Season 26: Episode 10 - Fruits of Our Labor
Posted on May 1, 2015 11:00pm

Despite starting in first place, Laura & Tyler failed to book the earliest flight and fell to the back of the pack. But after failing to overcome their Speed Bump, it was Matt & Ashley who were eliminated. BIRTHDAY LUCK In a flashback to the previous leg in Amsterdam, Blair tried to get directions while Hayley once again yelled at him. He said, “You’re just screaming. You’re not doing anything productive.” In interview Hayley said, “Our problems are our status quo. It’s just how we roll.” Blair added, “I’ll continue to improve listening. She’ll continue to improve not freaking out.” Hayley cut in: “I don’t freak out.” SoCal blind-dating couple Laura & Tyler ripped the clue first at 12:40 a.m. It told them to fly nearly a third of the way around the world to Trujillo, Peru. Once there, they had to travel by taxi to the Plaza de Armas, and take part in the fireworks festivities. Heading to a travel agency, the couple read that flight reservations had already been made for them. Laura said if she was on the Race with a boyfriend they’d probably argue more, and being with someone without a pre-existing relationship was actually easier. She also revealed that it was her thirtieth birthday. “So I’m hoping that birthday luck plays a role in this leg.”

Hayley & Blair left second, Blair saying, “Ninety percent of our day is fun, and ten percent is hell.” But he insisted they were going to have a good time. At the travel agency, Laura & Tyler booked tickets on the reserved flight, noting that they didn’t arrive until 8:00 a.m. the following day. They headed out the door just as Hayley & Blair arrived. Walking down the street, Laura said, “It’s so nice to have those tickets already booked. We don’t have to worry about it.” As the SoCal couple headed off to celebrate Laura’s birthday, Blair asked about earlier flights. The travel agent found one that arrived at 10:40 p.m. that night. Realizing they’d be landing almost twelve hours before the reserved flight, Hayley said it was a huge advantage. Heading to a bar, Laura said they didn’t invite Hayley & Blair (“a.k.a. the Bickersons”) because they fight too much and had negative energy. She added, “I don’t want them in my surroundings right now.” Back at the travel agency, Blair discovered that Laura & Tyler hadn’t even asked about earlier flights. The travel agent said, “You’re smarter than the other ones.” Blind-dating lawyers Jelani & Jenny left the Pit Stop in third place, already planning to research flights. Truck stop couple Mike & Rochelle left fourth, Mike saying, “If I was here with anybody else I’d probably want to strangle them. It does show that we can work together through anything.”

As Laura & Tyler threw back drinks in a bar, Jelani & Jenny arrived at the travel agency where Hayley & Blair were still finalizing tickets. Jenny asked for the fastest flight, and Hayley said, “Laura & Tyler didn’t do this.” Blair added, “We gotta seal it.” The travel agent reassured them that the flight was almost full. While Laura & Tyler took shots with their bartender, hairstylists Matt & Ashley left the Pit Stop in last place. They jumped in a taxi, believing everyone would be on the same flight. But Hayley & Blair and Jelani & Jenny arrived at the airport, boarded their plane, and took off. Tyler & Laura then arrived, having just realized they could’ve booked more advantageous flights. “Something we didn’t read when we first booked them. Damn it – that sucks.” Mike & Rochelle and Matt & Ashley joined them. Mike said they were significantly behind Hayley & Blair and Jelani & Jenny. “But we’re with two other teams, so… we’ll see when we get there.” The three teams spread out on airport chairs to sleep, and when the sun came up, they took off for Peru. That night, the lawyers and the medics landed in Trujillo and headed in taxis to the Plaza de Armas. There, beneath a towering statue, they found a brass band and the Master of Ceremonies, who presented them with a 7:00 a.m. release time. Then Jelani & Jenny flipped a switch, which set off spinning wheels of fireworks. The next morning, the two teams received the clue. It told them to look for “a shine with the morning sun” in the Plazuela de la Merced. Both teams headed off in taxis, but neither driver seemed to know where he was going.

While looking up directions, Jelani & Jenny discovered that the Plazuela de la Merced was only a two-minute walk from the Plaza de Armas. Meanwhile, as Blair used his Spanish to reconfirm directions, Hayley suggested returning to where they were. He assured her, “I’ve got it, I’ve got it.” She retorted (complete with air quotes), “Well you’re just standing here, so I don’t think you’ve ‘got it.’” Jelani & Jenny arrived at the Plazuela de la Merced and looked for a “shine in the morning sun.” They found a shoeshine stand, and the worker handed over the clue. It said to travel by taxi towards Fundo San Fernando, Cuartel Number One, and search for their next clue. The second flight landed and Laura & Tyler, Mike & Rochelle and Matt & Ashley ran for taxis. Meanwhile, Hayley & Blair were still stranded on the side of the road. Blair continued to wait patiently as the driver got directions, but Hayley insisted they were wasting time and wanted to return to where they’d come from. They finally headed back, Blair saying, “How about we work together, not against each other?” Hayley countered, “Well, how about you freaking listen to some of my input?” They found the Plazuela de la Merced, and the shoeshine stand, and got the clue. But Hayley continued to rant at Blair. “I’m so beyond pissed off at you, it makes it hard to want to work as a team.” Getting in a taxi, she went on, “Just don’t even talk to me, because I can’t even stand looking at you, let alone having to be around you.”

Mike & Rochelle arrived at the Plaza de Armas and got the clue for the Plazuela de la Merced, followed immediately by Laura & Tyler and Matt & Ashley. Meanwhile, driving along a tree-lined dirt road, Jelani said, “I’m a city boy through and through. This is so foreign to me, it’s ridiculous.” Jenny added, “I’ve never been on a farm before.” They found their next clue sitting amidst stems of sugarcane. It was a Roadblock: “Who wants to take charge in the field?” Phil explained that teams had to harvest a section of a sugarcane field, cutting the stems by hand. When they finished, they’d get their next clue – and a bundle of sugarcane. Jenny chose the Roadblock, and also found Date Night. Arriving at her row, she was shocked to see how long it was. Jelani had confidence, saying, “I’m not worried…. She’s hella strong.” But Jenny got off to a slow start, tapping at the sugarcane with her blade. She said, “I’m also quite clumsy, so I really don’t know if I should be operating a machete.” Looking for the “morning shine,” Laura & Tyler arrived at the Plazuela de la Merced – and found a setup with llamas and typewriters. But they couldn’t find a clue box. They ran off (right past the shoeshine stand) and a local told them the location was far away. Matt & Ashley arrived, and after Tyler told them they were in the wrong place, both teams jumped into taxis and took off. Meanwhile, Mike & Rochelle found the shoeshine stand and got the clue. Laura & Tyler tried to stay positive. Referring to the llamas, Tyler said, “We found the Detour, though.” Laura said, “And the Speed Bump,” adding that she saw the actual Speed Bump sign. Tyler froze. “The Speed Bump is always where the clues are.” The couple quickly realized their mistake and jumped out of the taxi. After driving in a circle, Matt & Ashley exited their taxi as well.

Hayley & Blair arrived at the Roadblock, and Hayley opted for it. As she picked up the machete and started chopping, Blair said, “At least she’ll get out some anger.” Back at the Plazuela de la Merced, Laura & Tyler got the shoeshine clue in fourth place. As Hayley and Jenny continued hacking away at the sugarcane, Blair said, “I feel kind of scared. I’m making sure we stand outside of a ten-yard radius.” Hayley said, “This is really getting my frustration out.” She added that she never normally yells. Blair said, “That wouldn’t hold up in court.” Hayley followed that up with, “I thought Blair’s head was sugarcane.’’ Matt & Ashley finally arrived back at Plazuela de la Merced and found their Speed Bump – the llamas and old-fashioned typewriters. Phil explained that they had to type out llama loan applications. The hairstylists sat down at adjacent tables, Ashley inserted her paper and said, “Good thing my mom still uses a typewriter.” She began hunt-and-peck typing, periodically stopping to help clueless Matt. At the Roadblock, Jenny said cutting sugarcane was a more effective workout than any spin or yoga class. “They should offer a new class in L.A. called Cut the Sugarcane.” She added that it was humbling to experience what the farmers did on a daily basis. She completed her row, and got the clue and bundle of sugarcane in first place. The clue said to travel to Parque Ramon Castilla, almost ten thousand feet above sea level in the Andes, and deliver the sugarcane outside the stadium. It also told them to check their Fitbit Charges, and write down their steps and calories on an enclosed card. The lawyers recorded the values from their Fitbit wristbands and headed back to their taxi. Hayley then finished the Roadblock. She and Blair wrote down their stats as well, and left in second place.

Back at the Speed Bump, Matt & Ashley finished typing their llama loan applications. They got approved, and jumped in a taxi to the Roadblock. Meanwhile, Mike & Rochelle ripped the Roadblock clue, and Mike began the task. Laura & Tyler then arrived. Rochelle urged Mike to keep the lead as Tyler chose the Roadblock and began hacking away at the sugarcane. Jelani & Jenny and Hayley & Blair made their way higher into the Andes, and were amazed by the scenery of rural Peru. They arrived at Parque Ramon Castilla, where a row of Fitbit blackboards stood next to a street cart. The vendor handed over their next clue, which the lawyers ripped in first place. Phil explained that from the start, teams have been wearing Fitbit Charges – wireless wrist devices that collect a range of activity data, including steps and calories. Teams had to add their values from this leg to their values for the Race as a whole, and then divide the total steps by the total calories. They could then calculate how many steps were required to work off a 576-calorie glass of sugarcane juice, which would be pressed from the sugarcane they’d just delivered. Once their numbers computed, they’d have to drink the juice to receive their next clue.

Jelani & Jenny began writing in their steps and calories on their board. Hayley & Blair then arrived and did the same. Back at the Roadblock, Tyler managed to pass Mike cutting the sugarcane, and got the clue just ahead of him. The two teams then wrote down their Fitbit values and took off in their taxis, Tyler saying, “Matt & Ashley are toast.” The hairstylists then arrived, and Matt and began chopping the sugarcane. At the Parque Ramon Castilla, Jelani & Jenny finished their calculations, coming up with the correct answer of 4,608 steps. They quickly downed the sugarcane juice and then ripped the clue, which was a Detour: Mama’s or Papas. In Mama’s, teams had to gather ingredients for a Peruvian moonshine called chicha. Following a list, they had to walk the streets and collect the ingredients from five different shops. When “La Señora de La Chicha” approved their delivery, they’d receive their next clue. In Papas, teams had to organize a large pile of potatoes by type. They then had to transport them by moto-taxi to a marked stand in the Otuzco potato market, and place each type of potato in its own bin. When the potatoes were correctly sorted, they’d receive their next clue.

The lawyers chose Papas, and headed for the potato farm. Meanwhile, Hayley & Blair finished their Fitbit calculations (also 4,608 steps), polished off the sugarcane juice, and chose Mama’s. Back at the Roadblock, Matt plowed through the sugarcane, chopping multiple stems at once. He and Ashley got the clue, marked down their Fitbit values, and ran to their taxi. Jelani & Jenny then arrived at Papas and found a large pile of potatoes. But despite the fact that there were four different types, the tubers all looked similar. The lawyers began sorting them by color and size. In the town of Otuzco, Hayley & Blair found the first shop for Mama’s (which happened to be adjacent to the potato bins for Papas). There they found their shopping list and the first three ingredients. Blair then asked directions to the next shop, and the vendor directed them down the street. With a change of heart from earlier in the leg, Hayley said, “It’s very helpful that you speak Spanish.” Meanwhile, Jelani & Jenny finished sorting the potatoes into four different bags. They then hauled the bags to their moto-taxi, and started into town. As Hayley & Blair collected the next two ingredients, Laura & Tyler and Mike & Rochelle arrived at the Fitbit boards and began calculating their values. Hayley & Blair then got their last two ingredients and started off to find “La Señora de La Chicha.” Jelani & Jenny arrived at the market and dumped their potatoes into the bins at the marked stall. But the vendor spotted one in the wrong place and opened the bottom of the bins, sending an avalanche of potatoes onto the ground. Jenny said, “Oh my God! My head’s going to explode.” But the lawyers regrouped, saying, “We’ll do it again. We’ll do it fast.”

Hayley & Blair arrived at the kitchen of “La Señora de La Chicha,” and presented the elderly woman with their ingredients. As she looked them over, Blair said, “She’s making me miss my grandma.” She approved their delivery, and offered them glasses of chicha. They got the clue as well, which told them to make their way on foot to La Virgen de la Puerta. The medics headed for the Pit Stop, Blair saying that Mama reminded him of his ninety-nine year old grandmother. Meanwhile, Laura & Tyler and Mike & Rochelle both calculated 4,032 steps at the Fitbit board. Both teams then got the clue and chose Mama’s. En route to the Fitbit boards, Matt & Ashley hoped someone was struggling with a physical task. “And we just come in and tear it up. We just need the opportunity.” Meanwhile, Hayley & Blair arrived at the Pit Stop. Phil told them they were team number one, and awarded them with Fitbit Fitness Kits. Despite their bickering, Hayley said they were BFF’s, and they each said they respected the other completely. But Blair added, “Sometimes I wish she’d just shut up.” Hayley added, “And sometimes I wish he’d just pay attention and listen.”

Back at Papas, Jelani & Jenny finished re-sorting their potatoes, and were approved. They ripped the clue in second place and headed for the Pit Stop. Meanwhile, Laura & Tyler exited their taxi ready to start shopping – but discovered that their driver had taken them to the potato farm instead. They decided to go ahead with Papas, and hurriedly began tossing unsorted potatoes into sacks. Back at the market, Mike & Rochelle got the shopping list and began collecting ingredients. Jelani & Jenny then arrived at the Pit Stop in second place. Phil asked if they were disappointed that there wasn’t more of an attraction between them, but they said no, Jelani adding, “We’re going to be friends for a long time.” As Matt & Ashley bickered at the Fitbit board, Laura & Tyler loaded their potato sacks onto their moto-taxi and headed into town. Meanwhile, with the help of the locals, Mike & Rochelle coasted through the shopping. Mike said, “We treat people as nice as we can, because that’s how we want to be treated…. People were happy to help us and point us where we needed to go.” Having finished their calculations, Matt & Ashley then got the clue and headed for Mama’s. Mike & Rochelle then entered the final shop, vegetarian Rochelle powering past raw meat and carcasses. They got their last two ingredients, and headed off to find Mama.

Laura & Tyler dumped out their potatoes at the market and began sorting them in the bins, Laura rinsing them with water to bring out their color. Matt & Ashley then arrived to pick up the ingredient list for Mama’s. But they didn’t see the first shop – they saw only Laura & Tyler sorting potatoes. Tyler said, “I think they took you to potatoes, guys.” Confused, the hairstylists got back in their taxi, thinking their driver would take them somewhere else. Meanwhile, Mike & Rochelle struggled up the city streets to Mama’s kitchen. Mike said, “Being at such a high elevation and running uphill, the wind was out of me within like, fifteen seconds.” They found Mama, drank their chicha, and got the clue in third place. Matt & Ashley arrived at the potato farm, and were dismayed to find they were still at Papas. They just decided to do it, and began sorting their potatoes on the ground. Back at the market, Laura & Tyler were nearly done. They were out of water, though, and began spitting on the potatoes instead. Tyler said to the locals: “Sorry guys, spitting on your potatoes. Hope you boil them.” They finished and asked if it was right, but the vendor opened the bottom of the bins. Tyler shouted in frustration as their potatoes spilled onto the street. Laura told him to breathe. Meanwhile, Matt & Ashley loaded their sacks of potatoes into their taxi and headed back to the market, while Mike & Rochelle arrived at the Pit Stop in third place.

Laura & Tyler finished re-sorting their potatoes, and this time they were approved. They ripped the clue and headed towards the Pit Stop. Matt & Ashley then arrived at the market and dumped their potatoes into the bins. Laura & Tyler, however, had trouble finding Phil. They ran around calling, “Inglés? Inglés?” to no avail. Matt & Ashley then finished – but the judge opened the bins, and their potatoes fell to the ground. Ashley said, “So we do it again? Oh my God.” But it was too late. Laura & Tyler arrived at the Pit Stop in fourth place. Tyler said, “We like to keep it interesting, you know? It wouldn’t be fun if Laura & Tyler just kept winning every leg.” Laura added, “We’ve got to throw people a bone here and there.” Matt & Ashley finally finished the Detour. They ran to the Pit Stop in last place, Matt saying, “That’s the way the cookie crumbles.” Phil then told them they were eliminated. Ashley said, “This… showed us we really do work better together. When we’re together, we’re so strong.” Matt said, “It hurts to be going home. We feel that we could’ve won the million.” Ashley added, “I’m sad to go.”

2610 ROUTE MARKERS Roadblock: In this Roadblock, teams had to harvest a row of sugarcane by hand.

Performed Roadblock: Jenny, Hayley, Tyler, Mike, Matt
Detour: This Detour was a choice between Mama’s and Papas. In Mama’s, teams had to pick up the ingredients for Peruvian moonshine from five different stores, and deliver them to “La Señora de La Chicha.” When their delivery was approved, they’d receive their next clue. In Papas, teams had to sort a pile of potatoes according to type. They then had to deliver the potatoes to the market, and place each variety in its own bin. Mama’s: Hayley/Blair, Mike/Rochelle Papas: Jelani/Jenny, Laura/Tyler, Matt/Ashley
Speed Bump: For this Speed Bump, Matt & Ashley had to type out llama loan applications on old-fashioned typewriters. Order of finish: 1. Hayley & Blair 2. Jelani & Jenny 3. Mike & Rochelle 4. Laura & Tyler 5. Matt & Ashley