Season 27: Episode 2 - Get In There And Think Like A Dog
Posted on Oct 2, 2015 11:00pm

In Buenos Aires, teams collected trash and tangoed sideways on a wall. Justin & Diana recovered from their mishap last leg to take first place, while after a three-way race to the Pit Stop, cousins Alex & Adam were eliminated.

MAKING FRIENDS On a sun-drenched beach in Rio de Janeiro, teams relaxed at the Pit Stop. Engaged couple Justin & Diana, who ran most of the previous leg alone, finally met some of the other teams. Diana said their goal was to get some friendships going – and maybe even some alliances.

Texas friends Tanner & Josh left the mat first at 9:40 a.m., and Phil said they were headed south to Buenos Aires, Argentina. When they arrived they had to search for their next clue at the church where Pope Francis was baptized. En route to a travel agency, Josh said it felt great to be in first place, but they couldn’t rest because “if you’re not first, you’re last.” Tanner added that since they had the Express Pass, teams would help them through the first five legs in order to get their hands on it. “We’re going to work the Express Pass to our favor in any way possible.”

MOTIVATION Track stars Jazmine & Danielle left second, happy to have proven themselves a strong all-girl team. Newlyweds Cindy & Rick were third, followed by mother/son Denise & James Earl. James Earl said that Denise’s reaction to his coming out wasn’t ideal, and they grew apart. He added that this was the most consecutive time they’ve spent together in ten years. “So far, so good.”

Tanner & Josh arrived at the travel agency, and discovered that the earliest flight to Buenos Aires was at 8:25 p.m. As the other teams filed in and found the same flight, they realized everyone would be traveling together. At the airport, little people cousins Alex & Adam immediately got to work looking up where Pope Francis was baptized. Adam said they wanted to make people realize they could win the Race.

Brothers/street dancers Ernest & Jin arrived next. They explained that their growing up was tough, and they started dancing in order to make money. Ernest credited their mother with giving them strength. “This is my way to give back to my mother…. We’re not letting nobody or anything get in our way.”

SO MUCH FOR AGREEMENTS While waiting for their flight, engaged couple Justin & Diana worked with Denise & James Earl to learn the name of the church. Justin said they wouldn’t share the information with anybody – but Denise & James Earl quickly blabbed to Tanner & Josh, and to dating paparazzos Chris & Logan. Justin noticed everyone talking and walked up, annoyed. “Everybody’s getting the address now? So much for our agreement.” Josh said in interview that Justin is very outspoken, and that he rubbed him the wrong way. Tanner said, “We don’t trust them at all,” and Josh added, “We’re aiming to take out the Green Team.”

With Ernest & Jin doing a little sendoff dance, all the teams took off for Buenos Aires. After landing, everyone sprinted for taxis to the church. There they found an overnight hold, with departure numbers for the next morning. Justin & Diana grabbed number one, with Logan & Chris getting number two. Tanner & Josh pulled three, ticked to discover that Justin & Diana had beaten them.

A HOLY ROUTE MARKER The sun came up, and a choir greeted the teams as they entered the cathedral one by one. Justin said, “We both started tearing up. You could never expect that beauty.” A priest stood at the altar, behind which stood a framed certificate outlining Pope Francis’s rise through the church. The priest then handed over the clue, which was a Detour: Cartoneros or Fletero. In Cartoneros, teams had to collect 100 kilograms of cardboard from recycling bins around the city. In Fletero, teams had to dismantle a statue at a local antiques shop, and then transport it in a truck with one person directing the driver and the other riding in back. They then had to reassemble it at a local park for the park director.

Justin & Diana chose Cartoneros. Logan & Chris entered next. Logan wanted to do Cartoneros, while Chris pushed for Fletero. Tanner & Josh were third, Josh saying, “That was the most beautiful church I’ve ever seen in my life.” They chose Cartoneros. Outside, Logan & Chris continued to argue about which Detour to take, finally settling on Cartoneros. They got into a taxi, but didn’t stop harping at each other. Logan said, “No one needs you talking – nobody.” Back in the church, cousins Alex & Adam and newlyweds Cindy & Rick both chose Cartoneros, while dating reporters Kelsey & Joey chose Fletero. Street dancers Ernest & Jin, NFL cheerleaders Tiffany & Krista, mother/son Denise & James Earl, and track stars Jazmine & Danielle all chose Cartoneros.

FROM A CHURCH TO THE DUMPSTER Heading to the Detour in last place, Jazmine & Danielle read that there were only eight carts available – first come, first served. Tanner & Josh arrived at Cartoneros, selected a cart, and donned neon yellow vests. Then they ran off to find the recycling bins. Justin & Diana arrived second and followed suit, but didn’t find much cardboard in the first bin. Logan & Chris and Cindy & Rick arrived, doctor Rick quipping, “Sixteen years of school and I’m getting trash on the street!”

Meanwhile at Fletero, reporters Kelsey & Joey arrived at the antiques shop and per the clue instructions, called a driver to pick them up. They then lugged the statue outside as a delivery truck arrived, loaded up their cargo, and ran off to find directions. Back at Cartoneros, Josh said, “We started in a church, now we’re in the dumpster.” Justin & Diana found a large stash of cardboard, which Justin figured would get them close to the required 100 kilograms. They headed back to the collection truck for weighing, jostling for sidewalk space with Tanner & Josh, who had a noticeably smaller load.

SLIPPERY SIDEWALK Mother/son Denise & James Earl, cheerleaders Tiffany & Krista, and street dancers Ernest & Jin arrived and grabbed carts. They ran for recycling bins, Krista slipping and falling on her butt in the process. Tiffany said a lot of people underestimate them, but they’re athletes with drive, and they aren’t going to give up. Tanner & Josh arrived at the collection truck, and the worker weighed their cardboard by hoisting it up on a pulley. They had only 27 kilograms.

Over at Fletero, Kelsey & Joey started off in the truck with Kelsey directing the driver. They said that as reporters they’re used to an environment where details matter. Back at Cartoneros, Tanner & Josh hurried to weigh another load when they saw Justin & Diana coming down the street. They had 39.5 kilograms. Justin & Diana then came in at 60. As teams scurried around looking for cardboard, Denise & James Earl hit the jackpot with one bin, while Tiffany & Krista had trouble finding anything. “Is there enough for everyone?”

DOO DOO! Cousins Alex & Adam arrived in eighth place, and took the last cart… so when track stars Jazmine & Danielle arrived just afterwards, they had nothing to work with. Jazmine moaned, “This is not happening right now!” They decided to wait by the collection truck, confident that once they got a cart they could outrun everybody. Justin & Diana found another full recycling bin – although Justin paused to greet the locals, even taking a sip from one man’s drink. Diana was incredulous: “Um, seriously?” Tanner & Josh then weighed in at 84.5 kilograms, and said, “Let’s end this now.”

Denise & James Earl continued piling cardboard onto their overflowing cart as cheerleaders Tiffany & Krista ran up. The girls’ cart was still empty. James Earl wanted to quit and get weighed, but Denise shouted, “Come on! Don’t doubt me!” Ernest was mildly horrified as he opened another bin: “There’s doo doo in here!” Jin refused to reach in, saying, “We’re definitely catching something after this.” Alex & Adam had luck with their bin, Adam saying, “This is the jackpot! I’m going in!” He walked fully into the bin – and Alex shut the door on him.

STATUESQUE Justin & Diana weighed their cardboard, and finished with 110 kilograms. They ripped the clue in first place, and it told them to make their way to the street of Bartolome Mitre. They jumped in a taxi as Tanner & Josh weighed in at 115.3 kilograms. The boys wondered, “How’d we get beat?” They then crossed paths with Jazmine & Danielle, who still had no cart. They told the girls where they’d left their cart, and the girls ran off to get started.

Meanwhile at Fletero, Kelsey continued to direct the driver, while Joey sat with the statue. He said he wanted to help more, but was letting Kelsey do her thing. He held up the statue’s head. “Kind of looks like her, don’t you think?” Street dancers Ernest & Jin weighed their cardboard, and had 59.5 kilograms. They began refilling their cart, Jin saying, “This is no game for us. Trying to make a better life.” Paparazzos Logan & Chris weighed in at 107.4 kilograms, and left in third place. Newlyweds Cindy & Rick only had 59.5 kilograms, Cindy saying, “Oh man, we’re in trouble.”

UP THE WALL Justin & Diana arrived at Bartolome Mitre and ripped the clue. It was a Roadblock: “Who wants to get sideways?” Teams had to learn a tango, doing a series of steps first on the floor, and then on the wall suspended from a harness. Diana opted for it. Justin said he’s the better dancer of the two, but hopefully they had enough of a lead that she could do it. Tanner & Josh arrived next, Tanner wiggling his hips and saying he’d dance his heart out. Diana said she felt the pressure with the Texas boys right behind them, but Tanner simply felt awkward as his female instructor said, “You’re going the be the woman. I’m the man.” As Logan & Chris arrived and Logan opted for the Roadblock, Diana and Tanner got harnessed up and practiced dancing sideways on the wall. Tanner grumbled, “I don’t have it at all.”

At a nearby park, reporters Kelsey & Joey arrived in their truck. They unloaded the pieces of the statue, and figured a gazebo in the distance was a good place to find the park director. Back at Cartoneros, Denise & James Earl, Cindy & Rick, and Tiffany & Krista all pushed loaded carts down the sidewalk. So too did Alex & Adam, who knocked over a motorcycle in the process. Denise & James Earl weighed in at 123.2 kilograms. They left the task in fourth place, but immediately found that their taxi wouldn’t take American dollars. Cindy & Rick then finished with 107.2 kilograms.

MILLION-DOLLAR TRASH Over at the park, Kelsey & Joey found the park director, assembled the statue, and received the clue in sixth place. As Denise & James Earl finally found a taxi, Tiffany & Krista finished with 122 kilograms. Ernest & Jin were right behind with 125.6, Ernest crowing, “Yeah, million-dollar trash!” Alex & Adam then finished with 111.5, followed by Jasmine & Danielle with 113. At the Roadblock, Cindy opted for the task. Diana then began her first attempt, but immediately failed for starting with her leg in the wrong position. Kelsey & Joey arrived, and Kelsey chose the task. Then Tanner began his first attempt, but failed after doing some improper footwork. On the sidelines, Justin laughed, saying, “He definitely doesn’t have it yet.” Josh merely looked irritated. Justin added, “I would’ve been much better at this.”

James Earl then chose the Roadblock, while inside Logan began her first attempt. She aced the footwork on the floor and began dancing on the wall, but soon lost her balance. Diana then began her second attempt. With Justin cheering her on, she smoothly made her way through the routine, and got the clue in first place. Tanner said, “Hearing Justin scream when she made it was probably the hardest thing about the challenge. I can’t stand him.”

TWINKLE TOES The clue said to make your way to the next Pit Stop, a polo stadium nicknamed the Cathedral of Polo. Cheerleaders Tiffany & Krista arrived just as Justin & Diana left, so the latter grabbed the girls’ taxi. Justin told them it was a dancing challenge, causing Krista to squeal in delight. Meanwhile, Tanner worked through his second attempt, but again messed up his footing. Logan had better luck on her second attempt, finishing and getting the clue in second place. As the paparazzos ran for a taxi, Ernest & Jin and Alex & Adam arrived, with Jin and Alex opting for the task.

Inside, Tanner failed yet again, and Josh was disappointed that they’d lost their chance to get ahead. Cindy then began her first attempt – but soon fumbled the footwork. Tanner began his fourth attempt, and made it past the part he’d previously messed up. He began dancing on the wall… and finally finished in third place. Josh shouted, “Twinkle Toes – that’s my dude!” Tanner added that it was overwhelming to conquer the dance challenge, since dancing was their biggest weakness. Cindy then knocked out the task on her second attempt to take fourth place.

YOU CAME OUTTA MY BELLY! As Krista started practicing on the wall, she explained that although she’s a dancer, she’s never done the tango. She admitted that it was tricky even for her, so for someone who doesn’t dance, it was probably really hard. Meanwhile, Alex struggled on the wall. Adam said that Alex is afraid of heights, and Alex admitted, “I was terrified. When he had to dip me and my leg went up was the worst.” He continued to struggle, losing his balance and finally saying, “I need a break.”

As Tanner & Josh searched for a taxi with no luck, James Earl killed the dance on his first attempt. He and Denise ran outside just as track stars Jazmine & Danielle arrived, and jumped into the girls’ taxi. Jazmine then chose the Roadblock. Tanner & Josh noticed with dismay that Denise & James Earl had gotten ahead. Denise told her son, “I’m so damn proud of you, I want to cry! I made you! You came outta my belly!” Tanner & Josh finally caught a taxi, with Cindy & Rick just behind them. The Texas boys continued to complain about Justin, Josh saying, “I’m getting really tired of him.” Tanner added, “I’m done with him. We need to turn every single team against them and destroy them.”

DREAM COME TRUE Back at the Roadblock, Jin embraced his partner while practicing on the wall. Ernest said, “Let’s go, bro. Love, him! Love him!” He said it was coming down to dance, which is what they do. Track star Jazmine added that her athleticism kicked in, because while dancing on the wall, “If you have flabby abs – no offense – then you’re not going to be able to hold yourself up.” Cut to… Alex on the wall, struggling to hold himself up.

Argentinian polo players cantered around the vast field at the Cathedral of Polo as Justin & Diana arrived. The couple jogged down the lengthy sideline to where Phil waited. He told them they were team number won, and Justin cried, “I’ve dreamt of hearing those words for so long!” They were awarded with a trip to Morocco. Back at the Roadblock, cheerleader Krista sauntered in for her first attempt. Tiffany said, “I love her attitude right now. We’ve gone through so much, so we need this.” Fortunately for them, Krista nailed the dance on her first attempt, and they got the clue in sixth place. Kelsey then completed the challenge as well, and she and Joey left seventh.

HAMSTRUNG At the Cathedral of Polo, paparazzos Logan & Chris arrived on the grounds, but had trouble finding the mat. Tanner & Josh then arrived – just in time to see Denise & James Earl exiting their taxi. Josh said, “Foot race, foot race!” As Logan & Chris wandered around the wrong entrance, Denise & James Earl spotted Phil and began running. Tanner & Josh sprinted as well, just as Logan & Chris rounded the corner behind them. The Texas boys quickly passed Denise & James Earl – but suddenly Tanner drew up, wincing and grabbing his leg. He gasped, “I pulled my hamstring!” and hopped one-legged onto the mat. As Logan & Chris joined everyone in fourth place, Tanner said he didn’t know how his injury would affect his and Josh’s game, since their biggest strength was their physicality. He thought they might’ve been racing for first, and regretted sacrificing his leg for second place.

YOU BE THAT WOMAN! Back at the Roadblock, Alex did surprisingly well on his first attempt, messing up only on the very last step. Adam grumbled, “We don’t have time for this.” Jin went next – another competitor with dance experience. He somersaulted onto the floor, Ernest saying, “You be that woman!” Ernest added that he’s never seen Jin tango, but his brother was in his zone. “He’s like the new tango master. You sexy beast!” Unsurprisingly, Jin got the clue on his first attempt. He hugged the judge, and the brothers left in eighth place.

Newlyweds Cindy & Rick arrived at the mat fifth. Back at the Roadblock, Adam said it was just themselves and the track girls left. “This is a horrible position to be in. I’m terrified right now.” Danielle added, “It’s nerve-wracking.” Alex worked through his second attempt – and nailed the final step. They left in ninth place, Adam saying, “You’re the best cousin in the world!” They ran outside… to find Ernest & Jin still looking for a taxi. Unfortunately for the cousins, they didn’t have any more luck finding a ride.

I NEED TO PRAY Inside, Jazmine finished the dance on her first attempt, and the track girls got the clue in last place. Jazmine wanted to put her shoes on, but Danielle nixed that idea and hurried her barefoot partner out the door. They then joined the other two teams in search of a taxi. Jin said, “This is crazy – we’re going to be eliminated because we can’t find a cab!” After significant time running around, Alex & Adam finally found one, followed by Ernest & Jin, and finally Jazmine & Danielle.

At the mat, cheerleaders Tiffany & Krista arrived in sixth, Krista treating the greeter to another tango. Kelsey & Joey then joined them in seventh. Back on the road, it was a three-way race for the Pit Stop. Jazmine said it felt like the longest ride ever. “I feel like I need to pray.” Ernest & Jin arrived at the Cathedral of Polo first – but seemed to be on the wrong side of it. In his taxi, Alex said, “We have no idea where the track girls are, but we can’t get in a foot race with them.” Ernest & Jin raced down the street only to discover a dead end, while Jazmine & Danielle approached in their taxi. Alex & Adam also began looking on foot for the entrance… but Jazmine & Danielle found the mat first. They gasped, hugged and cried when Phil told them they were team number eight.

THAT’S ALL WE GOT Ernest & Jin then arrived. Ernest was in tears, saying, “It just hurts, man. We don’t have a home to go back to.” Phil then revealed that they were team number nine, and still in the Race. The brothers hugged, Ernest adding, “We just got to bust our butts more.” He added, “Each leg we stay in, even if we’re not winning first place, is another shot at changing our life.” Jin said, “We’re not the best, but we will be.”

Alex & Adam then arrived, and Phil told them they were eliminated. Alex was dismayed. “Two legs – that’s all we got.” But he added, “I’ve lived one of my dreams, and we only got to one continent.” They said they were leaving with no regrets. “It’s been incredible.” 2702 ROUTE MARKERS Detour: This Detour was a choice between Cartoneros and Fletero. In Cartoneros, teams had to search the streets of Buenos Aires, and collect 100 kilograms of cardboard from recycling bins. In Fletero, they had to pick up a statue from an antiques shop and deliver it to a local park, with one team member directing the driver and the other riding in the back of the truck. When they delivered the statue intact, they’d receive their next clue. Cartoneros: Justin/Diana, Tanner/Josh, Logan/Chris, Denise/James Earl, Cindy/Rick, Tiffany/Krista, Ernest/Jin, Alex/Adam, Jazmine/Danielle Fletero: Kelsey/Joey Roadblock: Teams had to dance a tango, both on the floor, and on the wall while suspended from a harness. When they completed the dance correctly, they’d receive their next clue. Performed Roadblock: Diana, Logan, Tanner, Cindy, James Earl, Krista, Kelsey, Jin, Alex, Jazmine Order of Finish: 1. Justin & Diana 2. Tanner & Josh 3. Denise & James Earl 4. Logan & Chris 5. Cindy & Rick 6. Tiffany & Krista 7. Kelsey & Joey 8. Jazmine & Danielle 9. Ernest & Jin 10. Alex & Adam