Season 27: Episode 8 - Krakow, I’m Gonna Get You
Posted on Nov 13, 2015 11:00pm


In Krakow, Poland, teams mined salt and played the piano for locals. Justin & Diana maintained their healthy lead, and secured their fifth win of the Race. After Tanner & Josh allowed Tiffany & Krista to move ahead of them at the Roadblock, the boys stepped on the mat last – but it was a non-elimination leg.

JUMPING AHEAD In a flashback to a tearful water taxi ride in Rotterdam on the previous leg, Diana worried that she’d let Justin down after her subpar performance at the Roadblock. But he said, “The only way she could let me down is if she quits.” They added that they became stronger from that point on, and had a fresh start for the rest of the leg.

The engaged couple ripped the clue first at 10:10 p.m., and it told them to fly to Krakow, Poland. Once there, they had to travel to Plaza Krakow and find a river barge holding a swimming pool and their next clue. Using the Travelocity mobile app, Justin & Diana searched for flights right there on the mat, and found one landing at 11:20 the next morning. Boarding a train to Amsterdam, Justin said that they’ve been preparing for years to run the Race, and because of that, the Race has been easier for them than for other teams.

In second and third place, dating reporters Kelsey & Joey and cheerleaders Tiffany & Krista looked for flights with the Travelocity app. Since there wasn’t enough room on the first flight, they booked the next one, which landed at 12:40 p.m. They were followed by Texas friends Tanner & Josh, dating paparazzos Logan & Chris, and mother/son Denise & James Earl. At Schiphol Airport, Justin & Diana took off, Justin saying, “On to Poland, then we do what we do best – we excel at the challenges.” The remaining five teams then boarded the second flight. Previous last-place team Denise & James Earl said it felt good to catch up to the others, and knew they had to dig deep to pull ahead.

POMPOM KRYPTONITE In Krakow, Justin & Diana landed and jumped in a taxi to Krakow Beach. Sitting on the picturesque Vistula River was the barge, alongside a sandy stretch of shoreline. Justin & Diana boarded the barge, where sunbathers lounged around the swimming pool. They spotted the clue at the bottom of the pool, and Justin dove for it. It was a Detour: Mine or Music. In Mine, teams had to descend 1,000 feet into a salt mine. There, they had to carry a large timber support beam to a loading area, and then fill a mining cart with salt, and push the cart back through the tunnel. In Music, teams had to learn a piano piece, and then roll their piano through the streets to a performance area. They then had to play a duet with a violinist until they’d earned one hundred zloty from passersby.

Justin & Diana chose Mine, and headed off. Meanwhile, the second plane landed and everyone ran for taxis. Despite getting out first, Denise & James Earl watched as one team after another passed them. Driving alongside the cheerleaders, Tanner & Josh admitted that pompoms and miniskirts are their weakness. Nevertheless, they said they had no intention of following the girls, and that every time they did they finished behind them.

GETTING SALTY At the salt mine, Justin & Diana arrived and entered a massive room, where hundreds of mining hats and coveralls hung from the ceiling. They changed clothes, and then started down in the elevator. One thousand feet below, they found a pile of wooden support beams. Justin hoisted one up, and they started down the dimly-lit tunnel. Diana said, “This is actually pretty cool. It smells like a zoo.” She added, “When are you ever going to get to be in a 700-year-old salt mine?” At the end of the tunnel they came upon a pile of crumbled salt and a row of ancient mining carts. They began shoveling the salt into a wheelbarrow, Justin describing how the salt was getting in his face and mouth and drying everything out. He and Diana then upended the full wheelbarrow into one of the mining carts, Diana saying that it was humbling to see people with that type of job.

Back at the barge, the rest of the teams arrived en masse and dove for the clue. Logan & Chris and Tanner & Josh chose Mine, while Denise & James Earl, Kelsey & Joey, and Tiffany & Krista chose Music. Out on the road, the paparazzos and the Texas boys both had trouble finding taxis, while Denise & James Earl and Tiffany & Krista headed off on foot to Music. The reporters joined the teams on the road, but had no more luck. Finally Logan & Chris spotted a taxi, and sprinted across the highway towards it. They took off, followed by the reporters who found a cab further down the road. That left Tanner & Josh stranded alone on the sidewalk.

ALREADY ABOUT TO CRY At Mine, Justin & Diana continued loading wheelbarrows full of salt into the cart, estimating that each one weighed 150-200 pounds. They finally filled the cart, but it was only after lots of pushing and pulling that they got it rolling. Over at Music, Kelsey & Joey arrived in the town plaza to find violinists waiting next to pianos. They chose an instructor and he began teaching Kelsey the piano piece – but she showed little musical skill, repeatedly hitting the wrong notes. Justin & Diana then delivered their mining cart, and got the clue in first place. It said to make their way to the Oskar Schindler Factory, where Schindler saved the lives of over a thousand Jewish workers. The couple headed off, Justin saying, “I’m already about to cry.”

Back at Music, Tiffany & Krista and Denise & James Earl arrived at the pianos. Kelsey & Joey continued practicing, since both teammates had to learn the piece. James Earl picked up the music quickly, saying he played the piano for thirteen years. Tiffany, on the other hand, had a harder time of it, causing Krista to grimace at her teammate’s sour notes. Meanwhile, as Tanner & Josh finally found someone to call them a taxi, Logan & Chris descended into the salt mine. They picked up the support beam and began walking down the tunnel, Logan wondering what would happen if something came down the shaft towards them. Chris replied, “Then it crushes our legs, we’re paralyzed for life, and we keep asking ourselves, ‘Why’d we do this?’ Is that the answer you were waiting for?”

REFLECTION AND PERSPECTIVE En route to Mine, Tanner & Josh hoped they could muscle through the task quickly. At Music, Kelsey & Joey finished practicing and began rolling their piano through the square, trailed by a crowd of onlookers. Denise & James Earl then headed off as well. Meanwhile, Justin & Diana arrived at the Oskar Schindler Factory and followed a tour guide inside. Walking past photographs of Polish Jews, Justin said, “To be there, to physically see the conditions that they lived in, it gives you a true perspective on life.” They entered Schindler’s office, and saw on the wall the 1,200 names of those he saved. Justin said they both had Jewish ancestors who didn’t make it through the war, and added, “Thousands of people were saved because of one man’s bravery. For somebody to stand up like that for what’s right, it’s amazing.” They then got the clue, which told them to make their way to the Jewish Quarter and search for their next clue.

Back at Music, Tiffany & Krista finally finished practicing and began moving their piano. On another street, Joey quipped, “I’m pushing a piano through Poland – I feel like Mozart.” Denise & James Earl struggled over the cobblestone streets, while the front panel of the cheerleaders’ piano fell clean off and the keylid slammed on Krista’s fingers. The girls replaced the panel, Krista grumbling, “This thing is like, falling apart.” At Mine, Logan & Chris arrived at the salt pile and began shoveling salt into the wheelbarrow. But when it came time to empty the wheelbarrow into the cart, Chris realized he couldn’t do it alone… and dumped all the salt back onto the ground. As he began shoveling it straight into the cart, Logan asked, “Are you doing that right? That seems like extra work.”

ONE THING AFTER ANOTHER As Tanner & Josh wandered around lost en route to Mine, Justin & Diana arrived in the Jewish Quarter and ripped the clue. It was a Roadblock: “Who can handle a big order?” Using a provided dinner order, teams had to correctly identify seven traditional Jewish dishes, and then deliver the correct number of each to a nearby restaurant. Justin opted for it, but was confused when he saw the unfamiliar dishes spread out across a table. He managed to identify gefilte fish and latkes, but nothing else. “Oh man, I’m in trouble.”

Over at Music, Kelsey & Joey, Denise & James Earl and Tiffany & Krista continued to struggle to move their pianos over curbs and cobblestones. Krista griped, “I hate this piano.” They all finally got situated and began performing. Joey played while Kelsey begged for money – and quickly received forty of the required one hundred zloty. She explained, “In our daily profession that’s what I’m always doing – I’m always bugging people and making them talk to me.” They’d soon earned more than twenty more zloty. Denise & James Earl had luck as well, as one woman immediately handed them twenty. Surprisingly, however, the cheerleaders struggled, as Tiffany begged for money to no avail.

At Salt, Logan & Chris continued to dump out their wheelbarrows and shovel the salt for a second time into the mining carts. Nevertheless, they soon finished and began pushing the cart down the tunnel. Meanwhile, Tanner & Josh arrived at a different location, thinking it was the mine. They realized their mistake, and Josh said, “Man, it’s one thing after another today.” At the Roadblock, Justin found the restaurant where he had to deliver the food, and then began asking people for information about the dishes.

COUGARS’ MOMS AND LIARS Back at Music, Kelsey played the piano while Joey begged. An elderly lady gave him a kiss on the cheek, and he said, “My temperament attracts these older women. We’re not talking like, cougar women – we’re talking like, the cougar women’s mother.” They were soon up to eighty-five zloty. The cheerleaders, however, only had eighteen, which might’ve been due to Krista’s less-than-charming approach. When a man said he didn’t have any money, she demanded, “You don’t even have a dollar? How’d you buy that if you don’t have a dollar? Liar!” She added, “Everybody is running away – maybe I’m being too aggressive.” Kelsey & Joey then got their remaining zloty, counted out one hundred, and received the clue in second place. Denise & James Earl then also reached one hundred, thanks to their initial patron who returned to give them fifteen more.

Over at Mine, Tanner & Josh finally arrived and began getting dressed, while down below Logan & Chris delivered their cart and got the clue in fourth place. Spotting a portrait of Jesus, Josh said “We’re going to need his help going down there.” Logan & Chris arrived back up top, and when Tanner & Josh spotted them leaving, they considered it a good sign. Back at Music, Tiffany & Krista still only had twenty zloty. Krista said, “People are really extremely mean right now, and I’m really going to start crying.” The tears sprang up as passersby continued to reject and ignore her – but money finally began trickling in once she began asking more nicely. Tiffany then hoped for a group of guys to come by, so she could offer them all kisses on the cheek.

A FIFTH WIN Tanner & Josh began powering through Mine, jogging down the tunnel with the support beam and then rapidly shoveling and dumping salt. Over at the Roadblock, Justin began selecting the dishes that seemed to match what he’d learned about the food. He then hoisted up his tray and started for the restaurant. Meanwhile, Kelsey & Joey walked through the Oskar Schindler Factory. Joey said, “To be in the exact same building and the office where Oskar Schindler was able to save over a thousand people was something to think about.” Kelsey added, “It was touching.” On the next tour, James Earl added, “This was such a great man who did so much for so many people.”

Back at Music, Tiffany made good on her promise of kisses in exchange for donations. Krista added, “Tiffany took it to the next level – she took one for the team.” The girls finally collected one hundred zloty, and got the clue in fifth place. As Logan & Chris headed for the Roadblock, Tanner & Josh finished filling the mining cart and began hauling it down the tunnel. Meanwhile, Justin arrived with his full tray at the restaurant where Diana waited. The waiter checked his order, and he was approved. The couple ripped the clue, which told them to search for Phil inside. They stepped into the restaurant and found him, along with a group of musicians and dancers. Phil told them it was their third win in a row, and awarded them with a trip to China. He then said that there’d be a U-Turn on the next leg, and figured everyone would want to use it on them. Justin said, “They have to get there first.”

THEIR ASS IS GRASS Kelsey & Joey arrived at the Roadblock, and Kelsey opted for it. She was followed shortly thereafter by James Earl. They both realized they needed help identifying the food, and ran out to ask locals. At the Oskar Schindler Factory, Tiffany & Krista walked through, Tiffany saying, “A lot of people take what they have for granted, and walking into that, you just feel so blessed and appreciative.” They were followed by Logan & Chris, Chris adding, “Half my family is Jewish, so it was moving to see the actual factory. It was a great experience.”

Tanner & Josh finally delivered the mining cart, got the clue in last place, and headed to the factory. At the Roadblock, Kelsey and James Earl decided to work together. They figured out the dishes, and headed off with their trays. As Tiffany & Krista arrived at the clue box in fourth place, Kelsey delivered her tray and was approved. A minute later, James Earl was as well. The two teams ran onto the mat, with the reporters taking second while the mother and son were third. Phil told them about the U-Turn on the next leg, and asked how they were going to slow down Justin & Diana. Joey said, “If we can get in front of them, their ass is grass. If we don’t… just hand them the money.”

DECISIONS, DECISIONS Tiffany began the Roadblock, but was utterly clueless. She took a wild guess as to what the food might be, and started off with her tray. Waiting at the restaurant, Krista said, “This is scary.” As Tiffany struggled to carry the heavy load, Logan & Chris arrived at the clue box – but began arguing about who should do the task, both thinking they’d be better at it. Logan finally smacked the clue into Chris’s chest and threw up her hands, while Chris insisted, “I can do this. Anyone can carry a tray.” Meanwhile, Tiffany made her delivery… but was rejected. She shuffled back to the beginning to start over.

At the Oskar Schindler Factory, as Tanner & Josh listened to what had happened to the Jews, Josh said, “Makes me sick to my stomach.” Tanner added that on the way there they were just concerned about the Race, but to hear what those people went through, “I can’t fathom it.” At the Roadblock, Tiffany began getting information about the food from locals, while Chris loaded up his tray. He only knew two of the dishes, but hoped his Jewish grandmother would help him. His tray was rejected though, and he decided to do some research. Tiffany then started off with her second tray while Tanner & Josh arrived, and Josh began.

A LOSE-LOSE SITUATION Tiffany moaned that her arms were about to fall off. Nevertheless, she managed to deliver her second tray… but was rejected again. As Josh cluelessly loaded up his tray, Chris asked locals for details about the food. Arriving back at the beginning, Tiffany asked Josh if he wanted to work with her. He said, “Tiffany didn’t have to help me. The smart thing to do would be to just leave us behind, but it just shows her character.” As they asked locals about the food, Chris loaded up his tray again and started for the restaurant. He then delivered the tray, and was approved. He and Logan headed to the Pit Stop… leaving friends Tanner & Josh and Tiffany & Krista as the last two teams. Tanner said, “I want to win so bad, but if there’s a team we don’t want to go home, it’s the girls.” Krista added, “I couldn’t even look at [Tanner] because I felt so sad. One of us was going to be going home.”

Tiffany and Josh started off with their trays again, while inside, the paparazzos stepped on the mat in fourth place. Despite the fact that Tiffany was struggling with her heavy load, Josh kept pace with her, and even let her approach the judge first. “That’s just the right thing to do.” He added that he and Tanner wanted to stay true to who they are. Tiffany presented her tray, and was approved. But as Josh waited to be judged, the girls hurried ahead, Krista saying, “It’s us or them.” The cheerleaders tearfully stepped on the mat in fifth place, with the boys right behind them. Josh reiterated that the girls saved them, and he didn’t pass Tiffany because she was there first and deserved it. Fortunately for both teams, it was non-elimination. Unfortunately for Tanner & Josh, they faced both a Speed Bump and the U-Turn in the next leg. Tanner joked, “No one’s going to U-Turn us.” They added that being in last place was unfamiliar territory, but they were blessed with this opportunity. “The only way we can go is up.”

2708 ROUTE MARKERS Detour: Mine or Music. In Mine, teams had to descend 1,000 feet into a salt mine, and carry a wooden support beam to a loading area. They then had to fill a mining cart with salt, and push the cart back up the tunnel. In Music, teams had to learn a piano piece, and then wheel their piano to a performance station on the street. They then had to play a duet with a violinist until they’d earned one hundred zloty. Mine: Justin/Diana, Logan/Chris, Tanner/Josh Music: Kelsey/Joey, Denise/James Earl, Tiffany/Krista Roadblock: Using a provided list, teams had to identify and deliver the correct number of seven different Jewish dishes to a nearby restaurant. Performed Roadblock: Justin, Kelsey, James Earl, Chris, Tiffany, Josh

Order of Finish: 1. Justin & Diana 2. Kelsey & Joey 3. Denise & James Earl 4. Logan & Chris 5. Tiffany & Krista 6. Tanner & Josh (non-elimination)