Season 27: Episode 12 - We Got A Chance, Baby
Posted on Dec 11, 2015 11:00pm

Racing around Long Island, teams acted as firefighters, lobster fishermen, and carpenters while performing three memory tasks. An early taxi debacle toppled frontrunners Justin & Diana, while Kelsey & Joey maintained their lead to the finish line.

NEW YORK SWAGGER Beginning the final leg of the Race in Macau, Logan & Chris ripped the clue at 3:54 a.m. It told them to fly to Long Island, New York. Jumping in a taxi to the airport, they said that dethroning Justin & Diana last leg was a great confidence-booster. Logan joked, “Justin & Diana? Who’s that? We’re about to win the Amazing Race.” Chris added that while they do fight, they seem to get the job done. In the second taxi, reporters Kelsey & Joey believed everyone would be on the same flight, and that they’d finally take first place. The two teams convened at the airport, and discussed the fact that Justin & Diana were familiar with New York City.

Meanwhile, the engaged couple got into their taxi, Justin saying he lived in New York for twenty years. At the airport, Logan mocked Justin’s confident demeanor, adding, “They’re going to be all cocky, as usual.” Chris said, “She’s spunky this morning!” Justin & Diana finally arrived and checked their backpacks so they wouldn’t have to carry them. Justin then strutted through the airport, saying, “Get my New York swagger back!” As the three teams boarded the plane, he added, “We’re going to finish in first, Joey and Kelsey will finish in second, and Chris and Logan – they might not even finish.” Everyone then took off for the Big Apple.

WARRIORS, NOT WORRIERS The flight landed, and teams jumped in taxis to head to the New York City Fire Department Training Facility on Randall’s Island. Justin said that part of his fake Amazing Race proposal to Diana took place on Randall’s Island. “It’s destiny that this is where the Race ends.” In the paparazzos’ taxi, Chris quipped, “We’re going to be warriors instead of worriers.” For their part, Kelsey & Joey hoped Logan & Chris would scream at each other like they did every leg. At the training facility, firefighters exercised and stood in full firefighting gear in front of a burning building where flames shot from the windows.

Pulling up in their taxi, Justin & Diana learned that their driver wanted extra money to wait for them. Not wanting to be taken advantage of, Justin paid the fare and told him to leave. Logan & Chris arrived second, paid their driver and asked him to wait. The two teams ripped the clue and found a Roadblock: “Who wants to play with fire?” Teams had to dress in firefighting gear and climb a ladder into the burning building. Once inside, they had to search the smoky rooms for a dummy, and carry it outside to a gurney. They’d then face their first memory challenge.

FEELING THE HEAT As Justin and Chris began getting dressed, Kelsey & Joey arrived, and Joey opted for the task. Justin and Chris then picked up fire hoses that they’d have to carry over to the ladder. Chris commented on how heavy everything was as they hurried to the building. They then dropped the hoses and began climbing the ladder. They reached the top and stepped into the building as Joey began running over with his hose. Justin and Chris were then fitted with facemasks, which made breathing difficult for Chris, who was already winded. As they began searching the smoke-filled rooms on their hands and knees, Joey climbed the ladder. He reached the top as Justin crawled mere feet past a wall of fire. Justin said, “You guys do not joke around. This is crazy.” Chris followed, saying, “This is stupid! What am I doing?” They both found the dummies and began hauling them out of the room. Justin delivered his to the gurney first, followed by Chris, who dropped his on the ground before getting it onto the stretcher. Meanwhile, Joey crawled through the building and found the last dummy. Justin then arrived at the memory challenge, where a pile of fire hats sat next to a truck. On each one was the capital of a country they’d visited on the Race, and he had to line them up in the correct order. Justin got started, saying, “Piece of cake. Let’s do this.” He realized there were a few extra hats, and chose Brasília rather than Rio de Janeiro for Brazil.

TAXI THROWDOWN Chris also got started, while Joey delivered his dummy to the gurney. Justin then finished and got the clue. It said to make your way to the location of the final race of the Triple Crown. Justin knew immediately that the race was the Belmont Stakes, and he and Diana ran out to get a taxi. Meanwhile, Joey and Chris continued to work on the hats. Chris got judged, but had Lusaka (Zambia) in the wrong place. Justin & Diana then arrived at the two waiting taxis and tried to get into Logan & Chris’s, but the driver refused to take them. Kelsey & Joey’s driver also refused, saying he was waiting for someone. Logan & Chris’s driver then decided he didn’t want to go to Belmont at all, and was just going to leave. Justin & Diana began running down the street, looking for another taxi.

After swapping the capitals of Zambia and Zimbabwe, Joey got the clue in second place. As Joey stopped to change his clothes, Chris was approved. Justin & Diana continued running down the street, Diana saying, “I can’t believe that freakin’ guy wouldn’t take us!” The paparazzos then ran out (with Chris still in half of his fire gear) to find their taxi gone. On an empty road, Justin & Diana looked for a taxi with no luck. Diana said, “This is a nightmare.” Back in the parking lot, Logan & Chris began getting into Kelsey & Joey’s taxi. But the reporters ran over, shouting that it was theirs. Joey yanked the door open, ordering the paparazzos out. Chris complied immediately, and Logan was forced to follow. But she ran after Chris shouting, “What the hell? Why’d we just get out of their cab?” Chris said, “Because the guy wasn’t taking us!” The reporters then took off in the taxi, Joey saying, “No way Chris and Logan are going to take our cab. So they’re screwed.”

NO TIME FOR GENTLEMEN Logan still couldn’t believe that Chris had jumped out. “Chris for some reason acted like a gentleman and got out of their [bleep]ing cab, when we’re allowed to take their cab!” She added to Chris, “We didn’t have to listen to them! Why’d you let them intimidate you?” As Justin & Diana continued to search for taxis on the empty street, Logan continued to harangue Chris: “You got out because Joey yelled at you, and you listened to him! We should’ve taken his cab, don’t you know the rules?” Over on another street, Justin shouted, “Damn, we should’ve kept our cab!” En route to Belmont Park, Joey griped, “They were lucky they jumped out, otherwise I would’ve ripped their ass out of the cab. They would’ve been thrown out and left there in a pile.”

As Logan & Chris marched down the street shouting at each other, Justin & Diana boarded a bus which would take them back into Manhattan. Justin said, “This is terrible – worst case scenario.” Logan & Chris then also boarded a bus, but the bickering continued. Logan said, “You’re not nice to me, but you sure are nice to Joey and Kelsey when they need a cab.” She then accused Chris of not admitting to his mistake. On the other bus, Justin said it was the wrong leg to screw up. “That’ll be the last mistake, for sure, this leg.” Chris finally apologized for not being persistent enough, adding, “We’re now screwed.” As Kelsey & Joey made progress in their cab, Justin & Diana’s bus drove in circles around the island. Meanwhile, Logan & Chris exited their bus and found a taxi.

LIKE DONALD TRUMP Kelsey & Joey arrived at Belmont Park, and found a jockey waiting with a racehorse that was draped in a winner’s blanket of white carnations. The jockey handed over the clue, which said to fly by helicopter to the Hamptons, and search for the next clue when they landed. The couple ran to the infield, where three helicopters waited. Joey thought they might be in first place, and Kelsey added, “Please be our race, please.” They took off and began flying over the city. Back on the ground, Logan & Chris arrived and ripped the clue second. Chris moaned, “We’re last!” causing Logan to say, “Shut up with that!” They jumped in a helicopter (although not without arguing about whether Chris should leave behind the firefighter pants he was still wearing) and took off. Logan was more optimistic, believing that the third helicopter meant there was still a team behind them. Looking down at the ground, Chris said, “Bye, fireman pants and boots.” He added, “Kind of like Donald Trump right now.” Logan replied, “What, your hair?”

Back at Belmont Park, Justin & Diana got the clue. They ran for the helicopters, Justin telling the pilot that they needed to break the sound barrier. “We’re in last place and that can’t happen.” He added, “Some horses start slow and finish strong, and that’s the way this leg is going to turn out.” In Southampton, Kelsey & Joey flew over seaside mansions. They landed, found the clue box, and ripped the clue. It told them to run to Shinnecock East County Park, and ride a Sea-Doo to the marked lobster boats in the bay. The reporters took off running, and soon arrived at the beach where the Sea-Doos were parked in the water. Kelsey took the driver’s seat with Joey behind her, and they headed out to sea, looking for the lobster boats.

THE HARDEST CHALLENGE Meanwhile, Logan & Chris landed, ripped the clue, and took off for the beach. Justin & Diana then approached in their helicopter, Justin adopting an uppity accent and joking, “My house is bigger than yours in the Hamptons, Buffy.” On the ground, Logan struggled to push the Sea-Doo into deeper water while Chris sat on it. She shouted repeatedly for him to help before he finally got up to do so. They headed for open water as Justin & Diana landed and ripped the clue. The engaged couple then got on a Sea-Doo and followed. Out in the bay, all three teams looked for the marked lobster boats, with Kelsey & Joey finding one first. Phil explained that teams must help the local fishermen pull up seven lobster pots, and replace them with new ones. They’d then face their second memory challenge: arranging the flags of the countries they’d visited in the correct order.

Wearing yellow overalls, the reporters headed further out to sea on their lobster boat. Logan & Chris arrived at a boat next, Chris saying, “We want to catch these bastards. They stole our cab.” As the reporters began hauling in their first lobster pot, Justin & Diana found a boat. Realizing how straightforward the task was, Justin said, “It seems pretty easy, so it’s pretty depressing.” It was anything but easy, however, as teams struggled to pull in the lobster pots. Kelsey said, “It was the most physically demanding thing I think we’ve ever done in our entire lives.” As they travelled in their boat, Diana tried to boost Justin’s spirits: “We still have so much more to do.” Meanwhile, pulling in the pots, Logan said of Chris, “I’ve never seen him struggle this much at anything. This is probably the hardest job we’ve done so far.” Joey concurred, “That was the hardest challenge we’ve had this entire season.”

MACAU IS A COUNTRY The reporters finally got their first pot in. They removed the lobsters, and then threw an empty pot back into the water. The paparazzos then pulled in their first pot. The teams continued to work, Justin & Diana pulling in their third pot as Kelsey & Joey got their seventh and last. The fisherman then gave the reporters their next clue. It was a box containing small flags of each of the nine countries they’d visited, which they had to arrange in order from top to bottom on the mast. Kelsey said that as Amazing Race fans they’d studied the flags, and they quickly hung them up in order. But at the very end was a flag they didn’t recognize. Although it was actually an extra flag for Egypt, they assumed it was for Macau, and hung it on the line below China.

Over in their boat, Logan & Chris pulled in their last lobster pot, and began arranging the flags. They knew it was their chance to get ahead, but quickly got on the wrong track by assuming there was only one flag for Africa. Logan said, “I don’t know what Africa’s flag looks like.” They admitted that they hadn’t studied the flags, and Chris pulled out the one for India saying, “I’m guessing this is Africa, I don’t know why.” Justin & Diana then pulled in their last lobster pot, and got started on the flags. As Logan & Chris continued to struggle (“Macau is a country, yes,”), Justin & Diana confidently began assembling the flags in the correct order. “We know all the flags. We’ll get it first try.”

THE PROPER ORDER Logan & Chris finished their poorly-assembled line of flags, and asked for the judge. Unsurprisingly, they were rejected. Chris said, “This is totally guessing.” Over on their boat, Kelsey & Joey spotted the paparazzos. Joey grumbled, “That’s Chris & Logan. Knowing them, they’re just taking forever. They’re not exactly the brightest crayons in the box.” Logan then held up India’s flag, saying it looked like Oregon or something with a wagon wheel. The reporters reviewed their line of flags – which included the Egyptian flag for Macau. They asked to be judged, but were rejected. Meanwhile, Diana pulled out the Egyptian flag, saying, “This isn’t a flag we went to.” The reporters finally realized they had ten flags on their line instead of nine, so they removed the last one. They got judged again, and were approved. They ripped the clue in first place, and it told them to return to shore and travel by dune buggy along the beach to their next clue. The reporters headed for land, hoping that the other teams were struggling.

Justin & Diana got judged, and were approved. Logan & Chris spotted them heading into shore, and kicked themselves for not studying the flags. Justin & Diana spotted the paparazzos as well, Diana saying, “You see those flags hanging? They’re nowhere. I guarantee you that’s Chris & Logan.” Close to shore, Kelsey & Joey jumped into the water and began swimming for the beach. On the boat, Diana remained positive, saying the reporters might not be that far ahead, and you can never give up. Kelsey & Joey arrived at the dune buggies and took off as Justin & Diana jumped into the water. The reporters then found the clue. It told them to build six Adirondack chairs, each of which had a picture from a different leg of the Race on the back. Once the chairs were assembled, they had to arrange them in chronological order.

GRUMPY FACES Kelsey & Joey began arranging the pieces of the chairs. As Justin & Diana arrived on shore and ran for the dune buggies, the reporters began hammering the chairs together. They realized the slats fit into one other, so they had to attach them in order. Justin & Diana then reached the dune buggies, and started off down the beach. Meanwhile, out on the water, Logan & Chris finally realized that they only had one flag for Africa. Logan said, “We didn’t do two in a row for African countries, Zambia and Zimbabwe. Africa is many countries – what is the brain fart?” They finally hung up the correct flags, and were approved. They got the clue, Chris saying, “This is a bad day.”

Back on the beach, Kelsey began arranging the pictures on the backs of the chairs – a water bike from Venice Beach, a tangoing couple from Argentina, a lion from Zimbabwe. Justin & Diana roared down the beach in their dune buggy, then jumped out and ripped the clue. Running for the chairs, Justin shouted, “We’ve got a chance!” Diana added, “This is my forte – I’m a builder.” They began putting together the chairs, Justin figuring Diana would be much better at the task than Kelsey. He shouted out to the reporters, “What’s up with the grumpy face? Come on, it’s a beautiful day – smile!” Joey told Kelsey not to let Justin rattle her, and added that Justin & Diana always find a way to sneak in front of them. Kelsey said, “We know how second feels, and it’s not good. We won’t settle for second this time.”

FINALLY, A FIRST The reporters noticed the slats on one of their chairs weren’t even, which gave Justin & Diana hope. Kelsey said that they had to pull them all out to re-center them. Justin & Diana continued hammering, Justin saying, “If there’s a way to win, we’re going to do it.” The reporters finally finished and asked to be judged. But they were rejected, the judge telling them two more of their chairs weren’t aligned properly. Justin & Diana continued working as Kelsey & Joey fixed the chairs. They asked to be judged again, but this time the base of another chair was wrong. Justin crowed, “Now we’re talking!” Kelsey identified the two slats that were incorrect, and Joey knocked them off the chair.

Both teams continued working, Justin & Diana finishing up and Kelsey & Joey correcting their mistake. They both then asked to be judged. But this time the back of one of Justin & Diana’s chairs was crooked – and Kelsey & Joey were approved. They ripped the clue, which told them to follow the marked path to the finish line at a nearby Southampton estate. As they took off running through the sand dunes, Justin clearly realized he’d lost. On the lawn of a sprawling mansion, Phil waited with the eliminated teams as Kelsey & Joey ran up a boardwalk from the beach. Everyone clapped and cheered as they jumped on the mat, and Phil told them they were the official winners of the million dollars, and the Amazing Race. Joey said the first thing they were doing with the money was moving in together. The next thing was paying off his parents’ house. “The mortgage will be gone, Dad.” Kelsey went on, “To leave here wanting to still be close to each other, I think it just shows how strong our relationship is, and how in love we are.”

ONE STUPID MISTAKE Back on the beach, Justin & Diana finally got the clue and ran to the finish line second. Justin said it was “truly heartbreaking” to know that if they’d just kept their taxi, things would’ve been different. Diana said, “When you can pinpoint the one thing that you did wrong, that’s the one thing that will haunt you.” Justin added, “I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to get over it. You wait years, years to get a chance, and just one stupid mistake.” They arrived on the mat, and Phil began, “After seven wins, 34,000 miles racing around the world….” Justin interrupted him, “Five continents, ten countries, 34,000 miles, we got it.” He went on to say that they won a number of trips, but it wasn’t a million dollars. But Diana hugged him, adding, “Money can’t buy what we have.”

Meanwhile, Logan & Chris worked on the chairs, Chris saying he preferred to see Joey & Kelsey win. Bickering to the end, Logan snapped, “I don’t, because that means the taxi they took got them in first place, and we were in that one.” They finally got the clue and ran to the finish line. Phil said it didn’t seem like they were always compatible. Logan laughed that maybe they needed to go to therapy, but said they never thought about splitting up. Chris said maybe they should be thinking that, garnering humorously shocked reactions from the other racers. Logan cut in, “He’s trying to be funny,” but did agree that their relationship wasn’t healthy. “Don’t try this at home.” She added that they had a lot to work on – “Less arguing and more enjoyment time.” As teams gathered to congratulate one another, cheerleaders Tiffany & Krista said that they were leaving with so many friends, and while they would’ve liked a million dollars, it’s the experience that counts. Krista added, “Muscles and mascara!” Kelsey finished with, “Breaking news: Joey and I have won the Amazing Race!”

2712 ROUTE MARKERS Roadblock: Teams had to participate in a drill with the FDNY by dressing in firefighting gear and climbing a ladder into a burning building. They then had to rescue a dummy, and carry it to a waiting gurney. Finally they had to line up in chronological order a row of fire hats, each with the name of a capital of a country they’d visited on the Race. Performed Roadblock: Justin, Chris, Joey

Order of Finish: 1. Kelsey & Joey 2. Justin & Diana 3. Logan & Chris