Season 26: Episode 8 - Moment of Truth
Posted on Apr 17, 2015 11:00pm


Continuing in Namibia, Matt & Ashley and Laura & Tyler double U-Turned lawyers Jelani & Jenny and Olympians Aly & Steve. The lawyers played their Express Pass and remained in the middle of the pack, but Aly & Steve never gained ground, and were eliminated.

Amidst the golden granite peaks of Spitzkoppe in Namibia, teams arrived at the Pit Stop to find a campsite. They settled in, Jenny saying, “Don’t let the bedbugs bite, because I know there will be a lot of bugs.” Aly & Steve arrived after their non-elimination, and were greeted with cheers and high-fives by the rest of the teams. Everyone then gathered to watch a beautiful sunset. Aly said, “It’s so Africa.” As a herd of elephants crossed their view, she added, “It’s seriously perfect.” The next morning, engaged hairstylists Matt & Ashley ripped the clue first at 6:47 a.m. Phil explained that Germany colonized Namibia, and many Namibians still spoke German. After being driven to a bookstore in the town of Swakopmund, teams had to find the local newspaper, and then scan the German text for the next clue. There was also a U-Turn ahead. The hairstylists said it felt great leaving in first place, and they wanted to keep it up every leg. SoCal blind-dating couple Laura & Tyler left immediately afterwards, Laura saying they were the only team who hadn’t won a leg. But she was heartened by the fact that the Olympians were in the back of the pack with a Speed Bump. “Thank you baby Jesus, it’s awesome.”

The two teams got into cars to be driven to Swakopmund, where they’d take over after being dropped off outside the bookstore. Matt & Ashley said they wanted to ally with Laura & Tyler to U-Turn lawyers Jelani & Jenny. A flashback to Leg Four in Bangkok showed the lawyers suddenly jumping into a tuk tuk and driving off while working with Matt & Ashley. The hairstylists were left standing in the road, Matt saying, “She’s such a bitch.” En route to Swakopmund, he said, “I’m not crazy about Jenny, so if I have the chance to U-Turn her I definitely will.” Blind-dating medics Hayley & Blair left third, Blair saying they had more confidence and trust in each other than they did a few legs ago. Jelani & Jenny left fourth. They were still in possession of the Express Pass, which they had to use by the end of the leg. They also had no illusions about the U-Turn, Jenny saying, “I think Matt & Ashley would U-Turn us in a second.” Truck stop couple Mike & Rochelle left fifth, followed by Olympians Aly & Steve. Despite being last, the Olympians were optimistic. “We’re looking to turn things around. It’s going to be tough to do that, but we think if anyone can, it’ll be us.” In Swakopmund, Matt & Ashley and Laura & Tyler arrived at the bookstore and found the local newspaper. They scanned it for their clue, and spotted an advertisement with a prop plane and a red and yellow windsock. But the text was in German. Ashley said, “Are we going back to Germany?” Tyler set the record straight: “This was a German colony.” They headed to a nearby hotel as Hayley & Blair arrived. The medics found the ad, and discovered a man on the street who began translating for them. Meanwhile, the first two teams learned they were going to a skydiving facility. Tyler and Matt high-fived, but Laura said, “I’m going to puke.” Jelani & Jenny and Mike & Rochelle then arrived at the bookstore and got directions from an employee. Finally Aly & Steve arrived and found the ad as well.

Laura & Tyler and Matt & Ashley drove through a flat, barren landscape devoid of any hint of vegetation. Everyone was excited to skydive as they arrived at the clue box. They discovered a Roadblock: “Who has always wanted a Sky Box?” Phil explained that after a yellow supply case was released from a plane a thousand feet in the air, teams would have to retrieve it on foot. Then, after picking up a Travelocity Roaming Gnome on a nearby hilltop, they could reunite with their partner, and open the case for their next clue. Laura and Ashley took the Roadblock. The instructor said that once they had a visual on the falling box, they could run after it. Laura seemed confused. “I run?” She said in interview that the whole time she thought she’d be skydiving. The first box dropped, and she started out after it. As the second plane took off, Hayley & Blair approached in their car, excited to skydive. The second box dropped, and Ashley began running towards it. Watching the box hit the ground in the distance, Blair said, “That’s not a person.” Hayley said, “That would really suck if that’s the clue.” Laura searched for her box, but found only a piece of plastic. The third box dropped, and Hayley started after it. Blair laughed, saying Hayley had been excited to skydive, so he let her do the task to make her happy. “And now she’s running in the desert, and I don’t think she’s too happy.”

Meanwhile, Jelani & Jenny suddenly heard a flopping noise while driving. They pulled over at a gas station and found a nail in their tire. At the Roadblock, Matt said he just wanted to beat the lawyers to the U-Turn, so he could use it on them. The gas station attendants began patching the tire, while out in the desert Laura finally found her box. Ashley then found hers, but Hayley found only a garbage bag. The lawyers’ tire was then patched, and they returned to the road. In the back of the pack, truck stop couple Mike & Rochelle seemed to be heading the right way, but Aly complained that Steve hadn’t clearly written down their translated directions. Out in the desert, Laura and Ashley carried their boxes to the hilltop and picked up their gnomes. Hayley then found her box and headed to the hill with it, while Ashley jogged back to Matt. He cheered her on, saying, “Got to get to that U-Turn board. Time to have some fun!” They opened the box and ripped the clue in first place. It told them to drive themselves to Snake Bend Pan and search for their next clue. Laura & Tyler opened their clue a minute later, then headed to their car. Ashley shouted, “We’re going to follow each other!” As they drove off, Blair noted that the two teams were working together. He said, “You’re always concerned about the U-Turn. Jelani & Jenny have the Express Pass. Everybody’s on the same page about maybe using it on them, but you never know.”

Hayley returned with her box and gnome, and the medics ripped the clue in third place. Heading back to the main road, they passed a car coming the opposite direction – and were shocked to see Mike & Rochelle. “Holy crap! Mike & Rochelle left after Jenny and Jelani, so that’s pretty crazy.” The truck stop couple ripped the clue fourth, and Mike opted for it. Jelani & Jenny then arrived, debating whether to do the task or skip it. Mike’s box dropped from the plane, and he began running after it. Seeing nobody besides him and Rochelle, the lawyers decided to stay, and Jelani chose the Roadblock. His box dropped, and he sprinted off. Jenny said, “He’s like, the speed of lightning.” As Mike began wandering aimlessly through the desert, Jelani found his box. Mike then found his box as well, and Jelani climbed the hill for the gnome. While Mike paused for a breather, Rochelle said, “We’re still ahead of the Olympians, so that’s a good sign.” Aly & Steve then arrived and found their Speed Bump – and a group of children. Phil explained that they had to make African-style toy airplanes out of repurposed soda cans. When their planes were complete, they could continue racing. The Olympians sat down with the kids and began assembling the pieces for the four required planes. Steve said, “This is wild. These planes are made out of Coke cans. The wheels are made out of bottle caps.” The kids offered tips, and Steve finished the first plane. Meanwhile, Mike grabbed his gnome and Jelani & Jenny left the Roadblock in fourth place.

Driving to Snake Bend Pan, Ashley explained that Laura & Tyler’s strategy was to knock out the toughest competitors. “Which I understand. Our strategy is to U-Turn Jenny and Jelani.” With Phil on hand to announce their arrival, Matt & Ashley ripped the clue in first place. It was a Detour: Work or Play. In Work, teams had to smooth out dirt roads by dragging five large tires behind their Ford Rangers. When they’d driven a total of five miles, they’d receive their next clue. In Play, teams had to cross-country sand ski through a marked course, and then sled back down the dunes. Matt & Ashley chose Play, while behind them Laura & Tyler chose Work. As the hairstylists began putting on their skis, Hayley & Blair ripped the clue. Hayley said she didn’t like skiing at all. They chose Work, Blair saying, “You’re crushing my dreams!” At Play, the instructor told Matt & Ashley to take long strides over the sand, rather than lifting up their feet. They began sliding along the course, which rose steeply up the side of a massive sand dune. Meanwhile, Laura & Tyler arrived at Work, where they had to attach five large tires together and then secure them to the back of their vehicle. Tyler began hoisting and rolling the tires, prompting Laura to say, “You’re so manly.” As Hayley & Blair arrived, she added, “The Bickersons are here.” Tyler said, “They suck.”

Appearing as two specks against a sea of sand, Matt & Ashley struggled through the ski course. Ashley had a particularly difficult time maneuvering, and kept sitting down on the dunes. At the Roadblock, Mike finally made it back to Rochelle. He said, “It was the hardest thing I’ve done so far on this Race.” Rochelle said, “I couldn’t ask for a better partner in this Race, and I think in life…. It’s time that he can meet my son and be a part of our family.” Mike added, “Finally!” At the Speed Bump, Aly & Steve worked through the planes. Aly said, “These kids have definitely put me in a better mood. So thank you, guys.” They finished the last one, high-fived the kids, and ran off to the Roadblock. Steve opted for the task. His box dropped, and after checking the compass on his watch, he started after it. But almost immediately Aly noticed he was running the wrong direction. Steve quickly became confused, wandering around where he thought the box should be. Aly grumbled, “He’s so far off track…. He’s driving me nuts!” Steve finally admitted that he took his eye off the box, and there’d been a strong crosswind as it was falling.

En route to Snake Bend Pan, Jelani & Jenny figured they’d be U-Turned, but planned to use the Express Pass. Meanwhile, Laura & Tyler finished attaching their tires together. As Hayley & Blair got started, Blair said, “We’ve definitely been on some roads that could use some leveling. That’s a metaphor for Hayley’s personality.” Over on the sand dunes, Ashley was stuck with one of her skis buried in the sand. She explained that she kept trying to get up, but instead kept digging herself in deeper. Matt took charge, telling her to relax and talking her through how to stand up. She finally got straightened out, and said, “[Skiing] definitely wasn’t as fun as I thought it was going to be.” Matt agreed. “It was work.” Laura & Tyler secured their tires to the back of their Ranger. With the Travelocity Gnome strapped to the tailgate, they began driving, the tires “moving and shaking stuff” on the road behind them. Hayley & Blair then finished attaching their tires together, and ran off to get their Ranger. Back at the Roadblock, Steve finally saw something white in the distance. He headed towards it, Aly saying, “He’s finally going in the right direction.” Steve came upon his box, grabbed it, and headed up the hill for the gnome. Aly said, “We’ve put ourselves into a pretty deep hole here…. Now I feel like it’s game time. We’re going to pull ourselves back together.”

At Work, Laura & Tyler drove along, Tyler saying, “This is too much fun.” In the Bickersons’ car, however, Hayley’s temper flared as she and Blair argued about which side of the road to drive on. Laura & Tyler hit the halfway point in the course and turned around, while Hayley continued: “You have to admit you haven’t been the best of drivers, so I can have some concern.” Blair cut her off: “I’m done.” As Laura & Tyler passed them, Laura wondered if Hayley was yelling at Blair. At the top of the sand dune, Matt said, “The view of the desert was out of this world. It looked unreal.” He and Ashley reached the end of the course. Matt then lay on his stomach on a sand board, and slid headfirst all the way down the dune. Ashley followed, and they ripped the clue in first place. It told them to make their way down the road on foot. Phil then appeared at the U-Turn board, and explained that two teams could now slow down two others by forcing them to complete both sides of the Detour. Matt & Ashley took off. Meanwhile, Laura & Tyler finished Work and got the clue second. They started for the U-Turn board just as Jelani & Jenny arrived. The lawyers ripped the Detour clue in fourth place, chose Play, and decided to use the Express Pass. They turned the pass over to the ski instructor, got the clue, and headed to the U-Turn board as well.

Matt & Ashley reached the U-Turn first. “Sorry Jelani & Jenny, your ass is getting U-Turned!” They put the lawyers’ picture on the board and ripped the clue. It told them to find Phil in the middle of the Swakop River. Laura & Tyler then arrived at the board and U-Turned Aly & Steve. On the way back to the cars, both teams passed Jelani & Jenny, but failed to say anything about what they’d done. The lawyers arrived and discovered they’d been U-Turned. They weren’t surprised, however, and headed to Work. As Matt & Ashley jumped in the car, Phil explained that teams must drive themselves into the heart of the desert to Moon Landscape and find the oasis of Goanikontes. Once there, they had to pick up an exotic animal – a donkey, an oryx, a camel, or a zebra – and walk it to the Pit Stop. Matt & Ashley and Laura & Tyler took off. Hayley & Blair then arrived at the U-Turn board and ripped the clue in third place, while Mike & Rochelle arrived at the Detour and chose Work. Back at the Roadblock, Steve finally returned to Aly under the beating sun. “That’s the longest I’ve ever run in my life.” At Work, Jelani & Jenny and Mike & Rochelle began lining up their tires. Mike said it was like working at the truck stop, adding, “I have the strongest girl on this entire Race.” While the lawyers struggled to move their tires, Mike & Rochelle finished attaching theirs together and began driving. The lawyers then ran back for their truck, Jenny saying, “Those dumbasses. They were stupid for U-Turning us.” Mike said that Jenny seemed upset. “Jenny just seems very high-strung…. I feel like she just kind of pushes Jelani around. Poor Jelani.”

In the middle of the barren and rocky Moon Landscape sat the oasis of Goanikontes. Matt & Ashley and Laura & Tyler arrived and found the exotic animals. Laura & Tyler took the zebra, while Matt & Ashley chose the oryx – but Ashley then realized they’d forgotten their gnome in the car. She sprinted back for it as Laura & Tyler began leading “Nora” the zebra to the mat. But as Phil appeared in the distance, Nora suddenly kicked and tried to bolt. Tyler managed to hold on, and after a minute Nora calmed down. The SoCal couple stepped on the mat first, Matt & Ashley arriving just behind them with their placid oryx. Phil awarded Laura & Tyler with a trip to New Zealand. In regards to U-Turning Jelani & Jenny, Matt said, “We’ve been planning that. We’ve made some promises and we kept them all today.”

Hayley & Blair walked “David” the camel to the mat in third place. Blair described the day as “even-keeled” and said, “We smoothed out some bumps today.” Back at Work, Mike & Rochelle received the clue in fourth place, followed by Jelani & Jenny. En route to the Pit Stop, Rochelle suspected that Jenny would take being U-Turned personally. Mike added, “Jenny can be very mean. I think if she runs into Matt & Ashley – ” Rochelle cut in: “I don’t even want to be around that.” Meanwhile, Aly & Steve arrived at the Detour. They chose Play, and had fun with the sporty skiing. But sliding down the dune on their sand boards, Steve ground to a stop well before the finish line. Aly laughed, “You’re too big!” As they finished the course on foot, she added, “It was just like a bobsled, right?” At Goanikontes, Mike & Rochelle saw their “buddies” the exotic animals, and said it was hard to choose once because they were all so cute. They chose Nora the zebra. Meanwhile, Jelani & Jenny arrived. They chose David the camel, and Jenny struck up a conversation: “Hi, David. I’m Jenny. My dad’s name is David.” Up the road, Mike & Rochelle walked Nora – but the zebra once again bolted. Mike tried to hold on, but he lost his footing, crashed to the ground and rolled over in the dirt. As Jenny ambled along with David, Mike regrouped. “All right, let’s not do that again.” But no sooner did they get walking than Nora bolted again, this time kicking out viciously and hitting Mike square in the fanny pack. He stopped for a breather, saying, “If that was a little lower, I’d be down and out.” Rochelle suggested switching to the donkey.

As Jelani & Jenny continued walking (“I’m leading my dad to the Pit Stop!”), Mike & Rochelle returned to the starting point and began leading the donkey. The two teams hurried as much as their plodding animals would allow, but the stubborn donkey balked, and the lawyers stepped on the mat first. When Phil asked them about being U-turned, Jenny said Matt & Ashley were intimidated by them, but the hairstylists didn’t have any more U-Turns to play. She added that if she and Jelani were to single out a team in the future, it’d be the team that U-Turned them. “It’s all about the finish line.” Back at the U-Turn board, Aly & Steve arrived to find their picture. But they weren’t surprised. Smoothing the roads, Aly talked about how much fun they’d had on the Race. “Money has never been our motivation for anything. We’re Olympic athletes…. We work our asses off for nothing.” As they stepped on the mat in last place, Phil said it was déjà vu. “Unfortunately this time there’s no escape.” Aly said, “We should’ve won the whole thing. Every one of those teams… wanted to get rid of us, and we actually took ourselves out. You’re welcome.”

Roadblock: In this Roadblock, teams had to watch a skybox drop from an airplane, and retrieve it on foot. After then collecting a Travelocity Roaming Gnome from a nearby hilltop, they could return to their partner and open the box for their next clue.
Performed Roadblock: Ashley, Laura, Hayley, Jelani, Mike, Steve

Detour: This Detour was a choice between Work and Play. In Work, teams had to attach five large tires to the back of their Ford Rangers and drive for five miles, smoothing out the dirt road. In Play, teams had to cross-country sand ski over a marked course, and then sled back down a series of sand dunes. Work: Laura/Tyler, Hayley/Blair, Mike/Rochelle, Jelani/Jenny, Aly/Steve Play: Matt/Ashley, Jelani/Jenny (Express Pass) Aly/Steve

Speed Bump: In this Speed Bump, Aly & Steve had to make four toy airplanes out of soda cans. U-Turn: Matt/Ashley U-Turned Jelani/Jenny. Laura/Tyler U-Turned Aly/Steve

Order of Finish: 1. Laura & Tyler 2. Matt & Ashley 3. Hayley & Blair 4. Jelani & Jenny 5. Mike & Rochelle 6. Aly & Steve