Season 27: Episode 7 - Full Speed Ahead, Captain!
Posted on Nov 6, 2015 11:00pm

In the Netherlands, Justin & Diana got off to a rocky start, but a late surge helped them secure their fourth win. After slipping ahead of Denise & James Earl en route to the Pit Stop, newlyweds Cindy & Rick boarded the wrong tram, and were ultimately eliminated.

ON TO ROTTERDAM As teams continued racing from Paris to Rotterdam, Netherlands, mother/son Denise & James Earl were stuck behind, trying to rap at the Drops Mic Detour. After failing their seventeenth attempt, Denise promised that after two more they’d switch. Meanwhile, first-place Justin & Diana arrived at the train station, explaining that everybody was pre-booked on a 7:22 p.m. train. They asked about earlier trains, however, and departed at 4:19.

Back at Drops Mic, Denise & James Earl finally fought their way through. After getting the clue, Denise said, “Praise be to Jesus, this is over with!” Back at the train station, reporters Kelsey & Joey boarded a 4:53 p.m. train traveling through Brussels. But Texas friends Tanner & Josh were a bit more lackadaisical, heading instead to the Eiffel Tower to sightsee.

PEP IN MY STEP Meanwhile, both newlyweds Cindy & Rick and cheerleaders Tiffany & Krista boarded a 5:16 p.m. train. But the cheerleaders thought they were headed to Germany, while the newlyweds believed Rotterdam was the French name for Amsterdam. En route to the train station, paparazzos Logan & Chris confirmed that Rotterdam was actually in the Netherlands, and studied a picture of Vessel 11, the red boat they needed to find when they arrived. As Tanner & Josh continued to meander around the city, Denise & James Earl headed to the Pit Stop in last place. Denise said, “I want to cry, but I’m too tired to cry.”

They arrived on the mat, and Phil told them they were last… but that they were still racing. They ripped the clue in shock and ran off, Denise saying, “I know we can do this. I’m just going to go full blast.” Phil also reminded them to keep their heart rate cards handy, since they’d need them on the next leg. James Earl said, “That put a little bit of pep in my step.”

ROTTERDAM, AMSTERDAM, TOMATO, TOMAHTO In the city of Rotterdam, which had an ample amount of unique, modern architecture, Justin & Diana arrived and headed off to find Vessel 11. Once there, they discovered release times for the next morning. They pulled the first one, which was 5:00 a.m. They noted that the last team wouldn’t leave until 6:30, which ensured them a nice lead. Back in Paris, Tanner & Josh finally arrived at the train station, and realized their sightseeing might’ve backfired on them. They boarded the 7:22 train with Logan & Chris and Denise & James Earl, Josh grumbling, “That was stupid. Why’d we do that?” Over in Brussels, reporters Kelsey & Joey transferred trains, aware that other teams could’ve passed them.

At Centraal Station in Rotterdam, the second train arrived. Tiffany & Krista got off, but Cindy & Rick, still believing they were going to Amsterdam, remained on. As the girls headed to Vessel 11, a train employee helping Cindy & Rick viewed a picture of the boat and confirmed that it was in Rotterdam – the previous stop. The newlyweds then had to backtrack. Meanwhile, Tiffany & Krista arrived at Vessel 11, and were shocked to discover they were second as they pulled their 5:15 a.m. release time.

MOSQUITO TREATMENT Cindy & Rick finally arrived to grab the third release time at 5:30 a.m., and discovered that they’d be sleeping on air mattresses on the boat. Kelsey & Joey then arrived and pulled 5:45. Tiffany & Krista admitted that they thought they were in Germany. Kelsey said, “You’re being funny, right?” and when Joey asked where they thought they were, Krista said she still didn’t know. Tanner & Josh then arrived and pulled 6:00 (“No more tourist time”), while Logan & Chris pulled 6:15, and Denise & James Earl pulled 6:30. The latter said having the last release time isn’t want you want, but “tomorrow is a new day.”

As teams awoke on the boat before dawn, Rick pointed out his new oversized upper lip. “Mosquito must’ve gotten my lip. Rearranged my face.” He puckered up, adding, “At least I can do the duck face really good.” Justin & Diana ripped the clue at 5:00, and it told them to make their way to the water taxi terminal at Kop van Zuid, and take a water taxi to the Kinderdijk Windmill Village. It also said, “Every step counts – the more you take, the higher the stakes.” They ran off, saying that their disagreements don’t affect their racing because they communicate about them after each leg. They searched for Kop van Zuid, but the first water taxi stand they reached was vacant.

AN EARLY BLUNDER Tiffany & Krista departed in second place. Meanwhile, Justin & Diana hadn’t made much progress. Justin argued for taking a taxi, while Diana wanted to go on foot. They decided to run, but reached a massive bridge at the same time as the cheerleaders. As the two teams ran along opposite sides of it, Diana accused Justin of giving her a dirty look. He snapped, “Maybe it’ll give you inspiration to run harder.” She snapped back, “I don’t need inspiration to run harder.” As Cindy & Rick departed in third place and immediately got a taxi, Justin & Diana continued to argue on the far side of the bridge. Justin shouted, “Just admit you made a wrong decision. Not taking a taxi was the wrong decision!”

As Kelsey & Joey jumped in a taxi in fourth place, Tiffany & Krista spotted the water taxi terminal just as Cindy & Rick approached in their taxi. Justin & Diana brought up the rear, Justin griping, “Now we’re third. Damn it!” The cheerleaders and the newlyweds jumped in water taxis, happy to have beaten Justin & Diana. In the third boat, Justin said, “We started the day making stupid decisions, and we started the day arguing – two things I didn’t want to do!” Tanner & Josh left Vessel 11 in fifth place, still kicking themselves for lollygagging around Paris, but confident they could make up time.

GET THE PICTURE At the Kinderdijk Windmill Village, where massive windmills sat at intervals alongside canals, Tiffany & Krista ripped the clue in first place. It was a Roadblock: “Who wants to pick the sunflowers?” Krista opted for it. Teams had to search among the windmills to find an exact replica of van Gogh’s famous Sunflowers painting. When they had a perfect match, they’d receive their next clue. Cindy & Rick and Justin & Diana then arrived, with Rick and Diana opting for the task. Back at Vessel 11, paparazzos Logan & Chris departed in sixth place.

At the Roadblock, teams studied the example painting, and then jetted off to find a match. Krista explained that the windmills were far apart, so it was not only a memory task, but a physical one as well. Everyone ran to the closest windmill and began studying the paintings, which were set up on easels around it. Diana headed back to the judge with her selection, explaining the details she’d been able to note about the flowers. Krista also grabbed a painting, and then Diana was rejected because the vase was hidden behind the table. On the sidelines, Justin grumbled, “Do it right the first time. It doesn’t matter if you’re the first one back with the wrong answer.” Krista was rejected as well, her vase also being hidden.

GIVE IT A VAN GOGH As Logan & Chris headed to the water taxi terminal, Kelsey & Joey arrived at the Roadblock and Joey began. Rick returned with a painting (“Let’s give it a van Gogh”), but was rejected for a missing flower. Meanwhile, Denise & James Earl finally left Vessel 11, eager to get back in the Race. Krista then presented her second painting, but was rejected as well. Justin continued to harangue Diana as she ran back and forth. Approaching with another painting, she said, “I don’t want to be wrong.” But she was.

Joey, meanwhile, had better luck, immediately identifying the incorrect paintings. He headed back with what he hoped was the right one – and was approved on his first attempt. He and Kelsey ripped the clue, which told them to calculate the difference between Joey’s highest heart rate from the last leg (recorded on their heart rate card) and his heart rate from this Roadblock. They then had to take that number of tulips from a nearby tulip cart and deliver them to a young woman in traditional Dutch attire who was waiting at the end of the road.

SEVEN YEARS OF COLLEGE Joey did the calculation and came up with nineteen. He and Kelsey then counted out nineteen tulips and headed off. Meanwhile, Tanner & Josh arrived, and Tanner began the Roadblock. Rick then delivered the correct painting to the judge, and ripped the clue in second place. As Krista ran back with another painting, Cindy & Rick counted out twenty-one tulips. Krista was then approved and responded with blood-curdling shrieks. “Seven years of college paid off, Mom!” But Justin & Diana were none to happy to be passed by yet another team, Justin saying, “We had a forty-five minute lead over a team that passed us. A forty-five minute lead is gone.”

As Krista calculated twenty tulips, Tanner’s first painting was rejected. Logan & Chris then arrived, and Logan began the Roadblock. Meanwhile, Kelsey & Joey found the young woman and delivered their tulips, and Kelsey was amazed that they were finally ahead of Justin & Diana. They ripped the clue, which told them to travel by water taxi to the Nolet Distillery (the home of Ketel One Vodka) and search for their next clue. As Diana ran back with yet another painting, Cindy & Rick delivered their tulips and ripped the clue in second place. On the taxi, Rick celebrated. “I got out of there before Green Team – wassup?!” Tiffany & Krista then got the clue in third.

GRADE SCHOOL MATH Back at the Roadblock, Tanner was befuddled by the similarity of the paintings, muttering, “I hate painting at this point.” But Diana finally brought back a correct one. Denise & James Earl then arrived, and Denise began. Justin & Diana delivered their tulips as Tanner finally presented a correct painting… but then he and Josh had to tackle the most difficult task of all: calculating the difference in heart rate, which took them multiple attempts.

Back in the city, Kelsey & Joey headed to the Nolet Distillery, which was marked by yet another windmill. They headed inside and got the clue. It was a Roadblock: Ship or Skip. In Ship, teams had to pilot a ship simulator, sailing to two specific boats in under five minutes. In Skip, they had to jump rope double Dutch style, while performing a hand-clapping routine. The reporters chose Ship. Newlyweds Cindy & Rick then arrived and chose Ship as well. They headed out, reading that they had to travel by tram. They saw a bus station, and figured they could catch a bus to the tram station. As Tanner & Josh delivered their tulips, Tiffany & Krista arrived at the distillery and chose Skip. They headed off, saying they followed other teams a lot in the beginning of the Race and it messed them up. “We can do it ourselves – we don’t need help.”

Back at the Roadblock, Denise and Logan found the correct painting in quick succession and marked down their heart rates. While Justin & Diana chose Ship, Cindy & Rick arrived at the bus station, but learned the next bus wasn’t for almost half an hour. Rick figured waiting for a taxi would take just as long as waiting for the bus, and told Cindy to sit down and relax. As Denise & James Earl and Logan & Chris delivered their tulips, Tanner & Josh ripped the Detour clue and chose Ship.


At the Millennium Tower skyscraper, Kelsey & Joey arrived at Ship. They began a training exercise at a station equipped with controls and a practice screen. One of them had to be the captain while the other was the navigator. Joey immediately volunteered himself as captain, saying that Kelsey was a horrible driver. “It doesn’t matter if it’s a car or a shopping cart.” While he steered, Kelsey touched the radar screen to locate specific ships. Meanwhile at the tram station, Tiffany & Krista arrived just as a tram was pulling away… and Justin & Diana were on it. Justin said, “We just saw them miss this tram, which is great for us.”

On the other side of town, Cindy & Rick continued to wait for the bus. Cindy explained that Rick was the dominant one in their relationship, and he admitted, “I grew up in a very traditional Asian household. And I’m learning myself that sometimes I have to let a lot of that chauvinism go.” At Ship, Kelsey & Joey entered the simulator, inside of which screens and controls encircled half the room. A rocking view of a boat-filled harbor appeared on the screens, and the clock started counting down from five minutes. On an overhead screen appeared the instructions: “Deliver pilot to CIEMF.” Kelsey located the ship on the radar screen and told Joey where it was located in the simulated harbor. Outside, Justin & Diana ran for Millennium Tower, Justin saying, “If somebody is still here, we’re leaving in first.” In the simulator, Kelsey & Joey found the ship and tried to dock alongside it, but the rough waters made it difficult to get close enough. Their time ran out, and they had to return to training.

SULKING In the elevator, Justin & Diana were confident that they could reclaim first place. Kelsey & Joey reviewed the instructions and returned to the simulator, and as Justin & Diana confidently went through training, the reporters docked beside the first ship. Then came the second step: receiving an S.O.S. signal and sailing to the boat in distress. They spotted the boat, but time ran out before they could reach it. Exiting the simulator, they weren’t happy to see Justin & Diana waiting. Joey grumbled, “It doesn’t matter what we do, they sneak in front of us every time.” Justin & Diana then began, locating the first ship and heading towards it. Waiting in line, Joey continued to complain. “Typical, they just go right by us in everything.” Justin & Diana successfully docked beside the first ship and got the S.O.S. signal – but couldn’t locate the ship. As they searched, their time ran out.

Back at the bus station, Cindy & Rick continued to wait. Cindy figured they’d sunk to the bottom of the pack, but Rick just shook his head at her negativity. “Pessimistic attitude doesn’t help the Race.” Cindy countered, “Sitting here waiting doesn’t help the Race either.” The bus finally arrived and they boarded, but Cindy continued to worry, saying it’d been a long time since they left the distillery.

JUMP TO IT Logan & Chris and Denise & James Earl both ripped the Detour clue and chose Ship. Over at Skip, a group of girls performed fancy tricks while jumping double Dutch. Tiffany & Krista arrived, saying that double Dutch was like learning choreography with timing and rhythm. They quickly mastered the hand-clapping routine, and then aced their practice round. Tiffany said, “We’re performers – we can learn things fast. Let’s just do this, we’ll get it done quick.”

Back at Ship, Kelsey & Joey began their third attempt. They quickly delivered the pilot to the first ship and spotted the S.O.S. ship. Waiting in line, Justin said of the reporters: “We want them to do well. We want them to finish second to us every leg.” Joey then overshot the ship and couldn’t get realigned in time, shouting in frustration as they failed again. At Skip, Tiffany & Krista began their first attempt at the 45-second routine. But Krista soon tripped on the rope, saying, “I’m exhausted from running before.” At Ship, Justin & Diana began their second attempt, quickly delivering the pilot and spotting the S.O.S. ship.

FULL HOUSE Cindy & Rick finally exited the tram at Millennium Tower, Rick asking Cindy if she was done with her sulking. Over at Skip, Tiffany & Krista began again… and nailed it. The judge was impressed, saying, “Wow! Only on the second attempt!” They ripped the clue in first place, which told them to travel by train to The Hague and head to the next Pit Stop – the Peace Palace. The girls hurried off, knowing they had to take a tram to Centraal Station before getting a train to The Hague. Back at Ship, Justin & Diana headed for the S.O.S. boat, and successfully docked next to it. They ripped the clue in second place, Justin saying, “We worked as a team, and we did what we do.” Diana added, “We got out of there first.”

Kelsey & Joey were devastated to watch Justin & Diana leave before them. They began their fourth attempt as Tanner & Josh and Cindy & Rick worked at the practice stations. Outside, Logan & Chris and Denise & James Earl ran for Millennium Tower. With seven seconds to spare, Kelsey & Joey docked next to their S.O.S. ship, and then ripped the clue in third place. As the remaining teams practiced, Tanner said, “It’s the bottom four again, so it’s a full house.” Despite the pressure, the boys failed to accomplish anything on their first attempt, looking at an irrelevant screen and completely missing the name of the ship. Their time expired, and they left the room in confusion.

STEPS TO DOLLARS Cindy & Rick were next, and while they fared a little better by actually finding the first ship, they didn’t dock in time. At Centraal Station, Justin & Diana boarded a train to The Hague. Justin said the day had been a roller coaster. “It reminds me of the first leg, but we’re not finishing ninth this time.” Tiffany & Krista then ran into the station, but were too late to join Justin & Diana. The couple headed off in first place, leaving the cheerleaders waiting for the next train with Kelsey & Joey.

Back at Ship, neither Logan & Chris nor Denise & James Earl had any luck on their first attempt. In The Hague, Justin & Diana boarded a tram to the Peace Palace. Meanwhile, Cindy & Rick, Tanner & Josh and Logan & Chris all failed in their second attempts, although they were making progress. At the Peace Palace, Justin & Diana ran to the mat. Phil told them they’d won their fourth leg, and asked them to read off how many steps they’d run on their Fitbits. Justin read 14,234, and Diana read 17,639. Phil then informed them that Fitbit was turning their 31,873 steps into dollars. He also asked them what their current heart rates were (89 and 74) and informed them that Fitbit was giving them an 89-minute massage. Justin said, “We’re back of the pack and we get right back up front. And that’s the way we run the Race.”

TIRED OF LOSING The second train then arrived, and Joey & Kelsey and Tiffany & Krista sprinted for the mat. Although they lost the foot race, Phil told the girls they were the most improved team. For their part, Kelsey & Joey weren’t happy with second place, saying it was up to them to knock Justin & Diana down a peg. Kelsey said, “Justin & Diana own this season of the Amazing Race.” Joey added, “Nobody’s going to stop them unless we can jump in there and do it. I’m tired of losing.”

Back at Ship, Tanner & Josh succeeded on their third attempt, and left in fourth place. They were followed soon after by Logan & Chris. Cindy & Rick waited nervously as Denise & James Earl began their third attempt… and mother and son succeeded. They ran out, happy to still have a chance, while Cindy & Rick began again. Meanwhile, Tanner & Josh and Logan & Chris arrived at Centraal Station and boarded trains to The Hague. Back at the Detour, Cindy & Rick finally succeeded with two seconds to spare. They headed to the train station in last place… but were thrilled to find Denise & James Earl still waiting. The feeling wasn’t mutual.

TRAM TROUBLE As Tanner & Josh arrived at the Pit Stop in fourth place, Cindy & Rick boarded a train to The Hague with two stops. Denise & James Earl contemplated joining them, but knew their own train was going straight through – although it left seven minutes later. They waffled, unsure of what to do. And then the doors closed, leaving mother and son behind on the platform. James Earl said, “It’s going to be a make or break decision.” Just then came an announcement that their train was delayed by ten minutes. James Earl said, “We’re done.”

In The Hague, Cindy & Rick looked for Tram 1. But in their haste, they mistakenly boarded Tram 9. As Logan & Chris checked in as team number five, Denise & James Earl arrived in The Hague and waited for the tram, fairly certain they were out. Meanwhile, Cindy & Rick were concerned that their stop wasn’t showing up on the tram’s monitor. A local then informed them that they were on Tram 9. As Denise & James Earl hopped on Tram 1, Cindy & Rick frantically disembarked in order to switch. Rick said, “We feel like we’re better than this, but we just make mistakes.”

At the mat, Denise & James Earl arrived, and Phil informed them that they were still in the Race. Shortly thereafter, Cindy & Rick ran up and were eliminated. Cindy said that Rick was her soul mate despite his idiosyncrasies, and their next step was starting a family. Rick said, “We’ve seen how we do as a team, how much we can trust one another – and that’s what we need to do to be good parents.” Cindy added, “We’re really excited about the next chapter in our lives.”

2707 ROUTE MARKERS Roadblock: Teams had to search around three windmills, and find an exact replica of van Gogh’s Sunflowers painting. Performed Roadblock: Joey, Rick, Krista, Diana, Tanner, Denise, Logan Detour: Ship or Skip. In Ship, teams had to operate a ship simulator, acting as pilot and navigator to dock beside two specific boats in under five minutes. In Skip, teams had to jump rope double Dutch style, while performing a clapping routine. Ship: Justin/Diana, Kelsey/Joey, Tanner/Josh, Logan/Chris, Denise/James Earl, Cindy/Rick Skip: Tiffany/Krista

Order of Finish: 1. Justin & Diana 2. Kelsey & Joey 3. Tiffany & Krista 4. Tanner & Josh 5. Logan & Chris 6. Denise & James Earl 7. Cindy & Rick