said, “It’s actually nothing like a limo. Think of a limo minus every good thing.” Brooke held her nose and gagged. “It smells like dead animals, dead bodies, sewer.” Robbie added, “It smells like dirty tube socks.” In a third jeepney, dentists Misti & Jim were shocked when they passed little kids squatting in the street. Misti wiped tears from her eyes. “When you have children, and you see other children who aren’t clothed, who are in the middle of the street that could potentially be hit by a car, it was just extremely humbling.” Jim said, “This will affect us long after the Race is over.”

At Rosario Municipal Plaza, the teams exited their jeepneys and ran to Salinas Specials. The woman behind the counter gave them the clue. It was a Detour – Catch or Coach. For Catch, teams had to wade into Manila Bay, scoop fish into a bucket, and carry them back to shore. Then, at a marked fish stall, they had to transfer the fish by hand into another bucket. Once they’d filled three buckets at the stall – roughly three hundred pounds of fish – they’d receive their next clue. In Coach, teams had to assemble a sidecar, and then properly mount it onto a motorcycle. Everyone chose Coach except for Brooke & Robbie, who chose Catch. Teams were required to travel by motor tricycle (motorcycles with sidecars), but Amy & Maya didn’t read the clue properly. They were told the Detour was walking distance, and started off on foot. Adam & Bethany drove past them and Bethany shouted, “Where are you guys going? Read the clue!” The scientists, however, continued running, and it was only after not finding anything that they thought to double-check the information. Finally realizing their mistake, they headed back to the start point. Maya said to herself, “C’mon, leg ten? Guys, read your clue.” They jumped into a motor tricycle, which began weaving in and out of traffic.

Wrestlers Brooke & Robbie rolled up to Rosario Municipal Fishport, and Brooke was no more impressed with her surroundings. “It’s so gross. Oh my God, it’s so nasty…. This is going to reek.” She continued to gag as they ran to the marked fish stall. They grabbed their bucket, saying they’d planned on doing all the physical tasks on the Race. Then they waded into the rough water holding onto a rope that was strung between the shore and a boat about fifty yards out. At the boat, a group of fisherman held a net filled with fish. Brooke & Robbie scooped fish from the net into their bucket, and once they had all they could carry, they began lugging them back to shore. Adam & Bethany and Misti & Jim arrived at the motorcycle maintenance yard, where they found numerous motorcycles and unassembled sidecars. They chose ones to work on, Adam & Bethany opting for one with a hippie peace sign decal. Adam said he loved taking things apart and putting them back together. Bethany, on the other hand, was out of her element, and took the role of assistant. At Catch, the crowd cheered Brooke & Robbie as they hauled their first bucket of fish ashore. They compared it to being cheered by their wrestling fans, although Robbie added, “It’s just, fans usually boo me and cheer her.” Brooke once again gagged, but said it wasn’t even the fish. “It was the smell around me that was so gross.” Returning to the fish stall, they realized for the first time that they had to transfer the fish with their hands. Never a fan of animals, Robbie was clearly grossed out as he picked up the fish with his fingertips. “Oh God! I can’t! They’re slimy!” They both complained about the sharp fins and bones. Brooke cut her finger, and Robbie said, “I think some of them are alive, and they’re biting! There’s like, guts and brains!”

Scientists Amy & Maya finally arrived at Coach. They chose their motorcycle and sidecar, and began assembling. They said that regardless of not knowing tools very well, they could mimic the example. At Catch, Brooke & Robbie fought through the waves on their second trip to the fishing net. They said they couldn’t fill up the bucket entirely because it became too heavy – and then realized they’d have to make four trips into the water instead of three. On the dock, they lifted the bucket unevenly, causing several dozen fish to spill out. They shouted at each other as they threw them back in, and then continued to the fish stall to transfer them. At Coach, chickens strutted through the yard and a rooster crowed. Jim said, “The first person to finish eats that rooster for lunch!” He and Misti worked through the challenge, believing they had an advantage because of all the children’s toys they’d assembled. Bethany had a less-than-feminist attitude towards the task: “I guess you could call me a girl. I always figure, just let the guys do it.” Maya said they weren’t mechanics at all, but she’d put together a homogenizer for her research, so hopefully that would help. “That’s the only thing I’ve put together – besides my wardrobe, but that doesn’t count because no tools are involved in that.” Jim, on the other hand, was confident, saying they were nearly done. Bethany wondered how Catch was going. “We did not want to get anywhere near Philippine water. The water here looks really gross.”

As Brooke & Robbie collected their third bucket of fish, Misti & Jim asked to have their motorcycle judged. Jim said, “I’ve looked at everything in great detail…. Everything is just the way it should be.” But they were rejected. It then showed that they’d installed their shocks at two different angles, rather than parallel to each other. But the dentists didn’t notice, Jim saying there were simply a few bolts he hadn’t tightened enough. Meanwhile, Adam & Bethany installed the wheel on their sidecar. Maya said, “I think we may have picked a blessed one. God is on our side.” Then she kissed a gold cross that hung from their handlebars. Amy said flatly, “I don’t think the Lord cares which tuk tuk we decide to build.” Back at Catch, black storm clouds rolled in and began pelting Manila Bay with rain. Standing in the water, Robbie said, “This is freakin’ awesome! I hate it, but it’s awesome!” He said the rain gave them more of a pump. “Yeah, I’m doing this in the rain! Now I feel like a man!” He added, “Because I never do anything manly or feel like a man.” Brooke reiterated that they were making a fourth trip, since they couldn’t completely fill up their bucket each time.

In the rainy maintenance yard, Amy said, “This is nice. I didn’t shower today.” The scientists put on their wheel while Bethany installed the surfers’ peace sign decal. After getting all their bolts “tight like a fat girl’s sock,” Jim asked to be judged again. But again, the dentists were rejected. At Catch, Brooke & Robbie hauled their last load onto the dock and transferred the fish. Robbie said that having a goldfish as a kid helped him handle fish well – leading to an incredulous look from Brooke. Robbie added, “I know they’re dead, but they’re happy with the way I’m throwing them into this bucket.” They finished the task, and ripped the clue in first place. It told them to make their way to the rice fields of Naic. They ran back to their motor tricycle, Robbie saying, “At least we’re dry and we smell good.” Back at Coach, Adam & Bethany asked to be judged. They were approved, and ripped the clue in second place. Jim called it “heartbreaking” that the surfers got out ahead. Adam & Bethany left in their motor tricycle, Bethany saying, “Adam powered that. That was a man’s job.” Back in the maintenance yard, Jim thought he just needed to button up a plastic flap on the sidecar. They got judged again, but were still rejected. They continued to think there was just one small thing holding them up. Jim said, “Almost Copenhagen all over again. My head’s about to freakin’ explode.” Finally, while checking the seat, Jim realized the shocks weren’t installed properly. “I was looking at the finest little details, and missed the giant, glaring defect staring at me.” As the dentists got to work, Amy & Maya asked to be judged – although Maya didn’t think their seat was tight enough. They were rejected, and began fixing the seat.

Meanwhile, Brooke & Robbie arrived at the Naic rice fields, and were shocked to find nobody there. Robbie said, “We’re in first place right now. We’re the pro wresters – we’re never in first place!” Phil was on site to announce that Brooke & Robbie would take on an Amazing Race switchback, which had led to possibly the biggest breakdown ever. It flashed back to Season Five, with Colin freaking out as his ox wandered out of his field and into another one. “Where is he going?! My ox is broken!” Phil said that teams now had to use an ox to plow the muddy rice fields and dig up their clue. Brooke was confident, saying she was great with animals. She asked for the strongest ox, and they began plowing one of the four ox ponds. But as the wrestlers followed their animal through the muck, it lifted its tail and began to poop. Robbie was horrified. “EW! OH MY GOD! What did that thing eat?!” He added, “There was a lot more than mud and clues in that water.” They continued trudging through their large pond, Brooke saying, “This could take hours.” Back at Coach, Misti & Jim finished installing their shocks. Jim mimed shooting himself in the head as they got judged, but they were finally approved. They ripped the clue in third place, jumped in a motor tricycle, and headed to Naic. Walking through the rice fields, Brooke stopped to check something in the muck. She said she didn’t know what the clue looked like, or how easy it would be to spot. As she forced Robbie to dig, he said, “Is all of this ox poop?”

Adam & Bethany showed up at the rice fields, but chose a smaller ox pond. That’s when the wrestlers realized they were plowing the largest one. Since they couldn’t switch, they had no choice but to keep going – after their ox stopped to poop again. Back at Coach, Amy & Maya got approved, ripped the clue, and headed to Naic. At the ox ponds, Brooke & Robbie and Adam & Bethany continued to plow, the wrestlers lamenting having chosen the largest pond. Then Jim & Misti arrived, followed closely by Amy & Maya. Brooke & Robbie weren’t happy to see everyone catch up, Brooke saying, “Just like that, a lead is gone…. It’s crazy how fast this game can change.” The dentists’ ox started walking up on dry land, but they soon had him under control – and found the clue. It was in a plastic envelope attached to a long rope. Everyone marveled at how quickly they’d found it, but before they could even get it open, Amy & Maya unearthed their clue. Both teams ripped their clues, which said to search on foot for Phil and the Pit Stop.

The dentists and the scientists ran off to find Phil, but the dentists got there first. Then Amy & Maya arrived, everyone commenting how close they’d been to a win. Phil announced that Misti & Jim were team number one and added, “The thumb just came alive,” referring to their fifth win. Jim said, “We’re going to close this thing out with victories – it’s going to be nothing but first place.” Phil then awarded them with a trip to Vietnam. Back at the ox ponds, the surfers and the wrestlers uncovered the clue within seconds of each other. Everyone took off running, but Brooke was barefoot. “I’m not going to make it – I have no shoes on!” They ultimately weren’t able to catch Adam & Bethany, and stepped on the mat last. But Phil told them it was a non-elimination leg. They were still in the Race, although they’d have to complete a Speed Bump on the next leg. Robbie said, “Today with our lead, we proved that we could beat them all. We’re just as strong as every other team.” They compared winning the Race to winning a championship title in wrestling, which they’d done frequently. With all four teams together on the mat, Phil commented on how close and competitive everyone was. Maya said they’d be the third all-female team to win the Race, and that they’d put up a good match. Adam added, “This next leg coming up, it’s going to be incredible to see who’s going to have to leave.” Everyone wished each other good luck.

DETOUR This Detour was a choice between Catch and Coach. In Catch, teams had to wade into Manila Bay and fill a bucket with fish. They then had to bring the fish back to a marked fish stall, and transfer them by hand into another bucket. Once they’d filled three buckets at the stall, they’d receive their next clue. In Coach, teams had to properly assemble a sidecar, and attach it to a motorcycle. When their work was approved, they’d receive their next clue.
Catch: Brooke/Robbie Coach: Adam/Bethany, Misti/Jim, Amy/Maya

ORDER OF FINISH 1. Misti & Jim 2. Amy & Maya 3. Adam & Bethany 4. Brooke & Robbie