Season 25: Episode 11 - Hooping It Up
Posted on Dec 12, 2014 11:00pm

In the Philippines, wrestlers Brooke & Robbie became only the second team to win a leg after completing a Speed Bump. At the mat, all four teams were shocked when they were told to continue racing into leg twelve.

In the dentists’ hotel room outside of Manila, Misti said that in the rice fields on the last leg, she stepped on something sharp. With a bandage on the sole of her foot, she admitted that the timing was bad, but said, “It’ll make me work that much harder to get through to the final three.” She and Jim ripped the clue first at 9:01 a.m. It told them to travel by jeepney to Rajah Sulayman Park in Manila, and search for their next clue. They also read that they should catch a jeepney at Paliparan Station. Jim said that because they’d had the Save, and then there was a non-elimination round, this was the first leg in which they could actually be eliminated. “So we just need to avoid the poor decision-making that we’ve had on some of our rougher legs.” As the dentists walked along the road, scientists Amy & Maya left the Pit Stop. Maya also read about Paliparan Station in the clue. They admitted they were underdogs, but didn’t see why they couldn’t beat the dentists. Maya said, “The story of David and Goliath – we’re it.” Misti & Jim watched as Amy & Maya caught a jeepney. They decided to join them, and learned that the ride would take thirty to forty minutes.

Surfers Adam & Bethany left the Pit Stop third. They, however, asked a jeepney driver how to get to Rajah Sulayman Park rather than Paliparan Station, and were told to go to the other side of the road. Adam said their faith in Jesus makes them who they are. “We race to the best of our potential because that’s what we’re called to do.” They got into a jeepney going the opposite direction. Adam said he saw teams heading the other way, and thought it might take them longer to get to the park. Leaving the Pit Stop in last place, Brooke said it was scary going into one of the final legs with a Speed Bump, but she knew she and Robbie could do it. They started getting into a jeepney, but then learned it wasn’t headed to Rajah Sulayman Park. They too were told to go to the other side of the road. Brooke explained that the jeepneys stopped at different locations on a set route. “It’s very important that you get into the right one going the right direction, because they all follow this loop in order. They go back around, and back around.” Sitting in the jeepney, they hoped the other teams had all gone in the opposite direction.

In their jeepney with Amy & Maya, Jim said, “We’re heading to Paliparan Station, where we then have to take another jeepney, to then take another jeepney. We have a two-transfer jeepney trip.” The scientists said they had to keep making good decisions – and also stay hydrated. Maya added, “It’s a warm one here in the Philippines.” In their jeepney, surfers Adam & Bethany passed a group of frolicking, partially-clothed children. Bethany said, “That’s how our kids will be, rambling naked in the yard.” The surfers arrived first at Rajah Sulayman Park, and found the clue box next to the wrestlers’ Speed Bump. Opening the box, they realized they were in first place. The clue was a Detour, but said only “This or That,” with two different addresses. Adam said “eeney meeney miney mo” before settling on That. He added, “That was a good feeling that we were in first. It felt good going in the right direction.” After learning the locations of each address, they switched to This. Soon after, Brooke & Robbie arrived and found their Speed Bump. Phil explained that they had to take an empty padyak (a bicycle with a sidecar) to the waterfront, and then transfer all of the goods from a broken padyak onto it. Peeking into the clue box, they saw several envelopes. Brooke said, “We’re so lucky that we got a jeepney that got us in the right direction.” After wheeling the empty padyak to the waterfront, they began unfastening the goods on the broken one. Brooke said, “This is a long Speed Bump.” Robbie countered with, “Actually, I don’t think it’s long at all. We’ve been here one minute.” Brooke told him to stop contradicting her, and he told her to stay positive.

In their shared jeepney, Misti & Jim and Amy & Maya continued to think they were going in the right direction. Meanwhile, Adam & Bethany found the location of This, which was a street basketball court. They ripped another clue, which told them to shoot hoops while being guarded by a neighborhood team. When they’d scored at least twenty-one points, they’d receive their next clue. They dressed in silver jerseys, and the referee explained that after each basket they’d get a free-throw. The game began, and after a few attempts Adam made the first shot for two points. At the Speed Bump, Brooke struggled to remember the placement of the goods so they could repack them properly. Robbie remained calm, saying, “Brooke is a loose cannon, and if I become a loose cannon also, two loose cannons aren’t going to win the Race.” Back in the jeepney, the dentists and scientists had to stop for gas. But when they saw “RePhil” on the pumps, they figured it was a good sign.

Back at This, the surfers were up to ten points. But Adam was having trouble with the free-throws. “I felt like Shaq. I was making my layups, and then at the free-throw line – brick, brick, brick.” At the Speed Bump, Brooke & Robbie secured the goods to their padyak, Robbie saying, “We could still have a huge friggin’ lead.” The judge took the padyak for a test ride and approved their work. Then they ran back to the clue box and were even happier to discover the same number of clues that had been there before they started the Speed Bump. They chose This. Back in the jeepney, Jim admitted that he and Misti had made some bad travel choices in the past, but felt better that they were with Amy & Maya. “More intelligence in this jeepney than anywhere else.” But when they asked where Rajah Sulayman Park was, the locals told them it was in the opposite direction. The teams then realized that the clue said they “should” travel to Paliparan Station, not that they had to. They exited the jeepney and crossed the street, Jim grumbling, “This is stressful as hell.”

At This, Adam & Bethany were up to sixteen points. Bethany said, “Sometimes I get nervous about not being able to do a challenge with one arm. I don’t want to let Adam down, and I don’t want to be the weaker link.” But she went on to say that she liked doing the Detours because they had “teamwork ideas of how to do it best.” She passed to Adam, and he scored. They were up to twenty points, with only one free-throw standing in the way. Despite his previous bad luck with free-throws, Adam made the shot. They received the clue in first place, and it told them to travel to the corner of Santo Cristo Street and San Nicolas Street in Divisoria Market and search for a marked jeepney. Brooke & Robbie arrived at the Detour just as the surfers hurried off. Moving onto the court with their opponents, Brooke said she played basketball for years growing up. It was Robbie, however, who scored first with a wild shot. He flexed his arms and growled, causing the onlookers to laugh. Brooke had trouble making baskets initially, as the local team kept stealing the ball. She said, “It’s been ten years since I’ve picked up a basketball. It was a little rusty in the beginning.”

The dentists and the scientists finally arrived at Rajah Sulayman Park, and ripped the Detour clue. Standing in the road (and nearly getting hit by a jeepney), they learned that That was only a block away. Meanwhile, en route to Divisoria Market, surfers Adam & Bethany realized that they’d lost their clue. Back at This, Brooke & Robbie were up to ten points. After getting bumped by his opponent, Robbie put his hand over his face, shouting, “Ahh! He poked me in the eye!” which led to more laughs from the crowd. Brooke, however, did no clowning around, and scored several more times. Robbie said, “She was killing them, so just throwing it back to Brooke was the smartest thing.” They got up to twenty points, and Robbie yelled, “No Speed Bump can keep us back!” Brooke scored the last basket, and they ripped the clue in second place.

The dentists and the scientists arrived at That. The additional clue said they had to ride in padyaks along a marked, four-lap course through the busy streets, with each member pedaling two laps while the other rode as passenger. If they completed the course in under seventeen minutes and fifty-five seconds, they’d receive their next clue. The teams got onto their padyaks, with Jim and Maya pedaling first. The whistle blew, and Jim got out quickly. Misti explained that he pedaled first to give them a lead on the clock, since she’d need more time with her injured foot. After narrowly missing some pedestrians and almost hitting a car head-on, Jim wobbled around the corner. “This thing don’t turn. And the brake – not very good.” Behind them, Maya said, “All these bike rides to work, Amy.” Amy added, “Coming in handy.” Adam & Bethany arrived at the teeming Divisoria Market and exited their jeepney – but still didn’t have their clue. Although they remembered the name of San Nicolas Street, Adam said, “We didn’t know the cross section, so that kind of sucked.” They got directions to San Nicolas, knowing they’d have to find the marked jeepney somewhere along it.

In a taxi to Divisoria Market, a sweaty and frantic Brooke said, “I need air – I’m going to throw up!” She leaned over and turned on the air-conditioning, but the driver flipped it off, saying, “No, no, no – the engine will be hot.” Back at That, Jim pedaled through traffic, yelling at people to get out of the way. He then explained that there was no traditional brake on the padyak. “You basically pushed this metal bar into the tire to brake.” Misti added that if that didn’t work, they’d been instructed to stop it with their feet. After the first lap, both teams switched pedalers. Misti got off to a laborious start trying to move Jim’s weight. “I’ve got a big boy in here!” Amy began catching up. She was soon in a position to pass, but said she needed to get control of the steering. After nearly hitting the dentists, she over-corrected… and crashed into a parked car.

Jim was unconcerned about the scientists, reminding Misti that they were racing the clock. Amy regrouped and started pedaling again, but said, “I just can’t get going that fast because I can’t control it.” She was fast enough, however, because soon Jim warned Misti, “Don’t let Amy pass you.” Misti countered in interview with, “Excuse me, they did not have a two hundred and fifty-pound baby to carry in their buggy like I did.” Amy had an easier time of it, and even said she wanted to do another lap. She pushed on while Misti & Jim stopped to switch places. Jim told Misti, “I’m going to try to build you as much cushion as I can.” At Divisoria Market, Adam & Bethany looked for San Nicolas Street. Meanwhile, Brooke & Robbie arrived at the marked jeepney in first place, and ripped the clue. It was a Roadblock which required teams to deliver large strings of coconut shells and traditional Philippine brooms to three different vendors in the market. Once they’d collected three receipts, they’d receive their next clue. Robbie chose the Roadblock, and picked up a string of coconut shells and a broom. He then asked where he was supposed to deliver them, having missed the locations posted on the side of the jeepney. He headed off down the street saying, “I don’t know what to do.”

Back at That, Jim had gained only a few seconds’ advantage over Amy by the end of the third lap. Everyone traded places, and Maya began pedaling the last lap against Misti. The scientists quickly took the lead. Misti said her foot hurt, but “I can push through the pain if there’s a reason to, and there was – it’s a million dollars at stake.” Although Amy feared they might be nearing the time limit of 17:55, the scientists crossed the finish line at 15:35, while the dentists came in at 16:04. Both teams ripped the clue and ran for taxis. Amy & Maya struggled to find a driver who knew Divisoria Market, allowing the dentists to get out ahead. At the Roadblock, Robbie continued to wander aimlessly down the street. The heat was also getting to him. “It felt like I was in a sauna and a steam room combined, and then throw four hundred more degrees on top of that. I was pouring sweat.” He finally re-checked his clue and saw “at the posted locations.” He returned to the jeepney, read the first location, and hurried off again. Walking through the vast market, Adam & Bethany stopped to search once more for their clue. And then they found it, buried in Adam’s bag. Finally knowing where they were supposed to go, they ran for the Roadblock. Misti & Jim beat them there, however, ripping the clue in second place. Jim chose the Roadblock, but asked, “Where are the posted locations?” The surfers arrived as Jim hoisted coconuts onto his shoulders. He then walked off just as Robbie had, saying, “I don’t know what to do.” Adam chose the task, but was also confused, saying, “It doesn’t say where the marked shops are.”

Stuck in traffic, Amy & Maya abandoned their taxi and continued to the Roadblock on foot. While Adam and Jim wandered the streets, Robbie arrived at the first location and tried to deliver his one coconut string and one broom. But the vendor said, “Three.” Robbie said, “Please don’t tell me what you’re about to tell me.” Then he realized he hadn’t noticed the number of items he was supposed to deliver. After leaving his coconuts and broom with a neighboring vendor, he ran back to the jeepney. Amy & Maya ripped the clue, and Amy chose to do it. Meanwhile, Jim struggled through the market with a massive armload, saying, “I should’ve just carried one.” As Robbie collected his remaining items, Amy noticed the posted locations and went looking for the first one. On the sidelines, Brooke said she thought Jim would figure it out. Misti thought Amy was pretty sharp too, but agreed with Brooke. “I hope those magic powers work today.” But Jim’s powers seemed to have fizzled. He and Adam ran into each other, both having delivered nothing. Robbie completed his first delivery, and got a receipt. He then found the second location before returning to the jeepney. Despite knowing the first address, Amy struggled to find it, while Jim and Adam continued to wander. Adam grumbled, “Oh my gosh, where the heck do we take these? This is ridiculous.” He finally thought the locations might be on the jeepney itself, and suggested they go back.

Meanwhile, Robbie made his second delivery and got the second receipt. While Amy struggled to get directions from locals, Jim and Adam wrote down the locations at the jeepney. Robbie ran off with his final delivery, while Amy fought to even hold onto her load. She said, “This is probably the worst Roadblock I could be doing right now.” Adam and Jim made their first delivery, and got their receipts. Then Robbie made his final delivery, while Amy was still on the lookout for her first location. Hauling their second loads, Adam said, “Jim was right behind me. I think he was wanting to stay with me. But it wasn’t time to wait for Jim.” And he took off running. Meanwhile, Robbie returned to the jeepney and handed over his receipts, and the wrestlers ripped the clue in first place. It told them to make their way to the next Pit Stop, Fort San Diego. They jumped in a taxi, Robbie saying, “The only one that’s probably going to have trouble with it is Amy. Her hip is hurt, and she’s not an athlete and not fit.” But he was certain the surfers and dentists would be close behind.

Amy finally arrived at the first location with one coconut string and one broom – but was told she needed three coconut strings. Jim, meanwhile, saw a man with a hand truck and asked to borrow it. Adam made his second delivery, and then ran back to the jeepney for his last items. Amy collected the rest of her first load, accidentally whacking Adam in the face with her coconuts in the process. When Maya shouted, “Catch up with him!” Amy realized she needed to carry more. As Jim completed his second delivery, Amy walked off with a massive load of one broom and three coconut strings. Maya goaded her: “Amy, you’ve got to do it – this is for the final!” But it was too much. Amy said she couldn’t carry it all, and ultimately dropped everything in the middle of the road amid honking cars. That’s when she saw another man with a hand truck, and he allowed her to borrow it. While Adam made his final delivery, Amy more comfortably transported her load. In a taxi to the Pit Stop, Brooke & Robbie figured they were headed to a different town. Meanwhile, Amy made her first delivery, while Adam turned in his three receipts. He and Bethany ripped the clue in second place and jumped in a taxi, Adam saying, “They’re going to be so close.” Jim then delivered his last load and returned the hand truck. As Amy made her second delivery, Misti & Jim took off.

Amy finally made her last delivery and returned the hand truck. Then she and Maya jumped in a taxi – but Amy looked terrible. Her face was red, her teeth chattered, and she was shaking. Maya said, “I don’t want to see her pass out in some hospital in the Philippines and we can’t finish the Race.” She told Amy to breathe and to put her hands above her head. The teams all raced for the pit stop. Brooke yelled for people to move, holding her stomach and moaning that she was having a baby. The wrestlers arrived first, Brooke giving Robbie a piggyback ride to the mat. Phil told them that they’d made history just like the Cowboys, going from last to first with a Speed Bump. Robbie said, “Pro wrestlers making history – it’s what we do. It’s what Robbie and Brooke do.” But Phil stopped their celebration cold, saying, “However… for the first time in Amazing Race history, the final leg starts right now.” And he handed them their next clue. He also gave them a manila envelope, saying they weren’t to open it until instructed to do so. Dismayed, the wrestlers ripped the clue, which told them to fly to the City of Angels. Then they ran off, Brooke saying, “We’re all going to be equalized again.” Then Adam & Bethany showed up, and received the same unwelcome information. They hurried off just as Misti & Jim arrived and learned they were team number three.

Meanwhile, in the last taxi, Amy looked ready to pass out. The scientists arrived at Fort San Diego, and Amy shuffled behind Maya to the mat. Maya said that Amy’s body was warm, but that she felt cold. Medics were called in, and Amy was given water and made to sit down. Her blood pressure was taken, and after a while she began feeling better. Only when Amy was well enough to stand up did Phil tell the scientists that they were the last team to arrive. He asked if they felt like they were done, and a teary Maya said no. He then asked if they’d like to complete a lap around the world, and Maya jumped to attention. “Yeah?! We’re still in it?” Phil confirmed that for the first time in Amazing Race history, four teams would be moving on to the final leg. Maya collapsed on the ground with joy. But Phil then warned that at some point on the next leg he’d be eliminating a team. Maya assured him that they could “totally hang.” Phil said, “You’d better be ready, because the final leg starts right now.” He handed over their clue and manila envelope. Amy noted, “A manila envelope for Manila.” She added, “We never saw this coming. It’s really proven that the Race is unpredictable, and it’s not over until it’s over.”

DETOUR This detour was a choice between This and That. In This, teams had to shoot hoops while being guarded by a local two-man basketball team. Once they scored twenty-one points, they’d receive their next clue. In That, teams had to ride a padyak (a bicycle with a sidecar) around a marked course along the city streets, with each member pedaling two laps while their partner rode passenger. If they could complete the four-lap course in under seventeen minutes and fifty-five seconds, they’d receive their next clue.
This: Adam/Bethany, Brooke/Robbie That: Amy/Maya, Misti/Jim
ROADBLOCK For this Roadblock, teams had to deliver large strings of coconuts husks and traditional Philippine brooms to three different vendors in the crowded Divisoria Market. Once they collected a receipt from each vendor, they’d receive their next clue. Performed Roadblock: Robbie, Adam, Jim, Amy

SPEED BUMP In this Speed Bump, Brooke & Robbie had to wheel an empty padyak to the waterfront, and then transfer all the goods from a full padyak onto their own. Once everything was packed and tied down securely, they could continue racing.

Order of Finish: 1. Brooke & Robbie 2. Adam & Bethany 3. Misti & Jim 4. Amy & Maya