Season 27: Episode 9 - It’s Always The Quiet Ones
Posted on Nov 20, 2015 11:00pm

In Agra, India, Tanner & Josh faced a grueling Speed Bump, in which they both had to perform the Roadblock. Teams rushed to beat Justin & Diana to the U-Turn, but the heavy favorites got there first, ensuring their safety. Kelsey & Joey then U-Turned Tanner & Josh, sending the already-struggling boys home.

U-TURN AHEAD At the Pit Stop in Krakow, Tanner & Josh and their friends, cheerleaders Tiffany & Krista, worried about the upcoming leg. They knew there’d be a U-Turn, and the boys were already in last place with a Speed Bump. Tiffany cried, saying they’d all been so close, and the game could be so dirty. Josh added that they were due for some amazing karma.

Justin & Diana ripped the clue at 10:04 p.m. It told them to fly to New Delhi, India, and then catch a 6:00 a.m. train to the city of Agra, home of the Taj Mahal. Once there, they had to make their way to the banks of the Yamuna River. The clue also warned of the U-Turn ahead. Boarding a train to the airport, Justin & Diana figured that if they didn’t get to the U-Turn first, they could expect to see their names on there. Dating reporters Kelsey & Joey left second, knowing that if they were to get ahead of Justin & Diana, a U-Turn was the best way to do it. Kelsey added, “We really want a first place. We haven’t gotten one, so… that’d be awesome.”

NOT JUST A MYTH Mother/son Denise & James Earl left third, James Earl saying that since the last leg was non-elimination, someone was most likely going home this time. In fourth place, dating paparazzos Logan & Chris were confident that the U-Turn would be used, Logan saying, “The friendships probably don’t mean as much now as a million dollars.” Tiffany & Krista left fifth, explaining that they couldn’t U-Turn, since they already did so back in Leg Five when they used it on Justin & Diana. They hoped they’d have better luck in India than they did in Poland.

At the airport, Denise & James Earl and Kelsey & Joey finally caught up to Justin & Diana. James Earl joked, “We see the elusive Green Team. They’re not just a myth that you hear about.” He added, “You know what I can’t wait to see is the Dallas boys sharing a tuk tuk.” Justin laughed at the idea of Tanner & Josh dealing with both a Speed Bump and a U-Turn, and added, “What I can’t wait to see is the Dallas boys go home.” Everyone then took off for India.

ACCUSATIONS AND CULTURE SHOCK In New Delhi, teams arrived at the train station in the middle of the night to find hundreds of people sleeping on the floor. James Earl said, “I’ve never seen anything like this before in my life.” Diana agreed: “Culture shock, for sure.” Chris, however, had other things on his mind as he started grilling teams about the U-Turn. Diana said she couldn’t imagine people U-Turning Tanner & Josh, since they were already behind. Chris argued, “They’re less likely to complete it with a Speed Bump. I would lean towards U-Turning the boys.” He went on to say that he and Logan weren’t a threat, but Justin replied, “Being a threat isn’t the only reason to U-Turn somebody.” Logan then mentioned that Tiffany & Krista couldn’t U-Turn since they’d already used it on Justin & Diana. This was news to the engaged couple, who pulled the cheerleaders aside and asked whether they’d U-Turned them. Krista quickly began lying through her teeth, insisting that they never U-Turned anyone. She added in interview, “We didn’t want any reason to have a target on our backs. It just was the wrong time, the wrong place.” She then took it a step further, confronting Chris about what he’d said. He denied that he’d specifically named the girls, and accused Justin & Diana of stirring the pot. Justin said he’d gone to the source to find out the information, the couple apparently (and naively) choosing to take the cheerleaders at their word. Diana said, “Well, that settles that – nobody used the U-Turn.” Chris then feared he’d just made himself a target.

WILD RIDE The next morning everyone boarded a train to Agra, Chris saying that he wanted to U-Turn Justin & Diana. Likewise, Justin said that Logan & Chris were in trouble. In Agra, the train arrived, and teams jumped in tuk tuks. On the chaotic streets, they veered around cars, buses, pedestrians and cattle amid a constant blaring of horns. They finally arrived at the Yamuna River to find massive racks of laundry drying on the banks, and people washing clothes in the water. Tiffany & Krista ripped the clue first, and discovered a Roadblock: “Who’s ready for laundry day?” Teams had to wheel a bicycle loaded with dirty saris to a marked washtub, where they’d be taught how to properly fold and wash the clothing. They then had to lay a load of clean saris out on the ground to dry.

Krista opted for the task, followed by Chris and Denise. Krista began riding her cumbersome bicycle down the hill to the river – but soon wobbled off course and fell over. Denise more cautiously walked her bike down the hill, while Chris quickly and confidently rode past both of them. At the clue box, Tanner and Joey chose the task. Tanner then read that as their Speed Bump, he and Josh both had to perform the Roadblock. Tanner said, “With a U-Turn ahead, we got to fight, and you can’t stop, you can’t get complacent.” Diana then chose the Roadblock as the other teams laboriously pushed their bikes across the wide, sandy riverbank. Catching up to Krista, Diana said, “The boys are not going to beat us on this one.”

ANYONE… ANYONE? Teams arrived at the washtubs, and the local washermen showed them how to properly fold and knot the saris before placing them in the water. Teams struggled with the long pieces of fabric, making sloppy knots before getting accustomed to the process. Meanwhile, on the sidelines, Josh worried about performing the Roadblock next, as it seemed like a time-consuming task. Tanner was of the same mindset, saying, “This could put us way behind. It’s a lot of laundry.” Krista, meanwhile, had to fold her saris on the ground because her arms were too short to do it by hand. Over at his washtub, Joey said his friends make fun of him because his mom enjoys doing his laundry. “I’m not going to tell her no if she wants to do it. But I can do my own laundry if I need to.”

Tanner called out to the group at large: “If you’re not going to U-Turn us, let me know. Anybody?” He was met with silence before Diana finally said no, followed by Joey, Chris and Denise. The latter added, “Dallas, you know better, man.” She then finished knotting her laundry and began stirring the load in her washtub. As Joey, Diana and Tanner began washing as well, Denise finished, and then hurried to carry her laundry down the beach to dry. It became a physical task as teams hoisted up huge armfuls of wet clothing. Denise eventually lost ground as she carried a smaller load, and repeatedly dropped pieces of laundry. James Earl said he felt bad for her trying to keep up. Josh added, “She moves for her age, though. She’s a trooper.”

LAY IT ALL OUT Teams reached a sandy part of the riverbank where saris were already laid out to dry. They began spreading theirs out alongside them, Diana mumbling, “I don’t know how this is clean though, but… the fabrics are beautiful.” As the only person still at the washtubs, Krista finally finished and began transporting her laundry. Joey was hopeful that they could get ahead of Tanner & Josh, and admitted that although he told Tanner they wouldn’t U-Turn them, “I’m okay with using it.” He finished laying out his saris and got the clue in first place, followed immediately by Chris. Kelsey & Joey ripped the clue, which told them to make their way to Hanuman Temple and receive a blessing.

The reporters took off as Diana got the clue in third place. Running back to Justin, she worried that Chris beat her, but Justin assured her that he and Logan weren’t far ahead. Tanner then finished the Roadblock and traded places with Josh, who ran to get a bicycle. Tanner and Tiffany figured both Kelsey & Joey and Chris & Logan would want to U-Turn Justin & Diana. Tanner said, “Why not get the Green Team out? It’s the only chance anybody’s going to have to win.” At the Hanuman Temple, Kelsey & Joey arrived to find an elderly man in white robes, sitting on the ground. He blessed them by painting red marks on their foreheads with his fingers. Kelsey said that despite being Christian, “When you get to experience a different culture, it’s special. I was honored to be a part of it.”

AN ENDLESS PILE The reporters got the clue, and discovered a Detour: Cans or Candy. In Cans, teams had to load a cargo bike with 120 oil cans and then deliver them through the streets to the New Taj Oil Company. In Candy, they had to help make a favorite local candy called petha by cutting and washing one Mann (approximately ninety pounds) of white pumpkin. They then had to deliver two finished batches of petha to a nearby candy store. Kelsey & Joey chose Cans, and as they headed off in a tuk tuk, Logan & Chris arrived and chose Candy. They were followed immediately by Justin & Diana, who chose Cans.

Back at the Roadblock, Josh struggled to knot his laundry. As Krista and Denise both finished and got the clue, Josh said, “It seems like this pile is endless right now.” He added, “This is a very time-consuming Speed Bump, and that’s something we don’t have on this leg.” Meanwhile, Kelsey & Joey arrived at the wrong location for the Detour, and stopped for directions. That allowed Justin & Diana to arrive at Cans first. They began placing oil cans on their cart, rather laboriously calculating that they’d need to stack the rows five-high.

ALWAYS IN SECOND Over at Candy, Logan & Chris arrived to find piles of white pumpkins. They watched as workers sliced the pumpkins into slabs, and then used a cylindrical tool to punch out multiple round pieces from each slice. At the temple, Tiffany & Krista got the blessing, ripped the clue, and chose Candy. Denise & James Earl then did the same. Back at the Roadblock, Josh finished stirring his laundry in the washtub, and then began running down the riverbank with an armload of clean saris. As Justin & Diana continued stacking their cart at Cans (while a parade came down the street, complete with floats and a marching band), Kelsey & Joey arrived. The reporters were disappointed to see Justin & Diana with a lead, Kelsey saying, “It’s frustrating that the race we’ve been doing is getting us in second place and not in first.”

At Candy, Logan & Chris continued cutting up their pumpkins, while Tiffany & Krista and Denise & James Earl arrived and got started. Chris ordered Logan to hurry up, causing her to snap, “Chris, just keep my name out of your mouth.” Back at the Roadblock, Josh finally finished laying out the saris, and got the clue in last place. At Cans, Justin & Diana knotted their cans together with twine, while Kelsey & Joey made up ground with some quick stacking. Over at Candy, a large crowd of locals had gathered to watch the teams work. Logan & Chris dumped their pumpkin pieces into a vat of water and began washing them by hand. They then carried them over to a scale – but didn’t have enough. They hurried back to cut more, Logan grumbling, “This is not my idea of making candy.”

BEEP, BEEP! As Tanner & Josh ripped the Detour clue and chose Candy, Justin & Diana finished tying their cans together. They then began biking through the crowded streets, followed by a crowd of kids. There was a cacophony of horns in the background, so they all shouted, “Beep, beep!” They reached the New Taj Oil Company, and began unloading the cans. Kelsey & Joey then started off on their bike – and immediately bumped into a man on a moped. At Candy, Logan & Chris returned to the scale with their pumpkin. They finally had the required one Mann, and were able to collect two batches of petha and head to the candy store. Tanner & Josh then arrived. They began slicing pumpkins, making sure to keep the slabs thick so the round pieces would be larger when they cut them out.

Over at Cans, Justin & Diana finished unloading their cart, and got the clue in first place. It told them to make their way to Bijlighar Chowraha Roundabout. There, Phil stood next to the U-Turn board, and speculated whether another team would arrive before Justin & Diana. The couple ran back to their tuk tuk, passing Kelsey & Joey who were transporting their cans in the opposite direction. The reporters began unloading the cans (or, more precisely, toppling them) while Justin & Dana took off for the U-Turn. Kelsey & Joey then got the clue in second place and hurried back to their tuk tuk. At Candy, Logan & Chris delivered their petha to the candy store and got the clue in third place. They headed off, Chris saying, “If we’re first there, we’re U-Turning someone.” Meanwhile, Justin & Diana were lost, their driver saying he needed directions. Justin moaned, “We are so screwed.” Kelsey & Joey raced for the board, while Chris said he wanted to U-Turn the Green Team. Justin & Diana sat on the side of the road, waiting for their driver to figure out where he was going. He finally got straightened out, and they headed off again.

STILL STUCK WITH GREEN TEAM Chris said, “I pray we’re not U-Turned. I can’t handle doing the other thing. I’m just exhausted.” The three teams descended on the roundabout… but Justin & Diana got there first. And they chose not to U-Turn anyone. They ripped the clue, which told them to search the grounds of the Moonlight Garden for their next Pit Stop. They headed off, saying they’d only use the U-Turn to save themselves, and they’d let the other teams fight it out. Kelsey & Joey arrived next… and U-Turned Tanner & Josh, saying, “We just want to make sure we’re safe.” They put the boys’ picture on the board, along with their own. Heading off in their tuk tuk, Joey said, “You can’t keep friends – I mean, it’s a game…. We want to stick around, and they’re huge competition.”

Logan & Chris rolled up third, and were thrilled to discover they weren’t U-Turned – although Logan added, “That means we’re still stuck with the Green Team.” Back at Candy, Denise & James Earl weighed their pumpkin, were approved, and set off for the candy store. That left Tanner & Josh and Tiffany & Krista as the last two teams. Josh said that things were looking up, causing Krista to ask, “Why is it looking up? Because we’re still here?” She worried that the boys were gaining ground, saying, “I don’t know how they did this that fast.” Josh joked, “It’s called the gun show, baby,” and kissed his bicep. Tanner replied, “Can I please trade partners now?”

HONEYMOON At the Moonlight Garden, which sat adjacent to the Taj Mahal, Justin & Diana arrived and searched for the Pit Stop. Running straight towards the famous landmark, Diana said, “Oh my God, that’s beautiful.” They found Phil – and the greeter, who worked at a shaving station, and was in the process of giving a customer a shave. Phil told the couple that they were team number one, and awarded them with a trip to Hawaii. Justin shouted, “Honeymoon!” He added that the record number of wins on the race was eight, but added, “Getting the record… is cool, but we need to win the final leg.”

Kelsey & Joey then arrived for yet another second-place finish. Kelsey said, “The only way we can beat [Justin & Diana] is to run a perfect leg, and we want that first.” They were then joined by Logan & Chris, Chris saying that Justin & Diana had rubbed him the wrong way that morning, and he’d planned on U-Turning them. Kelsey added that they didn’t want to hand Justin & Diana the million dollars – but Chris said definitively, “They’re not winning the million.” Back at Candy, Denise & James Earl delivered their petha to the store, and headed to the U-Turn in fourth place. Tiffany & Krista then weighed their pumpkin and were approved. Looking into Tanner & Josh’s kettle, Krista noticed their long pieces and said, “You guys are going to be done in two seconds.” The cheerleaders headed to the candy store while the boys began washing their pumpkin, Krista adding, “They did it so fast, they’re going to be right behind us.” Tanner & Josh then weighed their pumpkin and were approved.

IT’S ALWAYS THE QUIET ONES At the U-Turn, Denise & James Earl saw Tanner & Josh’s picture. Denise said, “Damn, I can’t believe [Kelsey & Joey] did it.” James Earl added, “The boys are gone. There’s no way.” Tiffany & Krista then arrived, and were shocked to see what the reporters had done. Jumping in a tuk tuk, Tiffany said, “I don’t trust Kelsey & Joey for nothing.” Krista added, it’s always the quiet ones you have to watch out for.” Finally Tanner & Josh arrived and saw their faces on the board. Tanner said, “Are you kidding me?!” Pointing at Joey’s picture, he added, “You punk! I’m cheering for Green now.” As they headed back to Cans, Josh said, “Worst leg ever.”

Meanwhile, Denise & James Earl arrived at what their driver assured them was Moonlight Garden. They sent him on his way and ran inside to look around. Tanner & Josh then arrived at Cans, and began loading up their cart. Josh said, “We’re in India, where something crazy can happen.” Tiffany & Krista reached the Pit Stop, surprised to learn they were in fourth place. As Denise & James Earl continued looking for Phil, Tanner & Josh finished stacking their cans and began tying them up. The mother and son then discovered that they were actually in Shahjahan Garden. They asked for Moonlight Garden, and were pointed down a different path. Heading off on foot, Denise said, “If the boys beat us, that’s sad.”

I THINK WE’RE IN FIRST! Tanner & Josh finished tying up their cans, figuring somebody could’ve gotten lost. Meanwhile, Denise & James Earl continued running and searching with no luck. Tanner & Josh biked down the street to the oil company and began unloading their cans, while the mother and son finally realized they had to get another tuk tuk. Denise said, “This is worse than terrible.” Tanner & Josh then finished unloading their cans and got the clue. Josh joked, “I think we’re in first – let’s go!” Meanwhile, Denise & James Earl asked directions to the Moonlight Garden, and were told it was across the river – about five or six kilometers away. They jumped into a tuk tuk, wondering if the boys could’ve finished the other side of the Detour.

At the roundabout, Tanner & Josh ripped the clue for the Pit Stop and headed off, saying they needed a miracle. Over in their tuk tuk, Denise & James Earl echoed that they needed a miracle. Both teams raced for the Pit Stop – but Denise & James Earl arrived first. Phil told them they were team number five, and James Earl praised his mother for running with everybody while being twice their age. Denise checked her Fitbit, which said her heart rate was 132, and that she’d run eleven miles that day. Tanner & Josh finally arrived – and learned they were eliminated. Phil said their only chance was if somebody had U-Turned Justin & Diana rather than themselves, but it didn’t happen. Josh said, “They’re just too good. As much as we don’t want to admit it, they were stronger than us as a team.” Tanner added that he and Josh started out at the top, and felt like they had it in the bag. “I think we kind of let our guard down, and here we are.”

2709 ROUTE MARKERS ROADBLOCK: Teams had to transport a load of dirty saris by bicycle to the bank of the Yamuna River. They then had to properly fold, knot, and wash the clothing, and then lay it out on the ground to dry. Performed Roadblock: Joey, Chris, Diana, Tanner, Krista, Denise, Josh (for the Speed Bump) SPEED BUMP: Tanner & Josh each had to perform the Roadblock. DETOUR: Cans or Candy. In Cans, teams had to load 120 oil cans onto a cargo bike and transport them down the street to the New Taj Oil Company. After unloading them they’d receive their next clue. In Candy, teams had to cut and wash one Mann (approximately ninety pounds) of white pumpkin to make a favorite local candy called petha. They then had to deliver two finished batches of petha to a nearby candy store. Cans: Justin/Diana, Kelsey/Joey, Tanner/Josh Candy: Logan/Chris, Denise/James Earl, Tiffany/Krista, Tanner/Josh U-TURN: Kelsey & Joey U-Turned Tanner & Josh

Order of Finish:

1. Justin & Diana 2. Kelsey & Joey 3. Logan & Chris 4. Tiffany & Krista 5. Denise & James Earl 6. Tanner & Josh