Season 25: Episode 12 - All Or Nothing
Posted on Dec 19, 2014 11:00pm

After losing their way in Los Angeles, wrestlers Brooke & Robbie were eliminated halfway through the leg. As the final three teams raced for the finish line, an intellectual challenge catapulted scientists Amy & Maya to victory.

In a recap of the previous Pit Stop, scientists Amy & Maya stood on the mat in last place. Phil then told them that for the first time in Amazing Race history, four teams would be moving on to the final leg – and that that leg started immediately. He also warned that at some point he’d be eliminating a team. He handed the scientists their clue, and also a manila envelope, which they weren’t to open until told to do so. The clue told them to fly to the city of Los Angeles, the entertainment capital of the world. When they landed, they’d have to choose a Ford Explorer Sport and use the vehicle’s sync technology to get their next clue. Amy & Maya met up with the other teams at the airport, but nobody seemed particularly happy to see them. Adam said, “It’s kind of a frustrating thing that they weren’t eliminated,” while Brooke put it more bluntly: “It’s disgusting.” When Maya asked how they were doing, Brooke said, “Mad that I’m looking at you guys.” Maya replied that they didn’t make the rules. When Brooke argued, “But we’re allowed to be upset about it,” Maya said, “You are. But don’t take it out on us.” Later when the scientists weren’t around, Jim presented the wrestlers with the “silver lining,” saying, “Who’s the highest probability team to get eliminated midway through?” Brooke said, “It depends – if it’s a smart challenge, Rob and I aren’t going to make it.” Jim called the scientists “low-hanging fruit,” and joked about kicking Amy in the shins to slow her down. All four teams boarded the same flight to Los Angeles, Robbie saying, “Being in the final leg means we have a chance to – aka we’re going to – win a million dollars…. It’s pretty much a sure thing.” From her seat, Maya added, “This is it. It’s all or nothing.”

The plane landed in Los Angeles, and everyone ran for the Ford Explorer Sports. The sync technology on the dashboards brought up their audio clue, which told them that their manila envelope held a film permit. They had to take it to the Film L.A. clerk at downtown City Hall for approval. Everyone pulled out of the parking lot, Brooke saying, “The rat race has begun.” Amy & Maya quickly got on the correct freeway, although Jim said, “We’re the only ones that know where we’re going it seems like, because I don’t see anybody coming up behind us.” Driving towards the freeway, Bethany said, “I bet the wrestlers will just follow us.” Behind them, Robbie confirmed, “Right now we’re following the surfers.” At a stoplight, however, the cars sat in adjacent lanes. When the light turned green, the surfers quickly veered onto the freeway, leaving Brooke & Robbie traveling in the wrong direction. Brooke said, “I told you to stay behind them the whole time.” They didn’t know what to do. Dentists Misti & Jim weren’t faring much better. Heading down an ordinary street into the city of Manhattan Beach, Jim said, “This so does not feel like an interstate.” He added, “We’re headed completely in the friggin’ wrong direction.” He punched the back of Misti’s seat and told her to make a U-turn. Meanwhile, Brooke & Robbie stopped for directions, and a man highlighted the route for them on their map. Running back to the car, Brooke said it was nerve-wracking trying to navigate streets she’d never seen before.

Amy & Maya and Adam & Bethany arrived at City Hall simultaneously, and ran inside. The scientists arrived first, and were welcomed to the mayor’s office. Then Amy handed over their “manila envelope for Manila,” and the clerk stamped their film permit. Phil said that teams then had to make their way to Southwest Marine Warehouse in San Pedro, and turn in the permit to receive their next clue. While Adam & Bethany got their permit approved, Amy & Maya ran outside for directions. The surfers jumped back in their car and drove off. Misti & Jim arrived, got their permit approved, and returned outside while the scientists were still getting directions. Both teams got in their cars at the same time, but the dentists went straight while the scientists made a U-turn. Amy said it was unnerving that a team would be eliminated soon, but at the end of the day it was about trying to win the leg.

While Adam & Bethany got directions in San Pedro (from a firefighter who recognized Bethany,) the scientists arrived at Southwest Marine Warehouse. They handed over their film permit, and ripped the clue in first place. It was a Roadblock. Phil said that professional stuntmen were known as the unsung heroes of filmmaking. For the task, teams would play the role of a Hollywood action hero by preparing with a stunt coordinator and then picking up a satchel and crashing through a third-story plate glass window. Maya chose the Roadblock and walked off with her stunt coordinator. Then Adam & Bethany arrived. Adam chose the Roadblock and Bethany hugged him, saying, “You’re my action hero.” After arriving in San Pedro, Misti & Jim stopped for directions. Then they headed to the Roadblock, Jim saying, “We’re probably in last place.” Misti warned him not to get into a negative zone, and Jim said they needed to get their heads back in the game. Meanwhile, wrestlers Brooke & Robbie were headed into the city of Santa Monica. Certain they were going the wrong way, they asked a man in the car next to them. He confirmed that City Hall was in the opposite direction on the freeway. The wrestlers then began bickering about the direction they’d chosen to go. Brooke told Robbie to stop getting a crazy attitude, and Robbie said, “I’m certainly not crazy, I’m calm. We can stop and get McDonald’s.” Brooke then accused him of not caring about the Race, saying, “We’re not even in the final three. We could be eliminated at any point.”

At the Roadblock, Maya, in helmet and padding, stood on a practice ledge inside the warehouse with several large crash pads below. Her instructor said she’d do a half-twist through the breakaway glass, which would be in place during the stunt. He counted down, “Three, two, one, action.” She moved towards the edge, but faltered. Adam, however, who was practicing at the same time, had no trouble. He jumped off the ledge, gave the half-twist, and fell onto the pads. After a little more hesitation, Maya completed the practice jump. Dentists Misti & Jim arrived at the warehouse, and Jim chose the Roadblock. Running in, he thought they were the second team to arrive, but was then told they were third. On the film set outside, Amy sat in a director’s chair to watch Maya jump. She said, “She’s been wanting to jump out of something for a long time.” Maya’s instructor gave her the satchel she had to carry, and told her she was about to kick some alien ass. The countdown began, and he called “Action!” Maya ran forward, gave the half-twist, burst through the plate-glass window, and hit the padding below. While being lifted onto the ground, she shouted, “That was so friggin’ awesome! That’s so friggin’ cool!” She said the glass she jumped through was actually a thin layer of hard candy. She added, “I should’ve tasted it. It was probably sweet.” The scientists found their next clue in the satchel, and ripped it in first place. It told them to run to the U.S. Coast Guard base at the end of Terminal Island, and chose a marked rapid-response boat at the pier. They ran off, Maya still wearing her helmet and padding.

Back on the ledge, Adam prepared to make his jump. Bethany said it was really different from Soul Surfer, the movie about her life. “Adam’s about to become a super hero and break through some glass.” Adam then flew through the glass, and landed on the mat. Bethany said, “I think you’ve got a future in stunt work, honeybun.” Back in his shorts and t-shirt, Adam ran with Bethany towards Terminal Island. Inside, Jim made a successful practice jump. Running to the pier, Amy said that the dentists and the surfers were right behind them, but they hadn’t seen the wrestlers yet. When she double-checked the clue, however, she read that Maya had to change out of her costume before leaving the location. They were forced to turn back, allowing Adam & Bethany to take over first place. Bethany said, “That would be an awful run in all that gear.” Back downtown, Brooke & Robbie finally arrived at City Hall and got their permit approved. Returning to the car, Robbie said, “We’ve been at the bottom before. We’re assuming we’re at the bottom now. Doesn’t mean we can’t get back to the top.” At the pier, Adam & Bethany ripped their next clue. It told them to test their swimming skills in a U.S. Coast Guard open-ocean search-and-rescue training exercise. Pleased with being on the water, the surfers got in their boat and put on wet suits, fins and helmets. Back on the film set, Jim successfully made his jump through the window. He and Maya removed their costumes at the same time, but the dentists had trouble finding the clue in one of the many pockets of the satchel. As they looked, Amy & Maya took off, Maya holding her shoes and running barefoot. The dentists finally found the clue, and ripped it in third place.

Back on the freeway, Brooke & Robbie were once again lost. Robbie wished there was no mid-leg elimination, while Brooke wished the scientists had been eliminated when they “should’ve” been. At the pier, Amy & Maya ripped the clue in second place, followed closely by Misti & Jim. Out on the water, Adam & Bethany arrived at their rescue point, where a dummy named Oscar floated next to a buoy. The surfers jumped in the water, Adam saying that in Hawaii they snorkel and scuba dive a lot, so they were used to the gear. “It really was a breeze for us just to swim out.” Bethany added, “We’re surfing in way gnarlier waters.” They set off an orange smoke signal, and then began pulling Oscar towards the boat. Adam said, “Oscar was, no joke, at least two hundred pounds. It was like, dead weight in the water pulling him back.” On a second boat, Amy & Maya jetted out to their rescue point, with Misti & Jim following. Amy said, “We just can’t make any more dumb mistakes.” Adam & Bethany managed to get Oscar back onto their boat. Adam shook the dummy, saying, “Oscar! You gotta come back, man! We’ve gotta get him to the hospital!” Passing the scientists going in the opposite direction, the surfers learned that Oscar weighed a hundred and eighty-five pounds. Bethany said, “That’s like rescuing a real person.”

Behind the scientists, Misti & Jim passed Adam & Bethany as well, and Bethany commented that it was a tight race. Amy & Maya jumped in the water. Maya said Amy was the better swimmer, although she, Maya, used to do triathlons and could swim a mile. “The fins were a little tricky, though. I mean, those things weigh as much as my head.” Then the dentists jumped in. Misti said that despite living on the water, “We watch our kids swim more than what we actually swim.” Jim added, “I can swim enough not to drown.” Both teams set off their smoke signals and began dragging in their dummies. Jim said, “Definitely have all the respect in the world for those guys to be able to go into dangerous situations with ships sinking and… rescue people. Because it was hard enough to rescue a friggin’ dummy.” Both teams completed the task, and started back in their boats. On the dock, Adam & Bethany ripped the clue in first place. It told them to travel by taxi to Con Global Industries in Wilmington, and search for their next clue. They jumped back in their cab and headed off. Misti & Jim then disembarked from their boat and ran past Amy & Maya, who were still getting dressed. After ripping their clue, the dentists jumped in their taxi, telling the driver they were ten minutes behind the first team. The scientists got into their taxi third, saying they still hadn’t seen the wrestlers.

Back on the film set, Brooke & Robbie watched a stunt man perform the jump through the plate-glass window. After he landed, the assistant director yelled, “That’s a wrap, guys!” Robbie muttered, “This is bad news.” Phil then appeared and told Brooke & Robbie that that was the last shot of the day. They were eliminated. Robbie said, “I kinda wanted to jump out of one of those. Me and Brooke could’ve done that.” Brooke hung her head, muttering, “I don’t even know what to say anymore.” Robbie said that if a couple could get through the Race, they could get through anything. Walking off, he said, “You might love us, you might hate us – you’re never going to forget the pro wrestlers.” Brooke added, “Like, ever.” At Con Global Industries, Adam & Bethany ran between rows of shipping containers and found the clue. It was a Roadblock, and it stated that if you did the Hollywood stunt Roadblock, your partner must do this one. Phil said that there were more than fifteen thousand shipping containers at Con Global Industries. Teams had to find nine containers, each printed with the name of a city they’d visited on the Race. The containers also had different numbers, color-coded for each team, which teams had to memorize. Then they had to organize the numbers in the order they’d visited the cities, and write down their unique combination on a requisition form. When they had the correct combination, the yard foreman would call down their final container, which held their next clue.

Adam said, “This is the big one. You got it.” Bethany said, “The entire Race is on me right now.” She started running through the rows of containers. The dentists and the scientists arrived, and Misti and Amy started the Roadblock. Misti said, “I had my knickers in a twist from the beginning.” Amy said she was nervous having to run around, because her injured leg was bothering her. “But I knew I was just going to suck it up and do it, just like I did in leg eleven with the coconuts. Yeah, it’s painful, but at the same time I’m not going to let it hinder us in the Race.” Misti reiterated that since you couldn’t take notes, you had to memorize your specific number on each container. Then you had to put all of the cities in the order you visited them. “It was kind of a three-tiered process.” Jim figured the hardest part would be actually finding all nine containers. The three women continued to look through what Bethany called the “crazy maze.” She and Misti both found the Copenhagen container, Bethany having to remember the number 1, while Misti remembered 0. Amy found the Manila container, and the number 8. Bethany found Palermo, 0, and Singapore, 3. She walked along chanting the names of the cities and their numbers, and explained that she made up a song since she didn’t have a good memory. “Adam is our memory guy.” The women continued walking around, finding containers and memorizing numbers. Waiting with Adam and Maya, Jim asked, “How long have we been here? Four or five hours?”

Amy found her final container, St. Thomas. Then Bethany found her final container, Valletta, while Misti found London. Jim said, “We’re all tied for first right now. This shipyard is where we’re going to determine who wins a million dollars.” All three women struggled to find their way back through the endless rows, but Amy arrived first. As Jim banged his head against a container, Amy wrote down her nine-number combination. Maya said, “This is yours to win.” Amy read her numbers aloud – and was correct. The yard foreman called for their final container to be brought down. Meanwhile, both Bethany and Misti arrived and began writing down their numbers. The scientists’ container was opened, and they ran inside and ripped the clue. It told them to make their way to the finish line, Point Vicente Lighthouse in Ranchos Palos Verdes. There, Phil stood with the eight eliminated teams, and announced that the first team to arrive would win one million dollars and the Amazing Race. Amy & Maya jumped in their taxi. Watching them drive off, Adam said, “You never know. Their taxi could get messed up.” In the cab, Maya struggled to find the location on their driver’s smart phone. Bethany read out her number combination, but two of the numbers were in the wrong order. Then Misti read out her combination, but one of her numbers was completely incorrect. On Bethany’s second attempt, she had three numbers ordered incorrectly. But after fixing her mistake, Misti tried again and was approved. The dentists’ final shipping container was brought down, and they ripped the clue in second place. They ran for their taxi, Jim saying, “Let’s catch up with them.”

En route to the finish line, Amy said they didn’t know how long it would take the other teams to get it. “We’re hoping our taxi driver can drive us there as fast as he can.” In the dentists’ taxi, Jim found the location on his driver’s phone. Misti said, “If they get lost, and we go fast….” Back at the shipping yard, Bethany finally gave the correct combination. She then hugged Adam, saying, “That was horrible.” In the taxi, Jim said, “One mistake with going the wrong way could be the difference between first and second.” Maya added, “I’m so nervous…. My heart is going to explode in my chest right now.” The scientists arrived first. Maya sprinted to the mat and jumped on Phil, while Amy staggered in and fell on her hands and knees. Phil announced, “Amy & Maya – eight countries, twenty cities, and more than twenty-six thousand miles, you have won the one million dollars, and are the official winners of the Amazing Race!” He then told Maya to run a victory lap and she complied, circling the rest of the teams. Phil said they were only the third all-female team to win the Race. Maya said, “We’ve both been able to show the world that we’re so much more than lab coats, beakers and goggles. Look what scientists can do… especially women scientists. And hopefully we’ve been able to inspire people along the way to go out there and do things that are out of the box.”

Misti & Jim arrived, and Phil told them they were second. He added, “Nobody has had better looking teeth after racing that far around the world.” Misti said that although they didn’t accomplish everything they wanted to on the Race, as long as they set high goals and landed somewhere in between, they were happy. She added that outside of getting married and having children, running the Race was the best decision she and Jim ever made. Finally, Adam & Bethany arrived. Bethany said she was so thankful for Adam, and that she loved him more than she did even three or four weeks ago. Adam said, “Bethany continually just surpasses all my expectations.” He said the fact that their love was intact and their relationship was stronger – “I wouldn’t trade it for a million dollars.” But he added, “A million dollars still would’ve been a good thing, I’m just saying.” As the other teams walked onto the mat to congratulate the top three, Bethany said, “We as a team are even stronger than we are on our own, and that’s how we’ll continue to live life. The adventures are only going to continue from here.” Maya ended with, “I hope that we continue to grow and learn, and become even better women.”

ROADBLOCK In this Roadblock, teams had to practice with a Hollywood stunt coordinator, and then jump through a plate glass window from the third story of a building. Performed Roadblock: Maya, Adam, Jim

ROADBLOCK In this Roadblock, teams had to walk among thousands of shipping containers, and locate nine containers that each had the name of a city they’d visited on the race. The containers also had a unique number for each team, and they had to memorize those numbers, and then write them down in the order they’d visited the cities. When their number combination was correct, the yard foreman would call down their final shipping container, which held their next clue.
Performed Roadblock: Amy, Misti, Bethany

Order of Finish: 1. Amy & Maya 2. Misti & Jim 3. Adam & Bethany 4. Brooke & Robbie (eliminated mid-leg)