Season 26: Episode 5 - Get in that Laderhosen, Baby
Posted on Apr 3, 2015 11:00pm

In Munich, Olympians Aly & Steve brought home their first win. After switching cars, Laura & Tyler left their fanny pack behind, and lost time waiting to retrieve it. But it was Bergen & Kurt who were unable to drive stick shift, and were ultimately eliminated.

On Date Night in Bangkok, Thailand, SoCal couple Laura & Tyler enjoyed dinner on a river cruise. Laura said they were getting along great, but “I’m so into the Race that I can’t really think about love.” Tyler agreed, but said they had mutual respect for one another. They capped off the night with a fireworks show… and a high-five.

Bergen & Kurt ripped the clue first at 3:03 p.m. It told them to fly to Munich, Germany, and then travel by train to a clothing shop to get dressed for Oktoberfest. En route to the airport, Bergen said he was afraid Kurt would give up on him, since Kurt was only there for love. Bergen hoped their first-place win last leg would spur his partner on in the Race. In second place, blind-dating medics Hayley & Blair admitted that they’ve sometimes hated each other. But Hayley said, “Now we’re just best buds who’re going to win a million dollars.” Blair hesitated… “Yeah.” In third place, Olympians Aly & Steve talked about their first meeting in Munich, Steve saying, “That’s where the magic started.” Laura & Tyler departed fourth, followed by fellow blind-dating couple Jeff & Jackie. Jackie said she and Jeff had chemistry, but Jeff added that they were still learning about each other’s personalities.

All teams took off on the same flight to Munich. In the cold and gray early morning in Germany, they jumped off the train and ran down flagstone streets to the clothing shop. Laura & Tyler arrived first and ripped the clue. It told them to dress in lederhosen and dirndl (traditional German clothing for men and women), and then search for their next clue at Alter Peter Tower. They ducked into dressing rooms as other teams arrived, the store clerk telling them, “Get naked!” Teams struggled to dress, Tyler singing, “Big guy in some leather pants.” Kurt complained about his “thunder thighs” as he pulled on his lederhosen, adding, “It’s like squeezing a cream puff through a keyhole.” Laura & Tyler finished dressing and headed to Alter Peter Tower, followed by Jeff & Jackie.

The SoCal couple ripped the next clue. It told them to climb the tower and search for marked Ford Focuses on the streets below, and then drive themselves to the old factory of Schlafwagenfabrik. They started up a narrow wooden staircase, and eventually came out on a wraparound balcony. They quickly spotted the cars, as did Jeff & Jackie a minute later. After returning to the street and choosing a car, Laura began to drive – but immediately lurched forward and ran up on the curb. Rather than adjusting themselves, she and Tyler jumped into another car – unknowingly leaving their fanny pack behind.

At the top of the tower, Bergen & Kurt and Hayley & Blair spotted the Focuses, while down on the street Jeff & Jackie had trouble finding the cars they’d seen from above. Hayley & Blair took off driving, but Bergen & Kurt had trouble with the stick shift. Bergen attempted several times to get rolling, but Kurt said, “I’m just warning you, the first time I get real freaked out, I’m getting out.” Engaged hairstylists Matt & Ashley began their drive with ease, as did Olympians Aly & Steve.

Blind dating lawyers Jelani & Jenny searched for the cars, along with truck stop couple Mike & Rochelle. Jeff & Jackie continued wandering around, contemplated returning to the tower, and began to argue. Jackie said, “Jeff finds a way to shut me down so we can do whatever he wants to do at the time. But I’m not a lady to be talked down to.” They finally found the car left on the curb by Laura & Tyler – and the SoCal team’s fanny pack. But Jackie was still angry. She said, “I’ll just sit here and shut up.” Then began a massive shouting match, Jackie saying, “Respect me when I’m talking, that’s all I ask! Don’t cut me off ever again!” Jeff said, “You’re so ----ing annoying! You got your ----ing point across! Shut up, please!”

Mike & Rochelle and Jelani & Jenny finally got driving, while on the road, Olympians Aly & Steve discovered GPS on their car. Steve said, “That was a clutch find. We’re going to get to our destination a little bit sooner.” Bergen & Kurt, however, were having less luck. Bergen struggled to drive down the narrow city streets, while Kurt said, “You know how paranoid I am.” Bergen said, “You need to get that out – I can’t help that!” They wavered in the road as cars around them honked.

In their car, the medics weren’t getting along any better. Hayley was already snapping at Blair, and he said, “You’ve lost it. You really have.” Hayley said, “Yeah, because you’ve pissed me off to the point of no return.” At the old factory building of Schlafwagenfabrik, Olympians Aly & Steve arrived and ripped the clue in first place. It told them to use the rearview camera on their Ford Focus and drive in reverse through a winter wonderland. Phil explained that while driving, teams would see pieces of the name of their next destination: Schliersee.

Inside the building, Aly & Steve found a full winter landscape, complete with snow-covered trees, a gingerbread house, and reindeer. Steve began inching backwards along the path while Aly wrote down the letters as they passed them: Sch…li…er…see. Outside, SoCal couple Laura & Tyler ripped the clue in second place. Laura went to grab a pen – but couldn’t find their fanny pack. That’s when Tyler realized he’d left it in the first car. They decided to do the challenge, but knew they’d have no choice afterwards but to wait for another team to show up with their pack. Inside, the Olympians read “Schliersee” to the Ice Princess (a woman in a sparkly blue dress and furry blue hat) and got their next clue. It told them to drive to Schliersee near Seestrasse 27 to receive their next clue. They headed out as Laura & Tyler backed in to start the challenge. The latter finished quickly, and took a selfie with the Ice Princess and a reindeer.

Out on the road, Jeff & Jackie were in better spirits. Jackie said, “We looked so stupid yelling at each other.” Jeff added, “I don’t need to be telling you to shut up – that was definitely not gentleman-like.” He added that communication-wise they were all over the place, but they did have the ability to say sorry and move forward. Meanwhile, Bergen continued to struggle with the stick shift. Kurt was convinced they wouldn’t be able to drive, and they finally decided to take a taxi and incur a penalty. After leaving their car on the side of the road, Bergen said he’d driven somewhat of a distance, and wished Kurt would’ve given him more of a chance to figure it out.

Lawyers Jelani & Jenny and truck stop couple Mike & Rochelle also had trouble driving. Jenny said, “It’ll be very difficult for us to get back from this,” while Rochelle asked Mike to take over for her behind the wheel. In Schliersee, Aly & Steve arrived at a lakeside and jumped into a waiting rowboat. Phil appeared to announce that they were leading the pack, and wondered if they’d get their first win of the Race. The Olympians rowed to the middle of the lake and pulled a clue hanging from a buoy. Back on shore, they ripped it and found a Detour: Stein or Stack. In Stein, teams had to carry twenty-two full steins of beer, all at once, like Oktoberfest waitresses. If they could make their delivery through a crowd without spilling or dropping anything, they’d get their next clue. In Stack, teams had to vertically stack fifteen empty beer crates. Aly & Steve chose Stein.

Back at the Winter Wonderland, Laura & Tyler prayed for their fanny pack to show up. Engaged hairstylists Matt & Ashley arrived and began the challenge in third place. As they reversed through the course, a blue car arrived outside. Laura & Tyler hoped it was their original one, but it turned out to be Hayley & Blair. And Hayley was clearly in no better mood with her partner as he paused to talk to Laura & Tyler. “Blair, let’s go get the clue! What are you freaking doing? You are so annoying it’s not even funny!” Tyler said, “I’d rather be sitting right here than be with her. That chick is nuts.”

Inside, Matt & Ashley finished the course and ripped the clue in third place. Back in downtown Munich, Bergen & Kurt got a taxi. Bergen said in interview: “Kurt gave up too easily, so I just felt like I was dragging him along. After that point I just kind of shut down.” Hayley & Blair got the clue in fourth place at the Winter Wonderland. As they headed off, Tyler said, “The Wicked Witch of the West is leaving.” Blair said, “I’m just craving conversation from happy people.”

Aly & Steve arrived at the Stein Detour, and watched as a waitress picked up eleven steins at once. Steve then took twelve steins, while Aly took ten. They entered the beer hall, where people in traditional clothing drank and danced. The Olympians followed a marked course through the crowd, eventually arriving at an empty table. They deposited their steins without having dropped any, and received the clue. It told them to drive themselves to the Markus Wasmeier Museum and search for their next clue. Back on the road, Jeff & Jackie debated what to do with Laura & Tyler’s fanny pack. Jackie said, “I don’t think they can get very far without it. This might work in our favor.” Bergen & Kurt arrived at the Winter Wonderland in fifth place, and told Laura & Tyler they didn’t have their car anymore. Tyler said, “That’s the best news we’ve gotten yet.” Bergen & Kurt then incurred a two-hour penalty for being unable to complete the driving challenge. Bergen said, “We just hope Laura & Tyler can’t find their passports, and therefore they get eliminated.”

Aly & Steve arrived at the Markus Wasmeier Museum, and ripped the clue. It was a Roadblock: “Who wants to woo?” Phil explained that teams would have to perform a traditional act of German courtship by serenading their partner. If they could remember the words to the song and stay on key, they’d receive their next clue. Aly chose the Roadblock, but warned her instructor that she was a bad singer. Steve said she’d do great. “Her voice is fine. It’s not record-worthy, but my voice is terrible.” At the lakeside in Schliersee, Hayley & Blair ripped the Detour clue and chose Stein. Jeff & Jackie finally arrived at the Winter Wonderland, and Laura & Tyler pounced, asking if their car had been up on the sidewalk. Jeff waffled, saying the car was “in the circle,” and when Tyler asked if they found a fanny pack, Jackie said she didn’t know. Digging through their car, Laura found it. The SoCal couple took off, Laura saying the pack had been shoved under the seat. Tyler said, “He was playing dumb, but they definitely knew it was there.” Meanwhile, Jeff & Jackie reversed through the Winter Wonderland course as lawyers Jelani & Jenny arrived and ripped the clue in seventh place. Then Jeff & Jackie got the clue.

At the Roadblock, Steve waited on a balcony while Aly stood beneath him on a wooden ladder. She began to sing in German, but halfway through stumbled on the words. A woman suddenly appeared over the side of the balcony with a bucket and doused Aly with water. As her instructor led her away, Aly laughed, “That was so mean! I didn’t expect the water bucket!” Jelani & Jenny got the clue from the Ice Princess, while Hayley & Blair arrived at Stein. Hayley picked up eight steins, while Blair handled fourteen. They started through the crowd, but Hayley lost her grip and spilled beer all over the floor. Meanwhile, far back on the racecourse, truck stop couple Mike & Rochelle stopped for snacks en route to the Winter Wonderland.

At the Roadblock, Aly began serenading a second time. As she finished, the woman again appeared with the bucket… but this time it contained the clue, which said to drive to the next Pit Stop: Lake Spitzingsee. At the Detour decision point, Jeff & Jackie, Jelani & Jenny, and Laura & Tyler all chose Stack. At Stein, Hayley & Blair made their second attempt, but Hayley once again spilled her beer, this time just feet from the finish line. She said, “I’m at a loss right now.” As hairstylists Matt & Ashley arrived, Hayley said they might need to switch Detours. Meanwhile, Matt & Ashley delivered their steins on the first try, and ripped the clue in second place. As Blair tried to give tips on how to hold the steins, Hayley interrupted him: “Your helping is things I already know. Great observation there, Captain Obvious!” She insisted she wouldn’t be able to do it, so they left for Stack. On the scenic shores of Lake Spitzingsee, Aly & Steve ran to the mat. Phil told them they were team number one, and that they’d both won 2015 Ford Focuses. At the Roadblock, Ashley climbed the ladder beneath where Matt stood on the balcony, saying, “I’m going to serenade your ass right now!” But her singing was painful, and even Matt covered his face, muttering, “Oh, my God.” The woman appeared with the bucket, dumping water onto Ashley’s head. As his fiancée walked off, Matt said, “Sounded like a dying horse.”

Jeff & Jackie arrived at Stack, and learned that one person had to climb the crates while the other handed them up. Jackie decided to climb. While getting into her harness she said they’d gotten off to a rough start, “but Jeff is a great guy… so I definitely want to give him a chance. And hopefully now he’ll just respect me.” They began stacking their crates as lawyers Jelani & Jenny arrived, and Jenny chose to climb. Jackie climbed to the top of seven stacked crates, but the pile fell, leaving her dangling in the air by her harness. Then Laura & Tyler arrived. Jeff said, “This is like when King Kong climbed up the Empire State Building.” Hayley & Blair arrived as Jelani & Jenny’s stack of ten crates fell. Laura then fell off a stack of nine crates.

Back on the road, truck stop couple Mike & Rochelle still struggled. Mike said, “We don’t really know where we’re going, I don’t know how to drive a stick.” Rochelle added, “I’m going to have a nervous breakdown.” At the Roadblock, Ashley began her second attempt. While hardly an opera singer, she got through the song and was awarded with the clue. At Stack, Jenny fell off eight crates, while Blair fell off of eleven. He said, “It’s nearly impossible to climb up fifteen crates without knocking them over, so we had to rethink strategy.” Rather than hanging onto the side of the stack, he began perching atop the crates and placing each new one beneath him. Jeff then told Jackie to copy what Blair was doing, while Jelani and Tyler took over climbing for their partners.

Matt & Ashley arrived at the Pit Stop in second place. Ashley said the top two teams were previously-dating couples. “This is where the game is going to turn around. Looks like the singles are falling apart.” Back at Stack, Jelani toppled a pile of twelve crates, while Blair perched atop fourteen. Hayley said, “This is our last one, and we’re out of here.” But as Blair struggled to place the last crate, the stack tumbled. At the Winter Wonderland, truck stop couple Mike & Rochelle finally began the reverse challenge. With forty-nine minutes still remaining on their penalty, Bergen & Kurt waited at the end of the course. Seeing them standing in their lederhosen among the snowy trees, Rochelle said, “You all look so mystical.” Then she and Mike got the clue in seventh place. At Stack, Jackie worked the fifteenth and last crate onto their pile – which remained standing. She and Jeff shared a big hug before ripping the clue in third place. Then Laura & Tyler completed their stack and left in fourth, followed closely by Jelani & Jenny and Hayley & Blair.

Back at the Winter Wonderland, Bergen & Kurt’s penalty finally expired, and they got the clue to drive themselves to Schliersee. At the Roadblock, Laura, Jackie, Jenny and Blair chose to sing. Jackie made the first attempt, but despite having a nice voice, got a bucket of water on the head. Jeff joked, “This turned into a wet t-shirt contest real quick.” Meanwhile, Bergen & Kurt boarded a train to Schliersee. Kurt said, “You’re always in the Race until you see Daddy Phil.” Truck stop couple Mike & Rochelle ripped the Detour clue at the lakeside and found Date Night. Then they chose Stack.

At the Roadblock, Jenny attempted to sing – and got a bucket of water straight in the face. Jelani laughed, “That was terrible.” Laura did no better, getting her own bucket and causing Tyler to say: “Water was well deserved.” On her second attempt, however, Jackie was impressive. After blowing a kiss to Jeff at the end, she received the clue in third place. They ran off, Jeff saying, “You have such a cute voice!” Jenny then got the clue in fourth. Blair made his first attempt, and despite Hayley’s groaning, was spared water and got the clue fifth. Hayley said, “You were so lucky.”

Back at Stack, Mike struggled to climb the crates. After he fell multiple times, Rochelle reluctantly decided to try. “I’m afraid of heights, so that might be challenging.” At the Roadblock, Laura made her second attempt, and got the clue in sixth. Meanwhile, at the Detour decision point, Bergen & Kurt chose Stack and realized the location was at the last stop on the train. At Stack, Rochelle perched atop the crates, cringing at the height. Jeff & Jackie arrived at the Pit Stop in third place, followed by Jelani & Jenny and Hayley & Blair. Blair told Phil: “The blade of grass next to your right toe – that’s how big I felt all day.” He added in interview that, “I made the commitment to myself to see [the blind date] through to the end, no matter what faults my partner had. But sometimes I want to run away.”

Laura & Tyler arrived at the mat in sixth place, swearing that they were over making stupid blunders. As Bergen & Kurt continued on the train to the Detour, Mike & Rochelle struggled at Stack. Shaking atop their crates, Rochelle said she had to remember her motivation for running the Race: to provide for her son’s education. That helped her regain composure. They completed their stack, and ripped the clue in seventh place.

As Kurt & Bergen got off the train, Mike began serenading Rochelle at the Roadblock. Rochelle said, “He totally made my heart flutter up on that ladder.” They got the clue, and shared a kiss on the balcony. Wandering cluelessly through a residential neighborhood, Bergen & Kurt decided to return to the train station. After greeting Mike & Rochelle at the Pit Stop, Phil made his way to the station, where Bergen & Kurt sat waiting. Phil informed them that the other teams had all checked in, and that they were eliminated. Kurt said there was some tension that day, but he wasn’t bitter. Bergen disagreed: “There’s no butterflies and rainbows here. Today was awful.” In interview, Kurt said he was fine with the choice they made, and that they just weren’t meant to win the Race. Bergen said, “You signed up for this, and you can’t just give up when you find out you’re not going to find love.” They exited the station and walked off in opposite directions.


DETOUR: This Detour was a choice between Stein and Stack. In Stein, teams had to carry twenty-two full steins of beer all at once through an Oktoberfest crowd. If they could deliver the mugs without dropping or spilling, they’d receive their next clue. In Stack, teams had to vertically stack fifteen empty beer crates.

Stein: Aly/Steve, Matt/Ashley
Stack: Jeff/Jackie, Laura/Tyler, Jenny/Jelani, Hayley/Blair, Mike/Rochelle (Bergen/Kurt never arrived at the Detour)

ROADBLOCK: In this Roadblock, teams had to learn a German love song, and then serenade their partners. If they could pronounce the words correctly and stay on key, they’d receive their next clue.

Performed Roadblock: Aly, Ashley, Jackie, Jenny, Blair, Laura, Mike
(Bergen/Kurt never arrived at the Roadblock)

ORDER OF FINISH: 1. Aly & Steve 2. Matt & Ashley 3. Jeff & Jackie 4. Jelani & Jenny 5. Hayley & Blair 6. Laura & Tyler 7. Mike & Rochelle 8. Bergen & Kurt