Season 27: Episode 11 - It's Not Easy Beating Green
Posted on Dec 4, 2015 11:00pm

After taking the wrong ferry from Hong Kong to Macau, Justin & Diana arrived at the Pit Stop in third – but incurred a fifty-five-minute penalty. As Tiffany & Krista struggled to find their way to the mat, however, the penalty expired and the cheerleaders were sent home.

IT’S NOT EASY BEATING GREEN Despite having survived the leg, Logan & Chris were standoffish and bitter towards Justin & Diana for U-Turning them. Justin replied in interview, “Whatever, they’re in last. Have fun staring at my back.” Chris said, “We’re ready to go, and we want to take down the Green Team.”

Justin & Diana ripped the clue first at 7:40 a.m. It told them to fly to Hong Kong, and then take a green Rolls Royce to the Peninsula Hotel. They jumped in a tuk tuk, explaining that they already had seven wins, and one more would tie the record in Amazing Race history. But Justin added, “All these wins don’t mean anything if we don’t make the final three.” Dating reporters Kelsey & Joey then ripped the clue, hoping to finally get a win after four second-place finishes in a row. Cheerleaders Tiffany & Krista left third, saying they’ve come a long way, and that they’ve beaten both Kelsey & Joey and Logan & Chris – but not Justin & Diana. Krista joked, “It’s not easy beating Green.” Logan & Chris departed last, but all teams took off on the same flight.

JURASSIC RACE In Hong Kong, where towering skyscrapers sat between lush green mountains and the busy harbor, teams landed at the airport. They then ran for the Peninsula Hotel’s iconic green Rolls Royces. Tiffany & Krista and Kelsey & Joey found the cars quickly and jumped in, Joey quipping, “From tuk tuk to Rolls Royce.” Justin & Diana and Logan & Chris, however, continued to search. Diana pointed out the paparazzos, saying, “Look, Chris and Logan are still lost, too.” Justin snapped, “They’re always lost.” Both teams finally found their rides and started off.

In the car, Justin commented on the scenery, saying, “You definitely feel like a Tyrannosaurus Rex could be living in one of these mountains.” Over in his car, Chris said, “We’re usually following the Rolls Royce, so it definitely is a nice change on things.” At the Peninsula Hotel, Tiffany & Krista arrived first and ripped the clue. It was a Detour: Sam’s or Cells. In Sam’s, teams had to travel to the workshop of world-famous suit maker Sam, and properly cut out six pieces of fabric for a suit jacket. They then had to deliver a completed suit to Sam’s store. In Cells, teams had to search through hundreds of cell phones at a street market to find one that worked. They then had to call the number in the phone for the location of their next clue.

SEW WHAT? The cheerleaders chose Sam’s and headed off in a taxi, just as Kelsey & Joey arrived and chose Sam’s as well. Justin & Diana were third, choosing Cells, followed by Logan & Chris who chose Sam’s. Tiffany & Krista arrived at the tailor’s store, and were greeted by Sam’s son. After they selected a fabric sample, he told them to head to his workshop and make something great. The cheerleaders headed out just before Kelsey & Joey arrived. Up the street, Tiffany & Krista found the workshop, a hot, cramped room with dozens of suits hanging on racks and from the ceiling. Krista said they make their own costumes, so they’re used to that type of work. They settled down at a workstation with six paper patterns to cut out.

Kelsey & Joey then arrived. While Kelsey was confident that she knew what she was doing, the cheerleaders quickly became confused, believing they had to actually sew a blazer. They placed the patterns against a mannequin torso, and discussed taking measurements. Joey countered in interview that the task was to simply trace the patterns and cut out the cloth. Meanwhile, Justin & Diana arrived at the street market and found a marked cell phone stall. They were stunned at the number of phones they had to search through, but began attempting to turn them on, one at a time.

DOUBLE OR NOTHING Back at Sam’s, Tiffany & Krista finally realized they didn’t actually have to make a blazer. Logan & Chris then arrived. Noticing that their fabric was already folded in half, Logan said that was wrong. Chris disagreed, pointing out that two of the patterns were exactly the same, and with doubled-up fabric they could cut both at once. Krista noticed the situation as well, and folded her fabric. But Logan continued to argue for cutting the pieces separately, and Chris finally gave in. Over at Cells, Justin & Diana looked through the phones – and found one that turned on. Justin called the number and listened to a message that told them to deliver the phone to Kong Wah Telecom Company at the corner of Apliu Street and Kweilin Street. They jumped in a taxi and headed off – not realizing that they were already on Kweilin Street.

Back at Sam’s, Kelsey & Joey finished cutting their fabric and asked to be judged – but were rejected. Having cut all six pieces separately, they realized the pattern wouldn’t match up when the pieces were placed back-to-back. Kelsey explained, “We had to pay close attention to what was the inside and the outside of the suit.” Joey added that they could’ve been smarter by doubling the fabric. Overhearing the reporters’ trouble, Chris said to Logan, “Damn, you double it. That’s what I said before. You argue with me and I know things.” As the paparazzos and reporters folded over their fabric, Tiffany & Krista asked to be judged – and were approved. They headed back to Sam’s store with a completed suit, hoping to be in first place.

WE’RE IN TROUBLE At Cells, Justin & Diana looked for Kong Wah Telecom, confident that they’d found the cell phone faster than the other teams finished the Detour. The cheerleaders then arrived back at the store, and Sam’s son handed over their next clue. It told them to travel by taxi to the Turbo Jet ferry terminal, and then take the Hong Kong Island Ferry to the city of Macau. Once there, they had to travel to the House of Dancing Water at City of Dreams Macau, and search for Iago to receive their next clue. The girls were thrilled to see the word “dancing,” Krista saying, “We’ve got this. We’re going to win.”

Back at the workshop, Logan & Chris began cutting their folded fabric, Chris complaining that they probably doubled the length of the task. Kelsey & Joey then got judged, and were approved. As the reporters headed out, Chris said, “We’re in trouble. We’re in big trouble.” Over at Cells, Justin & Diana asked how long the ride would be, and their driver said forty-five minutes. Diana said, “That’s a long taxi. And if it’s wrong, we’re done.” Justin said they were helpless, at the whim of a cab driver who didn’t speak English. Meanwhile, Kelsey & Joey delivered their finished suit and got the clue. En route to the ferry, they kicked themselves for messing up at the Detour. But Joey added that they hadn’t seen Justin & Diana, and hoped the couple would miss the boat.

DRIVING IN CIRCLES Back at the workshop, the tailor approved Logan & Chris’s fabric. Meanwhile, Justin & Diana were still lost. Their taxi finally pulled over for directions – and they discovered that the place they were looking for was only a block from where they’d started. Logan & Chris then got the clue at Sam’s, and jumped in a taxi to the Hong Kong Island ferry. Heading back to their starting point, Justin repeatedly asked the taxi driver if he knew anyone who spoke English. Diana then began harping on Justin for being rude, which fired him up even more. When Diana said she was putting him in check, he snapped, “I don’t need to be put in check! Stop with that!”

The couple finally arrived back at Kweilin Street, and spotted the cell phone booth they’d just been at. They then found Kong Wah Telecom, and exchanged the phone for their next clue. Justin said, “It was literally walking distance from where we were. We wasted forty minutes for nothing.” They asked a local how to find the Turbo Jet Ferry Terminal on Hong Kong Island. The man said there were two terminals – one on the Hong Kong side and one on the Kowloon side. He said he’d give them directions to Kowloon, because it was closer. Diana was dubious, but Justin insisted it was fine. “We may have just found an angel.”

CITY OF DREAMS Meanwhile, Logan & Chris reiterated to their taxi driver that they had to go to the Hong Kong ferry. They joined Tiffany & Krista and Kelsey & Joey, and the three teams departed for Macau on the same boat. They said they hadn’t seen Justin & Diana, Tiffany adding, “This could be the thing that makes or breaks them.” Justin & Diana then arrived and boarded the Kowloon ferry, puzzled that nobody there had seen any other teams.

The Hong Kong ferry arrived in the city of Macau, and the three teams ran for taxis. The Kowloon ferry then arrived, and Justin & Diana followed suit. At the sprawling high-rise complex of the City of Dreams, Kelsey & Joey were the first to come upon ornately-costumed performers, and Iago, a hunchbacked man in white face paint. The reporters ripped the clue, and found a Roadblock: “Who wants to rise to the occasion?” Teams had to join the world’s largest water show by making a thirty-foot jump into the pool, and then retrieving a goldfish from beneath the surface. If they delivered it to the fisherman’s raft before the music ended, they’d receive their next clue. If not, they’d have to wait for the next performance to try again.

BET ON GREEN! Kelsey opted for the Roadblock, along with Krista and Logan. In the elevator, Krista said she wasn’t scared at all, even adding that she hoped there was more to the task than simply grabbing a fish, so other people would struggle. In the audience, Tiffany and Joey high-fived when they realized Justin & Diana weren’t there. As the performers got dark eye makeup applied, Logan said they all had a common goal: to get Justin & Diana out of the Race. Meanwhile, en route to the Roadblock, the couple knew they had to fight their way back. Justin said, “There’s a lot of casinos here, so if I was a betting man, bet on Green!”

The Roadblock participants then dressed in corset-like wetsuits and multicolored, dreadlocked wigs. They entered the arena, where the seats encircled a huge pool, and jumped in the water. The lights then dimmed, and smoke began billowing from the sidelines out across the water. The racers were briefly obscured, until the set piece they were standing on, which resembled a ship mast, began rising into the air. The lights flashed, and rain began pouring from the ceiling. The set rose higher and higher, until soon the contestants were thirty feet up. Performers then began climbing the rigging, and diving into the water from atop the mast.

GONE FISHING Then it was the contestants’ turn, and Logan, Krista and Kelsey all jumped into the water. They swam around, looking for goldfish amongst lights, bubbles and performers. Meanwhile, Justin & Diana arrived at the complex – but discovered they were on the opposite side of where they needed to be. Back in the arena, Logan dove underwater, retrieved a goldfish, and delivered it to the fisherman. Kelsey then found a fish as well, leaving Krista as the only person still searching. The music then ended. Krista complained that she couldn’t see anything underwater, but seemed confident that she’d get it on her next attempt. As the performers reset, Tiffany said, “I hope Green doesn’t come through the door, because that was a long show.”

Justin & Diana then ripped the clue, and Diana opted for the Roadblock. Meanwhile, Logan & Chris ripped the next clue, which told them to make their way to the Pit Stop at Nam Van Lake. They ran out, with Kelsey & Joey just behind them. As Diana got into makeup, Joey explained that Krista never got the fish, and she now had to wait twenty minutes for the show to reset. In the audience, Justin grumbled that he should’ve done the Roadblock, since he can hold his breath for two minutes. Krista then got into the water and the lights dimmed – but Diana was still in the dressing room. As the show began, Justin said, “It looks like [Diana] didn’t make it. Yeah, we’re screwed.”

TRADING WINS Krista rose into the air by herself as Justin wiped away tears of disappointment. Backstage, Diana arrived in costume, but learned she’d have to wait for twenty minutes. She said, “That’s the Race, right there.” As Justin sulked on the sidelines, Krista jumped into the water and began looking for the goldfish. But despite swimming right over top of them, she still neglected to see them. Justin said, “We’ve come this far…. I’d give back all our wins just for this one. Just to finish third in this one, you can have all the wins back.” Backstage, Diana added, “It’d be devastating to go home the leg before home.” But Krista continued to struggle, time and again swimming within feet of the fish she couldn’t see. The music then ended, and Justin realized they had a shot.

Meanwhile, Logan & Chris and Kelsey & Joey raced to the Pit Stop. The paparazzos knew the reporters were right on their tail, while the reporters said they really didn’t want second place five times in a row. Back at the Roadblock, everyone waited nervously as the show reset. Tiffany knew it was eating Krista up inside that she couldn’t get it, while Justin worried about Diana having a panic attack. Krista and Diana then entered the arena and got in the water. Justin added, “We can’t come this far and go home. I’ll never be able to get over it.”

BACK IN IT The show began again, and Krista and Diana rose out of the water. Thirty feet in the air, Diana gasped, “I have to jump from here?!” But she did, and she and Krista began looking for the fish. When Diana resurfaced empty-handed, Justin said, “She can’t get to the bottom. She’s going to have the same problem Krista had.” And when Diana swam to the wall to rest, Justin yelled, “You don’t need the wall! We’re in trouble.” But Diana suddenly dove, and a moment later reemerged with a fish. As she backstroked to the fisherman’s raft, Krista swam around haplessly, finding nothing. And then the music ended. Justin & Diana left, and Tiffany said, “Now three teams have passed [Krista], and I know it’s getting to her.” Running to a taxi, Justin said, “We won’t be finishing first, but hopefully we won’t be finishing last, either.”

At Nam Van Lake, Logan & Chris searched for the Pit Stop on foot. Kelsey & Joey then jumped out of their taxi, Kelsey saying, “This is ours. We’re winning it.” The teams ran around the lakefront and down a boardwalk, both with eyes on the Pit Stop at the end of a pier. The paparazzos then arrived, taking their first win of the Race and solidifying their place in the final three. Phil also awarded them with a trip to Peru. Chris said, “We never expected to be a team winning six, seven, eight legs. What we did think is we always had a shot at the million dollars.” Logan added, “What else can we ask for before the final leg?” Kelsey & Joey then arrived for their fifth second-place finish in a row. They were frustrated, but were at least happy to see that Justin & Diana didn’t win. Joey added, “If Justin & Diana get knocked out, none of us are going to cry about it.”

DIDN’T SEE THAT COMING Meanwhile, the engaged couple was calm traveling to the Pit Stop, Justin apologizing to Diana for his earlier behavior. Back at the Roadblock, Krista was close to tears as she prepared for her fourth attempt, saying she didn’t know what she was doing wrong. She jumped once again – and once again came up empty-handed. She walked backstage in tears. Tiffany was also crying, saying, “It’s just hard to see her struggle.” Krista then plopped down on a bench with her towel over her head. As Justin & Diana continued to the Pit Stop, Tiffany gave Krista a pep talk. “You can’t fail at anything you do, because that’s not you…. And I know you – you can push yourself to the limit.”

Justin & Diana then arrived at Nam Van Lake. The other teams, who were still on the mat, were not happy to see them. But as the couple stepped on the mat, Phil informed them that because they took the Kowloon ferry rather than the required Hong Kong ferry, they’d incurred a thirty-minute penalty. He added that because the Kowloon ferry was twenty-five minutes closer, they’d incurred an additional twenty-five minute penalty… for a total penalty of fifty-five minutes. Justin collapsed to his knees at the news. As he and Diana then stepped to the side in shock, Phil said to the other teams, “You didn’t see that coming, did you?” Logan said, “They’re done,” Chris adding, “Yeah, it’s over. See ya.”

TICK, TOCK…. On the sidelines, Justin & Diana were both in tears, Justin calling it “the longest fifty-five minutes of our life.” Logan said that Tiffany & Krista could still get there in time. Chris added, “If they ever had a chance to be in the final three, this is it.” Back at the Roadblock, Krista began her fifth attempt – but after Tiffany’s pep talk, she was all smiles. Tiffany said, “She seems a lot happier now, and not upset. I think this one should be a good one.” Krista then made the jump, and began searching for the fish. At the Pit Stop, Justin calculated that Krista would have to fail five times in order for their penalty time to run out. Krista then dove… and emerged with a fish. She joyously swam to the fisherman’s raft while Tiffany and the performers cheered.

At the Pit Stop, Justin & Diana continued to wait and cry, with forty minutes left on the clock. The cheerleaders jumped into a taxi in good spirits, Tiffany saying, “It ain’t over ‘til it’s over – and it ain’t over!” With thirty-five minutes left, Justin figured it was only a ten-minute taxi ride to the Pit Stop. “Man, we’re screwed.” The cheerleaders approached the lake – but their driver kept going, eventually pulling over in the heart of town. The girls jumped out to switch taxis. Meanwhile, with twenty-two minutes on the clock, Justin hoped the cheerleaders would drive in circles or get stuck in traffic. With fifteen minutes to go, the girls got a second taxi. At twelve minutes Diana said, “The last thing you want to see is Tiffany & Krista running to the pier.”

YOU CAN ALWAYS MARRY RICH The cheerleaders finally arrived on the far side of the lake, and began running for the mat. Justin wiped his tears, saying, “There’s nothing we can do now. We just sit and wait.” And then their time expired. Phil called them to the mat, and Justin grinned from ear to ear as Phil told them they’d be racing to the finish line. The other teams, however, didn’t look so happy. Finally Tiffany & Krista arrived, and were eliminated. Krista said, “People here said straight out, ‘We thought you were going home on the first leg.’ So to be standing here, I think we proved a lot of people wrong.” She added, “We didn’t make it to the final three, but we were darn close. And if we inspired one person, then that’s all that matters.” She finished by joking, “You can always marry rich.”


Detour: Sam’s or Cells. In Sam’s, teams had to properly cut out six pieces of fabric for a suit jacket, and then deliver a completed suit to Sam’s store for their next clue. In Cells, teams had to search through baskets of cell phones at a street market, until they found a phone that worked. They then had to call the number and listen to the address of their next clue. Sam’s: Tiffany/Krista, Kelsey/Joey, Logan/Chris Cells: Justin/Diana Roadblock: Teams had to join a popular water show by making a thirty-foot jump into the pool, and then retrieving a goldfish from beneath the surface. If they delivered it to the fisherman’s raft before the music ended, they’d receive their next clue.

Performed Roadblock: Logan, Kelsey, Diana, Krista

Order of Finish: 1. Logan & Chris 2. Kelsey & Joey 3. Justin & Diana 4. Tiffany & Krista