Season 27: Episode 3 - Where My Dogs At?
Posted on Oct 9, 2015 11:00pm

En route to rural Argentina, Tanner & Josh plotted to U-Turn Justin & Diana – and despite Tanner’s leg injury, outran their rivals to take first place. Street dancers Ernest & Jin began the leg behind, and despite gaining ground, were ultimately eliminated.

GOD’S PLAN At the Pit Stop in Buenos Aires, Tanner lamented his hamstring injury, saying, “Any kind of strength with my legs is gone.” In a flashback to the previous leg, as he and Josh sprinted past Denise & James Earl, Tanner grabbed his leg and began limping. He said, “We know God has a plan for us. We took for granted what God gave us – our strength and our ability to do the physical challenges. So hopefully it’ll work out for the best.”

BUSES, TAXIS AND BUSES Engaged couple Justin & Diana ripped the clue first at 5:45 a.m. It told them to make their way by bus to the rural town of San Antonio de Areco. Once there, they had to choose a pickup truck, which would drive them to their next clue. The couple boarded a city bus to find a terminal. Justin said that leaving in first place felt natural. He added, “I don’t think anybody… is as prepared as we are,” explaining that he’s seen and studied every season of the Race at least three times.

Tanner & Josh left second and jumped in a taxi. They were followed by mother/son Denise & James Earl, who had some trouble finding a cab. Denise said, “This is the first time we’ve spent a lot of time together. We butt heads, and when we butt heads, it’s not going to be good.” She immediately began sniping at James Earl, who accused her of being mad about the taxis and taking it out on him.

Dating paparazzos Logan & Chris left fourth, followed by newlywed dentist and doctor Cindy & Rick, cheerleaders Tiffany & Krista, and dating reporters Kelsey & Joey. The reporters’ taxi driver informed them that the bus station was close. At the Retiro Bus Station, Tanner & Josh asked for the bus to San Antonio de Areco, and were told it was already there. The reporters arrived second, and as Tanner & Josh hobbled onto the bus, Kelsey & Joey bought tickets and joined them.

HATCHING A PLOT The other teams all departed on the next bus – everyone but street dancers Ernest & Jin, that is. The brothers left the Pit Stop in last place, Ernest saying, “Today is a catch-up game. We’re on a mission right now.” Justin & Diana then arrived at a different bus terminal than the other teams, and bought tickets.

On the first bus, Tanner & Josh began plotting with Kelsey & Joey. They explained that Justin got on their nerves, and since they had to hand over their Express Pass after they used it, they’d give it to whoever U-Turned Justin & Diana. Tanner added, “It’s going to be everybody against them.” The bus then pulled up at the next terminal… where Justin & Diana stood waiting. As the couple joined the first two teams, Tanner looked visibly displeased at the turn of events. Phil explained that the teams were now headed to the agricultural heartland of Argentina – the Pampas region.

MEAT THE GAUCHOS In the quiet town of San Antonio de Areco, the first bus arrived and teams ran to waiting pickup trucks. They jumped in and the drivers took off, rattling down the dirt road while the teams bounced around in the back. In second place, Josh grumbled, “Green Team is in front of us right now, as always.” They arrived at the gaucho ranch of La Porteña and headed for the clue box, Justin & Diana easily outsprinting the injured Texas boys.

The clue was a Roadblock, “Who’s smoking hot?” It required teams to properly hang two racks of lamb and a rack of beef ribs on metal stakes to cook. The meat had to hang right side up, and be skewered properly to the stakes with the bones facing outwards. Justin, Josh and Joey opted for the task. They headed to the carniceria, where they found racks of lamb, and tables piled with beef ribs. They hauled the meat to cooking stations, and then studied the example, noting which direction the meat was hanging and how it was skewered to the stakes.

I’D RATHER STARVE The boys got to work tying up the meat. Josh noted that the spine of the lamb had to be against the stake, but Joey missed that detail and secured his rack the opposite way. Meanwhile, the second bus approached the town, Rick noting that Ernest & Jin were pretty far behind. Back at the bus station, the street dancers bought tickets for the third bus, and then walked onto the platform to find it devoid of teams. Jin muttered, “I really hope we catch up somehow.” Ernest tried to boost his spirits, reminding him that he thought they were out last leg. “We’ve just got to get there, and we just crush it.”

Back at the Roadblock, Tanner noted that Josh was wiping the sweat from his forehead and then touching the meat. He joked, “I don’t want that one – I’d rather starve.” Joey got judged, but was rejected because the bones weren’t facing outwards. The second bus then arrived, and it was a mad scramble as five teams ran for pickups. In a caravan to the ranch, Denise apologized to James Earl for arguing. “No more arguing today, pinky promise.” As they hooked fingers, James Earl said, “Caught that on camera – got that pinky promise!”

THE GAME IS ON At the Roadblock, Justin called vociferously for the judge (“Gaucho! Mi amigo!”) while Tanner looked on in annoyance. But Justin’s bones weren’t facing outwards, and the judge said no. Josh was then rejected because his skewers weren’t fastening the meat against the stake. The caravan of pickups then arrived, and Chris, Rick, Danielle, James Earl and Tiffany began the Roadblock. Justin said, “Game is on.”

The newly-arrived teams struggled to haul the meat back to their work stations. Tiffany said, “People look at Krista and I, and they see two little girls. But we are athletes.” She then proceeded to drop the meat, saying, “These things are just so heavy!” Teams got to work, doctor Rick noting that a skewer went through the lamb’s supraspinatus muscle. He said, “This is all about attention to detail, and I got this.”

HARDER THAN PROLENE Josh noted his mistake in securing the meat, and despite burning his hand, got to work fixing his skewers. He added, “I didn’t even notice anyone else around, besides Justin in the background being annoying.” He finished his skewers, the gaucho approved, and the Texas boys ripped the clue in first place. It told them to pick up a roasted lamb, and deliver it to the festival judges at the Plaza Principal. As the gauchos loaded a cooked lamb onto a wooden plank, Tanner said he’d said a prayer just ten seconds before Josh got the clue.

Meanwhile, Joey was again rejected because his ribs hung upside down. As Tanner & Josh headed off with their lamb, Rick confidently threaded a wire through the meat. “Just like tying a prolene suture – except it’s a hell of a lot harder than prolene.” As the back teams struggled to various degrees, Justin called for the judge again. (“Gaucho! Mi amigo!”) This time it was Joey to comment on how annoying he was. And Justin was again rejected for his bones not facing outwards. Joey then realized his ribs were upside down, and hurried to fix them.

ESTUPIDO AMERICANO On the third bus, Ernest & Jin sped towards the town, hoping to make up time. Meanwhile, as Rick properly tied up his ribs, Justin was still oblivious. “I’m definitely going to kick myself in the face after this. Mi estupido Americano.” He was again judged and rejected. Joey then called the gaucho, was approved, and got the clue in second place. Justin grumbled, “Of the three teams that got here at the same time, I’m last.” He decided to start his ribs over from the beginning and look at every detail. Rick asked to be judged… and was approved on his first attempt. Then Justin finally passed as well. He sank to his knees and clasped the judge’s hand before he and Diana ran off with their lamb.

MAN’S BEST FRIEND At the Plaza Principal back in town, Tanner & Josh arrived in their pickup to find a gaucho festival, complete with music, dancing and a barbecue. They set their lamb on a table, and received their next clue. It was a Detour: Horse or Carriage. In Horse, teams had to select a polo mallet from the plaza, dress as polo players, and then properly equip a fake polo horse. They then had to push their horse back to the plaza. In Carriage, teams had to select a buggy whip, dress as gauchos, and dust off a carriage. They then had to push the carriage to a waiting team of horses. After the horses were harnessed up, they had to ride in their carriage back to the plaza.

Tanner & Josh chose Horse, and began jogging down the street. A stray dog fell into step with them, hopping along on a bum leg. Josh quipped, “He got hurt, too.” Back in their pickup truck, Justin said, “That Roadblock was terrible for me…. When you feel the pressure, sometimes you drop the ball, and I dropped the ball.” Meanwhile, Tanner & Josh arrived at a nearby building to change into polo gear. Donning jerseys and snug white pants, Josh said he’s never played polo. Tanner joked, “I used to wear Polo.”

RIDICULOUSLY GOOD-LOOKING Reporters Kelsey & Joey arrived at the plaza second. They ripped the clue, chose Horse, and grabbed a polo mallet. Newlyweds Cindy & Rick arrived just behind them. They chose Carriage – but ran off without a buggy whip. Then Justin & Diana arrived, Diana grabbing a polo mallet as Justin danced with the locals. Meanwhile, Kelsey & Joey realized they’d passed up where they had to get dressed. Decked out in polo uniforms, Tanner & Josh ran off to find the horses. Josh said, “I’ve never felt so ridiculous in my life, but never thought I looked so good in my life at the same time.” Justin & Diana found where to change as Kelsey & Joey finally headed back in the right direction.

As Cindy & Rick headed on foot to Carriage, Tanner & Josh arrived at the horses. Tanner was irritable, complaining that his leg was killing him. They then proceeded to put the saddle on backwards, and when Tanner mentioned the bridle, Josh didn’t know what it was. They quipped, “Team Texas!” “Making everyone proud!” Justin & Diana jogged down the street with their tack, Diana saying they could catch up. Kelsey & Joey followed.

A LITTLE HELP Back at the Roadblock, James Earl was rejected for the bones not facing outwards. Tiffany had the same problem. On the sidelines, Denise called out to her son, telling him to look at the ribs. “That’s what everybody’s having trouble with, the big slab!” Incurring dirty looks from the other racers, Denise realized her mistake. “Oh, shoot.” Paparazzo Logan said in interview, “During the Roadblock, you have to… keep your mouth shut and not give up those hints.” As James Earl pinpointed his mistake, Denise became worried. “I hope we don’t get a penalty for that. He’ll kill me.”

Paparazzo Chris was rejected for the bones not facing outwards. James Earl was then approved, followed immediately by track star Danielle. They left in fifth and sixth place. On the sidelines, Krista said, “This is brutal standing here.” Logan added, “He’s so confused,” as Chris stood at his station looking utterly clueless. Krista hoped Ernest & Jin wouldn’t show up – just as the street dancers disembarked from their bus. Chris got judged again, and was finally approved.

BACKTRACKING Looking for Carriage, newlyweds Cindy & Rick reached a dead end. Over at Horse, Tanner & Josh continued to struggle as Justin & Diana arrived. Josh said of Justin, “We thought we’d be so far ahead that we could just coast and never look back. But he’s competition, so we’ve got to get rid of him.” After the judge rejected the Texas boys, they realized their saddle was backwards. Tanner said, “My dad’s going to be so embarrassed.”

Back at the plaza, mother/son Denise & James Earl, and track stars Jazmine & Danielle both chose Horse, grabbing polo mallets and running off together. Tiffany finally finished the Roadblock, while over at Carriage, Cindy & Rick found the location – only to realize they’d forgotten the buggy whip. They turned around to head all the way back to the plaza.

HANGING TURKEYS At Horse, Tanner & Josh worked through various mistakes, while Justin said, “This is where we come back to first place.” The Texas boys were rejected again, causing Diana to add, “They seem like they don’t know what they’re doing.” Meanwhile, street dancers Ernest & Jin rode in their pickup to the Roadblock, Ernest ordering Jin to keep his hands down and hold on. Jin said, “You sound like Mom right now, shut up.” They arrived, and Ernest opted for the task. He hauled the meat to his station, saying, “This is so disgusting!” Jin said, “I’m… watching my brother run around with… turkeys or something.” As he tackled the task, Ernest said he wasn’t going to tell his brother he was scared, because he didn’t want to make Jin nervous as well.

Back at Horse, Tanner & Josh noticed that the curb chain on their bridle was unfastened. They hooked it up, and were finally approved. Then they began pushing the horse back to the plaza. Meanwhile, paparazzos Logan & Chris chose Horse, and grabbed the last polo mallet. As Justin & Diana and Kelsey & Joey struggled to finish tacking their horses, Denise & James Earl and Jazmine & Danielle arrived. Tanner & Josh then got back at the plaza, and ripped the clue in first place. It said to make their way on foot to the next Pit Stop, the Museo Gauchesco.

I’M MOTIVATED! As teams worked through Horse, Justin & Diana realized their stirrups weren’t pulled down. They fixed the problem, and were approved. They started off with their horse, Justin joking, “Lead the horse to water, I’ll make it drink.” Back at the plaza, Cindy & Rick arrived, snatched up a buggy whip, and took off again. At the Roadblock, Jin said he felt more positive and calm than he did earlier. Ernest told the gaucho, “I’m not a meat-smoker, I don’t know if you can tell.” He was approved on his first try.

Reporters Kelsey & Joey got approved at Horse. Meanwhile, Tanner & Josh headed to the Pit Stop, passing Justin & Diana who were pushing their horse back to the plaza. Josh said, “Now are you motivated?” Tanner replied, “I’m motivated.” Cheerleaders Tiffany & Krista ripped their clue for the Detour as Justin & Diana simultaneously ripped theirs for the Pit Stop. The couple jogged off, hoping they could beat Tanner & Josh, while the girls chose Carriage and grabbed a buggy whip.

LET’S GET DIRTY Running to horse, Chris asked Logan, “Why are my pants so tight and yours are so loose? Maybe I have your pants.” Meanwhile, Kelsey & Joey delivered their horse and headed to the Pit Stop in third place. Over at Carriage, Cindy & Rick finally arrived back with the whip. Cindy promised, “No more mistakes.” As Logan & Chris arrived at Horse, track stars Jazmine & Danielle were approved, followed closely by Denise & James Earl. They started off, Denise saying, “I got the ass, you get the front.” But she immediately began snapping at James Earl when she thought they were going the wrong way.

En route to the Pit Stop, Tanner & Josh seemed confused, and stopped to check directions. Meanwhile, Justin & Diana jogged up the street, quickly gaining ground. The boys noticed the couple approaching, and Tanner groaned, “My leg is killing me.” It was a foot race to the mat, with Tanner & Josh just edging out Justin & Diana. Phil said they were team number one, and awarded them with a trip to Cambodia. He also warned that on the next leg there’d be a Double U-Turn. When the Texas boys said they planned to U-Turn Justin and Diana, Justin said, “If you U-Turn somebody, you better hope they go home. I know the Race enough to know that.” Tanner & Josh seemed confident that Justin & Diana would soon be gone, but Justin added, “If they want to play dirty, then let’s go. Let’s get dirty.”

PENALIZED At Carriage, Cindy & Rick donned gaucho outfits and began dusting off their carriage, while at the Pit Stop, Kelsey & Joey arrived in third place. As Cindy & Rick began pulling their carriage, cheerleaders Tiffany & Krista arrived and ran to get changed. Back on the road, Denise continued to harp at James Earl about where to pull their horse, alternately questioning him and hurrying him along. But despite that (and despite nearly tipping over their horse) they got the clue in fourth place, with the track stars just behind them.

As paparazzos Logan & Chris got approved at Horse, Tiffany & Krista began cleaning off their carriage, laughing and spitting out dust. Cindy & Rick hauled their carriage down the street as the girls finished up. The cheerleaders started pushing their carriage – but unknowingly left their whip behind. As they plodded away, Tiffany said, “Hopefully we’re doing everything right.” Logan & Chris headed to the Pit Stop in sixth place, while Jazmine & Danielle and Denise & James Earl arrived at the mat together. But while Phil told the track stars that they were team number four, he informed Denise & James Earl that because of Denise’s help at the Roadblock, they’d incurred a thirty-minute penalty.

JUST LET ME BE Cindy & Rick arrived at the end of the road with their carriage. The horses got harnessed up, and the newlyweds climbed on. Meanwhile, Ernest & Jin ripped the Detour clue and chose Carriage. Heading back to the plaza, Rick predicted that Tiffany & Krista would have a hard time with the pushing. As the girls slowly made their way up the street, Ernest & Jin ran to the starting point.

Tiffany & Krista arrived at the horses – but realized that they’d forgotten their whip. As they sprinted back to retrieve it, Cindy & Rick left for the Pit Stop in seventh place. With their penalty time half gone, Denise and James Earl waited near the mat. Denise told her son, “You’re looking mad – uncross your arms.” James Earl begged, “Please, please, please, just let me be for a little bit.” As Ernest & Jin arrived at Carriage, Logan & Chris arrived at the Pit Stop, checking in ahead of Denise & James Earl in fifth place.

LAST PLACE AIN’T FUNNY! Tiffany & Krista grabbed their whip and took off running again. Meanwhile, in the bathroom, Ernest & Jin changed into their gaucho outfits. Ernest said, “I actually like this outfit – it’s kind of swag.” But he added, “No time to look in the mirror.” By the mat, James Earl confronted Denise. “You yelled at me all day. I’m not mad at you, but do you understand where I’m coming from?” Denise, now more contrite, assured him that she did. Phil then called them over, and they checked in sixth. Denise went on, “I’ve got to follow the rules, and I’ve got to be more in control.” James Earl added, “Any negative energy, put it towards something else, not towards me. Because I’m not her enemy in this, we’re partners in this.”

Cindy & Rick looked for the Pit Stop, but as they came upon a bridge they had to cross, they found it under construction. They bypassed it, looking for another way across the river. After wandering for a while, they decided to backtrack. Meanwhile, Ernest & Jin finished dusting off their carriage, and began pulling it. Tiffany & Krista then arrived back with their whip, and began their carriage ride. Ernest & Jin ran down the street with their carriage, Ernest saying, “Last place ain’t funny!”

A MUCH-NEEDED BOOST An exhausted Cindy & Rick arrived at the Pit Stop in seventh place, while Ernest & Jin arrived at the horses. Tiffany & Krista then took off for the Pit Stop. The street dancers headed back to the plaza, hoping another team had gotten delayed. The cheerleaders tasked for directions, and were told to cross the bridge. They took off running again, as Ernest & Jin arrived back at the plaza. The cheerleaders reached the bridge, but were unsure where to go when they saw the construction. Tiffany said, “This isn’t a street.” Krista added, “Maybe they weren’t meaning this.” But as the street dancers bore down on the same bridge, the girls finally crossed it, and found their way to the Pit Stop in eighth place.

Ernest & Jin finally arrived, and Phil told them they were eliminated. Ernest said, “We’re survivors, we’re fighters, and that’s what we tried to do.” Jin said, “Me and my brother wanted to better our lives, and winning the Amazing Race would’ve given us that boost that we needed to pursue our dreams.” Local dancers then emerged and the boys joined them, Ernest saying how much he appreciated being able to visit places he never thought he’d go to. “It’s just awesome.”


Roadblock: Teams had to properly hang two racks of lamb and a rack of beef ribs on metal stakes to cook.

Performed Roadblock: Josh, Joey, Rick, Justin, James Earl, Danielle, Chris, Tiffany, Ernest

Detour: This Detour was a choice between Horse and Carriage. In Horse, teams had to select a polo mallet, dress as polo players, and properly equip a fake horse. They then had to push their horse back to the town plaza to receive their next clue. In Carriage, teams had to select a buggy whip, and then detail a carriage. After pushing their carriage to waiting horses and getting harnessed up, they had to catch a ride back to the plaza.

Horse: Tanner/Josh, Justin/Diana, Kelsey/Joey, Denise/James Earl, Jazmine/Danielle, Logan/Chris

Carriage: Cindy/Rick, Tiffany/Krista, Ernest/Jin

Order of Finish 1. Tanner & Josh 2. Justin & Diana 3. Kelsey & Joey 4. Jazmine & Danielle 5. Logan & Chris 6. Denise & James Earl (received 30 min. penalty) 7. Cindy & Rick 8. Tiffany & Krista 9. Ernest & Jin