Season 27: Episode 5 - King Of The Jungle
Posted on Oct 23, 2015 11:00pm

In a continuation leg in Zimbabwe, Tanner & Josh gave the Express Pass to Denise & James Earl, allowing the mother and son to take first place. After neglecting to read their clue at the Lion Encounter, Jazmine & Danielle had to repeat the task, and were ultimately eliminated.

PASSING ON THE PASS Tanner & Josh arrived at the Rose of Charity Orphanage Pit Stop in second place, and Phil asked whom they were going to give the Express Pass to. Josh suggested Denise & James Earl, figuring the mother and son had helped them a lot, and also weren’t a threat. Tanner agreed. Phil then handed them their next clue, which said to make their way to the Lookout Café. In the taxi, Tanner explained that that their friends, track stars Jazmine & Danielle and cheerleaders Tiffany & Krista, were both in the back of the pack, and now neither of them could use the Express Pass to beat the other. Josh felt good about their decision, “since we blew it. Never give us an Express Pass again. Ever.” Tanner added, “We don’t even deserve one. We basically won one to give it away.”

In the first-place taxi, engaged couple Justin & Diana reiterated that they and Tanner & Josh didn’t U-Turn one another. Justin added, “But they’re also our toughest competitors, so we have to be careful.” Tanner & Josh were of a similar mindset, saying they had respect for Justin & Diana for honoring their word, but next time they were U-Turning them. Back at the Co-op Detour, newlyweds Cindy & Rick finished polishing their wooden giraffe and got the clue in fifth place. They were followed by dating paparazzos Logan & Chris, Jazmine & Danielle, and Tiffany & Krista.

SWING, YOU FAT BASTARD! Denise & James Earl arrived at the Pit Stop and chose not to U-Turn. They then donated all their money to the orphanage, Denise saying, “They need it more than we do.” Phil informed them that Tanner & Josh had given them the Express Pass, and the mother and son jumped for joy as he handed it over. He also gave them their next clue. They ran off, knowing they had to use the Express Pass on that leg. Dating reporters Kelsey & Joey then arrived and chose not to U-Turn.

Justin & Diana arrived at the Lookout Café by the Batoka Gorge, where rocky cliffs shot up on either side of the rolling Zambezi River. They ripped the clue and found a Roadblock: “Who wants to gorge themselves?” Justin opted for it. In a flashback to the very first episode of the Amazing Race, friends Kevin & Drew performed the task. A harnessed-up Drew jumped, plummeted to the bottom of the gorge and sailed out over the river while Kevin shouted, “Swing, you fat bastard! Swing!”

A LONG DROP As Justin got harnessed up, Diana said, “Make sure he’s nice and tight, please. I’m going to marry this man.” Tanner & Josh ripped the clue second, and spotted the sign for the zip line. Tanner, who was afraid of heights, quickly pawned the task off on Josh, who read that he would free-fall over 200 feet. They walked to the starting point as Justin stood on the edge of the platform. The instructor counted down and Justin jumped, screaming as he fell to the bottom and swung out over the river.

Preparing for his attempt, Josh complained to Tanner, “You got to tango on a three-foot wall. I’m about to jump off a 200-foot cliff.” But he added that he felt more confident since Justin didn’t splat. After Justin returned to the top, Josh thanked him for honoring their agreement about the U-Turn. Justin & Diana then ripped the clue in first place, and found a Detour – Crocs or Canoes. In Crocs, teams had to feed crocodiles meat off of sticks while submerged underwater in a metal cage. In Canoes, they had to paddle across the Zambezi River, and then one team member had to hoist the other into a tree to retrieve their clue from a vulture’s nest.

CHEAPSKATE Justin & Diana chose Canoes, and left just as Kelsey & Joey and Denise & James Earl arrived for the Roadblock. James Earl and Kelsey opted for it. Standing on the edge of the platform, Josh said, “Dear Lord, just help me not to scream like a girl.” Then he jumped and swung out over the river, shouting, “I think my heart stopped twice, but that was amazing!” Up top, Denise gave Tanner a thank-you hug for the Express Pass. The boys then ripped the clue and chose Canoes.

Back at the Pit Stop, Cindy & Rick chose not to U-Turn, and arrived at the mat fifth. Just behind them, paparazzos Logan & Chris were flustered on the U-Turn mat, Logan shouting, “I can’t think about this! I don’t want to U-Turn anyone!” Chris then presented the orphans with a “big donation” – twenty dollars out of their $175. As everyone stared at him, Phil informed him that the other teams had donated all their money. The paparazzos then did the same, and Phil told the teams they were still racing.

KEEPING A PROMISE In the taxi, Chris second-guessed their decision not to U-Turn. He explained in interview that he and Logan suffer from indecision, and it’s led to mistakes in their work. “And at home, trust me, when I make that bad call, it’s not pretty.” Track stars Jazmine & Danielle arrived at the Pit Stop, chose not to U-Turn, and ripped the clue in seventh place. They ran off just as Tiffany & Krista arrived. Danielle admitted that had they known they were going to keep racing, they would’ve U-Turned the cheerleaders.

Tiffany & Krista reached the U-Turn… and used it on Justin & Diana, honoring their previous agreement that everyone would try to U-Turn the Green Team. Phil then told them they were last, but that they were still racing. In the taxi, Krista was in tears. “I’m just so sick of pushing myself and being in the back.” But Tiffany added that they were fighters, and they’d just keep pushing. At the Roadblock, Kelsey dropped into the gorge, and she and Joey then chose Crocs. James Earl made the jump next – although he was still swinging over the river when Denise yelled, “Now get your ass back up here!”

HAZARDOUS PADDLE Justin & Diana arrived at Canoes – and saw an elephant standing nearby. They stopped to stare, Diana saying, “I can’t even focus right now. I want to touch the elephant.” They then nervously dragged their canoe into the water, aware that the river was populated with hippos and crocodiles. But Justin said they tried to have tunnel-vision, and focus on what they needed to do. Tanner & Josh then arrived, and figured they could make up time paddling. As crocodiles peeked out of the water, Justin said, “Make sure they don’t bite us on the way.”

Tanner & Josh started canoeing, convinced that they’d easily catch Justin & Diana. But Justin said it was more about technique than strength. Sure enough, Tanner & Josh were out of sync, and began veering off in the wrong direction. Justin said he used to teach small boat canoeing, and Diana was a rower in high school, so they felt confident on the water. Tanner & Josh continued to struggle and argue, wondering, “Why are we not catching them?”

DRIVING IN CIRCLES Newlyweds Cindy & Rick and paparazzos Logan & Chris arrived at the Roadblock and ripped the clue. Cindy and Chris opted for it – and then both teams jumped back in their taxis. Chris said they were looking for the Zambezi River, and when their driver seemed confused and tried to ask people, Chris ordered him to just follow Cindy & Rick. They then passed Jazmine & Danielle arriving at the Roadblock. Danielle chose the task and they headed to the starting point, happy that the other teams had gone the wrong way.

Cindy & Rick’s driver finally convinced them that they’d left the place they needed to be. They turned around, and Logan & Chris followed. Meanwhile, Tiffany & Krista headed to the Roadblock, Krista still in tears. They ripped the clue, and Tiffany opted for it. While Cindy & Rick and Logan & Chris headed back to the gorge, the cheerleaders got in line behind the track stars in sixth place. Danielle made the jump, and walking to the starting point, the last two teams heard her screaming in the distance. Logan said, “We are so stupid.” They met up with the other teams, Cindy & Rick claiming the seventh place spot while Logan & Chris continued to berate themselves for screwing up. As Rick and Krista jumped around screeching, “We’re not last!” Tiffany got into place on the platform. Meanwhile, Jazmine & Danielle ripped the clue and chose Crocs.

FEEDING TIME At Crocs, reporters Kelsey & Joey arrived to find a large pool holding several monstrous crocodiles. They began changing into wetsuits. Back on the river, Justin & Diana managed to keep ahead of Tanner & Josh in the canoes, and reached the opposite bank. They then ran down the path to the vulture’s nest. Diana put on her harness, and Justin began hauling her into the air. Josh, meanwhile, had a more challenging task with Tanner: “I’ve got to pull this fatty up.” As Diana grabbed the clue, Tanner joked, “I really should’ve gone on that diet.” Justin & Diana read that they had to make their way to the Lion Encounter at the Masuwe Safari Lodge. They ran off as Tanner grabbed the clue, and the couple got a solid jump on the boys back across the river.

At the gorge, Tiffany made the jump, screaming, “This is amazing! I’m in Africa!” The cheerleaders got the clue and left in sixth place, Krista shouting, “We’re going to feed some crocodiles – I’m not scared!” At Crocs, Kelsey & Joey prepared to enter the cage. Denise & James Earl then arrived, presented their Express Pass, and left in third place. Kelsey & Joey said they would’ve liked to get the Express Pass, but they were just glad it was used up. The instructor then warned them to keep their toes up as they were lowered into the water. The crocodiles approached the cage, crawling on top and waiting beside it for their food. Joey stuck his stick through the bars with a hunk of raw meat on the end, and the crocodile chomped down on it. Kelsey shrieked, and then offered her own piece of meat. She said, “I felt the force of that jaw going on the stick, and him pulling it. I’m glad we were in cages, because it was scary, the force that crocodile had.” They finished the task in fourth place.

LION CHOW Back at the Roadblock, Rick said, “That is ridonkulous, the drop right here. OMG.” Meanwhile, Logan & Chris were still beating themselves up for following Cindy & Rick. Cindy then made the jump, and the newlyweds ripped the clue in seventh place and chose Crocs. As Chris got harnessed up, Logan said they were their own worst enemy. “We just don’t see the obvious.” Chris jumped, and as he swung out over the river, Logan added, “Oh good, he didn’t die.” Justin & Diana then arrived at the Lion Encounter and ripped the clue in first place. It told them to walk with two lions through the bush, and search for their next clue hidden in a skull along the way.

The instructor went over a multitude of safety rules, such as stay alert, stay quiet, and don’t run. Mother/son Denise and James Earl arrived next, but had to change out of their bright pink clothing. “Otherwise we might’ve been lion chow.” Justin & Diana began their walk with three guides and the two young lions, followed soon after by Denise & James Earl. In their taxi en route to the Lion Encounter, Josh told Tanner that he couldn’t stop thinking about the Express Pass. “We would be so far ahead, instead of chasing [Justin & Diana.]” They arrived at the clue box just behind reporters Kelsey & Joey. Both teams ripped the clue, but discovered that since two teams had already started the lion walk, they’d have to wait.

WAFFLING AND PANICKING Back at Crocs, track stars Jazmine & Danielle held hands, saying, “I love you,” before going underwater. Waiting her turn, Tiffany said she was more nervous about feeding the crocodiles than she’d been about falling off the cliff. As the track stars began giving the crocs lunch, Cindy & Rick and Logan & Chris arrived. But when Chris realized they were behind three other teams, he started panicking, saying they had to leave. Logan stopped him and accused him of being irrational. Jazmine & Danielle then came out of the water, and Tiffany & Krista prepared to go in. But Chris continued insisting that they were too far behind to do the task. Once the cheerleaders descended into the water (“My feet! He’s going to bite my toe!”) Chris decided that since they were already there, they’d just stay. But the longer the girls spent feeding (“He’s ripping the stick!”) he changed his mind again. He and Logan began changing their clothes to head to Canoes, arguing and shouting at each other while the cheerleaders screamed and fought with the crocodile for possession of their stick.

Chris finally realized that they were panicking and being stupid. After getting the stick back, the cheerleaders emerged from the water. They got the clue in sixth place, while Logan & Chris began changing back into their wetsuits. Cindy & Rick then began their turn. At the Lion Encounter, the guide explained that male lions were often poached for their manes, and that the reserve was trying to repopulate lions back into the wild. Justin & Diana then spotted a skull mounted on a nearby post, and retrieved the clue. Heading back, Justin said, “I feel like a lion king.”

POWERFUL PREDATORS In second place, Denise & James Earl walked with their lions. The guide said the cats were friendly as cubs, but once they turned eighteen months old they became more vicious, adding, “They’ll even eat us.” Denise kept behind James Earl, saying, “Please don’t leave me, I don’t want that thing to get me.” James Earl then spotted a skull, and they got the clue in second place. Justin & Diana had to stop when one of their lions spun around and began approaching them. As the guides stepped in to wrangle the cats, Justin said, “When a male lion looks at you and starts walking towards you, it’s pretty scary. If they wanted to eat me, there’s nobody that could truly stop them. They are just powerful predators.”

Justin & Diana ripped the clue in first place, and it told them to make their way to the next Pit Stop, the Masuwe Private Game Reserve. When they arrived, they’d have to balance baskets of fruit on their heads while walking to the mat. Justin grumbled, “We’re in trouble.” Kelsey & Joey then began their lion walk. When Kelsey asked what the lions eat, Joey quipped, “Walkers.” Tanner & Josh followed in fourth place. Back at Crocs, Cindy & Rick finished in seventh place, while Logan & Chris continued to bicker about the time they’d lost earlier in the leg.

Justin & Diana arrived at the Masuwe Safari Lodge, where local women waited with fruit baskets. They then proceeded to tie large cloths around the couple’s heads. Denise & James Earl arrived, saying they wanted first place just once. Justin & Diana began walking with their baskets, but got off to a slow start as Justin immediately dropped his fruit all over the ground. Denise & James Earl wasted no time passing him up, James Earl saying, “This is definitely the slowest foot race ever.”

A FIRST FIRST As they finally descended into the crocodile tank, Chris said, “This might be our last thing we get to do.” Logan replied, “Please, just give me a moment of silence.” At the Lion Encounter, Kelsey & Joey got the clue in third, followed by Tanner & Josh. En route to the mat, Denise & James Earl had put considerable distance between themselves and Justin & Diana. Diana said, “I’m as calmly frustrated as I can possibly be.” Suddenly Denise dropped her basket, giving Justin fresh hope. “We’re in this!” He and Diana seemed to be gaining ground – but then Justin dropped his basket. Denise & James Earl reached the mat first, and Phil awarded their win with a trip to Slovakia. James Earl said, “The Green Team and the Dallas Boys, they’ve been up at the top. And now we can say we’ve joined them!”

Justin & Diana then stepped on the mat, Justin saying, “Second place is the first loser.” He was frustrated that they’d been in first the entire day, and lost because they couldn’t balance fruit. “But no more Express Passes – now it’s just let the best team win. And we all know who the best team is.” Track stars Jazmine & Danielle arrived at the Lion Encounter – but ran the wrong direction down the road, arriving at the Masuwe Safari Lodge instead. They loaded up with fruit baskets and started down the path. Kelsey & Joey then showed up, followed by Tanner & Josh. The track stars reached Phil… and realized they were in the wrong place. They reread the clue, and sprinted back to the Lion Encounter.

BASKET CASES Meanwhile, cheerleaders Tiffany & Krista reached the Lion Encounter in fifth place. Jazmine & Danielle were next, followed by Cindy & Rick. Over at the fruit baskets, Tanner struggled to keep his head dressing out of his eyes. Josh grumbled, “It’s his leg, now it’s this.” But Tanner soon got situated, and the Texas boys began making strides ahead of Kelsey & Joey. They reached the mat in third place. They were disappointed but aware that it could’ve been much worse, given their misuse of the Express Pass on the previous leg, and arriving at the U-Turn after Justin & Diana. “That gives us some hope later on that we can be more strategic.”

Kelsey & Joey then arrived in fourth, Joey saying they were chipping away at the teams at the top. Tiffany & Krista made their way along the path with the lions, followed by Jazmine & Danielle. Jazmine said, “Just be focused and be sure we’re not making stupid mistakes.” The cheerleaders spotted the skull and got the clue. The track girls still couldn’t believe they went to the Pit Stop, saying that they needed to pay attention. They then walked right past a skull.

I DON’T LIKE CATS Logan & Chris arrived and ripped the clue in last place. Cindy & Rick were waiting their turn with the lions, and believed it’d be a race between them and the paparazzos. Tiffany & Krista finished and headed for the fruit baskets, while Jazmine & Danielle came to the end of the walk. But as the newlyweds and Logan & Chris headed off, the guide asked the track stars if they’d found the clue. They said no, and he said they’d have to wait and go again. Danielle said she saw a skull when they were walking, but because they hadn’t read the instructions, she didn’t know that’s where the clue was.

Chris repeatedly told Logan to look for skulls, and she snapped, “Stop saying that – I get it.” They continued to walk, as did Cindy & Rick, while Jazmine & Danielle waited back at the starting point. The two teams both then found the skulls and their clues. The newlyweds’ lion started to charge them, and their guide had to drive him back. Cindy said, “Cats like me – I don’t like cats.” Meanwhile, Tiffany & Krista tottered onto the mat with their fruit baskets, Krista saying to the local women, “You guys are amazing!” Phil told them they were team number five, and the girls screamed and cheered. “We’re not last!”

STILL IN IT Cindy & Rick and Logan & Chris then returned from the lion walk, and saw Jazmine & Danielle waiting. They took off running, Chris saying, “We’re still in it!” The track stars began the walk while the other two teams loaded up with fruit baskets. But both teams had trouble, Logan and Cindy dropping their baskets before even leaving the starting point. Jazmine & Danielle found the skull and the clue and started back, saying they still had a chance if the other teams couldn’t balance fruit. Chris and Rick then dropped their baskets. Jazmine & Danielle hurried to begin the fruit for the second time, and spotted the other teams up ahead.

Logan & Chris finally stepped onto the mat in sixth place. Logan said their takeaway from the leg is the same as every leg – just to calm down – although they never implement it. Cindy & Rick continued to inch along as the track stars moved up behind them. Then Rick dropped his entire basket. He regrouped, but Jazmine & Danielle seemed confident they could get ahead – until Jazmine dropped her basket as well. The newlyweds stepped on the mat seventh. When Jazmine & Danielle arrived, Phil told them they were eliminated. They said that being competitors, they hated losing with a passion, but being able to run the Race as best friends was amazing. Jazmine added, “I wouldn’t have done it with anybody else.”


ROADBLOCK: In this Roadblock, teams had to jump over 200 feet into the Batoka Gorge, and then swing out over the Zambezi River.

Performed Roadblock: Justin, Josh, Kelsey, James Earl, Danielle, Tiffany, Cindy, Chris

DETOUR: Crocs or Canoes. In Crocs, teams had to feed meat to two crocodiles on sticks, while submerged underwater in a metal cage. In Canoes, they had to paddle a canoe across the Zambezi river. On the other side, one member had to hoist the other into the air to retrieve the clue from a vulture’s nest.

Crocs: Denise/James Earl (used Express Pass), Kelsey/Joey, Jazmine/Danielle, Tiffany/Krista, Cindy/Rick, Logan/Chris

Canoes: Justin/Diana, Tanner/Josh

U-TURN (from continuation leg) – Tiffany & Krista U-Turned Justin & Diana, who’d already passed the board.

Order of Finish: 1. Denise & James Earl 2. Justin & Diana 3. Tanner & Josh 4. Kelsey & Joey 5. Tiffany & Krista 6. Logan & Chris 7. Cindy & Rick 8. Jazmine & Danielle