Season 27: Episode 10 - Bring The Fun, Baby!
Posted on Nov 27, 2015 11:00pm


Continuing in Agra, India, teams inflated balloons and schlepped lights and carnival rides for a wedding party. Justin & Diana finally utilized the U-Turn, sending Logan & Chris back for a second Detour. The paparazzos overcame the challenge, however, finishing ahead of Denise & James Earl.

SOONER THAN YOU EXPECT In the midst of chaotic Agra, where vehicles shared the streets with pedestrians and ox-drawn carts, sat the Taj Mahal. It was in front of this iconic landmark that engaged couple Justin & Diana ripped the clue at 5:10 p.m. It told them to travel by tuk tuk to the Kachora Bazaar, where they’d find their next clue. It also warned, “Get ready for a U-Turn – it’s coming sooner than you expect.” Shocked, the couple ran to the street. Justin said, “Another first place in the books – hopefully the record books by the time it’s all done. He explained that the record number of wins was eight, and if they could sweep the rest of the Race, they’d take the lead with nine. Diana countered that she didn’t care about the record – she just wanted to win the million.

Heading to the bazaar, they decided to U-Turn Logan & Chris. They explained that the paparazzos had rubbed everybody the wrong way, and in the last leg Chris had lied to them, and then accused them of stirring the pot. Dating reporters Kelsey & Joey then left the mat, saying they’d had three second-place finishes in a row. Joey said he was tired of it, and he knew they could win once they got ahead of Justin & Diana. He added, “We are winning this leg in India. It’s happening.” They got off to a slow start, however, trying to get directions from a large group of locals.

THROWING UP AND BLOWING UP Meanwhile at the mat, Chris was bent over in the bushes, feeling sick. He explained that he’d been vomiting for a few hours, but he wasn’t going to use it as an excuse. He and Logan emerged on the street looking for a tuk tuk, causing Kelsey & Joey to hurry and jump into one. The reporters admitted that they were scared of the U-Turn since they’d used theirs on the last leg, and they were Justin & Diana’s biggest competition. Joey admitted, “If they were smart, they’d U-Turn us.” Logan & Chris then headed off in a tuk tuk, also hoping not to be U-Turned.

At Kachora Bazaar, Justin & Diana arrived and ripped the clue. It was a Roadblock: “Who’s full of hot air?” Teams had to blow up enough balloons to fill a large net. They then had to transport the net on the back of a bicycle across a nearby bridge and deliver the balloons to a wedding party planner to receive their next clue. Justin opted for it, and selected a bicycle and a bowl of un-inflated balloons. He began filling up the balloons with an air pump, while Diana said, “Imagine it’s for our wedding!” Justin said, “We’re here in India, helping some people get married. What’s better than that?”

DRAWING A CROWD Back at the Pit Start, cheerleaders Tiffany & Krista left in fourth place. Krista said, “I think a lot of people didn’t expect us to be going on to Leg Ten. That alone is just a huge accomplishment.” She joked that they were bound to win one leg, so why not the last one? Back at the Roadblock, Justin sat in the middle of a large crowd. He said you have to appreciate where you are. “In America nobody would care about somebody sitting on the sidewalk blowing up balloons. Here, you attract a crowd of hundreds.” But he said that when you’re under pressure it’s harder to tie knots, and after popping several balloons, added that having an air pump didn’t make things much easier.

Kelsey & Joey and Logan & Chris then arrived, with Joey and Logan choosing the task. After tossing some balloons to the spectators, Justin asked Joey whom they were thinking about U-Turning (clearly unaware that the reporters had used their U-Turn on the last leg.) Joey just said, “Anybody.” Justin said they’d U-Turn Logan & Chris in order to help out Kelsey & Joey. Meanwhile, mother/son Denise & James Earl left the Pit Start in last place. They were just happy to still be in the Race, but added that anybody was beatable – even Justin & Diana.

TATTOOS AND TYING KNOTS Back at the Roadblock, Chris harangued Logan to go faster, causing her to say, “Why don’t you just get as far away from me as possible?” She added that she’d hoped to be part of an amazing Indian wedding, but this wasn’t what she had in mind. Justin then finished filling his balloons. He secured the full net to the back of his bicycle, where it stood up about ten feet in the air. He then ventured out into the jammed streets, pedaling alongside motorcycles and narrowly missing tuk tuks. He said, “Driving anything in this city is scary, but to be on a bike, which is the least safe of all the forms of transportation, is very scary.” He added that he lived in Times Square, and it was nothing compared to India.

Waiting for Justin to return, Diana pulled out some temporary tattoos she’d brought to share with kids on the Race. She said that as a sixth grade teacher she was a sucker for kids. Meanwhile, Logan was having trouble with her net, as each balloon she put in just fell right back out. Chris continued to harp at her, causing Logan to say, “Chris is always stressed out. He has like, an angry face. His sickness is not making him in any better of a mood.” Joey admitted that tying the knot was the difficult part for him, joking in interview with Kelsey, “Hopefully no judgment on the future of what’s happening here.” He added that they planned to get married someday.

TIME TO U-TURN! Justin finally reached the end of the bridge and found the wedding planner. He exchanged his balloons for the clue, and then returned to the starting point, hooting and hollering and causing Diana to accuse him of being obnoxious. They ripped the clue, and it told them to make their way to the Goyal Bookstore and search for their next clue. It also said the U-Turn was right ahead. The couple headed back to their tuk tuk, Justin saying, “It’s time to U-Turn!” As Joey started off on his bike, he said they couldn’t make any mistakes if they wanted to catch Justin & Diana. Meanwhile, Logan popped balloons and complained about her tangled net.

Joey pedaled across the bridge, saying, “The road rage here is insane!” He delivered his balloons and got the clue. Tiffany & Krista then arrived. Tiffany began the task, but immediately found it difficult to get her balloons into the net. Joey arrived back, and he and Kelsey headed off. The paparazzos and the cheerleaders both worried about the U-Turn, since Justin & Diana were so far out in front. Meanwhile, Logan continued to struggle with both her balloons and her net. Tiffany noted that Logan’s net kept getting tangled on the bicycle, so she rested her own net up on her shoulder to keep it in the clear. Krista added that Tiffany was flying through the task. Logan finally headed off with her balloons, saying, “I feel like a local right now – this is awesome!” Denise & James Earl then arrived, and James Earl began. On the other side of the bridge, Logan delivered her balloons and started back.

A THIRD U-TURN Meanwhile, as James Earl struggled with a severely tangled net, Denise asked Krista not to U-Turn them. Krista said, “Are you out of your minds? I would never, ever do that to you. You’re the only ones that are loyal and trustworthy.” Logan then arrived back, and she and Chris took off. In their tuk tuk, Logan said she was nervous about the U-Turn. Chris added, “This is the wrong day for us to have to do two Detours.” Justin & Diana then arrived at the Goyal Bookstore, and found the U-Turn board. Phil was on hand to announce that for the first time in Race history, teams would face a third U-Turn. The couple wasted no time U-Turning Logan & Chris, Justin saying, “You’re a tough team, and we want to help our friends.”

Justin & Diana then ripped the clue, and found a Detour: Bring the Groom or Bring the Fun. In Bring the Groom, teams had to join a wedding procession and walk through the streets, with one team member carrying an electric candelabra, while the other pushed a generator. They then had to deliver the groom to his waiting bride to receive their next clue. In Bring the Fun, teams had to push a wheeled carnival ride through the streets to a wedding celebration, and then give a ride to eight children. Justin & Diana chose Bring the Fun. Heading off in their tuk tuk, they explained that they U-Turned Logan & Chris in order to protect their friends Kelsey & Joey and Tiffany & Krista.

BALLOON BULLYING Kelsey & Joey arrived at the U-Turn next, saw they were safe, and headed off to Bring the Groom. Joey said that Justin & Diana kept their word by not U-Turning them. “We’re working with them from here on out. Final three, let’s get it done.” Back at the Roadblock, James Earl continued to struggle with his net, which was getting caught on everything from his bike to his fanny pack. He finally got it straightened out, but he was far behind Tiffany, who was nearly finished. She filled her last balloons, and started out on her bike. But she hit trouble almost immediately as local boys ran by, popping her balloons. Things got far worse on the bridge, as someone passed on a motorcycle, grabbed her net, and ripped it apart. Balloons spilled out all over the road, and she shouted, “Oh my God! Why would you do that? All that hard work for nothing!” Many of the balloons then popped as vehicles ran them over. Tiffany added, “I just look like a target that needs to be picked on, I don’t know.” She brought the remains of her net and balloons to the wedding planner – and fortunately still got the clue.

Justin & Diana arrived at Bring the Fun, and chose a small carnival ride adorned with red lights. They began pushing it through the streets, a throng of people in their wake. Kelsey & Joey then arrived at Bring the Groom. They chose a wedding party, and a groom seated on a white horse. Joey cranked up the generator, and it sputtered to life, billowing clouds of smoke. The candelabras then illuminated, and Kelsey picked one up. A marching band started playing, and Joey pushed the generator – right into the back of the groom’s horse. The animal whinnied and danced away, while Joey said, “The horse I thought was going to kick me in the face.” That initial hiccup over with, they began moving smoothly down the road.

NO MIAMI INVITES Back at the Roadblock, James Earl continued blowing up balloons, while Tiffany arrived back with her bike. The cheerleaders took off in their tuk tuk, Krista saying, “Now it’s so dark out. It’s like, so scary.” En route to Goyal Bookstore, Logan worried that they were U-Turned, saying they’re one of the strong teams now, and that there were two strong teams ahead of them. She and Chris bickered and shouted at each other as they walked down the street, looking for the store. They finally found it – and saw their faces on the U-Turn board. Chris said they weren’t surprised, but it also wasn’t fun, especially given how he felt. They added that they weren’t inviting Justin & Diana to Miami any time soon.

At the Roadblock, James Earl finally finished blowing up his balloons, and started off across the bridge. Denise said she was nervous for him having to bike through the streets in the dark, and added that at home in Alabama, the lights all shut off at 9:00. James Earl delivered his balloons and returned with the clue. He and Denise then headed off, Denise saying, “It’s crazy out here!” James Earl agreed: “It’s bad during the day – it’s even worse at night.”

HOPEFULLY HE’S CUTE Tiffany & Krista then arrived in the vicinity of the bookstore. They nervously ran down the chaotic street, Krista saying, “Try not to stick out, Tiffany. I know it’s impossible.” They arrived at the U-Turn, and were pleasantly surprised to see that it’d been used on the paparazzos. They chose Bring the Groom, Krista saying, “Hopefully he’s cute.” She then waved at a mob of children who’d gathered around them. The kids erupted in cheers, and jogged with the girls back down the street. Krista said, “But then it started to get a little out of hand,” as the kids began grabbing at the girls as they tried to reenter their tuk tuk. Krista said, “We can’t do this anymore; we’ve got to get out of here.” They somberly headed off to the Detour.

At Bring the Groom, Joey struggled to push the generator, but he and Kelsey figured that having someone lead them where they were going was better then having to find the way on their own. He added, “If we ever get married someday – and we will – we’re getting married like this!” Kelsey countered that their wedding won’t be so elaborate… and they won’t be so sweaty. Over at Bring the Fun, Justin & Diana jogged down the street with their carnival ride, causing a cow to bolt away at their approach. Back at the beginning of the course, Logan & Chris arrived and, after some more bickering, chose one of the rides. They began running down the street with it, knowing they had to make up time. Chris explained how awful it was, having to run when he didn’t feel well, and all the time knowing there was another Detour ahead. “It was really one of the worst things I’ve ever had to do.”

CONFIDENT, NOT COCKY Meanwhile, Justin & Diana neared the end of the course, and (after nearly running over a small boy) pushed the ride into a colorfully-lit, tented area. There they found a large group of children, some of whom were riding other carnival rides. The couple parked their ride, and eight children climbed on. Justin & Diana pushed them back and forth, Justin saying, “It definitely feels good to know that you can help put smiles on kids’ faces.” They added that they don’t have their own kids, so they have to use other people’s to get the joy. The ride ended, and they received the next clue. It told them to search for Phil at the party. They ducked outside the tent and ran across a grassy strip, followed by a mob of children. There they found Phil. He told them they were team number one, and that they’d each won five thousand dollars. Diana said they needed one more win to tie the record, and two more wins to break it. Justin said he felt very confident about it. Diana added, “Not cocky.”

Kelsey & Joey then arrived with their wedding party. The groom dismounted, and they escorted him to a dais where his bride waited, decked out in traditional wedding attire. The reporters then got the clue, and went looking for Phil. They ran to the mat (also with a group of children in tow), and were disappointed to learn that they were once again second. But Joey said, “I honestly believe that if we just keep doing what we’re doing, the second place is going to turn into a first place, and we’ll be in the final.”

EVIL PEOPLE Denise & James Earl arrived at the U-Turn board, and saw the paparazzos’ picture. James Earl said, “I think the Green Team U-Turned Chris & Logan to try to help us. I’m so thankful and so grateful.” They chose Bring the Groom. At Bring the Fun, Logan & Chris reached the party and pushed their carnival ride into the tented area – but continued to argue, this time over where to park it. Logan said, “All we do is yell at each other. We’re like evil people.” Nevertheless, they got eight kids onto their ride, and pushed them – until the time was up. Then they came to an abrupt halt, grabbed their bags, and rushed off to the next Detour. Logan said, “If we see teams at the wedding, that means there’s still hope for us.”

Tiffany & Krista arrived at Bring the Groom, and chose a wedding party. But when it came time to crank up the generator, they struggled. At first they put the handle on backwards, and then they couldn’t get the engine going. Krista said she was getting nervous from all the people staring and laughing at them. They finally got it started, however, and the candelabras came on. Krista hoisted one onto her shoulder, and Tiffany began pushing the generator.

FEELS LIKE A FEATHER! Meanwhile, Logan & Chris arrived, and spotted the cheerleaders just ahead. Chris said, “That was the first point we were like, ‘Oh my God, we’re still in this.’” He quickly started the generator, the lights came on, and they began walking. Carrying a candelabra, Logan shouted, “This feels like a feather! This is nothing!” Denise & James Earl then arrived, and chose a groom. They started the generator, and Denise picked up a candelabra. But they realized it was heavier than the generator, so they switched. They then started down the street, hopeful that since Chris & Logan had gotten U-Turned, they still had a chance.

The last three teams all struggled down the road with their heavy loads amidst jostling, imposing crowds. Logan nearly dropped the candelabra a few times, and Denise shouted, “This is a messed-up wedding party! I’m glad I’m not the bridesmaid!” Finally Tiffany & Krista arrived at the party, and were so relieved to be finished that they each gave the groom a kiss on the cheek before delivering him to his bride. They ripped the clue in third place, and began looking for Phil. Logan & Chris arrived next, bickering to the end about where to leave their equipment. Chris said, “Logan wasn’t the friendliest when she got into the wedding. We weren’t good wedding guests.” Nevertheless, they delivered the groom and got the clue.

THE EXACT SAME PERSON Tiffany & Krista arrived on the mat in third place, and took a moment learn some Indian dance moves from the greeter. Logan & Chris then found the mat as well. Spotting the paparazzos’ approach, Tiffany moaned, “Oh, no.” But the girls were impressed upon realizing that Logan & Chris had performed both Detours, and high-fived them. For their part, the couple was relieved to learn they were still in the Race. Finally, Denise & James Earl delivered the groom and got the clue. Running to the mat, James Earl said, “We’re last. We’re done.” Phil confirmed it, telling them they were eliminated. James Earl said that he and his mother had reconnected, and he’d learned Denise is a lot tougher than she looks. He added that when the Race began, they’d started mending their issues about her acceptance of his being gay. “And I think this Race has just grown us so close that – what more can you ask for?” Denise added, “I’ve realized he’s the same person as when he was born. He’s the same exact person. So I love him unconditionally.”

2710 ROUTE MARKERS Roadblock: Teams had to inflate enough balloons to fill a large net, and then deliver them by bicycle to a wedding party planner to receive their next clue. Performed Roadblock: Justin, Joey, Logan, Tiffany, James Earl Detour: Bring the Groom or Bring the Fun. In Bring the Groom, teams had to travel through the streets with a groom and his wedding party, with one team member carrying an electric candelabra, and the other pushing a generator. When they arrived at the wedding, they had to deliver the groom to his bride. In Bring the Fun, teams had to push a carnival ride through the streets to the wedding, and then give a ride to eight children. Bring the Groom: Kelsey/Joey, Tiffany/Krista, Logan/Chris, Denise/James Earl Bring the Fun: Justin/Diana, Logan/Chris U-Turn: Justin & Diana U-Turned Logan & Chris

Order of Finish 1. Justin & Diana 2. Kelsey & Joey 3. Tiffany & Krista 4. Logan & Chris 5. Denise & James Earl