Season 27: Episode 6 - My Tongue Doesn’t Even Twist That Way
Posted on Oct 30, 2015 11:00pm

Teams performed a daring bungee jump in Zimbabwe, and then headed to France. After Logan had to repeat the Roadblock, she and Chris fell to last place. But as teams reached the Pit Stop and continued to Rotterdam, it was mother/son Denise & James Earl who remained stuck behind at a rap Detour.

GOOD KARMA At the Pit Stop in Zimbabwe, Denise & James Earl greeted Josh with a big hug, thanking him for the Express Pass. James Earl said that they believed being nice to people on the Race would come back to them, and sure enough, Josh confirmed that the mother and son had helped them out a lot. Denise laughed, “I just thought you thought I was old!”

Denise & James Earl ripped the clue first at 5:40 a.m. It was a Roadblock: “Who wants to get their heart pumping?” Denise opted for it, and discovered she’d have to bungee jump 364 feet from Victoria Falls Bridge, and then write down her Fitbit heart rate on a provided card. Phil explained that teams would record their heart rates after each challenge during the leg, and that they’d reference that information later in the Race. Denise & James Earl reached the bridge, but finding that the task didn’t open until 7:00 a.m., figured all the teams would catch up.

I’M GOING TO DIE TODAY! Engaged couple Justin & Diana left the mat second, with Diana opting for the Roadblock. Tanner & Josh were third. Tanner chose the task, but when he discovered what it was, said, “I’m going to cry.” At the bridge he added, “We’ve got about forty minutes for the sun to come up, so I can really see where I’m going to hit the ground. I’m scared out of my mind.” The sun rose, and teams began walking to the bungee jump station in the middle of the bridge. Nearly 400 feet below, the Zambezi River crashed and rolled over rocks, while vertical cliffs pushed up on either side of it.

Denise got rigged up and, standing on the platform, said her heart rate was 93. “I’m going to die today!” She hopped to the edge as the other teams stood at the rail to watch. Justin laughed at the terrified look on her face, and told Diana that the longer she stood there, the more scared she’d be. Denise then leapt into the air and plummeted headfirst to the bottom of the canyon. Meanwhile, Diana was close to tears. Justin explained that she was afraid of heights, but said she wanted to conquer that fear. Diana then made the jump, repeating, “Oh my God, oh my God,” all the way down.

HEADING NORTH While getting rigged up, Tanner made note of his continually-rising heart rate. Meanwhile, Denise returned to James Earl on the bridge and recorded a heart rate of 135. They ripped the clue and discovered that they had to fly to Paris, France. Once there, they’d make their way to Aerodrome Musée Volant Salis. The mother and son ran off as Tanner prepared to jump. He then leapt off the platform, his arms flailing as he dropped. Josh said, “I’m so proud of that kid!” As Diana marked down a heart rate of 137, reporter Joey made the jump, while on the bridge Kelsey shouted, “Ahh! He did it!” Then went cheerleader Krista, and newlywed doctor Rick. As Tanner wrote down a heart rate of 128, paparazzo Chris made the jump, and Logan had a mild freak-out on the bridge. “I was having weird visions of like, the thing breaks. But he’s fine, so I’m fine now!” Swinging down below, Chris remarked, “I think that adjusted my back.”

At the airport, all seven teams boarded the same flight to Paris, Rick saying, “That’s where I found my wife two years ago.” Once the flight landed, Justin & Diana were first out of the airport, followed shortly after by cheerleaders Tiffany & Krista. Tiffany said, “I feel that Krista and I each leg are improving.” Krista added, “We’re strong competitors, and we’re the silent killers.” Teams ran for the train station. Justin & Diana knew if they made the first train they’d have a twenty-minute lead. Justin added, “The Express Pass is gone, the U-Turns ain’t in play, and the boys are behind us. That’s where we like to keep them.” They boarded the train, and just as other teams arrived on the platform, the doors closed. Justin taunted them with “Au revoir!” as they pulled away.

BARNSTORMING At the Aerodrome, Justin & Diana arrived to find another Roadblock: “Who’s feeling revolutionary?” Phil explained that, flying in a vintage training biplane, teams had to spot on the ground the three words that constituted the motto of the French Revolution: liberte, egalite, and fraternite. And the team member that didn’t bungee jump had to do this Roadblock. Justin suited up and settled into the open-cockpit plane. The propeller then kicked into gear and the plane took off. Once airborne, the pilot began performing upside-down loops, causing Justin to hoot and cheer. “It’s like a World War Two fighter pilot!”

The second train arrived, and the other six teams all piled out and began running. Up in the air, Justin spotted literate, egalite, and fraternite on the ground. As his plane landed, he said that having these experiences on the Race is “truly like a dream come true.” The rest of the teams began arriving and ripping the clue, with Tanner, Tiffany, and Logan opting for it. As Logan ran to the plane, Chris tried to give her advice, but she stopped him. “Shut up! Stop! I just want to do everything right.” At the end of the course, Justin ran to the judge and recited the words he’d seen. And despite his mangled pronunciation, he was approved. He then recorded a heart rate of 110, and he and Diana ripped the clue. It told them to make their way to Square Louise Michel and search for Le Fantôme Blanc.

LIBERTE, EGALITE… As Cindy and Kelsey read the clue, Josh, Tiffany and Logan prepared to fly. Tanner said that if Josh landed and had to go to the back of the line, “I’m probably going to freak out on him.” Cindy added that there were only three planes, so she, James Earl and Kelsey would have to wait. Josh then took off, followed by Tiffany and Logan. Meanwhile, out on the road, Justin & Diana couldn’t agree on whether to take a taxi or the train back into Paris. Up in the air, Josh, Tiffany and Logan all spotted liberte and egalite. Josh and Tiffany then spotted fraternite… but Logan missed it.

On the road, Justin & Diana talked to a taxi driver, who said she couldn’t take them all the way to Paris. Justin wanted her to call another taxi, while Diana wanted to go straight to the train station, and was annoyed that they were wasting time. She explained in interview that they haven’t lived together for the past year and a half, and now that they’re spending all their time together, their arguments are happening more frequently. The couple finally took the taxi to the train station, Justin snapping at Diana, “You’ve got to stop with giving me attitude.”

CAN WE GET ANOTHER PLANE? Back on the airfield, Josh and Tiffany both recited the words (with more mangled pronunciation) and got the clue. Josh then recorded a heart rate of 132. Logan arrived and recited the first two words… and then froze, admitting that that was all she saw. She was rejected, and had to go to the back of the line. “Chris is going to kill me now…. I’m the only idiot that doesn’t see this.” She lamented having to wait for the last three teams before trying again. James Earl, Kelsey and Cindy then took off. Sitting on the ground by herself, Logan grumbled, “Can we get another plane over here?”

Running back to the train station, Tanner & Josh and Tiffany & Krista saw a sign for St. Vrain. They thought it meant “train,” and headed towards it. Meanwhile at the station, Justin & Diana continued to argue. They then boarded the train and rode in silence. As Logan waited her turn at the Roadblock, James Earl, Cindy and Kelsey all spotted the three words.

ODD TEAM OUT On the road, Tanner & Josh and Tiffany & Krista discovered they were going the wrong way to the train station, and doubled back. At the airfield, the three planes landed, and Logan waited nervously to see if anyone else had messed up. But James Earl, Cindy and Kelsey all got the clue. Logan then started up for her second run. At the train station, Tanner & Josh and Tiffany & Krista were stuck waiting eighteen minutes for the next train. Denise & James Earl then arrived, followed by Kelsey & Joey and Cindy & Rick. Krista said, “You have no idea how mad I am right now.”

In Paris, Justin & Diana jumped in a taxi to head to Square Louise Michel. Back in the air, Logan finally spotted fraternite, while on the ground Chris said, “It’s looking a little bleak right now…. We are really behind.” The plane landed, and Logan recited the words and got the clue. She added cheerfully, “If you’re going to do something twice, it might as well be that!” She then recorded a heart rate of 103. At the train station, teams knew the next train arrived in six minutes… and the following one wasn’t for another hour. As Logan & Chris ran for the station, teams waited anxiously, hoping for that hour lead. The train finally arrived and everyone boarded… leaving the paparazzos behind. When Logan & Chris arrived and discovered how long they had to wait, Chris said, “That’s really bad.”

GET OVER IT In Paris, Justin & Diana arrived at the Square Louise Michel, and found Le Fantôme Blanc, a creepy man with a white face and long black hair, dressed in a frilled shirt and top hat. He handed over the clue, which was a Detour: Drops Mic or Bust a Crab. In Drops Mic, teams had to perform a rap song by legendary French artist Passi. If they could master the pronunciation, rhythm and vibes, they’d receive their next clue. In Bust a Crab, teams had to travel to the famous La Coupole restaurant, and shuck and crack seafood to create the establishment’s signature dish, the Royal Platter. Justin pushed for the rap, and in the taxi Diana complained, “This is totally his strength, his comfort zone, and completely out of mine.” Justin wanted her to just get over it, and she said he always expected her to do that. At the square, teams arrived… and ran right past Le Fantôme Blanc. Waiting back at the train station, Logan was in tears, saying, “We finally had a lead.” Chris tried to reassure her. “Let’s not beat ourselves up. Anything can happen.”

REALLY DAUNTING At Drops Mic, Justin & Diana arrived to find a group of rappers on the bank of the Seine. As they chose an instructor, Justin admitted that he bullied Diana into the task. But he added that his charisma would hopefully overcome any problems she might have. The instructor began teaching them the lyrics and correcting their pronunciation of the French words. Diana said that during Justin’s Race proposal, one of the tasks was reading French love quotes, and she struggled with it. “So the thought of having to rap French lyrics was really daunting.” Even Justin admitted that it was hard, saying, “These last two lines, my tongue doesn’t even twist that way.” Diana reiterated that she wanted to switch tasks, saying, “If you would’ve listened to me, then we would’ve never done this in the first place.” But she finally agreed to stay.

Back at the square, none of the teams could locate Le Fantôme Blanc. They finally realized that they’d bypassed him, and doubled back. Tanner & Josh got the clue first, and ripped it in second place. They chose Bust a Crab. Cheerleaders Tiffany & Krista were next, choosing Drops Mic, along with reporters Kelsey & Joey. Denise & James Earl then chose Bust a Crab, followed by Cindy & Rick. Back at the train station, Logan & Chris finally boarded, knowing they were an hour behind.

LET’S GET GANGSTA At Drops Mic, Justin & Diana finished rehearsing, although Diana still didn’t feel confident pronouncing the lyrics. They decided to try it, Diana telling Justin, “Just know I hate you.” The music began, and Passi rapped the beginning of the song. Diana then took over, but after only a couple of lines, flubbed the words. Passi said their vibes and Justin’s rhythm were good, but Diana had to work on her rhythm and pronunciation. Justin told her she almost had it, and she snapped, “I don’t need a cheerleader.” Heading to the task, Kelsey said that rap wasn’t up her and Joey’s alley, but hopefully they could get into character. In their taxi, Krista said they had to bang out the challenge. “Let’s get gangsta now in France.” Meanwhile, Denise & James Earl asked directions to La Coupole restaurant, while Logan & Chris finally arrived in Paris and headed to find Le Fantôme Blanc.

At the rap, Justin & Diana fumbled their third attempt. Passi said it was just their vibes. Diana said, “I’m a white girl – I don’t have vibes!” Nevertheless, they powered through their fourth attempt, and were approved. They received the next clue (a postcard picture of a bridge) and marked down their heart rates – 118 for Justin, and 130 for Diana. Meanwhile, Tanner & Josh arrived at La Coupole, where they found an example of the Royal Platter – a two-tiered dish of oysters, snails, shrimp, and lobster on ice. The chef demonstrated how to shuck an oyster, but the boys struggled. Josh said, “I have a George Foreman – that’s about all the cooking I can do.”

KNIVES AND VIBES Back at Drops Mic, reporters Kelsey & Joey arrived and began practicing the lyrics. Joey added that phonetics help in their line of work. Tiffany & Krista then arrived, dancing and cheering. Meanwhile, Denise & James Earl rode the metro to La Coupole, saying they had a cushion with Logan & Chris so far behind. The paparazzos then arrived at the square. They got the clue from Le Fantôme Blanc, and chose Bust a Crab. At the restaurant, newlyweds Cindy & Rick arrived and got to work. Rick hammered cluelessly at an oyster, saying he’d never done this before. “But controlling a knife isn’t too different, whether it’s oysters or people.” He added, “I’ve got to be more accurate with people.”

At the bridge pictured on the postcard, Justin & Diana found the clue. It told them to make their way to the next Pit Stop, the Arc de Triomphe. They jumped in a taxi and took off. Back at Drops Mic, Tiffany & Krista said that the hard part was articulating the words – but Krista added that as a speech pathologist, that’s what she does every day. They also seemed to have the vibes down as they joked around with their instructor. Kelsey & Joey finished practicing and began their first attempt. Joey got off to a respectable start, but then Kelsey kicked in, yelling her off-rhythm lyrics, and they were rejected. The cheerleaders then began, knowing they had to put on a performance. Their dance background came in handy as they delivered good rhythm and vibes, and they were approved on the first try. They screamed and hugged Passi as they got the clue, and then marked down their heart rates – 95 for Tiffany, 128 for Krista.

FUNKY, FUNKY WORDS Meanwhile, in a different part of the city, Denise & James Earl continued to wander the streets, looking for La Coupole. They finally decided to switch Detours and head to Drops Mic. At Bust a Crab, Cindy & Rick put the finishing touches on their platter, having passed up Tanner & Josh. The newlyweds presented their dish to the judges, were approved, and left in third place. The Texas boys then presented their platter. Meanwhile, Logan & Chris approached the restaurant in their taxi, hoping other teams were having trouble. Tanner & Josh were then rejected. Meanwhile, Denise & James Earl continued to wander, now looking for Drops Mic. James Earl said they were losing their hour lead. Denise replied, “I think we already lost it,” adding, “We suck.” They finally got accurate directions.

At Drops Mic, Kelsey & Joey were finally approved on their eighth attempt, and left in fourth place. Denise & James Earl then arrived and began practicing. But Denise stumbled, failing to pronounce the words properly even after multiple demonstrations by their instructor. She said, “They were just funky, funky words.” James Earl fared better, earning praise from their instructor and admitting, “I’m a secret little rapper. I love to rap.” Over at the restaurant, Tanner & Josh pinpointed their mistake – a missing lemon wedge. They fixed it, presented the platter to the judges again, and were approved. Just as they got the clue, Logan & Chris arrived, Logan griping, “Oh, we’re the losers.” Tanner & Josh then wrote down their heart rates – both 112 – and joked, “We’re really in sync here.”

ADD THE VIBES Justin & Diana arrived at the Arc de Triomphe and began running around beneath it. Meanwhile, Tiffany & Krista got the clue at the bridge, and headed for the Pit Stop. Newlyweds Cindy & Rick also approached the bridge, but their taxi driver passed it up, causing Rick to gripe, “That was the bridge – where’s he going?” The error allowed Kelsey & Joey to reach the clue box first, and the reporters headed for the Pit Stop in third place. Back at Drops Mic, Denise flubbed the lyrics on her first attempt, and Passi told her to add the vibes. As Logan & Chris assembled their platter at Bust a Crab, Justin & Diana continued to search for Phil beneath the Arc de Triomphe… until they reread their clue and realized he was standing across from it. As Cindy & Rick continued to drive in circles, Tanner & Josh arrived at the bridge and ripped the clue in fourth place.

Denise & James Earl kept struggling at Drops Mic, while Cindy & Rick finally arrived at the bridge and got the clue. Back at Bust a Crab, Logan & Chris hurriedly finished their platter and presented it to the judges – but were rejected. Denise continued to have trouble rapping, saying the more she tried, the more frustrated she became. James Earl said, “I don’t think Mom’s going to get this. This is by far the hardest day for us.” Denise regrouped for their seventh attempt, countering, “I know we can do this, I know we can be in the top three at the end.” But she immediately lost her rhythm.

OFF TO ROTTERDAM At the restaurant, Logan & Chris spotted a small ramekin dish missing from their platter. After correcting the mistake, they got the clue in sixth place and ran out, Logan saying, “I suck at this Race.” At the Arc de Triomphe, Justin & Diana located Phil across the street and ran to the mat. Phil told them they were team number one, and said, “Guess what you’re going to do?” He then held out the next clue and said they were still racing. The clue said to travel by train to Rotterdam, and Phil added that they should keep their heart rate cards handy, because they’d need them on the next leg. Justin & Diana ran off, Justin saying that they may argue a lot, but they come together when it counts. “And it’s that emotion, that passion that drives us forward.”

After scurrying through traffic to the mat, Tiffany & Krista learned they were team number two. They screamed and hugged, and Phil sent them on their way. Logan & Chris then got the clue on the bridge in sixth place. Kelsey & Joey arrived at the mat third, followed by Tanner & Josh and Cindy & Rick. Finally Logan & Chris arrived, shocked not to be last. Back at Drops Mic, Denise & James Earl struggled on their fifteenth, sixteenth and seventeenth attempts. James Earl said, “We knew Mom would struggle with this – didn’t know she’d be struggling this bad. We’ve been here for hours.”


2706 ROUTE MARKERS Roadblock 1 – Teams had to bungee jump 364 feet from Victoria Falls Bridge. Performed Roadblock: Denise, Diana, Tanner, Joey, Krista, Rick, Chris Roadblock 2 – Teams had to fly in a vintage training biplane, and spot the three words in the motto of the French Revolution: liberte, egalite, and fraternite. Performed Roadblock: Justin, Josh, Tiffany, James Earl, Cindy, Kelsey, Logan Detour: Drops Mic or Bust a Crab. In Drops Mic, teams had to perform a rap song by French artist Passi. If they could master the pronunciation, rhythm and vibes, they’d receive their next clue. In Bust a Crab, teams had to properly reconstruct the Royal Platter, the signature seafood dish of the restaurant La Coupole. Drops Mic: Justin/Diana, Tiffany/Krista, Kelsey/Joey, Denise/James Earl (still performing at the end of the episode) Bust a Crab: Cindy/Rick, Tanner/Josh, Logan/Chris

Order of Finish: 1. Justin & Diana 2. Tiffany & Krista 3. Kelsey & Joey 4. Tanner & Josh 5. Cindy & Rick 6. Logan & Chris 7. Denise & James Earl (still on racecourse at the end of the episode)